Đồng nghĩa của settle up


(of an institution or organization) To establish or originate
found establish set up start begin launch form initiate originate institute create develop inaugurate bring into being pioneer constitute instal install get going incorporate organise organize assemble enact start up come up with construct devise float bring about come out with conceive of innovate set in motion concoct contrive cook up engineer introduce kick off open open up put in motion put together scheme set off start off throw together turn out actualize author brew bring into existence bring on bring to pass catalyse catalyze craft design draw up dream up effectuate father formulate generate get underway hammer out hatch induct invent kick something off knock off knock together knock up machinate make make up put up start out throw up cause to be commence conceive cultivate endow fabricate fashion fire up give rise to inculcate instigate issue ordain produce run up structure usher in activate compose do forge mould mold plant shape ring in start the ball rolling put in place build lay the foundations of engender frame cast base get under way sow the seeds of cause lay the first stone of fix manufacture discover erect settle model effect get off the ground place kick-start secure plan lodge set mastermind trigger embark on bring in work invest actuate station implant stamp provoke whip up lay the cornerstone of unveil breed enter colonize bring forward authorize set the ball rolling break the ice set forth legislate put materialize spearhead hammer decree raise seat colonise evolve predicate pattern root authorise lay foundation kindle inspire pound draw get something going sculpt get in operation embed beat materialise prepare stir up get something moving incite get something working spawn set down bow get functioning get working beget induce trigger off spark off enroot set about occasion project build up imbed ground prompt sculpture take the lead in infix bring foster fix up give birth to start ball rolling invoke beat into shape get things rolling get the ball rolling enter into result in map out get going on affect dig in be the mother of translate into be the father of break in set going announce revolutionize usher herald broach propose present lead offer modernize kickoff crystallize start ball rolling on modernise revolutionise put something in place transpire commission foment malleate migrate arrive derive crystallise facilitate put forward make a start on get something functioning get something off the ground jumps-tart coin ratify pick abet ferment execute lay imagine pass empower melt heat up melt down corroborate set out bring up the curtain on charter delegate designate instate think up improvise elicit contribute to set in place draft order depute be the inventor of piece rig render realise realize germinate exercise domiciliate moor carve hew go in come in parent spark patent procreate hang admit draught intro phase in take action on get cracking on get ball rolling put in get feet wet commence on take up set the ball rolling on break the ice on rev finish plot complete consummate cut outline perfect trace lay down prefabricate confect knock down immigrate prefab piece together superstruct put out jerry-build compound fit together cobble up elevate debut block out pave the way precipitate insert yield promote instil sow imprint instill impress inseminate bear put into operation smelt start on roll out enter upon fall to lead off strike into get off bring out muster conjure enkindle trailblaze get going with burst into jump into break into break the seal embark upon get show on road get the show on the road anchor ensconce arrange achieve accomplish multiply perform lead to situate blaze explore draw on touch off work up get up ingrain run position site coordinate impact bed engrain break new ground schedule fortify lay the groundwork on blaze a trail lead the way prepare the way for take the lead on show the way show the way on lay the groundwork for take the lead go out in front take the initiative in make the first move push the envelope lead the way for choreograph orchestrate administrate mobilize conduct manage direct blueprint construct defences hole up dig trenches define fence strengthen consolidate confirm cement entrench protect programme program marshal chart post stand dispose locate reside dwell squat inhabit park concert mount timetable mobilise marshall jack up be responsible for see about get together see to make arrangements for take care of lick into shape be in charge of strategize about look after scheme out sort out straighten out budget for lay out deal with hang one's hat undertake stimulate rouse arouse launch into tackle enter on evoke fire fan get down to excite animate awaken waken tee off rally revive wake switch on enliven vivify awake engage in draw forth call forth call into being spur tear into embark sign in access gain access go about log in log on drive off move into inflame attempt set in get stuck into come into existence come into being engage set upon make a start set to set on appear go into encourage emerge arise address oneself to unfold dawn erupt be the cause of rise precede appoint strike up urge goad influence move start to accept assume stir be born take on motivate persuade get on with egg on spur on plunge into venture into approach turn on become involved in have a crack at have a go at go in for begin undertaking concentrate on fan the flames of have a shot at get to grips with take the first step brainstorm necessitate drive agitate convene make happen be at the bottom of preface whet portend foreshadow breathe life into jump-start quicken bestir raise the curtain start out on set out on sanction anoint inspirit signal give notice of show in nurse nurture increase stage start the ball rolling on begin work on consider reignite rekindle get down to business ignite proclaim dictate recall crown occur eventuate key up go ahead get weaving emanate vote in put in force carry through put through break get weaving on get cracking strike burn happen result surface attack open the door enthrone consecrate drum up fan the flames antecede mark the start of deliver ring up the curtain on enflame mint find light the way manifest make into law practise sign on sow the seeds spring hit the ground running get one's feet wet scratch the surface set a trend set an example be the first be in the vanguard focus on get to work knuckle down get to work on buckle down to practice head come upon wing toss off improve jam ad-lib hit on fake fangle envision come forth burst out loom glimmer first see the light of day show itself crop up smooth the path of pave the way for set the scene for clear the way for open the way for allow to happen sprout plunge proceed with admit into office swear in torch kick in be created become apparent become established come to pass come out front turn one's hand to settle down to set light to set alight set burning set a match to set on fire set fire to open the door to spring up get to boss captain command embrace adopt espouse jump off put on put match to light put a match to go ahead with quarterback trail-blaze helm guide shepherd borrow be in the van be in the vanguard of lead the way in be in the forefront of lay the first stone be in the front line of blaze the trail run things be in the van of be the driving force behind get the jump on administer control stage-manage supervise regulate superintend shoulder resume recommence renew proceed continue reopen restart maneuver manipulate wangle manoeuvre finesse finagle negotiate preside over handle oversee work out endeavour go on follow through carry on take to have the bright idea of be the brains behind think of essay try contract impel prod endeavour to do carry out take part in go for answer for take forward have a hand in commit yourself set about with address oneself have a try at take over fall into commit to take the plunge agree to devote oneself to endeavor take upon yourself give something a whirl take upon oneself venture on participate in commit oneself try out make a run at hazard take on oneself endeavor to do have a stab at volunteer oneself to take responsibility for entice press push constrain drive on pique sway impassion sting prick prevail upon procure insinuate tempt needle hint suggest rev up rabble-rouse put up to root on add fuel steam up make waves


