Đồng nghĩa của dishonoring

Động từ

Present participle for shame, degrade
abasing chastening cheapening debasing degrading demeaning discrediting disgracing fouling humbling humiliating lowering shaming sinking smirching attainting blotting corrupting debauching defaming defiling disconsidering disobliging libelling libeling slandering sullying taking down reflecting badly on bringing into disrepute bringing shame on making lose face giving a black eye dishonouring denigrating smearing disparaging tarnishing tainting besmirching staining belittling blackening dragging through the mud stigmatizing injuring slurring stigmatising besmearing dragging through the mire maligning vilifying damaging soiling embarrassing mortifying derogating censuring reducing bringing discredit to reproaching decrying aspersing spoiling bringing shame upon giving a bad name calumniating bad-mouthing scandalizing traducing spotting disrespecting scandalising doing a hatchet job on ripping speaking ill of befouling rubbishing knocking poisoning putting down muckraking flinging mud at slinging mud at deriding casting down doing a number on ripping up and down breathing on slagging off blotching tarring and feathering cutting down to size attacking devaluing assailing blemishing casting a slur on running smear campaign spreading scandal about taking down a peg abashing bringing shame to bemeaning shooting down taking down a peg or two insulting diminishing crushing deflating putting in a bad light demoralizing panning perverting owning demoralising tearing down running down showing up bringing down undermining bringing low making someone eat crow putting someone in their place subduing blighting hurting prostituting harming depraving squashing chagrining profaning dragging down slamming snubbing causing to lose face giving a bad name to compromising condescending downgrading stooping deigning branding disfavoring disfavouring ruining detracting cankering lessening vitiating deteriorating bastardizing warping subverting descending marring demoting destroying discomfiting breaking casting aspersions on impugning bastardising showing in a bad light prejudicing ridiculing pulling down making a fool of casting a slur blistering settling someone's hash lowering the status of dumping on making someone eat humble pie blackening the reputation of putting to shame blackening the name of depressing crawling badmouthing subjugating demolishing reducing the status of disregarding mocking desecrating vilipending disconcerting dragging someone's name through the mud dragging through mud slinging mud blackguarding scorching making someone feel ashamed making uncomfortable cowing losing face darkening touching depreciating betraying curbing undervaluing minimizing tarring taking apart letting down minimising bringing dishonour to taming overcoming squelching silencing upsetting softening restraining flattening disciplining selling out contaminating putting away cutting to the quick making one feel small striking dumb forcing to eat humble pie bringing down a peg popping one's balloon putting one away making eat dirt beating down muddying the reputation of reflecting negatively taking to pieces taking to bits checking repressing afflicting damaging the reputation of casting in a bad light harming the reputation of succumbing dirtying slighting brutalizing weakening desensitizing dehumanizing dehumanising brutalising desensitising adulterating infecting reviling putting in your place lowering oneself debasing oneself lowering yourself demeaning oneself demeaning yourself debasing yourself demonising demonizing cutting down speaking badly of spreading lies about throwing mud at conducting a smear campaign against sullying the reputation of speaking evil of scorning contemning despising impairing polluting alloying infesting littering toxifying making filthy dissing mistreating misrepresenting quashing abusing discountenancing withering vanquishing downplaying confusing confounding oppressing maltreating ill-treating causing to feel small taking the wind out of someone's sails playing down putting out of countenance making ashamed knocking down ill-using cheating exposing disesteeming offending against taking advantage of doing injury to outraging wounding doing an injustice to sinning against wronging offending imposing upon doing the dirty on trespassing doing a disservice to persecuting doing wrong to aggrieving detracting from bringing into disfavour pooh-poohing blackening someone's name

