Đồng nghĩa của replace

Alternative for replace

replaces, replaced, replacing

Trái nghĩa: remove,


To restore or build up something again, especially after damage or destruction
reconstruct rebuild remodel renovate restore recondition overhaul refurbish fix modernise modernize rework remake revamp refashion reorganise reorganize repair rehabilitate patch redo doctor recast regenerate rejuvenate reform reconstitute recreate rehab reestablish reorient restructure reproduce reshuffle reassemble retool remould remold make over fix up do up build up re-establish re-form breathe new life into piece together mend renew change alter improve refit modify revise transform adjust redesign amend update redevelop convert restyle reshape adapt rectify upgrade vary revitalize refresh service redecorate revitalise bring up to date correct transfigure bring up to code transmute revive revivify metamorphose patch up rearrange spruce touch up retread mutate put back together tailor customize vamp up turn re-equip refine translate customise reinvent retouch make alterations to make adjustments to spruce up reorder transmogrify set right tweak reanimate recover emend regulate resuscitate refurnish reinstate re-create transpose develop rejig reorientate restitute commute permute tune tart up debug put right clean up transubstantiate make good brighten up fashion alchemize set to rights reinvigorate straighten out fiddle with remedy revolutionize better resurrect make ameliorate cure edit shift readjust switch redress revolutionise redevise fettle redraft rewrite furbish face-lift freshen up switch over turn around give something a facelift shape put in order reawaken evolve recharge mold rekindle freshen reconfigure uplift refreshen mould reinforce morph interchange rehash permutate right square diversify become rejigger shake up reword remaster redeem render recalibrate reclaim go over see to gussy up sort out refabricate put to rights restore to working order make better bring back tune up make as good as new get into shape give a new look to reschedule reformat gentrify establish again rationalize reerect maintain diverge kick-start restate metamorphosize vamp modulate condition retrieve rewaken rewake reconcile do appropriate download downlink apply create again invigorate resolve warp sort exhilarate envigorate affect rescript emendate rationalise settle produce again rescue salvage tidy up shift gears turn upside down tamper with get something working make innovations make different help dial back change the format give a face-lift scrub red-pencil undergo a sea change shape up order fine tune make right make whole do over give a shot in the arm to review set straight deal with bring into the twenty-first century form wrap reinstall remanufacture build cover grow repeat restrategize copy reactivate cleanse clean reequip fit generate qualify suit enhance reopen realign temper pimp up smarten up pimp out prepare bend moderate age be reborn ripen mature replenish resume reaffirm give facelift redeploy strengthen meliorate put back heal alternate get working again solve enrich make changes to make fit for use put fluctuate snap phony up correct mid-course perfect remix shuffle become different tamper arrange reenforce rebrand redraw groom tidy regroup spring-clean build again make again mutation mutant anomaly overturn set up add to give a facelift to buck up pep up avenge straighten give a face-lift to beautify put back into its original condition put new heart into make younger add some zest to restore vitality to put new life into put some spark into clean up your act set the record straight clear up polish iron out get with it pay dues pick up make improvements to make up for recompense balance go straight reward do justice make amends for launder compensate for make young again give new life to make someone feel young again give face lift to rethink make tidy posh up make smarter smarten doll up make neater neaten jazz up doctor up jigger inspirit beet tinker botch clout move around change around produce change radically restart stimulate make a clean sweep clear out clean out break with past change drastically cause revolution paraphrase glue cobble spetch ranter ready relocate redispose change round reset redistribute move rephrase perk up work on make well raise from the dead give a shot in the arm work out make sense of piece out denature cook transfer stir up transcribe furnish add retrofit install instal recycle change completely put in other words express differently express in other words express in own words turn the tables turn the corner sing different tune turn over new leaf find a solution to find an answer to get to the bottom of set harmonize harmonise fine-tune mitigate smooth over clarify accommodate put an end to conform find the solution to lift normalize coordinate unravel alleviate raise normalise elevate take care of boost ease thrash out hammer out attend to copy-edit calibrate attune answer control tighten twiddle standardize fathom crack disentangle relieve palliate compose sew up troubleshoot determine benefit assuage untangle unscramble organize standardise quadrate brush up organise figure out work through tailor-make advance promote suss out put in working order reach an agreement about hone remediate fortify beef up make conform finish deconflict subedit redact expurgate censor bowdlerize conciliate bowdlerise resole diagnose delouse integrate pitch proportion string dial aid decide explain bring to an end bring around facilitate bolster decorate square up remove errors work the bugs out of become better step up heel kit out fit out save fine vitalize sustain end counteract throw light on size acclimate acclimatise acclimatize dispose measure remove eliminate salve treat straighten up appreciate amplify forward augment build on progress transcend excel change for the better improve on increase further put in position put in place dispose of turn things around medicate treat successfully restore to health restore to normality minister to make healthy paint allay contain relax quell extinguish decipher agree on do away with be the answer to be the solution to break mollify extenuate calm cool decode soften appease mellow unriddle pretty brainstorm divine lick unlock smooth puzzle out realise realize get think out dope out find the answer to riddle out get right make out determine a solution to pan out make a dent decide on find the key to get around find out get to the bottom hit upon manage guide direct govern oversee administer supervise superintend monitor handle run rule police conduct check legislate operate administrate steward methodize inspect overlook keep tend align systematize sharpen focus grade legalise be responsible for preside over keep a tab on legalize systematise check up on keep an eye on keep a beady eye on carry on pull things together classify keep tabs on bring into line


