Đồng nghĩa của chic

Alternative for chic

chicier, chiciest

Đồng nghĩa: chichi, chicness, last word, modishness, smart, smartness, stylishness, swank, voguish,

Tính từ

Elegantly and stylishly fashionable
smart stylish fashionable elegant modish trendy voguish dapper attractive dashing sharp sophisticated debonair flattering high-fashion snappy swish tasteful trim understated contemporary hip natty now ultra-modern cool dressy exclusive fly fresh happening in kicky new sassy snazzy spiffy supercool swell tony up-to-date culty in vogue schmick trig with it au courant chichi classy clean current dap du jour faddish mod modern swank swanky up to date well-dressed well-groomed with-it a la mode on fleek up to the minute last word latest thing well turned-out well put together trendsetting all the rage latest popular hot in fashion up-to-the-minute in style kicking designer spruce big groovy swinging upscale neat faddy nifty newfangled rakish funky favored in-thing favoured in thing beautiful bang up to date ritzy posh all the go genteel red-hot polished high-class swagger well-liked popularized prevailing usual a go-go dressed to kill popularised de rigueur fine customary nice graceful as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox flash slick vogue glamorous newest jaunty favorite sleek well turned out refined well-presented favourite crowd-pleasing hep turned-on handsome def avant-garde prevalent plush suave fancy well dressed urbane le dernier cri charming pop large uptown showy state-of-the-art crisp presentable formal massive cosmopolitan high-toned modernistic cultivated grand new-fashioned downtown cultured sumptuous exquisite flashy well-turned-out lovely ornate fashionably dressed leading edge besuited clever dainty ingenious ostentatious prim jazzy expensive stunning sexy dress progressive upmarket styleworthy sought-after advanced elaborate appealing in favour luxurious stylin' smooth artistic gnarly groomed recent in demand pretty restrained well-designed opulent cutting edge innovative delicate discerning sporty courtly well groomed ultramodern comely in favor novel majestic brand-new smartly dressed neoteric gay space-age present-day new age becoming stately aesthetic plugged-in knowledgeable tidy cute down well-tailored classic knowing in good taste gorgeous clean-cut esthetic in the mainstream dressed to the nines à la mode dressed to the teeth well-bred well-heeled undercool wicked handy well-made fashion-conscious party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nicest couturial last-word impressive on trend soigne the new streamlined excellent distinctive first-class deluxe swishy comfortable offbeat swaggy desired flippant celebrated cutting-edge shiny exciting good aerodynamic flowing bling with style big thing fancy-pants legendary liked well-known wanted preferred desirable timely pretentious steezy fetching craze fad chi-chi bang up-to-date breezy raffish uncluttered simple crucial well-off gracious pizazzy splashy pizzazzy enhancing spick and span dolled up soigné spiffed-up dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look widespread commercially successful successful spivvy dandy spiffing class flamboyant colorful bright loud spruced up saucy confident dressed up to the nines agreeable colourful in with it bandbox nobby spry spiff snug doggy nimble brisk dignified forward-looking pleasant dressed up looking sharp neat and tidy casual distinguished foxy inviting alluring awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy versed informed apprehensive aware turned out on the cutting edge in the latest style in high feather dressed to nines select noble decorous choice switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to well-chosen devil-may-care leading-edge rare ornamented affected go-ahead high-tech overdone august superior recherche aristocratic stylized hi-tech modern-day in the know immaculate decent spotless hospitable modernized modernised leading newly discovered contemporaneous latter-day groundbreaking innovatory pioneering recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle worldly worldly-wise suitable orderly adorable good-looking welcoming enlightened experienced svelte civilized jet-set intelligent citified blasé erudite mondaine civilised mature worldly wise been around media-savvy world-weary discriminating harmonious fastidious pleasing fit sensitive fitting quiet rich unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical precise subdued aesthetically pleasing revolutionary radical futuristic unconventional trailblazing original inventive unorthodox innovational creative unusual unfamiliar disruptive just out experimental unprecedented late liberal off-centre imaginative forward-thinking highly developed left-field avant developed topical forward present open-minded today enterprising different complex unique evolved dynamic uncommon automated originative newborn improved out of the ordinary contempo breakthrough visionary latter up-and-coming singular the latest untried unknown freethinking ambitious strange go-getting higher spirited bold far ahead well along far along well ahead nontraditional nonconformist brand new ultra modern out-of-the-box established progressivist hot off the press extant seminal vital future technologically advanced bohemian ahead of its time alternative extreme relevant intricate high-end untested surprising exotic atypical highly-developed unaccustomed ahead of the times inspired unheard-of of late hot off the fire Promethean just released breaking new ground hottest today's supermodern gimmicky mould-breaking lively perfected innovating spearheading high liberated active present-time concurrent coincident concomitant hippest surrealistic avant garde quite recent bleeding edge unwonted resourceful landmark vivacious artful broad-minded antitraditional anticonventional nonconventional nonorthodox large-minded way-out entrepreneurial afresh transformational later out of the common eccentric just issued forefront variational vigorous driven energetic enthusiastic twenty- first century de nos jours existent 21st-century far-out instant this season's new-fangled deviceful up abreast antiestablishment high-level daring audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered courageous high-style underground head lead beat vanguard special inspiring refreshing twenty-first century dewy recently discovered peculiar odd self-regulating robotic automatic existing occurring recently the newest mistakenly trendy new wave reforming appearing recently powerful artificially intelligent germinal well-thought-out well-planned strategic multifaceted formative involved well-built balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult gumptious recognized set common SOTA newfound foremost far cry newsworthy prime ahead supreme hot off press ordinary ubiquitous rampant pervasive accepted general nonconservative complicated pre-eminent foreseeing pushing farseeing proactive positive forethoughtful farsighted forehanded prescient provident foresighted just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished weird paramount precocious exceptional principal reformist capable of learning pressing important universal individualistic outlandish idiosyncratic freakish bizarre individual right-on buzzworthy crystal healing way out quirky esoteric Age of Aquarius reigning recognised leftist left-wing libertarian subjective interesting nominal in the news thematic fundamental rad wacky deep hippie oddball wild PC free-thinking latitudinarian humanistic drastic unhackneyed in force far out off the wall computerized digital multimedia out of this world technological game-changing world-shattering computerised politically correct more recent most recent

