Đồng nghĩa của disagreeable

Alternative for disagreeable

Trái nghĩa: agreement,

Tính từ

Unfriendly and bad-tempered
ill-natured bad-tempered cross irritable difficult nasty rude surly unfriendly unpleasant contrary ill-tempered peevish brusque churlish crabbed curmudgeonly disobliging grumpy ill-humoured petulant snappish mean mean-spirited prickly sulky sullen abrupt acid bearish bilious bloody-minded cantankerous cruel discourteous dyspeptic grouchy ill-humored impolite ornery ratty splenetic tetchy spiteful ungracious unlikable vicious bellicose contentious crabby disputatious eristic pettish quarrelsome querulous snappy ugly unhelpful uptight waspish whiny out of sorts testy irascible fractious crotchety touchy cranky choleric chippy crusty liverish narky soreheaded peppery short-tempered eggy snaky peckish miffy quick-tempered perverse stroppy shirty scratchy huffy fiery sour hot-tempered snippy like a bear with a sore head moody impatient fretful waxy shrewish snippety stuffy snarky edgy bitter raspy on a short fuse captious cross-grained complaining short-fused in a bad mood morose angry whingy as cross as two sticks on edge whingeing acrimonious awkward uncooperative sorehead argumentative volatile thin-skinned miserable in a mood curt gruff obstinate annoyed out of temper cussed out of humor harsh temperamental malicious truculent grumbling tart short fussy snarling mardy resentful vinegary dour cynical critical hostile belligerent sharp vindictive trying scrappy exasperated cavilling acrid saturnine caviling waspy having got out of bed the wrong side discontented uncongenial glum unsociable venomous malign malignant rancorous whining tooshie tough antagonistic dissatisfied carping blunt grousing out of humour passionate fault-finding having got out of bed on the wrong side hot-blooded inconsiderate wrathful combative bad embittered malevolent pugnacious unaccommodating unreasonable unsympathetic confrontational obstructive uncivil annoying catty displeased unkind ireful tense wild pouty disgruntled militant sore misanthropic pertinacious aggressive arsey vitriolic sensitive pouting atrabilious refractory oversensitive hotheaded feisty filthy gloomy hasty hateful iracund iracundulous froward mumpish growling griping fretting childish chuffy violent obstreperous inflammable hot under the collar nasty-tempered out-of-sorts envenomed ticklish scowling boorish unruly recalcitrant tempersome impulsive humourless humorless disrespectful vinegarish excitable snarly zowerswopped unsmiling moping mopey restless restive indomitable uncompliant indocile foul huffish bristly sarcastic brief scornful perversely irritable bad-humored apt to fly off the handle uncharitable inhospitable hot-headed hypercritical crybaby grudging plaintive murmuring easily upset brooding censorious wicked jaundiced abusive furious ill-mannered ungenerous like a bear ignoble contemptible hurtful joyless rotten uncompromising unamenable unhappy factious obnoxious viperous inflexible unobliging grumbly salty moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing negative crying deploring lamenting foul-tempered easily offended got up on wrong side of bed litigious hard-nosed unattractive poisonous disputative defiant wrangling unyielding bickering battling threatening fighting warring unlovable heated sharp-tongued huffy irascible hard to please brawly assaultive warlike gladiatorial agonistic discordant unamiable evil-minded ghastly unbearable frightful insufferable irritating unloveable ready for a fight naysaying impassioned bristling spirited inimical intolerant lively antisocial vengeful manic hysterical antipathetic icy uncomfortable tempestuous virulent lawless uneasy exasperating stubborn unpredictable intractable troublesome sudden tiresome vexing pesky thrawn contumacious vexatious renitent pervicacious complex bulky obdurate hard to handle unmanageable discommodious incommodious difficult to handle cramped balky bolshie unceremonious unexpected vexed peeved crude startling put out irritated unanticipated brutal irate upset irked piqued galled unforeseen awful swift immediate shocking unforgiving rapid unpredicted quick livid apoplectic mad riled steamed steamed up crook vex ropeable hoha wroth jumpy faultfinding aerated ticked off teed off not best pleased hopping mad bent out of shape up in arms on the warpath foaming at the mouth hacked off in a lather in a paddy in a bate