To amend or repair
improve amend overhaul mend redevelop rejuvenate renew adjust fix reinforce revamp emend emendate revitalise revitalize revivify correct fix up recondition reconstruct rectify remodel renovate restitute resurrect revise right alter change modify rebrand redraft redraw reenforce remaster repair retouch rework rewrite redress re-create doctor up set right straighten out touch up restore better remedy reform refurbish update upgrade modernize refresh ameliorate put right do up make good modernise regenerate sort out rebuild square redecorate clean up revive cure edit rehabilitate enhance retrieve make over put to rights spruce up resolve doctor debug patch up make better deal with bring up to date refit refine heal help re-equip redo put in order develop adapt transform recast tweak settle bring up to code rehab refashion set to rights regulate reorganize smarten up reorganise red-pencil tart up perfect resuscitate freshen polish remake solve retread recalibrate patch face-lift revolutionize shape up reword rescript make up for freshen up fiddle with convert refurnish recharge recreate make right spruce refreshen tidy up reanimate scrub pay dues revolutionise vamp up meliorate turn around brighten up gussy up give something a facelift bring into the twenty-first century copy-edit streamline rephrase relieve enrich ease contemporize tune rekindle fit tailor technologize rationalize harmonize rearrange brush up reconstitute reconcile balance vary reinvigorate fashion reshape innovate stimulate rationalise rejig readjust harmonise straighten up restyle clear up straighten go over launder pick up doll up jazz up fine-tune clean up your act dial back set straight make improvements to benefit make alterations to make adjustments to tune up clarify boost raise qualify reinstate palliate elevate treat alleviate customize shape tidy maintain redesign reclaim condition recover reestablish mitigate suit gentrify reindustrialize cleanse remediate furbish put organize arrange review restructure strengthen customise order service recompense set the record straight rejigger clean temper re-establish do over fortify compensate for moderate neaten finish turn things around sort shake up organise tighten make amends for bring back see to give a face-lift rehash attend to breathe new life into make healthy digitally remaster subedit redact level unravel salvage reinstall reequip expurgate censor bowdlerize vamp avenge prepare bend metamorphose reward bowdlerise do reactivate houseclean facilitate bolster pimp up pimp out make make up iron out realign fettle lead into the twenty-first century drag into the twenty-first century march into the twenty-first century aid go straight do justice energize groom save sustain give facelift fine tune take care of square up brace make fit for use get with it beautify repaint give a face-lift to enliven dust advance promote gloss rescue energise raise standards move upmarket make tidy posh up make smarter smarten make neater go through compare scrutinise cut scan look over scrutinize reexamine bone up blue-pencil build up give new strength to mold furnish sweep vacuum get the latest version of modulate uplift equip brighten remould retool morph medicate kick-start reawaken salve round off put finishing touches on affect alternate reorientate diversify reshuffle reorient reconfigure remix shuffle become different reorder mould tamper make innovations warp remold permute translate commute make different tamper with reproduce spiff up hone primp fine beef up vitalize shake out mop become better step up appoint allay assuage nurse cancel countercheck frustrate compensate neutralise annul negate negative neutralize vindicate counteract overturn rewaken rewake invigorate make improvements finish off dose make well inspirit recompense for even up upcycle exhilarate envigorate produce change radically restart make restitution make reparation for make reparation level out pay for make amends balance out turn over new leaf make restitution for restore the balance even out rethink treat successfully make whole restore to health minister to give a shot in the arm raise from the dead give a shot in the arm to kit out deck out rig out lift make a clean sweep clear out clean out break with past change drastically turn upside down cause revolution set accommodate conform calibrate normalize jigger align coordinate attune normalise sharpen twiddle quadrate focus troubleshoot grade tailor-make bring into line put in working order make conform