To retaliate for a wrong or grievance
revenge avenge requite retaliate redress pay back venge recriminate vindicate wreak revenge on reciprocate get even hit back get even for get redress for give comeuppance retaliate for even the score for exact revenge for exact revenge on fight back get revenge for get your own back for give just desserts give like for like make reprisal repay in kind for return like for like take vengeance for avenge oneself on exact retribution for get back at get even with give tit for tat kick back make reprisal for settle with take vengeance on even the score exact retribution on get satisfaction for make retaliation for pay someone back retaliate against retaliate on seek payback for settle a score with settle the score with stick it to take revenge for take revenge on be out for blood get even with someone for get your own back give someone their comeuppance give someone their just deserts hit back for pay out pay someone back for take an eye for an eye take an eye for an eye for give as good as one gets take reprisals against take reprisals for let someone see how it feels pay back in spades return the compliment turn the tables on square things up take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth fix one's wagon give someone a dose of their own medicine give someone a taste of their own medicine give someone a Roland for an Oliver get one's revenge on get one's own back on repay take revenge recompense take vengeance take reprisals get revenge square accounts settle the score have one's revenge be revenged on get be avenged settle old scores settle the score with someone bewreak punish chasten spite payback retribute chastise return get one's revenge take one's revenge reward take satisfaction even guerdon take satisfaction for come back at make restitution return the favour pay someone back in his get your own back on counterattack react counter revenge oneself pay someone back in their own coin be revenged avenge oneself wreak vengeance turn upon give as good as you get rise to the bait exact retribution settle accounts repay someone wreak revenge strike back return fire get back at someone settle a score put up a fight exact revenge respond turn the tables avenge yourself reply square rally match serve out give in return get you back take the bait charge settle scores make somebody pay get someone challenge counteract defend oneself requite something hit back at get one's own back counterwork parry sort someone out get square demand an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth return tit for tat fix someone controvert react to reply to respond to get back defend oneself against strike back at exchange equal correspond trade interchange swap barter compensate satisfy alternate swing retort vacillate share render pay pay one's dues make up for do the same in return tit for tat do the same respond in kind scratch one's back give back remunerate indemnify reimburse recoup quit restitution settle redeem make make good pay off make amends

Trái nghĩa của settle up

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