fit to be tied nervous anxious agitated twitchy narked highly strung glowering miffed aggravated nervy worried fidgety fed up neurotic emotional aggrieved indignant jittery in a huff incensed nettled infuriated high-strung hypersensitive unquiet wired frowning ill at ease overwrought snuffy offended overstrung cheesed off peed off apprehensive fierce browned off ruffled bothered disturbed insecure provoked skittish enraged worked up troubled antsy unresponsive uncommunicative stressed harassed in a temper brassed off wound up keyed up unsettled flustered perturbed unmannerly angered disapproving dithery queazy queasy het up sourpussed unstable melodramatic sulking explosive wrath mercurial in high dudgeon acerbic stressy headstrong hung up toey distressed malcontent pigheaded bellyaching fearful contrarious affronted mopish hurt nagging taciturn quibbling adrenalized overemotional maddened excited grim afraid dismal impetuous scunnered criticizing brittle shaky oafish strung out hinky goosey atwitter aflutter brawling strung up overcritical wilful willful stiff criticising fuming demanding cheerless shaken raving a bundle of nerves like a cat on a hot tin roof in bad mood prima donna-ish finicky destructive loudmouthed adversarial whingey offensive stung mighty responsive distraught objecting choked protesting uncontrollable vehement wrought up forceful goaded stewed insulted terse spunky acute repining weeping dissenting mourning accusing bewailing regretting charging perturbable dicey hazardous unsafe wreck rattled sombre somber disaffected grizzly chafed lugubrious agitable broody dejected Eeyorish unindulgent wired up timorous blue wounded mopy kittle snide scolding spooked timid pessimistic sober aloof dark bundle of nerves backbiting cattish disappointed discontent with a long face defensive frustrated harried panicky weak withdrawn depressed sharp-tempered intense stormy reactive prim stilted febrile hassled paranoid crabbing uncontent kicking ungratified malcontented kvetching vixenish loutish having short fuse hot under collar concerned taut scared dramatic snitty conservative hesitant angerful ranting psyched up frenzied cold convulsed ferocious rebellious rough in a funk in the sulks in a strop down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks frantic steamed-up hottempered inflamed strained frightened discomposed easily agitated easily frightened out of joint bad tempered vulgar uncouth on tenterhooks pushy biffo aggers alarmed over-emotional have a bone to pick having a chip on one's shoulder self-assertive ready to fight itching to fight all shook up self-conscious fraught unrestful embarrassed discomfited umbrageous hyper-sensitive on pins and needles ungallant ungentlemanly ill-bred easily hurt easily affected dismayed tormented anguished perplexed wrung disquieted suspicious in turmoil palpitant all nerves like a fish out of water on the qui vive wriggly squirmy like a cat on hot bricks classless unchivalrous cloddish clownish controversial polemical polemic dissentious wiggly overbearing unrelenting ructious arguesome ignorant hardheaded strong-minded hard-line bull-headed steadfast choosy resolute immovable picky opinionated delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive unflinching wrong-headed particular fastidious over-particular dictatorial importunate pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways rigid finical invidious fiendish uppity tyrannical stiff-necked hard to satisfy inexorable opinionative unbending perfectionist turbulent war clodhopping polite bad-mannered miserly unpolished rustic lowbred uncivilised uncultured crass uncivilized base unneighborly coarse all wound up disparaging deprecating pedantic niggling pettifogging nit-picking have chip on shoulder hair-splitting nitpicking judgemental judgmental rejective pernickety pass-remarkable severe nitpicky thorny exceptive exacting unjust unfair hairsplitting very critical petty trivial cavillous tricky

Tính từ

Unpleasant or unenjoyable
