Đồng nghĩa của devouring

Alternative for devouring

devours, devoured, devouring

Đồng nghĩa: consume, destroy, eat, ruin, swallow, waste,


Having an insatiable appetite


Present participle for to consume food hungrily or in a gluttonous manner
bolting gulping swallowing gobbling wolfing consuming guzzling scoffing stuffing bolting down cramming demolishing eating greedily eating heartily eating hungrily eating quickly eating up gorging inhaling scarfing cramming down dispatching eating feasting on gobbling down gobbling up gulping down guzzling down ingurgitating sinking wolfing down disposing of glutting gormandizing hoovering packing away ravening scoffing down shifting slopping gorging oneself on polishing off scarfing down shoveling down snarfing Hoovering ingesting pigging oneself on putting away scarfing up taking tucking away getting outside of making short work of snarfing down snarfing up chowing down delighting in drinking in feeding on pigging out pigging out on partake of downing tucking into munching noshing chomping swilling gorging on drinking feeding finishing off champing murdering imbibing taking in tucking in supping englutting sloshing tossing down snacking on partaking overindulging finishing chewing cramming in overeating gluttonizing swigging putting down dining stuffing your face necking nibbling quaffing eating like a horse grazing on gourmandizing banquetting banqueting masticating biting getting stuck into belting engorging feasting binging bingeing dropping chugalugging disposing satiating manducating regaling absorbing sipping ruminating lapping up making a pig of oneself swallowing hurriedly filling gnawing tasting lunching victualing faring grinding refreshing choking sating packing breakfasting snacking junketing junketting crunching having getting down surfeiting blimping out chumbling choking down digesting chawing drinking up having dinner tossing off feasting upon grazing munching on chomping on having supper dining on mowing down wining and dining eating to excess gorging oneself pigging oneself devouring greedily horking chowing gorging oneself with cleaning out washing up sucking up putting congesting jamming jading cloying pigging swallowing whole indulging eating voraciously lapping killing chowing on beating slurping slugging down knocking back hoisting assimilating gourmandizing on cramming oneself with diving in loading up on scarfing out stuffing oneself porking out destroying engulfing tossing attacking chugging gasping chewing noisily mealing on feeding one's face digging in belting down pounding down pouring slugging swilling down indulging in pecking at porking out on shoveling it in swallowing up taking over eating to your heart's content eating your fill making a pig of oneself on eating sumptuously stuffing yourself faring sumptuously binging on overindulging in washing down bevvying consuming food bibbing having a meal drinking milk devouring food taking nourishment partaking of food suppering breaking bread having breakfast having tea lunching on breakfasting on having lunch falling to doing lunch eating out subsisting picking at eating between meals taking as nourishment existing on relying on for nourishment preying on subsisting on sustaining oneself of faring on living on triturating ripping squashing scrunching gumming tearing chaveling rending crunching on biting on crushing gnawing on chewing up


Present participle for obsess over


Present participle for to plunder
spoliating pillaging despoiling ravaging plundering devastating ransacking looting ruining marauding spoiling depredating destroying robbing stripping demolishing rifling desolating wasting gutting desecrating raping fleecing havocking laying waste sacking raiding reaving harrying foraging vandalizing vandalising tearing apart ravishing wrecking razing dispossessing levelling leveling annihilating denuding depriving wreaking havoc wreaking havoc on depopulating reiving stealing from freebooting invading appropriating arrogating trespassing embezzling confiscating defiling profaning violating contaminating polluting dishonouring perverting blaspheming debasing committing sacrilege infecting befouling damaging degrading abusing treating sacrilegiously prostituting dishonoring defacing outraging insulting treating with disrespect blaspheming against laying waste to making lose face messing up committing sacrilege against pirating attacking foraying assaulting burgling liberating requisitioning grabbing relieving lifting lofting moonlight requisitioning ripping off sticking up clearing out overrunning assailing rustling preying on corrupting vitiating harassing marauding over going pillaging going looting cleaning out emptying out swiping snatching making boosting salvaging salvageing thieving burglarizing taking going on forays going on raids playing mischief with making impure creating chaos prowling kipping preying burning doing over tipping over knocking off knocking over forcing molesting seducing bedding deflowering sexually assaulting taking advantage of indecently assaulting sexually abusing interfering with forcing oneself on forcing yourself on debauching harming having your way with


Present participle for destroy or ruin
devastating destroying ruining demolishing wrecking ravaging razing wasting desolating leveling levelling totalling totaling annihilating sacking spoiling creaming decimating extinguishing nuking plundering pulverising pulverizing ransacking scourging shattering smashing trashing vaporising vaporizing wracking despoiling flattening pillaging depredating desecrating doing in laying waste leaving desolate pulling down raiding rubbing out spoliating tearing down leaving in ruins wreaking havoc on stamping out taking apart razing to the ground wiping off map obliterating laying waste to depopulating making desolate gutting emptying raping reducing wiping out laying low unbuilding crushing removing dismantling dilapidating disassembling bulldozing knocking down ripping down breaking up wiping off the map torpedoing breaking toppling blowing up felling blasting taking out bombing exterminating undoing crashing blowing to bits bringing down defeating erasing eradicating expunging extirpating effacing taking down overthrowing destructing sinking slaughtering blowing to pieces dashing wiping off the face of the earth eliminating abolishing killing dynamiting breaking down liquidating upsetting zapping overturning throwing down reducing to ruins sabotaging blighting marring finishing off busting scotching scuppering ravishing impairing doing away with snuffing out putting paid to blotting out overwhelming nixing bringing to ruin wiping from the face of the earth cracking canceling cancelling deleting exploding terminating battering capsizing butchering undermining beating trouncing knocking to pieces disrupting damaging tearing up mowing down blowing down quashing clearing blowing ruinating mutilating maiming abating massacring cutting down bowling down cleaning up blowing away wracking up bringing to naught botching mangling injuring flooring sweeping away putting out of commission messing up blacking out banjaxing laying in ruins reducing to rubble damaging beyond repair putting the kibosh on doing for blowing a hole in dishing rooting out defacing pulling to pieces pulling apart lowering taking to pieces pulling to bits taking to bits benothinging letting down pranging tumbling queering putting out of action tormenting avenging getting rid of taking care of striking incinerating burning away burning ending wiping dispatching cooling bankrupting finishing obscuring suppressing executing killing off cutting a swath through committing genocide taking smiting bringing about the downfall of cleaning out defiling poisoning reducing to nothing making a mess of cruelling screwing up bringing to nothing wreaking havoc upon euchring lousing up bodging mullering fouling up depleting disfiguring marauding overcoming waxing wolfing blowing sky-high vandalising dashing to pieces crippling cracking up vandalizing piling up running onto the rocks smashing up shipwrecking propelling forcing driving thrusting gobbling up taking away squashing checking putting a stop to putting an end to putting the lid on bringing to an end putting down bursting putting in toilet tearing to pieces hewing imploding shivering splintering excising fracturing fragmenting splitting bringing to the ground chopping chopping down causing to fall knocking to the ground grounding hacking down disintegrating spilling unmaking scattering subverting bowling over downing knocking over pushing over dropping upending tipping over decking smattering scrunching crunching blowing apart snapping riving smashing to smithereens disabling rending breaking into pieces crushing to smithereens exhausting fragmentizing blowing out casting down striking out scratching out

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