Đồng nghĩa của hand over

Alternative for hand over


To give (something) over to the possession of another
abandon abdicate assign confer deliver give away renounce cede commit confide consign delegate entrust give hand intrust leave pass recommend relinquish render repose surrender transfer transmit trust vest yield dispense fork out fork up relegate turn over waive commend cough up give over give up lay down turn in part with convey resign pass on dish out grant forgo allot make over devolve hand on bestow allocate sacrifice shell out lay out drop submit pay hand down provide pony up deliver up ante up present remit hand out bequeath apportion concede distribute come across with pay up furnish sign over sign away let go of fork over parcel out forsake charge pay out dole out place disburse give in come up with deal out refer offer abjure abnegate supply forfeit produce alienate mete out commission donate invest proffer quit depute deed give out alien cast lay aside contribute authorize lose step down from step aside from turn down authorise forswear disclaim prorate hand in portion reject make with chip in tender stump up put aside allow appoint spurn refuse do without capitulate spend expend task fold feed send give way let go back down opt out cast off administer dispatch throw in the towel share quitclaim throw in the sponge defer bail out send on demit settle up forbear put lay deposit award foot the bill pass round dispense with set aside pass out hand round communicate lend direct kick in pitch in come across designate repudiate pull out bow succumb desert withdraw set down shed dump discard abalienate vouchsafe relent budge defray the cost of devote disown impart knuckle under cave in concede defeat appropriate leave with forego vacate bag it say goodbye to divide put into the hands of send out dispose of climb down withgo be deprived of disseminate be stripped of pay for go without renege pass up reassign cast aside shift bestow on circulate share out mete confer on yield up admit defeat divvy pay with give to disgorge give back turn over to sign something over put in extend volunteer shell something out release give over to divert find will gift make something over to someone stump something up confine outlay put in charge of issue shunt redirect decline deny put down finish with let fall channel free render up throw let someone have club together vest in give into the custody of give into the care of unload give into the charge of avoid turn one's back on disinherit withdraw from shirk promise ordain destine engage leave to employ move spare leave behind betray sacrifice something kiss goodbye prostitute eschew kiss goodbye to send on errand hold responsible for send on mission change stand down from separate oneself from divorce oneself from sign off wash hands of let have endow lodge set make a contribution make a donation handball escalate give custody of deposit with give custody retire leave in the lurch step down sell out leave holding the bag leave high and dry decentralise pass to pass down decentralize offload get rid of hand to foist fob off be handed down palm off give free rein divide out partition measure give with lot return offer back pin devise demise attorn have a whip-round patronise advance allow to look after let out make trustee loan aid let store patronize put into hands of command show level apply terminate exhibit put in the hands of pertain belong entrust to grant to invest in settle neglect delay hold up remove table suspend postpone reserve put off stay disregard refrain from shelve prorogue hold off display lose out on give oneself over fall victim fold up suffer defeat accept defeat be overwhelmed cry quits lay down your arms break show the white flag come to terms be overcome indulge resign yourself lay down arms be conquered be beaten give up the struggle buckle raise the white flag call it quits saddle burden aim instate target ascribe blink expose extract broadcast let off drop off unveil acquiesce repeat spread scoop dish up ladle serve spoon inflict serve up deal cut in disperse parcel lot out divvy up split break up portion out ration out ration admeasure cut measure out divide up carve up slice piece up slice up declare stop cry uncle buckle under despair collapse leave off desist cut out cease chicken out bow out comply accord remise give and take carry relay publish make known retail stream retweet RT provide use of be generous with send forth allow use of ditch fulfil achieve carry out make good on discharge implement live up to fulfill have deliver the goods carry through bear roll out bring forward put forward bring out draw out bring to light drop out kiss good-bye stand down swear off cut loose let pass take the pledge take the oath quit cold turkey let go by drop like hot potato


To give (something) into the possession of someone, usually for use or consumption
bestow deliver donate feed furnish give hand present provide supply tender grant confer contribute offer accord dispense impart gift proffer put up endow kick in afford award yield issue hand out bequeath extend chip in come up with pony up turn over devote provision transfer serve lay on leave pass give away shell out cough up stump up fork out pledge advance purvey lend entrust pay give out pitch in dish out surrender volunteer commit bequest throw in transmit relinquish vouchsafe ante up endue dole out gift with provide with furnish with present with will come through let someone have make over shower loan send equip supply with slip lay out fix up kit out make available credit indue bless invest favour favor inject accommodate someone with pay out sub pay in advance supply on credit put at disposal put forth put at someone's disposal share sacrifice sponsor fund subsidize distribute give a donation of part with give up make a donation of subscribe mete pass on enrich subsidise assign dower sweeten the pot sweeten the kitty bring produce arrange cater replenish bear donate to lavish accord to award to confer on present to apportion allot sign autograph back ink finance afford to distribute to bequeath to allot to consign to assign to invest in vest in apportion to commit to impart to lavish on entrust to honour with heap on underwrite honor with put out render to enroll contribute towards enrol signature make a subscription set register buy promise second give to sign up make a donation chip into make a contribution make a deal do one's part pitch into give money