Tính từ

Elegant or stylishly luxurious
posh upmarket elegant ritzy exclusive classy fancy upscale swanky swish fashionable plush swank select smart stylish luxurious deluxe trendy expensive sumptuous grand ornate plushy ostentatious showy snazzy modish rich tony lavish flash dicty swell luxury opulent chichi larney plummy schmick sprauncy swagger high-class high-toned up-market fancy-pants la-di-da top-drawer upper-class chi-chi glamorous exquisite high-end glitzy fine prestigious flashy aristocratic elite stately handsome gorgeous tasteful palatial five-star splendid costly lush magnificent choice prestige grandiose snobbish snobby a la mode elaborate palatian Lucullan lavishly appointed refined sophisticated courtly majestic splashy superior graceful genteel swankish sharp yuppie formal glittering par excellence high toffee-nosed elitist snooty snotty high-hat potty persnickety prominent notable high-quality esteemed important famous distinguished au courant cultivated dignified ornamented overdone stuffy reputable eminent renowned cosmopolitan premier mod in cool uptown dashing limited haute private special on fleek in vogue cliquish resplendent cliquey extravagant superb clannish voguish quality high class upper-crust luxuriant upper crust abundant exuberant high fashion snappy spiffy embellished valuable precious A-grade beyond price exclusionary restricted privileged insular noble unfriendly closed elect restrictive unsociable aloof exclusory close-knit luxe first-class silken Lucullian Babylonian rarefied selected discriminative palace selective affluent splendiferous close luscious cabalistic secret secretive members' high-status spacious regal imposing exalted elevated sublime lofty executive large-scale illustrious impressive oligarchic independent VIP monumental upholstered favored loaded pricey impenetrable members-only dainty rare well appointed delicate recherche super favoured entitled honoured honored intimate de luxe advantaged fortunate lucky indulged self-sustained self-sufficing self-sustaining self-sufficient self-supporting self-supported self-centered self-contained discriminating small chosen exclusive access preferential narrow handpicked noninclusive segregated uninclusive self-centred red-carpet nonpublic sectarian parochial reserved provincial related akin alike unreceptive unwelcoming restricting associative like clanny