To remove from a prominent position or role
unmake oust depose dethrone unseat displace uncrown unthrone deprive defrock expel demote fire sack impeach vote out overthrow discharge supplant overturn remove dislodge dismiss usurp topple evict eject defenestrate bring down remove from office drum out cashier boot out kick out throw out turf out give someone the boot can degrade show the door axe unfrock retire ax bounce bump downgrade get rid of discrown remove from power break release out force out disqualify drive out disfrock pink-slip send packing muster out lay off give someone their marching orders let go give notice to turn out defeat disrate reduce subvert bust relegate move unhorse upset terminate shift lower declass boot dislocate disbar strip of rank bench suspend pension shelve recall deselect disemploy furlough depone bring low give someone the push throw out on your ear make redundant turn off bring about the downfall of give the ax let out give the gate shut out give walking papers give the heave-ho wash out turn away give warning push out excommunicate overcome triumph overwhelm vote someone out unsettle undo pink slip drop dissolve disestablish discard disenthrone disthrone debar take over give someone his or her walking papers give someone the pink slip put away chuck out chuck remove by force purge step into shoes of freeze out give heave-ho eliminate disturb transfer disentangle extricate knock over uproot declare redundant deprive of office reposition abolish run out of town ride out on rail expunge evacuate pull relocate detach free ship abstract budge knock out of place knock out of position dig out get out knock loose take down see the back of give the bum's rush kick downstairs humble devalue lower in rank demean demerit move down set back reduce in rank hold back reduce to the ranks kick down the ladder give someone their notice pay off give the old heave-ho give someone his give notice give someone the big E give someone the sack kiss off give someone their cards bin off give someone the air give someone the bullet give the elbow


To make a transition or change
transition change progress shift transform alter convert develop evolve grow metamorphize metastasize move switch metamorphose segue transfigure transmute adapt adjust affect amend modify mutate pass realign transit transmutate turn alternate flip-flop fluctuate interchange modulate mould mold remodel revise substitute swap swing transpose vacillate vary veer feed into segue into recast remake refashion restyle reorganize diversify make over reorganise revamp rework reform morph redo transmogrify reconstruct reshape upgrade correct reorder metamorphosize improve recalibrate edit transubstantiate update redraft reorient renovate remould translate alchemize overhaul tweak refine reorientate diverge redesign reconstitute rehash customize commute doctor tailor remold permute make alterations to customise make adjustments to dial back fine tune phony up make changes to correct mid-course make different advance rewrite emend become different differentiate copy-edit rescript rebrand rephrase tighten blue-pencil go through compare cut scan look over scrutinise polish perfect scrutinize brush up scrub redraw reexamine bone up launder clean up debug become be reborn mature ripen age undergo a sea change revolutionize renew rebuild fashion rearrange retool shape rejig reshuffle fix redevelop readjust regulate rehabilitate make innovations rectify switch over recondition regenerate turn over new leaf turn the tables permutate denature cook turn the corner refurbish stir up change completely shift gears refit fix up transfer warp rejigger reconfigure turn upside down tune sing different tune revolutionise turn around do up tamper with


To move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance
shift move transfer reposition relocate rearrange dislocate cart displace transpose bear convey lug remove transport bring carry haul reallocate ship shuffle disturb fetch take move around move over budge ferry tote transplant send pack truck conduct transmit deliver schlepp change lift migrate emigrate drag dispatch hump immigrate forward dislodge alter quit freight schlep pull heave uproot pack off relay resettle drift wander travel funnel switch advance traject change position consign channel shoulder hoist import position route depart reorganize push reshuffle adjust reorder misplace redistribute convoy tug rejig break leave flit transmigrate redispose readjust run tow reorganise revamp reset move house heft go away move along move aside shoot remit trawl piggyback pass address buck sweep make way carry off carry away send off cart off shift position step aside change places take away make room hold take over translate manhandle drive airlift readapt reorient recondition support shuttle pipe get going set going yank humph draw redeploy take off interchange exchange fly reschedule vellicate snap syphon ride move abroad change the position of decamp separate rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge disarticulate interrupt gather locate metamorphose traffic vacate siphon post taxi onpass port jigger issue put out of place disestablish carry over take along carry on pick up come carrying do over change round reconstruct order rework smuggle distribute ship out put on board export drop direct go aboard embark up sticks pull up stakes move away journey roam trek rove voyage express strain transport by air knock out of place knock out of position move out of place jerk hand-carry send out proceed undergo a change hike globetrot itinerate shove impel lever travel around nomadize range go get head cross change residence change place locomote put somewhere else pack your bags move about guide lead mail channelize collect canalize escort usher canalise give a lift to feed steer chauffeur pilot show assist help pass on redirect see marshal shepherd marshall give a ride to communicate impart give a lift circulate go for call for accompany chaperon concentrate focus airmail send on go to get put in the mail put in the post load up show the way stop for come and get shlep readdress pour filter supply blow puff patch wire disseminate spread bring in move across beam diffuse waft lead the way send away transport in bulk drop in for turn set cast aim level present point air attend herd bus control send by post get off dispatch by post hale trail contact reach trailblaze companion belead pay settle square drop-ship deposit unload drop off streel hand obtain retrieve wash float wrench rake take round postmark mark hand over wind in make payment of make payment go and get bring back bring to go get put out put on fork over dish out put off allow to alight draw forth come by take on get a hold of come across with bear away sweep away wash away


