Đồng nghĩa của backwash

Alternative for backwash

backwash /'bækwɔʃ/
  • danh từ
    • nước xoáy ngược, nước cuộn ngược, nước bị mái chèo đẩy ngược
    • (hàng không) luồng không khí xoáy (sau máy bay)


The (usually unpleasant) after-effects of an event or action
consequence repercussion result outcome effect aftermath upshot issue corollary product aftereffect sequel outgrowth precipitate fruit development sequence resultant fallout fate child conclusion reverberation by-product after-effect end result ramification end impact spin-off side effect eventuality reaction aftershock implication denouement end product follow-up chain reaction culmination event offshoot payoff causatum matter of course pay-off trail response termination produce ending results waves backlash influence can of worms follow through wake flak legacy blowback work yield pursuance ripple reflex sequelae success sequent concomitant out-turn fruits reverberations consequences aftereffects repercussions ramifications aftermaths residual hangover afterglow realization profit impression effects finish side reaction weight harvest mark imprint footprint ripple effect realisation finale bearing power side effects creation being actualization followup byproduct working dénouement emergence sequela afterclap climax completion reward echo materialisation materialization benefit return future net result accompaniment final outcome delayed response destiny destination inference externality induction deduction correlate advantages after-effects action analogy deserts lot dole doom due follow-on knock-on effect advantage aftercome payback output labor labour handiwork remainder result of maturing fruition pay final result residuum bottom line returns spinoff affair reactions workings artifact brand artefact gain crop amount significance outcomes responses footprints impressions imprints bearings issues marks end results outgrowths actions by-products production thing achievement invention concoction outturn productivity accomplishment derivative fabrication design derivation derivate handicraft manufacture formulation origination take deed turnout amount produced commodity craft volume doing auxiliary adjunct bounty descendant branch appendage offspring revenue craftwork turnover earnings income construction feat takings receipts workmanship triumph fulfillment attainment gains finished product final product act proceeds gate quantity produced incomings fulfilment progeny spawn deliverable extension contrivance emanation things offshoots complication first fruits consummation vestige relic remnant quota aggregate connection annexe annex leftover heritage subsidiary product wave remains residue brainchild art conception innovation application genesis article manufacturing performance profits production quota supplement complement trickle-down effect handwork oeuvre making solutions producing writings works flow-on effect skill products appurtenance net sideshoot coup exploit undertaking enterprise job aspiration execution implementation gate money till interest gate receipts handle lucre split box office artisanship handcraft trade gross domestic product gross national product opus personal work craftsmanship vocation calling métier craftship profession ability artwork effort dividend stroke of genius positive result master stroke haul catch vintage pickings receipt bunce fruitage intake crops garnering gleaning reaping gathering financial return year's growth annual production season's growth