Tính từ

(US, informal, dated) The best of its kind or class
keen fine fantastic marvellous marvelous fabulous splendid wonderful heavenly impressive magnificent choice dope great majestic stellar striking classic cool mean phat quality beautiful groovy hot rare top bumper divine excellent exquisite sublime terrific banner fantabulous neat righteous superb wicked elegant lovely plush radical sensational slick unreal cracking dynamite fab grand outstanding sterling dandy fancy immense peachy prime splendiferous awesome brilliant exceptional nifty refined swell bang-up blue-chip blue-ribbon first-class high-class jim-dandy number one numero uno out-of-sight par excellence peachy keen tip-top top-notch top-shelf very good top-of-the-line brave bonnie frontline boss five-star prize gangbusters brag topping bully gilt-edge famous superlative crackerjack first-rate wizard capital down first-string topflight prizewinning unsurpassed gone noble four-star gangbuster bonny primo boffo gilt-edged superior A-OK corking hype supernal super far-out rad fashionable unorthodox way-out deep wild with it pretty cool sharp quick clever deft agile smart handy apt enjoyable skillful schmick natty spruce well-designed good attractive pleasing convenient ingenious skilful stylish adroit out of this world smashing glorious supreme tremendous brill ace supercalifragilisticexpialidocious champion amazing perfect beaut too much top-hole delightful ripping mega magic spiffing dreamy bosting admirable bonzer select extraordinary remarkable bodacious phenomenal world-class on fleek mind-blowing crucial amazeballs def incredible gorgeous best sound spectacular sik matchless peerless far out spanking beezer topnotch fabby marvy A-1 exo goodly belting lank kif chillin' bad stupendous tiptop stunning pleasurable premier sovereign premium incomparable pre-eminent dazzling of the first water accomplished unrivaled crack pearler barrie of high quality worthy unrivalled too good to be true elite class deluxe preeminent applaudable pleasant top-drawer unparalleled nice satisfying agreeable greatest highest delectable of the highest quality of the highest standard breathtaking exciting high-quality high-grade A1 eminent outrageous flawless notable transcendent consummate fly exemplary gratifying formidable awesomesauce winning top-level top-class bosker delicious exclusive of the first order desirable special ideal vintage fantastical colossal prodigious enchanting distinguished unique commendable solid leading lofty rewarding amusing entertaining singular optimum finest top-grade sweet optimal solid gold top-quality exalted hunky-dory thrilling top-tier fun highest quality very best of the highest order grade A dominant valuable illustrious entrancing invaluable legit certified praiseworthy laudable radiant noted high meritorious priceless estimable mint standout unequalled astonishing memorable masterly unexcelled captivating charming to die for renowned blissful surpassing arresting cream star top-of-the-range scrumptious inspired unmatched lead rapturous alluring flagship rockin faultless unbeatable quintessential uppermost tops untouchable effusive extreme excessive congenial model inflated unequaled exaggerated worthiest diverting luxurious unbelievable the dog's bollocks happy delightsome felicitous moving dulcet jolly welcome hip award-winning without equal darling blessed blest in a class all by itself top of the line top of the range super-duper like wow top-flight the best beyond compare awe-inspiring above and beyond of highest order zero cool key reliable bestselling celebrated bewitching unforgettable virtuoso masterful mighty enviable hypnotic sophisticated polished posh ritzy top quality high quality astounding miraculous idyllic ravishing creditable wondrous upmarket classy upscale foxy juicy rocking eye-popping jaw-dropping peak advanced crowning distinctive choicest first hand-picked elect paragon selected baller crash hot really nice dainty noteworthy pick fat prize-winning ka pai favored 10 popular preferred preferential really good high-test classical banging elevated august splendorous best ever out of sight cat's meow eloquent surprising agitating most second to none not too shabby gnarly of a high standard sup rior all very well well and good chur extremely good grade-A proud handpicked plum favorite precious ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly virtuous top drawer nang No. 1 superfine the very best state-of-the-art a standout better improved enhanced better than usual first class of the best quality better than average favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual carefully chosen first-line joyful festive 24-karat interesting distracting clubbable insane replayable magical irie acceptable exhilarating fetching lekker favorable couthy favourable joyous heartwarming comforting cheery cheerful mooi recreative euphoric comfortable intoxicating relishable fascinating fine and dandy engaging refreshing crazy ducky genial luscious pretty palatable daring influential stirring impassioned ridiculous profound momentous powerful intense imposing inspiring monumental bold lavish dramatic rousing absorbing stately touching massive affecting tasty likable grateful likeable savoury frabjous savory to your liking

