Đồng nghĩa của obsession

Alternative for obsession


Đồng nghĩa: compulsion, fixation,

Danh từ

Consumption with belief, desire
fetish fixation mania preoccupation addiction complex enthusiasm hang-up infatuation phobia thing compulsion craze fetich neurosis passion prepossession ruling passion attraction bug case consuming passion crush delusion fancy fascination hobbyhorse idée fixe monkey must phantom hobby horse concrete idea one-track mind pet subject ax to grind bug in ear bee in your bonnet something on the brain tiger by the tail fad desire rage interest fashion love hobby monomania weakness urge trend anxiety craving vogue drive taste pursuit fear penchant predilection pet topic mode pastime captivation style yen paranoia sensation buzz impulse chic flavour flavor go terror whim dernier cri hot ticket recreation partiality longing last word need enchantment thirst enthrallment latest fondness ton inclination worry kick tonne lust hunger ache avocation motivation entertainment amusement dread wish sport distraction yearning preference beguilement propensity proclivity furor jones furore idé hankering zeal thing for leisure pursuit vagary cry keenness passing fancy affection appetite e fixe dream leisure activity pull pining uneasiness relish newest wrinkle in thing want will necessity strong interest concern preoccupation with obsession with mania for relaxation psychosis diversion thing about engrossment niggle grabber sideline game cacoethes divertissement favorite subject bias novelty hope liking fever prejudice leaning fun ambition aspiration caprice play fixed idea conceit whimsy occupation wrinkle in custom goal yearn thirstiness appetency latest thing fanaticism fixedness jag inadequacy depression idee fixe care hobby-horse adoration excitement leisure pleasure activity irresistible impulse obsessive compulsion keen interest demand susceptibility soft spot block affliction daemon difficulty inhibition torment demon the last word happening in-spot freak now crotchet in-thing single-mindedness tunnel vision temptation affinity letch burning determination fun and games latest wrinkle hot spot inferiority complex requirement objective impasse reserve restraint disturbance dilemma problem predicament intent disposition purpose popularity fashionableness requisite prevalence currency modishness essential motive aim endeavor predisposition suspicion stimulant sexual fixation luck hotness favour fashionability voguishness favor fire in the belly impetus endeavour repulsion distaste revulsion detestation horror dislike loathing hatred snazziness trendiness coolness delusions megalomania persecution complex mistrust distrust craziness bee tiger disorder derangement absorption practice use the latest way the thing usage stylishness mental block psychological block mash golden calf affectation mental disturbance bee in one's bonnet charm the rage antipathy irrational fear innovation cult quirk frivolity eccentricity humor kink attention allure bee in bonnet fantasy humour concentration lure magnetism urgency bag specialty art quest shot craft schtick aversion spectre abnormal fear obsessive fear bugbear bogey specter nightmare pash folly devotion to foolishness penchant for regard for passion for adoration of rapture fondness for feeling for love for desire for madness appeal magic attractiveness glamour intentness eagerness ardor fervor fervour ardour amateur interest leisure interest speciality latest word fool notion new look involvement stranger danger crush on impulsion fixation with puppy love itch hang-up about craze for addiction to avoidance fright irrationality resentment awe disgust aversion to engagement seductiveness glamor charisma oomph pizzazz allurement pizazz spell intrigue duende witchery favourite occupation favorite occupation pleasurable pastime labor of love raptness draw sorcery calf love holding piquancy trance animal magnetism witchcraft force field power pzazz overwhelming anxiety about entanglement immersion