To dismiss from duty or employment
discharge remove dismiss cashier fire sack eject expel oust axe ax bounce can discard release retire terminate excuse supplant bump bust displace nix supersede freeze out lay off boot out let go declare redundant kick out make redundant pink-slip throw out turf out deprive of office give notice send packing show the door get rid of give someone their marching orders muster out relieve of duty run out of town turn off give someone the boot give someone the push give someone the sack lock out give someone the bullet give someone their cards give the heave-ho ride out on rail defenestrate depose unseat give the elbow give the old heave-ho drum out out boot dethrone evict give someone their notice topple defrock drop turn out dislodge banish exclude remove from office overthrow uncrown chuck out unthrone drive out deprive unmake give notice to bin off bring down cast out give someone the air force out give someone the big E give the bum's rush give walking papers overturn turf suspend rout reject throw out on your ear run off push out disqualify cut eliminate relegate usurp unfrock impeach chase discrown pay off let out shut out send away give the gate give someone the pink slip remove from power debar ship bar ban pension deselect disfrock shelve recall disemploy furlough depone break deport degrade omit disregard slang unhorse shed chuck pink slip thrust out extrude disbar see the back of give marching orders sling out fling out expulse chase out give a pink slip give someone his wash out turn away give warning leave out set aside drive away give the ax throw someone out on their ear give the chop heave vote someone out move on throw demote court martial triumph overwhelm defeat sever connections unsettle downgrade dehire unhire blackball give the boot to give the bullet to eighty-six yeet put away disthrone disenthrone upset subvert blacklist give someone his or her walking papers give the sack to give the push to black strip of rank step into shoes of take over terminate employment put out show the door to toss out hand walking papers give one's cards give pink slip give their cards give the axe retire early give heave-ho purge exile fordrive dispossess heave out give bum's rush move ask to leave transfer expatriate reposition abolish give the hook show you the door shift evacuate pull relocate expunge detach tomahawk downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver excommunicate ostracize waive budge abstract dislocate repatriate extradite transport outlaw cancel delete proscribe isolate rusticate ostracise extradict drive off sequester slur elide erase forget take down do away with shake off chase away ignore scale down cut back put an end to slim down leave off rule out give something a miss take out miss out cross out cut out shut the door on kiss off remove by force disband disperse demobilize liberate dispatch rid bundle clear demobilise show out allow to go send home send off dispense with dispose of cast off slough off do without push aside disfellowship repudiate boycott veto preclude keep out embargo leave out in the cold snub dispel send back disallow prohibit except interdict scatter count out shun vote against hand someone his hat sideline refuse forbid discount disclude stop uproot close out put an embargo on send to Coventry put out in the street cut dead give the cold shoulder to consign attaint repulse empty unchurch prohibit from entering denounce anathematize disown overlook takfir curse coldshoulder vote out marginalize disentitle ditch unloose irrupt dump toss dissipate chase off force to leave marginalise invisibilize sentence sentence to transportation throw overboard kiss goodbye squeeze out give someone their P45 show the gate to say no to declare ineligible refuse admission to refuse entrance to deny stand in the way of hand over not include fail to include factor out disturb squander return avoid knock over disentangle extricate repel scramble free bring low knock out of position knock out of place clear out estop deny access to obviate prevent block bate occlude dig out get out knock loose bring about the downfall of withdraw send for trial consider undesirable not count refuse to admit split up beat off break up pass over ward off refuse admittance prevent from entering steer clear of thumbs down place an embargo on hit list refuse to employ down negative kill put on hit list break it up cold-shoulder spurn take away move out shoot down clear from send to a safe place remove from undermine relieve displant substitute override give the cold shoulder wrench out crowd swap places with substitute for sit in front for fill in ring outplace take over from ring in back up force stand in take the place of

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