Đồng nghĩa của pay back

Alternative for pay back

Đồng nghĩa: fix, get, pay off, repay, reward,


To seek vengeance or retribution (from someone)
reciprocate retaliate punish square get avenge oneself get even with get even be revenged on exact retribution pay out get back at revenge oneself take revenge give tit for tat retaliate against settle a score with give someone their just deserts settle the score with take reprisals against let someone see how it feels hit back at settle accounts with settle the score give someone a taste of their own medicine get someone make somebody pay give someone their comeuppance return like for like fight back even the score get your own back give someone a dose of their own medicine take an eye for an eye take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth take revenge on give as good as one gets retaliate on get revenge on wreak revenge on exact revenge on take vengeance on repay hit back give like for like avenge get your own back on revenge turn the tables on get revenge be revenged give someone a Roland for an Oliver have one's revenge settle accounts take reprisals get back at someone return the compliment take vengeance requite redress venge counterattack react pay someone back in their own coin sort out turn the tables make reprisal rise to the bait get even for wreak revenge strike back return fire settle a score put up a fight exact revenge reply take the bait respond be avenged get you back square accounts wreak vengeance turn upon give as good as you get recompense counter get square demand an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth return tit for tat fix someone fix wreak vengeance on hurt cook someone's goose take retribution square with take retribution on deal with settle someone's hash vindicate recriminate kick back pay back in spades seek payback for exact revenge for make reprisal for take reprisals for give comeuppance make retaliation for settle with get your own back for take an eye for an eye for get redress for settle up square things up get satisfaction for give just desserts take vengeance for pay someone back for get revenge for take revenge for fix one's wagon retaliate for repay in kind for hit back for be out for blood even the score for get even with someone for stick it to rally make restitution pay someone back in his counteract charge challenge defend yourself counterwork parry serve out settle old scores bewreak chasten spite payback retribute chastise return the favour return the favor reply to controvert respond to react to take satisfaction take satisfaction for come back at get back defend oneself against strike back at


To put or send back
return reinstate replace restore yield hand back reinstall retrocede send back carry back give back reestablish reinsert reseat take back put back thrust back toss back place back roll back bring back re-establish revive reinstitute rehabilitate recall redeem reintroduce return to a former position remit return to its place recapture reelect reinvest rehire renew grant back put in power again return to power yield back reimpose reconstitute recover re-enforce win back return to a former state regenerate rebuild reconstruct repair refurbish recondition mend remodel renovate revamp overhaul refit reclaim recreate rejuvenate modernize revitalize revitalise modernise make over fix up do up restitute bring up to date improve redesign reproduce redevise reinvent remake redevelop patch fix furbish update establish again salvage introduce again service revivify create again refresh reanimate spruce vamp up bring into effect again retrieve reform welcome back regain convert redecorate repossess rectify recoup doctor rescue retouch tune re-equip make good bring up to code get back touch up get into shape breathe new life into give a new look to rework remaster set right straighten out set to rights re-create glean resuscitate recharge reassume reaccept transform fetch back resume pick up snatch back return to rewake freshen rewaken resurrect refreshen rekindle refurnish rehab exhilarate go over reawaken brace tart up retread give something a facelift gentrify vindicate absolve habilitate begin again have back restore to favour free from blame remove guilt from save from blame replevy replevin repurchase have something returned buy back recover possession of develop reinvigorate upgrade freshen up spruce up brighten up make fit for use bring into the twenty-first century

Trái nghĩa của pay back

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