Danh từ

The act of idolizing, adoring or worshiping, especially to excess
idolization worship adulation glorification reverence adoration veneration admiration exaltation worshipping deification esteem honour devotion idolatry honor worshiping estimation infatuation crush passion hankering amore ardour ardor attachment pash shine weakness yen fanaticism hero worship puppy love love fixation desire enchantment affection amorousness fondness lust besottedness captivation yearning fascination attraction deep affection strong interest liking mash feelings soft spot idolizing fetishization apotheosis lionizing adoring lionization hero-worshipping admiring loving fancy lionising idolism lionisation fervor fervour idolising rapture partiality inclination regard doting fetish aching care craze hots emotions zeal sentiment enamoredness amour keenness devotedness lovingness endearment aspiration mad for eros torch flame beguin passing fancy romantic feelings calf love love affair praise homage laudation extolment respect tribute commendation glory recognition magnification acclaim acclamation awe plaudits accolade compliments applause eulogy compliment appreciation high regard deference obeisance hero-worship approbation eulogium elevation encomium celebration panegyric testimonial flattery accolades thanksgiving praising credit hymn plaudit paean approval tributes salutation honoring honouring citation favour kudos congratulations idealization favor beatification sycophancy gratitude thanks distinction prestige canonization idealisation acknowledgment dithyramb repute bouquet popularity commemoration consideration aggrandizement salutes ovation attention bouquets puffery props acknowledgement aggrandisement pat on the back ennoblement fawning blessing glorifying bootlicking benediction supplication pride revering wonder venerating genuflection magnifying exalting prostration wonderment blandishment cajolery fame marveling puff reputation renown salute pumping up marvelling memorial greatness merit name importance fealty nobility cachet illustriousness dignity pats on the back immortalization notability privilege eminence recommendation good word good image paeans good name high standing trust good reputation mark of respect warmth worshipfulness respectfulness submission high esteem lauding grace vengeance wrath repayment intense love high opinion exaggerated respect breathless adoration surprise alleluia gift court good opinion puffing up putting on a pedestal paying homage pleasure delight courtesy endorsement thankfulness prayer appreciativeness astonishment amazement account overstatement boasting exaggeration braggadocio embellishment boost cheering hurrah cheer bravo rave cry anthem psalm offering present valuing prizing great respect blarney sanction kudo big hand testament pean laud song ode ingratiation salvo warm fuzzy honeyed word rave review buttering up strong praise trade last flattering remark observance remembrance eulogies blandishments eulogiums raving song of praise shout of praise unctuousness sweet talk toadyism gratification aggrandization memorialization extravagant flattery audation servile flattery fulsome praise false praise soft soap soft-soap honeyed words speech of praise red-letter day keeping marking extolling prayers latria dulia -olatry praying to