unpleasant displeasing nasty distasteful disgusting horrid objectionable obnoxious offensive repellent unpalatable repulsive horrible repugnant abominable dreadful frightful odious unsavoury yucky bad bitter foul harsh hateful icky nauseating revolting rotten sickening sour uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory unwelcome vile wicked yukky detestable uninviting yucko annoying awful bothersome dislikable distressing drag pain unhappy upsetting woeful terrible appalling loathsome abhorrent horrendous gross hideous execrable ghastly shocking ugly deplorable noisome lousy off-putting obscene atrocious noxious wretched contemptible nauseous beastly grim despicable rancid scandalous unacceptable gruesome repellant fulsome dire evil reprehensible putrid God-awful disgustful lamentable unattractive undesirable miserable dismal loathly poor grotty intolerable sorry sick-making sad diabolical pathetic unappealing disturbing unappetizing stinking unsatisfactory troublesome monstrous insufferable pitiful inferior forbidding grisly irritating bleak lame abysmal trying tough difficult irksome skanky hostile crummy heinous rough grievous uncomfortable base bogging vexatious mean paltry substandard severe inadequate scurvy mediocre cheap below par deficient unspeakable pitiable unfriendly hard rebarbative unfortunate horrifying filthy shoddy exceptionable rubbish inhospitable second-rate depressing wanting third-rate painful macabre horrific galling imperfect dark subpar suboptimal grody direful malodorous fetid mephitic worrying dodgy sleazy dirty sordid shameful grotesque dissatisfactory harrowing invidious rubbishy comfortless trashy beyond the pale disappointing inappropriate frightening under par low-grade hellish worthless low-quality foetid unsuitable pants disconcerting sub-par disgraceful rank ropy duff unsound below standard cruddy excruciating useless junk stinky discouraging unfavorable unfavourable unbearable not up to snuff ordinary festy a load of pants coarse crude second-class squalid tasteless poisonous jarring foreboding unseemly pedestrian two-bit regrettable dangerous dreary smelly austere hopeless awkward junky disheartening gloomy below average onerous unsightly creepy damnable inadmissible average exasperating taxing insipid poxy funky olid lurid worrisome cheerless off unwholesome dull shabby subnormal unexceptional flawed discordant sombre somber daunting inedible wrong sinister dislikeable terrifying low disquieting cringe-making pesky gut-wrenching rugged ill-favoured good-for-nothing oppressive burdensome heavy grubby inauspicious leaving much to be desired niffy scabby scummy middling poorer indifferent lemon downmarket cruel unlucky unpropitious spartan ill-favored abject whiffy uneatable vexing heartbreaking hellacious low-rent grating nightmarish untoward morbid inclement desolate flavourless defective bargain-basement heartrending stomach-turning unwanted afflictive brackish adverse black threatening punk stomach-churning vomitous tragic tainted schlocky on the nose discomforting brutal tawdry hack aggravating traumatic uninteresting dismaying dime-a-dozen not up to much déclassé the pits disreputable vulgar tricky embarrassing unnerving flavorless pongy stressful mucky ratty maddening godawful inhuman troubling infuriating insufficient miasmal sneaking unlikable vomit-inducing joyless harmful very bad bum hurtful unwelcoming unpopular agonizing polluted hairy poison dubious searing disastrous menacing foul-smelling faulty evil-smelling from hell injurious ominous unpretty degenerate pestilential distressful inharmonious inopportune unhandsome dishonourable dour unbeautiful solemn common schlock improper concerning unfit perilous agonising unseasonable gut-churning uncomely immoral morose intense unapproachable outrageous low-end dispiriting glum unaesthetic grinding dishonorable slimy flat fierce weak fraught rude sticky chronic biting reeking acrid censurable disadvantageous mortifying ignominious torturous ornery arduous perturbing pestiferous thorny unsympathetic demanding rigorous smudged bedraggled befouled smutty sullied bemired dusty unclean uncleanly draggled grimy muddy illegal stained besmirched unfair blackened unsportsmanlike dingy grungy begrimed soiled terrific grewsome nightmare intemperate drab stale suspect discomposing incompatible accursed prickly iffy unholy ungodly hardhanded cursed delicate provoking dissonant off-color fearful scungy tormenting wack testing inexpedient afflicting bush drear egregious funereal revulsive turned challenging inconvenient unsuited insupportable sepulchral seedy spoiled sullen untimely contaminated demoralizing yecchy unprepossessing questionable undesired precarious bland tenth-rate depressive spoilt out of place sneaky poor-quality strong unprincipled unscrupulous unenviable seamy