Đồng nghĩa của precede

Alternative for precede

precedes, preceded, preceding

Đồng nghĩa: forerun, head, lead,

Trái nghĩa: follow,


To occur before an event or time
antecede antedate herald introduce predate forego preexist come before forerun go before head lead prevene anticipate foreshadow guide harbinger lead to outrank pace pioneer presage rank scout time usher go ahead of go in advance of lead up to usher in come first head up in space prepare the way for ring in run ahead set the scene for be ahead of go in advance light the way pave the way take precedence have a head start pave the way for show in open the way for portend announce signal prelude clear the way for launch initiate inaugurate backdate smooth the path of preface occur before be earlier than date from before bring in exist before institute come prior to originate misdate accelerate anachronize get ready for make provision for make preparations for prepare for date back set up open the door work round to lay the foundations for work up to begin start introduce the subject of do the groundwork for approach the subject of give notice of be the precursor of put things in order for be the forerunner of mark the start of get going cause get under way put in place set in motion open up allow to happen kick off prefigure indicate promise open the door to put in motion get off the ground augur spell foretoken adumbrate foretell betoken forebode point to ballyhoo foreshow tout show preindicate be a forerunner be a precursor of be a harbinger of commence establish open found innovate create bring into being constitute plant start off enter into install bring about mark instigate instal organize organise set going start up lay the first stone of embark on get underway make up start the ball rolling lay the foundations of present invent unveil enter set forth bring forward instate enact induct trigger intro activate get the show on the road fall to get going on start ball rolling lead off strike into lay the cornerstone of get off take up break the ice embark upon get ball rolling dream up enter upon get things rolling broach propose offer signify celebrate proclaim develop start ball rolling on jumps-tart bring up the curtain on break in bow name knock down fix up take the lead in admit plan phase in get show on road start on jump into break the seal get going with break into mastermind roll out float bring out burst into debut knell put forward facilitate witness ring something in bear witness to see actuate put in kick-start trigger off set off come out with get feet wet commence on sow the seeds of take action on set about get cracking on come up with set the ball rolling on break the ice on


Go in front or ahead of
go before go first go ahead of lead the way go in front of lead front head spearhead be at the front of be at the head of trail-blaze top go out in front be first be the leader of go out in front of command crown cap dominate be first in be at the top of come first in pass outdo outdistance outstrip outrun outpace trump distance put in proportion take the lead widen the gap get further ahead of be ahead be ahead of come first get the jump on be out in front draw away from put a distance between leave standing break away from the pack get ahead of be in front be the forerunner leave behind have an advantage separate oneself leave in one's wake blaze a trail shake off be in the lead walk in front of show the way captain direct boss guide control manage govern run rule supervise oversee superintend administer handle overlook quarterback regulate influence organise organize preside over be in command of be in control of be the boss of be in charge hold sway over be in charge of be at the helm of administrate steward pilot tyrannize order officiate operate wield drive coach maneuver domineer steer tyrannise officer marshal marshall sway manoeuvre master conduct have control of head up have authority over call the tune reign over be at the helm call the shots have charge of be in the saddle be the head of take the reins of prevail over exercise authority over assume command of exercise power have authority be in authority over exercise control over hold dominion over run the show hold office take over take the chair have control over be foremost pioneer launch initiate bring helm produce persuade set off spur originate cause shepherd motivate move introduce start prompt bring on run things blaze the trail set in motion be in the van be in the forefront of lay the first stone be the driving force behind put in motion lead the way in lead the way for be in the van of be in the vanguard of be in the front line of

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