To tell, or inform, on (someone)
be disloyal betray give up grass inform on let down turn in rat on snitch on shop grass on blow the whistle on sell out turn informer stab in the back blow the whistle report turn over finger expose inform against tell on pool denounce rat out squeal on dob on split on put the finger on be unfaithful to pimp on break faith with dob in drop a dime on squeak on drop the dime on peach on be disloyal to shelf delate sneak on put someone's pot on two-time mislead bite the hand that feeds one break faith give someone a Judas kiss play someone false be treacherous to go back on delude break one's promise to fail knife take in jilt sell the pass commit treason play false deceive bite the hand that feeds you deliver up trick backstab forsake be unfaithful play Judas double-cross break promise walk out on knife in the back turn traitor turn state's evidence cross grass up cheat abandon break trust be a Judas to bluff desert break with stitch up tell tales on do the dirty on fink on sing about sell down the river give away squeal rat inform snitch peach tell sneak sing tell tales split sell someone down the river tattle squeak spill the beans incriminate blab inculpate talk fink clype act as an informer tell all clype on spill your guts accuse tattletale tell tales about point the finger at spill the beans about blow the gaff job point the bone at rat someone out squawk weasel leak give someone away notify set up spill the beans on stool sell turn King's evidence dime turn Queen's evidence nark tip off tattle on dob be a mole do the dirty pimp tout drop the dime be an insider drop a dime delate on make a charge against make a complaint against leak to appoint point to implicate inform on someone shop someone rat on someone snitch on someone finger someone grass on someone drop a dime on someone drop the dime on someone peach on someone pimp on someone tell tales on someone fink on someone put the finger on someone blow the whistle on someone brand hang something on charge cite do name arraign point a finger at


To transmit, supply or send, especially money or payment
remit send transmit dispatch post convey forward pay settle square address consign route ship make payment make payment of mail transport direct transfer freight express carry move airmail send off deliver communicate impart bear disseminate take relay issue conduct shoot shift circulate redirect drop pack off put in the mail send by post put in the post send away get off dispatch by post email cast level present aim turn point set locate relocate reach bring run contact get ferry send by mail put on board export smuggle go aboard distribute haul embark ship out spread postmark mark hand-carry send out pass on channel diffuse give transfuse mediate hand on radiate funnel instill translate siphon instil syphon bequeath break traject hand down put out advance commission refer assign drop off send on broadcast publish promulgate make known publicize publicise proclaim disclose divulge announce reveal make public tell report propagate declare advertise advertize air get across give out release purvey blazon cart put about relate herald trumpet tote enunciate pass flash blare annunciate placard sound blaze pack feed disperse pipe fetch put across state lug truck propagandize propagandise recount bring to public attention get through share bring to public notice channelize bruit abroad put over canalize bruit about schlepp scatter supply guide leak unfold promote inform expose canalise spread around explain get out get around get about convoy repeat transplant dispense exchange proliferate drag displace stream set forth make understood make clear print spill preach import strew let out let on about shuttle hump out remove splash spotlight drum leak out spread about get round be passed around come out infect contaminate articulate send by e-mail suffuse beam bare unveil readdress support spread out dissipate dispel discover lead e-mail chauffeur pour filter blow puff port ride unbosom blab retail gazette shoulder piggyback patch wire instruct admit teach furnish provide peddle broadcast electronically show travel RT retweet heave connect sync bring in have printed blow wide open televise stage telecast screen waft control shout from the rooftops put in print let it be known decree notify move across buck gossip put round tattle whisper heft schlep include display get something over go public with call endorse pronounce make official pass the word toot make the rounds move around concentrate focus bruit sow draw offer bandy about pass around tell all about carry across bill immortalise headline extol soft-sell skywrite immortalize spot press-agent billboard cry blazon abroad go the rounds noise abroad bring out allot bring into the open send forth turn over celebrate hard sell make a pitch for put on the map write up play up develop upload share out make available switch splatter flourish renown inscribe depict describe boast sweep administer hand out construe spell out bring home expound clear up clarify demystify demonstrate illuminate interpret get over explicate elucidate illustrate pass round pass out dispose of hand round dish out dole out deal out give away mention signify write suggest raise advise let on ring up

Trái nghĩa của hand over

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