Tính từ

Well off, or not struggling financially
easy rich abundant affluent lavish luxurious wealthy fancy loaded plentiful resplendent ample bountiful comfortable extravagant fat fine full gilded grand luxuriant opulent prolific prosperous well-fixed well-heeled well-off well-situated well-to-do substantial bounteous elegant liberal generous gracious pleasant plenteous sufficient cornucopian suitable adequate well off satisfactory aplenty free from hardship successful booming buoyant large profitable moneyed snug solvent rolling in it profit-making in the money stinking rich quids in doing well plenty galore copious profuse abounding teeming superabundant bumper overflowing great inexhaustible flush lank infinite handsome voluminous huge considerable heavy a gogo thick on the ground no end rife commodious a dime a dozen sizeable munificent in abundance plenitudinous extensive fertile productive prodigal countless broad excessive exuberant fruitful innumerable unstinting myriad boundless no end of no end in sight stinking with happier rank immoderate big overabundant mucho in plenty better-off over the top vast immense whopping princely tidy spacious proliferous capacious roomy unrestricted expansive numerous decent enough and to spare crawling with stink with graceful tasteful stylish fashionable plush beautiful sophisticated smart sumptuous exquisite high-class swanky modish classy complete competent swarming swimming unlimited superfluous appreciable fulsome well-provided lush flowing chock-full enough improvident replete lousy with more fortunate more than enough

