Đồng nghĩa của puncturing

Alternative for puncturing

punctures, punctured, puncturing

Đồng nghĩa: bore, impale, penetrate, perforate, pierce, stab,

Động từ

To be making a hole
boring drilling burrowing tunneling tunnelling cutting digging mining digging out excavating piercing punching driving gouging perforating sinking gouging out reaming riddling hollowing out penetrating putting scooping out drilling hole making creating pricking shovelling shoveling scooping delving hollowing cutting out quarrying trenching grubbing dredging digging up channeling channelling scraping spading unearthing undermining sapping removing extracting grooving exposing rooting pitting ditching digging down scraping out deepening opening up extricating digging your way uncovering cutting away undercutting opening cutting through tunnelling under burrowing under digging under gorging furrowing expanding digging deeper making deeper extending rutting notching rabbeting dishing corrugating carving out indenting denting drawing hewing hoeing plowing panning working piling up filling in heaping up digging in moving strip-mining digging for routing raking bulldozing depressing turning entering concaving sifting ploughing heaping ladling shifting spooning exploring probing scratching chiselling chiseling poking clawing raking through scratching around poking about scratching about grubbing about poking around sifting through scoring hacking loading stuffing tossing emptying incising gashing engraving marking draining chiselling out clawing out burrowing out cutting into scratching out hacking out picking up scooping up throwing mucking passing digging a ditch in providing with ditches

Động từ

Present participle for to pierce or impale with a pointed object
piercing impaling spearing spiking stabbing skewering sticking lancing goring transfixing harpooning spitting jabbing pecking transpiercing picking pinking running through penetrating perforating pricking cutting boring drilling bayoneting bayonetting gashing slashing slitting incising wounding slicing punching probing gouging thrusting riddling tearing lacerating boring through knifing nicking entering injuring breaking cleaving scratching permeating grazing pinning damaging notching holing scoring ripping hacking making a hole in drilling through rending splitting jagging plowing reaming cracking ploughing maiming digging bursting hurting rupturing breaching carving slicing open cutting open boring into scraping opening up breaking through sticking into tearing apart breaking in honeycombing driving pervading pitting plunging sinking poking tapping skivering mutilating putting holes in punching holes in making holes in sabering harming snicking separating opening going through thrusting through severing passing through horning disemboweling disembowelling needling broaching fixing putting a hole in embedding mangling scalloping shredding suffusing transfusing interpenetrating peppering cutting into slicing into mauling pinning down nailing down making a wound in punching through intruding upon butchering clawing jimmying impairing corrupting marring percolating into infesting spoiling savaging making a flesh wound in intruding driving through serrating cracking open busting in slotting kicking in inserting into making a hole running into popping in sinking into eating through shearing abrading incapacitating scarring disabling poking full of holes shooting full of holes sawing nipping furrowing marking hitting winging zapping irritating plugging blasting skiving scissoring scything scarifying chipping riving beheading felling amputating sickling guillotining slivering laying open flitching razing fracturing clipping contusing totalling cutting to ribbons bruising totaling dinging ramming roughing up branding shanking pronging busting dissecting disuniting divorcing disjoining parting breaking up splitting up coming between

Động từ

Present participle for to depressurize or (cause to) go flat, especially of a tire

Động từ

Present participle for to pierce (a cask) to draw out liquid

Động từ

Present participle for to disprove a statement, theory or belief
exploding disproving refuting discrediting invalidating belying debunking repudiating negating denying gainsaying rebutting contradicting controverting exposing quashing confuting demolishing nullifying ridiculing challenging deflating discarding negativing shooting down picking holes in proving impossible putting paid to shooting full of holes cutting down to size shooting down in flames blowing sky-high blowing up knocking the bottom out of proving wrong driving a coach and horses through giving the lie to blowing out of the water disconfirming confounding falsifying busting proving to be false calling into question showing in its true light proving false showing to be false countering contravening disputing opposing breaking disaffirming overthrowing making a nonsense of contesting rejecting disavowing disclaiming overturning disagreeing with disagreeing blowing sky high destroying arguing discounting querying questioning crossing disallowing disowning dissenting from declaring untrue silencing defeating weakening impugning finding unfounded traversing showing to be wrong proving to be wrong tearing down showing up raising doubts about casting doubt on setting aside proving unsound conflicting with running counter to undermining compromising ruining overwhelming deceiving annihilating oppugning going against vanquishing subverting arguing with fighting brushing aside resisting combatting naysaying combating withstanding bringing to naught putting down shutting up poking holes in throwing out knocking bottom out of shooting holes in knocking props out flying in the face of uncovering unmasking denouncing catching condemning nailing setting straight throwing light on retracting backpedaling backpedalling pooh-poohing putting under suspicion poking full of holes rebuffing taking back recanting sacrificing preventing doubting blocking spurning excluding forbidding banning restraining revoking disacknowledging forgoing tabooing begrudging disbelieving curbing withsaying not buying enjoining from keeping back holding back calling on taking exception to turning thumbs down saying no to standing in the way examining addressing mooting altercating bandying canvassing answering canvasing contending wrangling crushing arguing against squelching debating pettifogging arguing about objecting to contending over differing with quibbling about agitating against putting up argument dissenting against hammering away at picking a bone quibbling over giving thumbs down to taking issue with picking an argument with arguing the pros and cons of protesting against bandying words concerning wondering about declaring to be untrue having an argument about taking a stand against

Tính từ

Capable of penetrating, or in the process of penetrating something

Trái nghĩa của puncturing

puncturing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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