bush-league deformed not good enough intimidating not up to scratch villainous plain homely stark malevolent shameless corrupt disrespectful problematic blameworthy unsettling inexcusable catty unhealthy reptilian extreme opprobrious murderous unenticing cutting discomfiting hateable deleterious incongruous great offending ill-advised savorless savage tight discreditable demoralising huckery discourteous cacophonous unwished-for repelling pits unsought frustrating wild impertinent insolent sensitive flustering ferocious strident musty reeky too bad discommoding alarming godforsaken messy banal calamitous ill saddening indecorous graceless jangling impermissible straitened troublous uneasy unendurable poignant dry stiff unworthy tragical critical hazardous knotty crumby clashing pernicious malignant agitating inapt uncool destructive stenchy laughable piteous raucous tatty lacking degrading confounded heart-rending negative unharmonious garbage scuzzy baneful melancholy amiss infelicitous chilling sick problematical ticklish punishing chancy graveolent pungent mouldy putrescent dank moldy doleful unpromising exacting mournful forlorn impoverished indigent inconsistent grave incommodious distressed ill-suited unbecoming inimical from hunger undue less-than-stellar not up to par glowering strong-smelling ill-fated perplexing hair-raising impure out of order bewildering discommodious troubled decayed unfit for human consumption parlous not much cop uncoveted tortuous formidable unhospitable vapid fugly not pleasant degraded untempting emetic hatable hated reviled awful-looking frightful-looking chilly stern frosty cold cool mighty gory yicky thankless spiteful vicious abusive acute lewd sucky scabrous tinny debauched stringent raunchy crashing mischievous ungracious gnarly cut-rate lackluster lacklustre unshapely ignoble underhanded thoughtless dissatisfying unpardonable pill heel pressured barren crushing overwhelming Spartan bare-bones deadly insalutary humourless humorless sober unforgivable shuddersome resentful infamous cussed blasted sly underhand devious poorly tacky not acceptable deceitful despisable impaired sedate diseased startling indigestible unconsumable controversial fearsome gruelling tiring bloodcurdling rejected glaring glary surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying affecting very disgusting oily ingratiating unctuous eerie rankling wearing malicious unethical meanspirited not cutting it unpleasant-tasting excluded uninvited blinding dazzling not pretty anguished sorrowful thin damaged mephitical irritable unkind melancholic unamusing teary tearful nagging contradictory opposed jerry-built niggling tiresome derogatory eye-watering averse antipathetic antagonistic humiliating dishonest prohibitive nefarious slipshod deceptive depraved indecent crass disdainable grueling weak sauce nettlesome against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign no good ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish fusty unwished for provocative impudent affronting nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking smarmy oleaginous crafty untrustworthy sorrowing notorious suspicious rascally unbeauteous subfuscous trite ill-chosen ill-timed uncomplimentary high underwhelming shaming in opposition cheapie not wanted wounding slighting insulting hard-pressed shadowy tortured doubtful gray treacherous grey pressing exigent jeopardous apocalyptic rocky full of hardship strained ill-omened ill-boding teasing stridulous ill suited stridulent insensitive harsh-sounding insalubrious crooked shady churlish boorish uncouth not appealing disfigured for the birds no great shakes leaving a lot to be desired savourless uniform violent blustery stormy tempestuous squally not fit to eat anticlimactic plain-featured humming ripe frowzy frowsy frowsty plain-looking uncivil impolite unmannerly weird bestial rueful misshapen tough as old boots a stinker of a a bummer of a plaguy compromising good-for-naught no-count no-good meritless no-account unfulfilling unsatisfying funny derisory dreich lugubrious saturnine destitute miasmic unvaried unchanging unvarying monotonous raging agitated heaving choppy conflicting shrill contrasting unnourishing sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac falling short failing bathetic not all it's cracked up to be ineffective disillusioning out of line unfitting inapposite confusing demeaning gamy