Tính từ

Pleasing or appealing to the senses, especially to look at
glamorous attractive alluring charming beautiful elegant entrancing bewitching charismatic enchanting fascinating lovely seductive appealing fashionable smart stylish beguiling captivating classy glitzy intriguing dazzling elfin engaging fetching glam irresistible luring magnetic tantalising tantalizing ritzy well dressed desirable flashy foxy nifty opulent prestigious righteous siren splendid trendy drop-dead gorgeous looking like a million enticing ravishing glamourous winning delightful inviting pretty taking tempting fair striking gorgeous cute winsome good-looking comely stunning prepossessing smashing enthralling pleasing handsome beauteous bonny eye-catching adorable sightly knockout sexy arresting hot sweet easy on the eye pleasant lovable fanciable delectable likable fit likeable divine seemly mesmerizing agreeable tasty nice-looking provocative come-hither aesthetic pulchritudinous likely esthetic bonnie lovesome mesmeric nice luscious mesmerising interesting exquisite sultry drop-dead magical well-favored graceful adorbs good goodly spellbinding spunky out of this world nubile beddable bodacious compelling hypnotic radiant heavenly fine well favoured delicate riveting endearing fabulous sensuous as pretty as a picture lush arousing erotic scrumptious sensual beckoning babelicious personable attracting dainty drawing dishy sexually attractive fine-looking engrossing sexual disarming bootylicious hypnotizing amiable dreamy shapely exciting sensational absorbing come-to-bed rapturous hypnotising titillating on fleek very beautiful easy on the eyes photogenic gripping fab darling sirenic wholesome becoming buxom blooming dear orphic hunky specious teasing wonderful resplendent aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing enamoring seducing superb a ten well-favoured camera-friendly well favored devastating magic persuasive congenial admirable genial illecebrous toothsome witching cutesy affable beseeching pulling eligible inveigling amazing incredible terrific magnificent fantastic loveable ingratiating insinuating precious Orphean trim dreamboat eyeful bijou flirtatious infatuating phat picture-perfect immodest suggestive shameless magnetising electrifying choice magnetizing raunchy amorous coquettish slinky sexually exciting passionate sexually arousing steamy inevitable strong influential invincible mouthwatering indomitable uncontainable powerful unconquerable overriding ineluctable as nice as pie enrapturing picturesque camera-ready full of personality strong in character larger than life transfixing compulsive thrilling tarty consuming stimulating entertaining diverting immersing amusing involving angelic sublime physically attractive grand provoking unputdownable curious statuesque thought-provoking very interesting willowy dollish voluptuous dapper curvaceous symmetrical telegenic refined presentable ideal well-formed prettyish showstopping sheen debonair drawing attention preoccupying idyllic intoxicating monopolizing fairy-tale monopolising glorious enchanted dreamlike fairylike dramatic addictive very exciting marvellous breathtaking memorable astonishing action-packed witty pleasurable attention-grabbing impressive exhilarating marvelous stirring affecting moving piquant inspiring rousing enveloping transporting readable overwhelming anodyne intense miraculous distracting romantic warm welcoming obsessing all-consuming controlling forcible cuddly totally absorbing immersive cultivated sophisticated mouth-watering appetizing cultured polite civilized suave worldly cordial encouraging open couthy civilised cherished warm-hearted simpatico sympathique affectionate appetising well bred worldly-wise sympatisch cunning cherishable friendly prizable nurturable appreciatable exceptional noteworthy refreshing innocent pure meaty eventful invigorating worthy of note spectacular fresh portentous envigorating trenchant galvanising topical unboring buzzworthy vibrant unique newsy splashy relatable eye-opening remarkable vivid racy out of the ordinary newsworthy showy wondrous emphatic galvanizing electric enjoyable virtuous saintly funny exemplary beatific humorous cheering fun recreative droll heady hilarious chucklesome entranced charmed bewitched comical as pure as the driven snow mind-blowing poignant lively relaxing scream clever riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay restorative side-splitting priceless fiendish conjuring too good to be true

