Đồng nghĩa của banging

Alternative for banging

bangs, banged, banging

Đồng nghĩa: hit, slam, strike,

Động từ

Present participle for to strike or hit something, especially repeatedly
hitting knocking striking beating pounding slamming thumping hammering rapping bashing bumping belting cracking punching smacking thwacking whacking clobbering clouting pummelling pummeling slapping biffing bopping clipping crashing socking thudding wallopping walloping buffeting buffetting busting cuffing slugging welting whaling bludgeoning boxing clocking slogging sloshing swatting batting boffing bonking clapping donging lamming nailing pasting smiting swiping whomping battering bobbing tagging tanning tonking zapping lambasting thrashing drubbing smashing decking flogging pelting belabouring whipping clubbing belaboring licking quilting lashing whopping basting cudgelling cudgeling birching laying one on letting someone have it swinging paddling lacing lathering mauling roughing up hiding switching laying into slating threshing pommelling pommeling whapping whupping tromping fibbing knocking into the middle of next week assaulting currying working over sticking one on tapping chinning bunging up messing up punching out raining blows on ramming lacing to attacking doing caning pitching into blowing whamming giving someone a good hiding beating the living daylights out of spanking giving someone a hiding popping flooring dotting jabbing plugging lighting to thrusting crowning knocking around giving someone a drubbing giving someone a beating giving someone a good beating giving someone a good drubbing dinging driving pushing drumming hooking poking colliding beating up flailing skelping knocking about blasting crushing clonking impacting maltreating impinging mashing sucker-punching clumping doing over prodding chopping digging patting clunking larruping larrupping abusing coshing shoving KO'ing dabbing breaking butting bruising flagellating aiming blows at punishing flattening stabbing drawing forging nudging strapping pressing impelling conking braining compressing manhandling hitting hard assailing catching lobbing percussing lacerating zonking crashing into trouncing tipping elbowing mutilating mangling thundering stomping defeating flumping stamping whumping plunking clomping thumping on knocking on spiking bearing down duking scudding bamming bushwhacking bunting blipping afflicting giving someone a hot bottom putting over one's knee contacting levelling mistreating wounding totalling leveling felling totaling roughhousing hanging one on taking out planting one beating up on flaying lashing out clinking trashing uppercutting impairing chipping injuring hurting landing a punch hitting for six raining blows upon sinking stoning blitzing kicking whanging pelleting stunning concussing skulling chastising fustigating wiping socking it to beaning filling in tupping headbutting bucking blackjacking laying a finger on jarring plunging falling upon jumping mugging hitting on the head hitting over the head striking with a stick beating with a stick knocking out letting fly riding roughshod connecting with bumping into hitting out breaking face waxing leaning on putting in the hospital taking care of contusing brutalising laming maiming brutalizing crippling disabling defacing wrecking disfiguring boxing someone's ears dashing against physically attacking sending swinging at lashing out at hitting out at giving a black eye jolting jogging jumping down one's throat slapping around coming down on hauling off on pouncing upon going for screwing lungeing lunging pecking horning stubbing propelling running palpating sticking dashing jackhammering slapping lightly striking lightly hitting lightly malleating twacking tearing into setting on weighing into squeezing compacting tamping stiving packing it in packing 'em in packing in cramming scrunching squishing squashing pulverizing pulverising triturating stamping on tamping down trampling down leathering scourging horsewhipping slashing cowhiding rawhiding striping routing annihilating creaming burying smoking shellacking smothering bombing skunking dusting tanning one's hide blowing away snowing under castigating chastening overwhelming disciplining slaughtering feruling besting marmalizing bullwhipping massacring demolishing destroying worsting murdering trimming penalizing quirting rolling crucifying tanking tanning someone's hide owning penalising beating to a pulp killing winning a resounding victory over walking all over bashing up running rings around taking to the cleaners bringing someone to their knees walking over defeating utterly wiping the floor with making mincemeat of taking a stick to triumphing over beating hollow blowing out of the water getting the better of taking a strap to blowing out hacking slippering stroking filliping handling knobbing hitting repeatedly paddlewhacking shaking jerking whisking reviling blistering pulping wearing out plumping picking dusting someone's britches warming someone's seat fluttering flapping flopping pitching bombarding correcting duffing up giving someone a licking setting upon setting about sailing into busting up tanning the hide of putting someone over your knee getting stuck into beating someone's brains out knocking someone's lights out having a go at giving a hiding to scathing excoriating terrorising terrorizing harassing scorching damaging harming gashing incapacitating grazing punishing severely giving the cat o'nine tails causing pain to banging up scraping putting out scratching causing injury to pinching cutting skinning