feculent charged tense unmusical unmelodious Cimmerian poverty-stricken rasping scraping squeaky detrimental innutritious insanitary ineligible disagreeing regimented wishy-washy discountenancing touchy tuneless unbefitting sickly ruinous unhygienic damaging unhealthful tickly nidorous stagnant decomposing moldering carious rotted curdled flyblown soured overripe addled mouldering decomposed putrefying rotting maggoty worm-eaten decaying unfresh wormy degenerated putrefied gangrenous stenchful mouldered fermented moldered putrefacient putrefactive cringey cringeworthy barro toe-curling dishonouring blush-making governmental bromidic utilitarian jejune prosaic institutional rudimentary elementary corporate functional humdrum bumpy dolorous uncharacteristic loud lethal venomous malign septic baleful virulent unnutritious inept perverse malapropos incorrect unapt uncomforting ill-smelling dishonoring equivocal impossible puzzling distracting rattling itchy wearisome scratchy confronting bad-looking pathological toxic short on looks hard-favoured as ugly as sin hard-featured storm-tossed cramped confining amateurish unimpressive causing discomfort ill-fitting not proper dissident irrelevant interfering disparate out of keeping disproportionate out of character unmatched discrepant senseless uncalled-for screeching off-key unvocal early premature unreasonable meagre meager condemnable scurrilous indefensible cheapo irremediable out horrisonant absonant standard issue not comfortable inacceptable reject at variance lacking harmony at odds poor quality not cricket won't do half-baked of low quality not on second rate of poor quality over the fence not quite the done thing not up to standard ruthless precocious unrelenting relentless merciless sore remorseless too early early on intrusive out-of-date before time too soon early bird bright and early advance anachronistic too late soon a bit previous overearly previous oversoon abortive hard-hearted

Tính từ

Impolite or bad-mannered
rude impolite discourteous impertinent insolent impudent unmannerly crass disrespectful presumptuous curt churlish abusive brusque blunt uncivil ungracious graceless brash unpleasant audacious tactless offensive insulting derogatory disparaging cheeky arrogant unchivalrous boorish uncharitable undiplomatic cocky crude offhand uncouth unmannered bad-mannered disgracious ill-bred mannerless uncomplimentary unladylike unrefined brazen flip gruff ill-mannered inconsiderate indecorous indelicate lippy loutish mouthy oafish rough smart alecky smart-alecky sullen surly thoughtless ungallant ungenteel ungentlemanly abrupt coarse contumelious disdainful fresh ignorant inaffable insubordinate malapert out-of-line overbearing sharp short uncalled-for underbred crabbed intrusive peremptory unhandsome bounderish yokelish objectionable bad ill-behaved badly behaved ill uncivilized tacky raunchy roughneck gross raw loud-mouthed common vulgar loud cheap uncivilised unceremonious crusty insensitive terse snippy bold unkind snappy forward bluff tart uncultured unpolished harsh sassy snappish unmindful rustic saucy pert downright irreverent nervy brief brassy short-spoken shameless no-nonsense crisp brusk brazen-faced unsympathetic heedless plain-spoken careless off brisk arch wise cocksure brassbound contemptuous bold-faced bearish self-centered caustic cruel direct uncultivated frank ungrateful outspoken cavalier unfeeling self-centred uneducated uncaring unappreciative impatient to the point unfriendly aweless brass-necked unthankful monosyllabic cloddish laconic inappreciative clownish ungraceful snippety bad-tempered clodhopping ill-tempered barbaric misbehaved thankless unconsiderate derisive scornful rough-hewn offish ill-humoured ill-humored sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous flippant pithy classless clipped gauche procacious abrasive smart indiscreet unthanking straightforward ornery cantankerous forthright bold as brass wooden barefaced barbarous uncomfortable inelegant uneasy candid lumpen stiff grumpy tasteless matter-of-fact brutal unequivocal stilted rustical clumsy morose breviloquent upfront honest ill-natured hasty boisterous grouchy summary unsubtle selfish irritable straight from the shoulder dismissive defiant low-bred unthinking concise truculent smart-arsed short-tempered succinct impetuous dusty iconoclastic inurbane cool antisocial tetchy nasty unthoughtful lowbred