Danh từ

A phenomenon that is popular for a short period of time
buzz craze enthusiasm fad fashion flavor flavour go latest mode rage sensation style tonne ton trend vogue classiness dernier cri elegance hot ticket last word modishness panache stylishness taste thing mania flair passion fancy latest thing obsession grace sophistication furor furore class in thing newest wrinkle look custom polish fascination refinement cry gracefulness fashionableness smartness urbanity infatuation love fixation compulsion fetish preoccupation whim weakness practice passing fancy poise latest wrinkle finesse dash voguishness interest suaveness ritziness trendiness elan élan savoir-faire ease grandeur novelty convention coolness hobby caprice way conceit vagary now good taste wrinkle kick in current style latest style latest taste bon ton in-thing general tendency the last word new look fashion sense flourish hit mainstream monomania fever dress sense impact popularity craving desire appetite currency prevalence fondness flash wonder fashionability hotness favour favor yen cacoethes the latest fad the newest fashion the latest cry snazziness hipness hip thing happening in-spot freak crotchet penchant hipsterism the thing usage use the latest hip quality excellence distinction inclination predilection the rage talking point preference hot spot courtliness couth merit prestige recreation pastime pursuit stateliness majesty impulse cool entertainment bug hobbyhorse fineness ritual handsomeness leisure pursuit leisure activity wont bandwagon practise trick elegancy savoir vivre savoir faire cultus cultism habitude habit faddism prevailing taste luxury exclusiveness exclusivity comfort affluence opulence lavishness wealth affectation gracious living whimsy innovation eccentricity humor cult kink amusement quirk frivolity sport humour fantasy latest word fool notion flamboyance cosmopolitanism éclat dressiness zing oomph pizzazz extravagance luxuriousness charm bravura delicacy chichi pzazz praxis manner pattern rule second nature form routine procedure tradition matter of course characteristic consuetude groove hang-up system policy observance precedent grind beaten path daily grind method into modus operandi approval proprieties institution norm customariness addiction tendency idea concept rite design formality etiquette process law shot rubric heritage prescription canon movement mores propensity proclivity drill bent disposition proneness tikanga precept p normality normalcy ordinariness buzzword prominent thing important thing habitualness jag genre swim air du temps usance meme repetition peculiarity mannerism big thing asylum fact phenomenon code idiosyncrasy assuetude notion home madhouse bedlam propriety protocol set rut trait prison hostel fixture familiarity foible punctilio conventionality fixed attitude oddity quip tic individualism quiddity erraticism curiosity twist singularity acquired behavior habit pattern kawa ceremonial moeurs urge prepossession fetich partiality idée fixe accepted behaviour covenance principle percept force of habit bug in ear tiger grabber fixed idea craziness bee tiger by the tail bee in bonnet ax to grind something on the brain disorder residential care home fashionable popular in fashion convenance proceeding usefulness utility with it trendy in vogue big all the rage usual procedure campaign ceremony drive ordinance crusade dictates conventionalism le dernier cri push folkways shibboleth mould character attitude mold type observation cause kaupapa sacred cow juggernaut unwritten rule unwritten law established way way of doing things blitz lobby

Danh từ

The condition of being flamboyant
flamboyance showiness glitz ostentation show dash flair flashiness sparkle style swank verve extravagance panache pomp swagger bravura brio exhibitionism stylishness theatricality flamboyancy flash floridity garishness gaudiness ostentatiousness pzazz pizzazz pretentiousness colorfulness glitziness grandiosity loudness luridness splendour splendor razzle-dazzle tastelessness brashness pretension tawdriness vulgarity swankiness ritziness flaunting ornateness display flourish splashiness showing off vigour vigor zing oomph boasting spirit pageantry vaunting spectacle bragging flashness demonstration exhibition vitality confidence energy pompousness splurge parading pomposity gusto liveliness zip tinsel showoff enthusiasm glamour elan glamor bad taste brassiness tackiness élan lavishness obtrusiveness conspicuousness cheapness resplendence splendidness kitschness éclat affectation zest self-advertisement fanfare animation vivacity showboat frippery elegance vanity self-assurance life vim pep jazziness punch drive refinement go dynamism bounce esprit moxie juice snap sap hardihood ginger starch gas strength beans vinegar power get-up-and-go crudeness pizazz meretriciousness dazzle appeal brilliance brightness grossness speciousness success effect vividness naffness glitter excess kitsch crassness parade window-dressing harshness lustre poor taste bravado brag boast magnificence put-on vaunt pageant braggadocio vainglory swaggering fuss brazenness pretending array shine showmanship passion grandstand play false front luster lack of refinement fire forcefulness spark zestfulness potency aggressiveness push feistiness powerfulness vigorousness welly initiative zap boldness enterprise aggression balls exuberance go-getting have-a-go attitude vim and vigour force vivaciousness eagerness ebullience vehemence taste grace flamboyant confidence birr might smartness polish sophistication impressiveness urbanity charisma poise fashion gracefulness cosmopolitanism class finesse suaveness savoir-faire dressiness fashionableness mode luxuriousness charm grandeur delicacy chichi ease hot ticket last word dernier cri good taste bon ton zeal spiritedness effervescence high spirits ardour ardor fizz sprightliness buoyancy activity fervour gumption fervor kick modishness spunk colour virility color discernment impact bite gaiety keenness intensity distinction point perkiness pluck stamina couth excitement vibrancy pepper activeness vibrance classiness bang tuck impetuosity fashion sense virtuosity impetus creativity inventiveness effectiveness jauntiness discrimination fieriness relish fanaticism feeling resolution cogency motivation mettle warmth interest determination steam influence dress sense richness fascination quality excellence earnestness toughness endurance soul validity punchiness validness merit prestige elan vital snappiness stir movement bustle spunkiness hustle and bustle hustle voguishness joie de vivre radiance glimmer scintillation ferment trendiness latest flavour flavor sensation buzz trend fad ton vogue rage craze hipness savoir vivre savoir faire hipsterism hip coolness cool dignity tastefulness beauty sumptuousness tonne propriety smoothness culture exquisiteness courtliness luxury opulence stateliness gentility handsomeness fineness plushness elegancy majesty restraint noblesse poshness lushness hauteur rhythm nicety felicity breeding nobility purity cultivation symmetry politeness cultivated beauty

