Đồng nghĩa của gorging

Alternative for gorging

gorges, gorged, gorging

Đồng nghĩa: devour, gobble, gully, gulp, ravine, stuff, valley,

Động từ

Present participle for to consume food hungrily or in a gluttonous manner
bolting gobbling devouring gulping wolfing cramming guzzling ravening scoffing demolishing inhaling scarfing stuffing downing eating greedily eating hungrily gormandizing gulping down ingurgitating murdering noshing overeating glutting packing away polishing off putting away shifting slopping snarfing swallowing swallowing hurriedly tucking into gluttonizing gourmandizing scarfing down scoffing down shoveling down binging bingeing cloying congesting consuming eating feeding Hoovering jading jamming packing scarfing up snarfing down snarfing up pigging out blimping out eating voraciously eating like a horse making a pig of oneself wolfing down gobbling up pigging oneself on swilling overindulging hoovering gorging oneself on englutting pigging out on sinking gorging on satiating eating up stuffing your face sloshing imbibing partaking filling feasting on engorging getting outside of partake of cramming in sating drinking quaffing surfeiting ingesting feasting taking supping gobbling down necking tucking away feeding on chowing down tossing down dining choking banquetting banqueting dispatching swigging munching cramming down regaling belting finishing off sipping disposing of chomping snacking making short work of eating to excess wining and dining drinking up lapping up tucking in snacking on tossing off pigging putting devouring greedily gorging oneself gorging oneself with pigging oneself diving in loading up on scarfing out stuffing oneself porking out horking swallowing whole nibbling sucking up manducating bolting down eating heartily eating quickly shoveling it in putting down mowing down grazing on mealing on guzzling down finishing gourmandizing on dropping chugalugging disposing cramming oneself with cleaning out washing up lapping hoisting choking down victualing faring indulging refreshing slurping chugging delighting in drinking in belting down slugging down knocking back pounding down raising a few tossing junketing junketting taking in grazing flooding saturating indulging in inundating overfilling overloading clogging having a meal drinking milk devouring food consuming food taking nourishment partaking of food dining on eating your fill eating sumptuously stuffing yourself oversupplying deluging eating to your heart's content making a pig of oneself on faring sumptuously binging on overindulging in supersaturating swamping cramming full overfeeding hogging overwhelming burdening loading palling overstocking filling to excess champing chewing masticating biting getting stuck into absorbing ruminating gnawing tasting lunching grinding breakfasting crunching having getting down chumbling digesting chawing having dinner feasting upon munching on chomping on having supper chowing killing chowing on beating assimilating destroying engulfing attacking gasping chewing noisily feeding one's face digging in pouring slugging swilling down pecking at porking out on swallowing up taking over washing down bevvying bibbing suppering breaking bread having breakfast having tea lunching on breakfasting on having lunch falling to doing lunch eating out subsisting picking at eating between meals taking as nourishment existing on relying on for nourishment preying on subsisting on sustaining oneself of faring on living on triturating ripping squashing scrunching gumming tearing chaveling rending crunching on biting on crushing gnawing on chewing up

Tính từ

Given to excessive eating
gluttonous greedy voracious edacious hoggish piggish insatiable rapacious ravenous esurient gannet-like gourmandizing piggy swinish wolfish covetous desirous devouring excessive gormandizing gourmand ravening starving ventripotent starved unquenchable with eyes bigger than one's stomach never full prodigious uncontrolled avid omnivorous unappeasable empty grasping gross dog-hungry sating starved to death hungry eager compulsive enthusiastic keen uncontrollable craving gutsy insatiate very hungry avaricious predatory acquisitive intemperate grabby selfish wolflike gobbling guzzling close close-fisted grudging carnivorous gulping fierce ferocious savage self-indulgent peckish lupine famished unfed hollow hungering half-starved sharp-set dying of hunger faint from lack of food ready to eat a horse starving to death flying light could eat a horse having the munchies plant dirty filthy mean squalid brutish sordid unclean insatiat vicious rude crude undernourished malnourished vulturous exploitative vulturine menacing quenchless boorish underfed deprived of food mercenary prehensile pennypinching itchy parsimonious miserly penurious stingy tight tight-fisted unslakable inappeasable inextinguishable wanting importunate yearning desiring clamorous pressing urgent unsatisfiable insistent unsatisfied exigent crying limitless demanding have eyes bigger than one's stomach never satisfied consuming powerful intense flaming overwhelming lascivious lecherous usurious marauding plundering materialistic moneygrubbing coveting preying extortionate money-grubbing leering wolfy lustful unable to be satisfied murderous furious annihilatory corrosive passionate famishing food-deprived dying from hunger craving food faint from hunger got the munchies in a fasted state able to eat a horse feeling faint from hunger on empty stomach dying from lack of food with one's stomach thinking one's throat's cut

Danh từ

A state or period of excessive indulgence in eating

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