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Alternative for divest

divest /dai'vest/
  • ngoại động từ
    • cởi quần áo; lột quần áo
    • (+ of) tước bỏ, tước đoạt; trừ bỏ, gạt bỏ
      • to divest somebody of his right: tước đoạt quyền lợi của ai
      • to divest oneself of an idea: gạt bỏ một ý nghĩ


To free from burden or encumbrance
rid relieve free clear unburden disencumber disburden release disembarrass liberate absolve alleviate free from lighten strip unchain discharge let go offload deliver exempt empty spare exonerate excuse dispense unload purge relieve of void ease relinquish let off get rid of disengage vacate deplete evacuate expel drain resign pull jettison dump dismiss yank unbind except reprieve shift transfer foist unshackle whitewash acquit untangle unfetter deliver from disburden of remove blame free of extricate from unburden of save from absolve from rescue from boot out set free from discharge from exempt from disembarrass of disencumber of excuse from liberate from release from set free unleash fob off palm off dispose of purify pardon exculpate write off cleanse disabuse wipe the slate clean make exempt shed make free get rid extricate redeem let off the hook emancipate remove save rescue sanctify spring vindicate shrive forgive disentangle privilege from bail out declare innocent lustrate loose remit salvage unlade disculpate unpack sanitize find innocent cut loose sanitise lift get out wink at blink at manumit let up on get off the hook find not guilty off-load go easy on abandon drop assoil exorcise exclude grant immunity exorcize clean grandfather grant someone an exemption grant someone a dispensation pronounce not guilty give immunity sublimate wipe off let someone off clarify elutriate depurate decontaminate pass by make an exception of make an exception for wipe the slate wash enfranchise unship unstow unyoke disimprison disenthrall uncage parole unbridle disenthral remove cargo put off take off take away carry away bleach lifeboat launder amnesty demobilize enlarge unlock loosen affranchise bail untie respite free from restraint let out free from restriction turn out set loose give rights to ransom put on the street demobilise let loose turn loose disgorge discommode wipe it off let off easy allay palliate mitigate abate postpone wriggle out of get oneself off the hook get out from under slough protect stay take a load off clear out break bulk unloose save the day bring someone off get out of hock save someone's bacon give a break bail one out pull out of the fire save from danger save the life of get someone out save life of save someone's neck bail someone out come to the rescue of bring off come to the aid of remit someone's punishment let off this time commute someone's punishment grant a stay of execution to cancel someone's punishment grant a stay of execution grant an amnesty to grant a stay postpone someone's punishment


To cease to have or retain something
lose expend squander waste blow burn deplete drain exhaust outlay spend burn up consume dispense with dissipate go through lay out run through shell out splurge suffer the loss of use up be deprived of burn through cough up discharge fritter away stop having throw away waste away disinherit dispossess fiddle away lavish misspend no longer have sacrifice trifle away spend like water misuse fritter pour down the drain blue be prodigal with spend recklessly make poor use of throw around like confetti be wasteful spend unwisely be wasteful with spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of style gamble away scatter trifle frivol spend freely get through throw down the drain frivol away play ducks and drakes with spend money as if it grows on trees splash out cast away run-through finish sap spend as if it grows on trees spend as if there were no tomorrow pay out spend as if it were going out of style invest empty divert misemploy misapply ebb eat through wash up dump use run dry indulge oneself kiss goodbye devote spend money as if it were going out of fashion overspend liquidate idle dally fool away idle away be wastefully extravagant with pour something down the drain diddle away let money slip through one's fingers spend money as if it grew on trees chuck something down the drain prodigalize throw money around spring for pour money down the drain spend money like water throw money down the drain put out pass occupy devour suck dry absorb bleed impoverish mismanage while away draw down take up employ kill beguile milk utilize utilise eat up fill abuse play out misallocate misdirect diminish draw disburse bankrupt pay wear out bleed dry dry up swallow up give fork out embezzle misappropriate dish out stump up ante up exploit pony up strain dry eat attenuate slash fill up fill in run out finish up take last of dig into run down empty out put in part with contribute spend foolishly fribble away throw donate wanton fiddle while allocate laze lay something out loiter void reduce disperse dispel make use of shirk evacuate decrease gobble guzzle lessen lower syphon siphon break bust pare down weaken cut back slim down undermine tap catheterize draw off get rid of pump out free from get last drop burn out filter off drop dole out pervert dispense use fraudulently foot the bill throw money at prostitute distort profane warp garble mishandle misinterpret misrepresent steal defalcate misconstrue put to wrong use make bad use of run up put to use blow through have recourse to avail oneself of

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