Danh từ

The characteristic of being tasteful

Danh từ

A special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well
flair aptitude faculty gift talent genius knack ability bent feel capability capacity endowment facility head instinct skill accomplishment mastery aptness glamour glamor grace natural ability presence shine splash turn zip expertise proficiency artistry finesse adroitness adeptness dexterity competence craft virtuosity know-how cleverness skilfulness expertness deftness prowess art technique skillfulness brilliance ingenuity forte touch panache power savvy propensity intelligence polish inclination craftsmanship competency style potential mind strength brain leaning caliber efficiency calibre smarts sophistication nous inventiveness artfulness cunning workmanship fitness masterfulness creativity wisdom imagination disposition command class quickness chops form excellence poise sharpness handiness understanding perception what it takes savoir faire predilection proclivity potentiality pizzazz giftedness professionalism refinement smartness agility dexterousness artifice astuteness elegance sense nose wit potency inspiration pzazz resourcefulness penchant intuition wherewithal originality qualification sagacity quality shrewdness strong point insight nimbleness skills readiness acuity knowledge brightness experience artistic ability ingeniousness brains right stuff clout promise grasp acumen predisposition capableness trick method tendency savoir-faire stuff awareness means suitability skillset invention puissance might discernment imaginativeness intuitiveness greatness distinction sharp-wittedness set mastership vision gracefulness makings gumption intellect approach bias finish way effectiveness ease affinity partiality taste the goods innovation feeling perspicacity attribute enterprise creativeness affection sensitivity penetration diplomacy discretion wizardry expressiveness judgement judgment impulse bone fluency initiative perceptivity quick-wittedness comprehension innovativeness perceptiveness expertism creative skill sapience moxie acuteness discrimination specialty slickness speciality arguteness braininess masterliness creative power ableness profession property function horse sense stature green thumb the right stuff effectualness game docility achievement prospects subtlety éclat magic manner flourish elan dash cerebrum psyche musicianship versatility sensibility background ideation mentality execution hope eloquence poetry craftship feature thought mojo grip stimulation proneness handiwork familiarity acquaintance trademark performance characteristic niftiness sleight encouragement possibilities address nippiness attainment acquirement appreciation sageness dodge pistol peculiarity adequacy secret numen individuality productivity goods tact cognizance apprehension reach precociousness precocity perspicaciousness up to it superability competitiveness agency asset efficacy dynamism energy mind for force resources habilitation bookishness learnedness suss education knowledgeableness erudition knowing way around far-sightedness prescience observation sagaciousness parts creative talent hang of something qualities worldliness urbanity manners composure confidence perspicuity hang of it divination great ability personal talent natural gift calculation esprit preference orientation breadth of view bag devices habitude keenness canniness quick wit quick wits social graces aim druthers tilt mind-set inclining head-set tack the formula foxiness cageyness caginess clear-sightedness hardheadedness knowingness common sense guile farsightedness common percipience weakness for thing for turn of mind social know-how grey matter powers of reasoning good taste worth excellency thinking outside the box perfection fineness eminence domain calling area metier realm field sphere racket department discipline province mission thing arena métier strong suit temperament innate knowledge choiceness peerlessness superbness primeness prestige sixth sense high calibre first-rateness gentility high standard high quality pre-eminence high caliber value productiveness virtue influence efficaciousness merit potence learning reason efficacity qualifications effect authority enlightenment vigor weight vigour worthiness edge effectuality action eligibility scholarship IQ credentials robustness intellectuality muscle cognition get-up-and-go brainpower practicality success spirit usefulness use accomplishments qualifiedness