Đồng nghĩa của foot the bill


To hand over or expend as payment
expend disburse spend dissipate lavish lay out squander blow pay out shell out splurge waste dish out dole out drop give outlay pay blue cough up fork out ante up dispense spend like water splash out stump up pony up throw around like confetti pour down the drain put out spring for throw down the drain throw money at spend money as if it grows on trees spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of fashion spend money as if it were going out of style donate defray hand out lash out give out contribute deal acquit part with come up with spend money spring settle allocate pay up fork over fork up pay down put in knock down come through invest hand over use up fritter away put up lose run through throw away consume remit misspend go through trifle away fiddle away deplete exhaust devote render advance pledge chip in drain burn burn up foot stake misuse scatter fritter spend recklessly be prodigal with make poor use of kick in plunk down pay for be wasteful distribute supply furnish lend shell something out lay something out dedicate apply pay something out suffer the loss of dispense with up out stop having be deprived of burn through discharge waste away finish spend freely disinherit sacrifice dispossess no longer have divest dump venture endow grant kiss goodbye indulge oneself get through eat through wash up be wasteful with gift speculate gamble risk offer sink in plough in pitch in pick up the tab ante front up trifle frivol prodigalize frivol away throw money around spend money like water throw money down the drain pour money down the drain spend unwisely

Trái nghĩa của foot the bill

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