Danh từ

Anger or aggression associated with conflict arising from a particular situation
rage anger fury wrath indignation passion temper ire outrage spleen tantrum choler furor madness agitation bitterness exasperation pet resentment strop violence angriness annoyance antagonism birse blowout deliriousness delirium displeasure distraction fever feverishness flap frenzy furore grump hysteria irateness lividity lividness mad mania mood pique rampage rancor rancour raving state uproar vexation wrathfulness bad temper bate fit of anger fit of fury fit of rage foulie hostility hot temper paddy paddywhack skid towering rage vehemence wax acerbity acrimony animosity apoplexy asperity bad mood blowup bluster convulsion dander eruption excitement explosion ferment ferocity fireworks fit of temper frenzy of anger frenzy of rage gall haemorrhage heat hemorrhage huff hysterics irritation outburst paroxysm spasm squall storm umbrage upset wingding air rage fit of bad temper fit of ill temper fit of pique high dudgeon paroxysm of anger paroxysm of rage extreme anger hissy fit crossness miff irritability slow burn irascibility peevishness fit chagrin impatience testiness stew offense offence tetchiness petulance tiff dudgeon bile conniption tartness touchiness hurt malice tear ill temper tizzy aggravation perturbation snit fretfulness cantankerousness grudge rise ill humour disgruntlement ill-humor spite infuriation animus huffiness grouchiness surliness sullenness sourness pugnacity excitability sensitivity crabbiness exacerbation hotheadedness resentfulness bad humor hatred flare-up discontent malignity bother short fuse temperament cynicism grumpiness irascibleness ill will dissatisfaction boiling point low boiling point ill feeling rankling bad feeling virulence peeve enmity snappishness frustration provocation ill humor virulency fog embitterment rancorousness sulk malevolence snappiness crankiness scene hissy fire distemper soreness disapprobation affront dyspepsia distress scorn tumult wildness pettishness intensity fuss turmoil stroppiness cat fit blow up grief pip botheration aggro waspishness discomposure mard restlessness impetuosity disturbance fervour fervor temper tantrum humiliation acridity acidity vindictiveness acridness savagery vitriol cattiness mordancy acidness corrosiveness disquiet discontentment disgust mortification discomfiture commotion stir hate histrionics fierceness crotchetiness fuming frothing panic furiousness throes perversity shortness perverseness unrest hubbub irritableness biliousness flush emotion more heat than light fieriness righteous anger enthusiasm zeal short temper eagerness stress outburst of anger to-do dummy spit bristle acrimoniousness spitefulness maliciousness venom lather unhappiness fume pain terseness fuse shock injustice horror danger grumps churlishness red mist road rage viciousness poison querulousness conniption fit violation mayhem trouble tantrums paroxysms edginess fit of bad humour hot-headedness embarrassment vengeance hatefulness moodiness upheaval disapproval sharpness antipathy jaundice row discomfort turbulence severity force outburst of rage score down grievance envy jealousy needling worry harassment uncertain temper hard feelings ill feelings bad feelings tempestuousness power weariness hassle plague enragement besetment smarting shame wobbly fret dislike bad blood focus blind rage ill-humour ruckus incitement forcefulness disappointment letdown baulk balk sorrow dismay crushing blow blow-up tempest chip on your shoulder blood lust fit of ill humour being rubbed up the wrong way potency strength ferity seizure attack tension destruction burst energy rampancy sore might rabidity fling binge orgy splurge spree ecstasy dither confusion pandemonium chaos trepidation melodrama drama injury kerfuffle outbreak ebullition exception odium nettling provoking irking slight irrationality hullabaloo incitation fanaticism earnestness ardour ballyhoo sense of injury agony flare flash blaze bout gale gush gust hoopla neurosis derangement unreason alarm ado brouhaha passionateness ardency ardor fervency boutade access panic attack nervousness mirth animation fervidness intenseness burning up running a temperature febrile disease the shakes incandescence warmth loss of control outpouring white heat intensity of feeling desire flurry palaver controversy loss of reason outburst of agitation mental distress screaming abdabs screaming habdabs fit of madness fit of agitation hoo-ha carry-on song and dance aversion detestation abhorrence unfriendliness loathing opposition nastiness repugnance disrelish distaste revulsion repulsion disaffection malignancy objection contempt disfavour disfavor malignance revenge meanness abomination aggression estrangement despite war vengefulness bellicoseness execration friction warpath pugnaciousness inimicality truculency bugbear disinclination maleficence militancy mislike disliking discontentedness no love lost complaint gripe depression nuisance irritant grievances militance frost repellency repellence indisposition repugnancy bellicosity regret unkindness alienation combativeness dissension discord dread feud fear rivalry contention belligerency contentiousness needle discouragement wounded feelings mordacity truculence oppugnancy disagreement grudges anathema uneasiness belligerence embitteredness bete noire nasty look black beast gloominess moroseness sulkiness ruthlessness causticity conflict irk retaliation ill-will grouch snub cruelty anxiety terror resistance bane disillusionment dispiritedness revengefulness disdain disesteem ignominy malaise prejudice coldness black eye melancholy blame glumness bad will lamentation extreme dislike opprobrium disregard complex hang-up thing malcontent desolation malcontentment sadness evilness despitefulness disparagement contrariety wickedness evil intentions avoidance fright paranoia mean-spiritedness contradistinction phobia chip on one's shoulder bone to pick harsh feeling hateful feeling unpleasantness menace fractiousness disheartenment balefulness perniciousness scurf inimicalness disaccord oppugnation vendetta ill-disposedness distrust blackness bitter feeling pouts hump sulks nausea harshness unease uncharitableness variance hard feeling discountenance provocaion invidiousness pet peeve competition averseness hardness of heart hurt pride dejection disenchantment devilry backbiting devilment milt lien caprice whim pungency enemyship enemyhood foeship uncordiality daggers bee in one's bonnet wounded pride hurt feelings antithesis clashing difference incongruity despondency bad vibes bad chemistry blood feud personality conflict mutual hostility mercilessness bad-mouthing derogation affected scorn dirt evil malintent implacability mischievousness rebuff refusal revolt denial strong aversion intense dislike disconsolation despair grudgingness vituperation implacableness evil intent disillusion disconsolateness incensement disloyalty yuck factor anguish misery gloom torment unfulfilment downheartedness woe restiveness sour grapes heavy-heartedness Weltschmerz disrepute obloquy discredit infamy disgrace mutiny souring sedition insurgence rebellion insubordination insurrection dissidence low spirits heaviness of heart oppression heartburn boredom hopelessness ennui strong dislike apathy breach dispute dishonor reproach reprobation condemnation notoriety censure dishonour stigma slap in the face blitzkrieg left-handed compliment onslaught onset slam dig put down harm blitz mugging indignity zinger assailment battery dirty dig push assault hit irrational fear reckoning blur onus spot stain rebuke brand slur unpopularity blot dispprobation wrong spectre fixation abnormal fear preoccupation obsessive fear bogey specter nightmare whinge ill repute trenchancy sarcasm denigration ridicule disrespect scornfulness derision deprecation despisal protest inconvenience whine quibble obstruction defiance awe aversion to astringency turf war beef grumble headache ruffled feathers crabbedness bar sinister loss of face rudeness grouse holler kvetch yammer moan groan problem counteraction obstructiveness bone of contention axe to grind crow to pluck nasty behavior lament carp bleat cavil criticism non-compliance dissent thing about overwhelming anxiety about trial demurral warfare prevention defence duel negativism action con contest contraposition strife combat grapple skirmish fray defense engagement brush antinomy counterattack confronting struggle opposure encounter civil disobedience pet aversion thorn in one's flesh thorn in one's side bane of one's life