Động từ

Present participle for to push or force (someone or something) violently and suddenly into a particular physical position or state

Động từ

Present participle for to move clumsily or ploddingly
lumbering plodding shambling shuffling stumbling trudging clumping stumping galumphing stamping stomping tramping waddling flogging floundering lurching reeling barging blundering bumbling limping lumping pounding scuffing scuffling slogging sloughing struggling thumping tromping thudding walking heavily hobbling staggering trundling walking clumsily clomping clunking thundering clattering tottering traipsing teetering doddering trailing dragging oneself wobbling faltering hiking sauntering trampling footslogging toiling marching trogging treading schlepping walking wandering toddling trekking swaying grinding padding yomping ambling strolling muddling dragging straggling laboring labouring stepping wallowing moseying treading heavily fumbling drifting moving clumsily dragging your feet weaving clopping pitching clonking crushing champing galloping slouching running heavily plodding along pattering wavering drudging treading clumsily blundering about falling creeping moving awkwardly groping confusing misjudging wading ploughing lolling moping rambling loafing hirpling skulking crawling striding battling plowing gimping changing shifting walking slowly hopping plugging along scrambling loitering pottering round pottering about lingering pottering around losing your balance clambering battling one's way sputtering grinding away fighting your way walking with a limp walking with difficulty walking haltingly walking lamely walking unevenly making one's way with difficulty shinnying ranging shilly-shallying moving going slowly legging it jogging hoofing it

Động từ

Present participle for to cause or create a dent in something by applying pressure