advantage successfulness pith prudence standard drive vitality forcefulness culture endowments push long suit conception control oomph training sinew punch pep go horsepower thoroughness wits headpiece firepower vim development acceptability native wit alertness lustiness animation welly toughness determination urgency hardiness suitableness character gray matter dignity edification superiority fruitfulness willingness enthusiasm powerfulness benefit constructiveness study foresight jurisdiction resource ambition spiritedness attainments sway zest progress essence gifts strengths constitution sufficiency impact grounding medium oyster eminency cultivation courage artisanship intimacy ken tier importance I.Q. soundness pluck conversance schooling verve loaf account practical knowledge practice claim to fame letters ferocity heartiness activity steam reasoning profundity science brain cells intellectual power mental capacity rationality staying power intellectual capacity cup of tea life skills thewiness thew mental acuity mental ability assets savviness mental powers delivery skillage civility respectability rectitude admissibility entitlement appropriateness faculties facilities steadiness probity light coordination utility dedication reliability polished skill neatness hacking it cutting it advancement advance oil headway formula work organisation organization exposure involvement making the grade cutting the mustard precision litheness swiftness special ability delicacy spryness smoothness legerdemain powers of intuition lucidity incisiveness abilities record past effortlessness maturity impression progression acquaintanceship sleight of hand attributes features contact specialization aplomb concept daring instrumentality operation specialisation scope extent compass brainbox clue knowing inside out empiricism evidence participation suaveness tactfulness doing hindsight proof boldness hand-eye coordination kop lore ambit thoughtfulness trenchancy audacity deeds employability certificate eye-hand coordination mental agility quickness of mind brain power leadership upper storey cerebration pundit egghead literacy acquirements doctrine omniscience consciousness carrying on ambitiousness zeal fluency in ability in curriculum vitae line stunt exploit feat effectivity book-learning breadth intrepidity aggressiveness eagerness hustle hang number device mindfulness realization hold goodness credit adventurousness venturesomeness academic study book learning intellectual attainment research philosophy instruction academic achievement preparedness cogency deed interpretation document diploma degree attentiveness heedfulness assimilation attention territory orbit ability to understand aha apperception slow take realisation prehension take double take backbone nerve good level warrant licence liveliness tour de force spirit of adventure self-reliance policy mettle grit spunk sensibleness discreetness levelheadedness acknowledgement cognisance persuasiveness validity gamut purview grade desert native ability civilization couth breeding jazziness vibrancy vibrance exuberance briskness peppiness sprightliness significance deservingness integrity meritoriousness academic attainment play radius magnitude commonsense mother wit industry standing wire body gist meat upper hand burden in succor succour license intestinal fortitude connection core security purport insight into acquaintance with familiarity with sensitivity to acknowledgment conclusiveness artistic awareness urbaneness belles-lettres intellectual awareness honor pro redeeming feature plus point arete honour impressiveness bite improvement elevation politeness civilisation courtesy fashion kindness nobility aestheticism dress brawn good sense craftwork handcraft trade logicality logic convincingness dominance persuasion credibility foundation presence of mind prominence consequence status position reputation mightiness point coherence reasonableness sturdiness stamina muscularity valour stoutness well-being vim and vigor kick bounce exercise endurance healthiness sock birr starch zing bang fire tuck juice vigorousness motion snap repute result vocation production product design creation artifact artwork arm forcibleness domination valor validness emphasis suasiveness size import rank illustriousness artefact handicraft strong arm acclaim celebrity renown fame note hard power state physique high station figure cachet station growth

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