Danh từ

An eccentricity in a person or thing's character or behavior
quirk eccentricity peculiarity idiosyncrasy oddity anomaly mannerism singularity kink individualism crotchet erraticism curiosity twist quiddity quip trick tic caprice aberration irregularity whim vagary whimsy fad thing accident coincidence equivocation hang-up idée fixe foible abnormality trait characteristic weirdness oddness queerness unconventionality strangeness freak deviation freakishness rarity defect outlandishness habit quirkiness fault weakness nonconformity exception imperfection failing flaw oddment unorthodoxy fetish bent inconsistency capriciousness departure whimsicality bizarreness waywardness extraordinariness hereticism whimsicalness idiocrasy unorthodoxness shortcoming affectation incongruity frailty individuality phenomenon infirmity curiousness blemish unusualness inadequacy limitation wackiness kookiness practice way weak point weak spot custom perversion proclivity manner feature vice characteristic gesture divergence want demerit dereliction speciality misfit sin variation freakiness screwiness zaniness specialty crankiness difference monstrosity deficiency savor savour conversation piece failure lapse odd trait blind spot tendency notion fancy propensity conceit passion megrim dorkiness unnaturalness entanglement individual trait quality distinction incongruousness dottiness nuttiness anomalousness uniqueness inimitableness particularity grotesqueness peculiarness quaintness drollness habitude fashion wont practise pattern ritual personal trait error monster kinkiness drawback slant distinctiveness gimmick schtick miscarriage praxis glitch outlier unconformity variance aberrancy digression rogue exemption allowance anomalism special case dispensation privilege perquisitor gesticulation pose gesture pretension air freak of nature mistake delusion second nature feet of clay personal imperfection Achilles heel bad habit curio novelty wonder marvel oddball maverick character eccentric sight spectacle objet exotic exoticism bygone nonesuch objet d'art prodigy object of virtu peculiar object singular object strange thing unusual object

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