Đồng nghĩa của revulsion

Alternative for revulsion

revulsion /ri'vʌlʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự thay đổi đột ngột (ý kiến, tính nết...)
    • (y học) sự gây chuyển bệnh, sự lùa bệnh
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) sự rút ra; sự bị rút ra (vốn...)
      • the revulsion of capital: sự rút vốn ra


A sense of disgust and loathing
aversion disgust distaste loathing repugnance repulsion abhorrence abomination detestation horror nausea odium antipathy contempt dislike hatred recoil disrelish hate repellence repellency revolt yuck factor hostility animosity execration enmity animus antagonism resentment objection disdain anathema ill will displeasure scorn malice disfavour disfavor disinclination rancor malevolence venom spite mislike rancour indisposition bugbear repugnancy frost malignity rankling revenge disapproval opposition dread disapprobation bother irritant grievance gripe trouble pain nuisance disesteem nasty look black beast bete noire no love lost avoidance phobia prejudice dissatisfaction disliking ill feeling fear bad feeling reluctance terror aversion to shame hang-up complex thing neurosis ignominy irrationality paranoia fright bitterness pique malignance coldness grudge acrimony discountenance opprobrium averseness offense offence allergy deprecation despite snub refusal denial rebuff hatefulness contemptuousness outrage satiety nauseation nauseousness sickness satiation surfeit disapprobation of disinclination towards dissatisfaction with disapproval of displeasure with despisement down discontent with despitefulness unwillingness qualm regurgitation rejection bee in one's bonnet strong dislike extreme dislike pet hate bête noir distaste for shunning resistance evasion dislike of misprision obsession unsettled stomach irrational fear militancy alienation invidiousness envy spleen disrepute infamy obloquy disgrace discredit derision disregard denigration disparagement despisal ridicule disrespect scornfulness lovelessness spectre bogey fixation abnormal fear anxiety specter preoccupation obsessive fear nightmare mania having no use for dishonor reproach reprobation humiliation dishonour condemnation notoriety stigma censure hard feelings awe strong aversion intense dislike brand blur slur onus blame spot unpopularity blot stain dispprobation rebuke overwhelming anxiety about thing about ill repute bar sinister loss of face black eye spitefulness bad blood nastiness maliciousness viciousness malignancy gall meanness unfriendliness virulence cattiness vindictiveness bile jaundice anger unkindness umbrage evil resentfulness vitriol indignity estrangement disaffection vengefulness wrath poison pugnaciousness warpath maleficence inimicality war bellicoseness friction venomousness choler vexation poisonousness cruelty passion irritation indignation bellicosity ire aggression annoyance truculency wickedness rage fury acidity irascibility temper peevishness huff pugnacity asperity discontent miff acerbity militance truculence discord dissension rivalry ill temper rancorousness irritability grudges grievances acridity exasperation acridness tartness petulance mordancy acidness combativeness corrosiveness hurtfulness virulency conflict feud belligerency contentiousness belligerence contention mordacity dudgeon hurt ill feelings revengefulness waspishness disagreement disgruntlement cynicism jealousy backbiting grudgingness tantrum vehemence peeve savagery mean-spiritedness ill humour madness stew impatience storm infuriation chagrin conniption tiff chip on your shoulder violence distemper soreness hissy fit cat fit slow burn blow up ill humor sourness balefulness causticity covetousness embitterment enviousness evilness perniciousness unpleasantness vengeance oppugnancy needle crossness bad will disaccord cantankerousness iciness contumely evil intentions churlishness variance contrariety bad temper aloofness tetchiness testiness perturbation exacerbation rudeness furor acrimoniousness sarcasm incompatibility angriness lividness lividity score green-eyed monster desire condescension wrathfulness hesitance ill nature clashing birse hesitancy bad feelings ferocity dissidence hesitation recalcitrance slowness reticence demur dander loathness diffidence harsh feeling hateful feeling sweerness nolition irateness furore jaundiced eye evil eye bone to pick lack of enthusiasm lack of desire noxiousness harmfulness toxicity deadliness injuriousness aggressiveness bitter feeling warlikeness mockery mind spirit argumentativeness intimidation vilification devilry devilment oppugnation vendetta ill-disposedness distrust menace depravity warp distortion dirt malintent bane implacability mischievousness discontentment escape dyspathy eschewal brutality competition excoriation disagreeableness inhospitality badness shrewishness evil intent enemyship enemyhood foeship uncordiality daggers remoteness unsociability antithesis contradistinction difference incongruity lather harshness agitation pettishness fume aggravation fog rise uncharitableness ruthlessness retaliation bad-temperedness surliness snappishness moodiness bad mood sullenness querulousness touchiness crabbiness bloodthirstiness inhumanity tizzy complaint injustice injury hate for bad vibes bad chemistry blood feud personality conflict mutual hostility biliousness offensiveness abusiveness hardness of heart begrudging desirousness jealousness road rage high dudgeon dyspepsia air rage frostiness coolness fierceness brutishness ferociousness wildness pet peeve snobbery audacity defiance stubbornness slight obnoxiousness chip on one's shoulder ill-will the green-eyed monster hauteur indifference arrogance superciliousness disloyalty milt melancholy lien grumpiness caprice whim depression trenchancy haughtiness snobbishness astringency crabbedness crankiness restlessness frustration dismissiveness lordliness sneering mood mutiny souring sedition insurgence rebellion insubordination insurrection nasty behavior mad heartburn coveting lusting grudging greed pungency disillusionment apathy breach embitteredness loftiness insolence superbity pride blood lust vituperation disharmony strife disunity wrangling bickering dissent dispute timidity arguing quarrelling disputation argument fighting discordance squabbling feuding wavering demurral timorousness vacillation trepidation warfare inharmony dissonance schism division dissention disunion infighting discordancy falling-out jar doubts qualms scruples foot-dragging misgivings counteraction factionalism quarreling ruckus faction rumpus set-to row quarrel sour note tension hassle flak coyness dislike for indisposedness nolence backwardness opposition to second thoughts objection to backwardness in coming forward resistance to pangs of conscience


The treatment of one diseased area by acting elsewhere


The act or an instance of withdrawing

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revulsion Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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