Động từ

Present participle for to make hurtful and untrue comments about
slandering defaming denigrating maligning vilifying disparaging libelling libeling traducing calumniating smearing slurring aspersing decrying belittling sullying blackening besmirching tainting derogating tarnishing blotting slighting smirching scandalising scandalizing injuring reviling insulting attacking vilipending defiling damaging slamming panning roasting assailing muckraking detracting misrepresenting depreciating scorching blistering backbiting belying sneering blaspheming hitting plastering strumpeting bad-mouthing running down speaking ill of dragging through the mud dragging through the mire casting aspersions on speaking evil of flinging mud at slinging mud at giving a bad name throwing mud at spreading scandal about doing a hatchet job on tearing down telling lies about casting a slur on slinging mud running a smear campaign against blackening someone's name running smear campaign blackening name offending disgracing deprecating appalling discrediting stigmatizing knocking rubbishing dishonouring vituperating blackening the character of lying about blackening the name of stigmatising villainizing slagging off casting slur on putting zingers on doing a number on shocking disgusting outraging horrifying revolting affronting sickening nauseating repelling displeasing blackguarding blackballing condemning embarrassing giving offence to lampooning causing raised eyebrows raising eyebrows amongst causing a few raised eyebrows amongst dismaying dissing dismissing minimizing undervaluing deriding trivializing underrating underestimating ridiculing deflating impugning scorning downgrading disdaining diminishing discounting trashing marginalizing blasting slating minifying degrading criticizing mocking abusing rapping bashing misprizing lowering criticising trivialising marginalising flaming minimising putting down pulling to pieces playing down detracting from taking to pieces talking down doing down crying down sneering at holding cheap picking holes in pouring scorn on dumping on treating lightly speaking badly of tearing into kissing off trash-talking having a go at pooh-poohing laughing off hitting out at scoffing at laughing at putting hooks in making light of pulling apart

Danh từ

The state of being reduced in rank, character, or reputation

Tính từ

Tending to derogate, or lessen in value of someone
derogatory disparaging belittling demeaning denigratory deprecatory slighting damaging depreciative depreciatory pejorative uncomplimentary detracting offensive unflattering critical defamatory deflating diminishing dishonouring disrespectful injurious insulting unfavourable disapproving discrediting negative spiteful abusive calumnious hurtful mean nasty personal rude slanderous vilifying vituperative calumniatory contemptuous contumelious decrying degrading denigrative derisory derogative detractive discreditable disdainful libellous libelous mud-slinging scornful scurrilous traducing catty aspersing censorious deprecating despiteful fault-finding humiliating malevolent malicious maligning minimising minimizing opprobrious reproachful sarcastic unfavorable vitriolic scandalous invective scurril scurrile derisive hateful venomous vituperatory truculent aspersive insolent denigrating malignant libeling debasing dismissive injuring malign defaming reproaching excoriating libelling disgracing despicable vulgar hurting vile offending abasing damning reviling shaming sneering deprecative scathing snide mocking judgmental harsh cynical unsympathetic scoffing jeering condemning hypercritical condemnatory cutting vicious taunting supercilious carping lowering condescending caustic biting hostile satirical withering censuring detractory ridiculing jibing unpleasant shameful undignified prejudicial lying backbiting muckraking reproving discouraging slurring criticizing cavilling denunciatory pedantic false misrepresentative depreciating patronizing sarky disgraceful untrue downgrading adverse patronising mortifying ignominious abject unworthy dyslogistic captious pernickety disadvantageous cheapening inglorious quibbling cheeky infra dig dishonourable contemptible menial unhelpful picky stern arrogant contrary overcritical niggling haughty abhorrent hairsplitting unfriendly nitpicking faultfinding rejective caviling dishonorable bringing shame snotty sardonic cavillous pass-remarkable nit-picking sniffy destructive snooty criticising troublesome full of contempt uncharitable epithetical brusque cruel teasing pillorying lampooning familiar intrusive impertinent maledictory scandalmongering snidey dirty poisonous maledictive cursing defiant smearing aspersory irreverent sniping superior overbearing egotistic antagonistic sharp-tongued shrewish undermining disobliging invalidating obstructive unkind insinuating vexatious snarky ill-natured mordacious hair-splitting over-censorious over-particular corrosive abrasive overscrupulous punctilious hard to please fussy overparticular meticulous perfectionist fastidious finicky over-exacting cavalier castigatory corrupting wretched unbecoming frowning scolding humbling diagnostic exacting discerning severe discriminating analytical critic judgy exceptive nagging trenchant sharp penetrating overnice particular choleric demanding vain imperious proud judgemental dissatisfied boot-faced denouncing disapprobatory snippy hard-nosed bold hard audacious temperamental snobbish uppity cool upstage cold-shoulder pettifogging displeased slating knocking harmful high hat dog it on your high horse high and mighty on high horse deleterious detrimental full of reproof inopportune inexpedient ill-timed griping bellyaching unpropitious inconvenient inauspicious unfortunate whingeing reprobatory reprobative nit-picky bad untoward inimical counter unlucky ultra-critical untimely objectionable debit-side unprofitable downside on the debit side

Trái nghĩa của dishonoring

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