Tính từ

Of excellent quality
super excellent magnificent outstanding superb superior amazing dazzling extraordinary glorious marvellous peerless remarkable splendid superlative ace admirable brilliant divine exceptional exquisite fabulous fantastic fine grand great impressive incredible marvelous perfect smashing spectacular sublime terrific awesome cool neat sensational stellar stunning unparalleled accomplished choice deluxe distinguished exemplary immense incomparable matchless notable preeminent sterling striking supreme unrivalled unrivaled cracking groovy hot phenomenal premium prime select topnotch tremendous unsurpassed better brill crucial enhanced ideal improved keen mega wicked wonderful high-quality pre-eminent very good first-class first-rate high-class world-class high-grade top-notch first class of high quality of the highest quality on fleek of the highest standard better than average better than usual tip-top of the best quality of the first water supercalifragilisticexpialidocious noteworthy expert masterly strong heavenly powerful fab good mighty skilful deft adept bosting adroit clever competent skillful capable pretty able A1 capital swell topping out of this world mean lovely wizard peachy boss fantabulous dandy top corking phat radical quality topflight jim-dandy dope bully primo crackerjack dynamite beautiful champion slick bang-up magic nifty top-shelf gilt-edged boffo out-of-sight prizewinning top-of-the-line A-OK top-hole frontline noble supernal gilt-edge classic blue-ribbon number one spiffing righteous famous banner five-star par excellence gangbusters gangbuster bumper delightful beaut ripping first-string blue-chip bonny rad peachy keen bonzer prize four-star numero uno hype down bonnie brave brag amazeballs gone gorgeous stupendous mind-blowing dreamy bodacious enjoyable eminent schmick greatest beezer best breathtaking sound crack unreal spanking def fabby splendiferous far out sik exciting leading illustrious pleasing goodly consummate pleasant worthy pleasurable exo belting out of sight chillin' too good to be true marvy prodigious rare unequalled applaudable A-1 lank kif thrilling pearler bad barrie astonishing unequaled tiptop memorable sovereign formidable premier wondrous noted finest second to none prominent top-drawer nice dominant splendorous commendable virtuoso special chief way-out unique estimable satisfying awe-inspiring super-duper elite class agreeable imposing astounding outrageous singular top drawer transcendent inimitable unbelievable unsurpassable solid sweet elegant exclusive tops meritorious laudable star far-out enchanting attractive beyond compare without equal world class colossal gratifying arresting lofty important unmatched too much rapturous fantastical delectable principal miraculous nonpareil luxury congenial top-level unexampled valuable awesomesauce hunky-dory bosker enviable unexcelled exalted praiseworthy zero cool radiant main masterful of the first order paramount something else staggering charming amusing honourable highest first ravishing to die for luxurious coruscating significant fascinating standout honorable alluring most OK respectable welcome fun blissful frabjous uppermost blessed elevated delightsome scrumptious head dulcet august savory grateful darling blest massive top-of-the-range faultless signal creditable delicious jaw-dropping proud foremost diverting savoury unbeatable luscious surpassing optimum lush state-of-the-art momentous mind-boggling extremely good industry leading prize-winning considerable top-class top-tier solid gold out-of-this-world positive superfine cardinal entrancing high fancy bigger desirable beauteous certified heavy joyous reputable unforgettable legit sunny majestic likable captivating satisfactory mint vintage eye-catching engaging foxy entertaining ingenious plush sumptuous exhilarating delicate dainty upmarket talented resplendent splashy showy shipshape only gifted larger higher copacetic opulent rich palatial predominant conspicuous deserving intense flamboyant cheery stately genial classy celebrated recherche rewarding paradisal paradisaic not bad eye-popping enthralling agile magical handy surprising monumental idyllic renowned likeable paradisiacal paradisiac moving noticeable venerable greater ducky posh ritzy lead fly royal felicitous apex influential complete jolly palatable primary chic spiritual tasty major unprecedented top-grade ambrosial yummy number-one extraordinaire inspired portentous inspiring weighty dramatic highest quality very best worthy of admiration worthy of commendation hip eye-opening optimal a cut above the rest best possible of the highest order best ever in a class all by itself the best fat meaningful utmost deep large ka pai like wow top-flight the dog's bollocks out of the ordinary all right reliable invaluable bewitching grander more hypnotic tough world crowning advanced priceless sharp quick splendacious osm smart really good upscale replayable rocking juicy paragon model well-known promising apt stylish well-designed natty convenient spruce rockin awing eloquent agitating especial paradisic superhuman adorable saintly sup rior cooler largest bright eventful all very well well and good insane flawless theatrical untouchable cream quintessential creative ultimate central key effusive excessive extreme winning hundred-proof cat's meow top-quality aces unparagoned alone all-time solid-gold overwhelming chur really nice exaggerated worthiest flagship inflated worthwhile crazy above average slap-up of a high standard classical baller nang No. 1 virtuous crash hot awe-striking heart-stopping fashionable unorthodox with it pretty cool wild A-number-1 mostest to your liking meritable dream a million dollars like a million dollars eximious grade A skilled the very best a standout imaginative big lordly unchallenged prestigious beyond comparison awful number 1 proficient unusually good ridiculous regal grandiose one in a million in a league of their own award-winning innovational innovative top of the line top of the range Grade A undefeated choicest unbeaten one-in-a-million utopian crown dominating record-breaking big-time sans pareil up to standard up to snuff up to scratch up to par cordon bleu transcendental sacred uplifting inspirational holy abstract surpassing belief titantic practised master tip top biggest experienced genius innovatory daring stirring absorbing affecting profound rousing of highest order above and beyond imperial heroic epic gallant heroical baronial Homeric commanding emphatic expensive enterprising original inventive senior elder hunky dory bold marked uncanny arrestive up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty honest decent believeable organic well-thought-of dexterous the most resourceful practiced appealing costly versed pronounced catchy polished virtuosic veteran salient educated cat's pajamas batting a thousand salt of the earth not too shabby compleat acceptable favorable comforting lovesome flashy affable comfortable photogenic amiable hunky clear mild tasteful tempting euphoric fair glamorous precious seductive presentable unco never to be forgotten arch- professed plushy lavish Lucullan dextrous artful dollish glossy snazzy fetching taking aesthetic well-favored showstopping drop-dead good-looking glamourous intoxicating in order dishy relief unspoilt glad comely knockout pulchritudinous statuesque cunning cute zingy soothing hospitable sightly prettyish whiz Lucullian swish luxuriant palace silken fancy-pants swanky pricey luxe swank loaded Babylonian acclaimed hotshot of genius nimble ambitious haughty magnific pompous ostentatious pretentious dignified passable telegenic elating copasetic esthetic super-eminent super-excellent paradisaical calming recreative gnarly ecstatic relishable demon palatian well appointed much touted consequential of high standing doozie of repute essential material well thought of to the max something mondo highly rated well received of distinction interesting irie favourable ineffable refreshing very pleasant very agreeable very pleasurable very attractive greatly to one's liking unusual citable observable mentionable different namable nameable of particular interest worthy of note uncommon worthy of mention serious murder splash manifest major-league the end worth mentioning underlined stand-out patent evident worth taking a look at red-letter high-profile of note most excellent most important

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