A commotion or state of disorder or unrest
stir commotion uproar furore tumult disturbance turmoil fuss hubbub pandemonium rumpus ado ruckus bustle hullabaloo ruction kerfuffle row bother furor ballyhoo hoopla clatter pother storm whirl blather bluster welter bobbery moil foofaraw shindy squall stew hurly williwaw clutter splore corroboree hurricane hurry coil zoo do fun agitation brouhaha disorder excitement flurry racket activity ferment flap din scene splash disquiet sensation whirlwind to-do hoo-ha hurly-burly helter-skelter hubble-bubble hoo-hah hurry-scurry alarums and excursions hurry-skurry hue and cry song and dance clamor clamour unrest havoc mayhem chaos perturbation upheaval fracas folderol riot bedlam broil turbulence maelstrom disruption confusion outcry frenzy affray bangarang stink aggro excitation donnybrook lather palaver action fermentation discomposure fireworks noise melee ructions pantomime dither restlessness discord hustle tamasha hassle annoyance combustion convulsion production trouble carry-on argy-bargy hustle and bustle breach of the peace big scene fuss and bother bobsy-die big stink hell broke loose babel free-for-all disarray brawl drama quarrel anarchy upset performance fever shambles hysteria vociferation disorganization buzz tizzy rigmarole outburst shouting yelling babble violence disorganisation protest roar distraction rumble jumble uprising madness animation mess tempest disorderliness fight rampage madhouse scandal lawlessness carrying-on rage wildness controversy howl all hell broken loose muddle disquietude cataclysm busyness mix-up disarrangement melodrama altercation strife comings and goings movement business hell liveliness fray stramash shindig fighting fluster panic fury distress jangle eruption earthquake thrill bouleversement goings-on adventure disorderedness explosion scuffle upturn events incidents hijinks imbroglio delirium storm in a teacup tempest in a teapot fuss and feathers happenings unruliness proceedings Sturm und Drang occurrences worry mare's nest outbreak clangour conflict bagarre chatter clangor fret cacophony histrionics anxiety snafu insurrection paroxysm flutter tremor anarchism elation revolution sweat spectacle tension dishevelment enthusiasm misrule hubba-hubba fisticuffs misorder messiness muss tumble nuisance toing and froing provocation confrontation disaster huff incident dislocation much ado about nothing shock a madhouse snake pit outrage haste a three-ring circus passion deliriousness activeness feverishness tizz hullaballoo shivaree bombshell nonsense wingding life uncertainty screaming caterwauling dynamism bomb hysterics instability rebellion complaint objection boisterousness swirl babbling anxiousness wilding heat uneasiness mutiny protestation loud noise hazard craze peril trepidation stirring monkey business bowwow demonstration interruption hype rush mania danger calamity dissent entropy incitement topsy-turviness chance-medley heck cry ailment surprise farce procedure stimulation street fight twitter crisis indignation katzenjammer contretemps alarm grief opposition derangement biffo harassment catastrophe circumstance mishap rout destruction complication affair three-ring circus public disturbance state seething mass spot of bother anger argument theatrics dramatics entanglement twit problem disorderly conduct public nuisance theatre nervous state theater rat's nest holy mess utter confusion tempest in a teacup tempest in a tea-kettle federal case state of agitation state of anxiety mountain out of a molehill big deal struggle hurrah scrap stooshie dust-up upheavals rhubarb jiggery-pokery big fuss scrum circus draft draught convulsions unsettlement seething moving wrangle squabble shemozzle an outcry bickering roughhouse spin craziness tohubohu whirlpool rampancy flash to do feeling emotion skirmish party carousal frolic dance bash revel fancy merrymaking spree work hurly burly hell to pay devil to pay thrills rough house hectic activity clash vandalism lunacy fad glow enterprise wow mêlée tizz-woz swivet swelter incitation farcicality ridiculousness senselessness all hell breaking loose energy kick-up bugle call chaotic situation unquietness restiveness rioting quake exaggeration rowdydow flare-up motion scuffling hindrance talk fussing afters encounter shout spasm scramble discontent scrimmage street fighting snarl distemper burst insurgence brannigan mob violence violent disorder shower run-in revolt omnishambles boiling troubles dissatisfaction high winds criticism kicks spirit eventualities high jinks episodes ululation roughness flurry of activity ride soap opera seesaw saga static strike discombobulation terrorism actions firestorm tintamarre clamouring state of unrest stunner blare discordance rattle decibels bruit a maelstrom ataxia mobocracy temper rabidity lamentation bewailing yelp uproariousness fanfare bellow squawk carryings-on chain of events threat disapproval exclamation ritual shaking trembling quaking seism tottering rocking mob rule mistake misunderstanding confused noise charivari a mess a muddle a shambles menace boilover howl of protest riskiness perilousness hazardousness risk warmth dangerousness demurral reign of terror war of words clang tower jargon untidiness wild disarray rollercoaster topsy-turvydom topsy-turvyness an omnishambles clamoring howls of protest flak lengthy process red tape tedious business tantrum hubbubs gaieties excitements fervor car crash consternation formal complaint chorus of disapproval a car crash eagerness exciting experience precariousness unease stage dramaturgy acting movements dramas fit blowup wilderness fear dismay apprehension hissy haze intricacy concern nervousness tangle error irritation inconvenience fright vexation hullabaloos tumults exhibition overthrow slip-up apprehensiveness care alteration turnaround shakeout switch temblor discomfiture hurt grievance disappointment defeat shake-up torment concernment miscalculation fankle botch puzzle hurry-scurries activities high spirits to-dos pothers fervours fervour flip-flop violent change about-face nervosity reversion letdown affront queasiness turn-up subversion distressed state new deal major change seismic shift sudden change new ball-game hissy fit temper tantrum solicitude a buzz a charge a kick exhibition of oneself display of emotion agita tiz-woz state of panic disconcertion dilemma predicament adversity plight activism quandary theatricals bind trauma conundrum mire tribulation quagmire setback tragedy difficulty debacle hardship fiasco pickle emergency occasion jam affliction perplexity pinch misfortune blow campaigning division break interference horror exigency disarranging disordering crusading unsettling confusing upsetting stoppage ruining obstruction impeding discontinuation wrecking suspension hampering spoiling perilous experiences dangerous experiences exciting experiences sticky situation hell on earth hang-up tight spot sorry condition awkward situation problematic situation dire straits tear-jerker sad state bad news tight corner critical situation unfortunate situation hard times no-win situation train wreck tricky situation hot water tight situation difficult situation undermining delay retardation delaying arguing discussion debate splitting separation severance holding up battling rabble-rousing stirring up striving struggling wrangling

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