severe asocial pointed base simple smart-assed callous thuggish unadorned untactful swinish out of line unworldly improper unvarnished unembellished unsophisticated irreverential unhallowed ungodly unholy off-base yobbish philistine hurtful hick bare stark slobbish barbarian lumpish undisguised lubberly explicit not afraid to call a spade a spade outlandish corrupt unqualified bald awkward trenchant speaking as one finds charmless socially unsure lacking in social graces socially inept socially awkward calling a spade a spade uncourteous testy moody decisive hostile unperceptive overfamiliar businesslike blundering aloof inhospitable unfortunate irascible lacking civility bad mannered unappreciated imperious protrusive regardless injudicious petulant imperative breezy magisterial dictatorial disregardful hurried sudden mannish undignified manlike tomboyish unfeminine perfunctory unwomanly hoydenish mean-spirited naughty ballsy assumptive mischievous presumptive shocking outrageous bumptious unfilial profanatory earthy bungling immodest in-your-face assuming distant uncoordinated apathetic put down gawky stolid overbold temeritous bantam dour touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable unneighborly ugly mean boldfaced unblushing blatant unabashed arrant rowdy doltish bullying wild rollicking roisterous intolerant standoffish impolitic hoonish dense unconcerned open hearty crotchety crabby taciturn out of sorts sharp-tongued personal unfair heartless reckless incautious sour cross good-natured genial approachable self-assertive self-confident vivacious naive guileless ingenuous robust friendly prying inquisitive incongruous interfering meddling meddlesome unsuitable nosy uncalled for hillbilly maladroit blustering cheery sincere plain off base unsavoury angry saturnine stupid foolish dull backwoods ungainly brutish straight plebby countrified ocker unpoised Neanderthal provincial unsavory austere outright unveiled cutting point-blank truthful biting unambiguous naked unornamented plain vanilla realistic undecorated hard-hitting hard tough unexaggerated patchy threadbare worn uncompromising compact grating stern pulling no punches true to life vitriolic bitter warts and all epigrammatic annoying irritating acerbic straight-talking not mincing one's words straight-shooting speaking one's mind not beating about the bush condensed incisive wounding galling elliptical pitiless acerb comfortless neat sententious aphoristic apothegmatic telegraphic economical capsule compendious thumbnail elliptic aggressive hateful rubbing the wrong way spiky argumentative hard to take gnomic close short and sweet cryptic taut compendiary clear-cut exact lean precise cut to the bone in a nutshell boiled down

Tính từ

Having an unkind or spiteful character or nature
mean unkind nasty spiteful foul malicious malevolent despicable contemptible obnoxious vile odious loathsome unpleasant unfriendly uncharitable insensitive shabby unfair callous cruel inconsiderate vicious base low horrible horrid thoughtless hateful hurtful heartless rotten low-down vindictive wicked bad beastly hostile coldhearted uncaring unfeeling unsympathetic catty harsh malignant gross ill-natured inhuman inhumane barbarous brutal cold-blooded hard-hearted not nice sadistic savage snide despiteful malign virulent currish deplorable detestable dirty dishonourable dishonorable execrable ignominious low-minded scummy disgusting offensive revolting awful wretched wounding mean-spirited repulsive shocking abominable appalling terrible dreadful obscene yucky repellent sickening nauseating rude surly distasteful inhospitable ruthless sordid churlish abusive cantankerous repugnant ignoble paltry ugly poisonous venomous evil abhorrent depraved filthy monstrous reprehensible ill-humored God-awful coarse noisome degraded lousy damnable noxious bogging bad-tempered sleazy yucko ill-tempered ill-humoured evil-minded ghastly pitiless compassionless merciless upsetting cold-hearted uncivil unkindly unamiable ungenerous unchristian hardhearted hard ill belligerent aggressive antagonistic annoying vitriolic confrontational combative pugnacious wrathful bellicose objectionable ornery sarcastic nauseous rancorous angry unsociable bitter joyless militant uncongenial viperous scrappy furious sour horrendous repellant hideous scandalous creepy frightful animal boorish brutish piggish gluttonous carnal ferine brute bestial swinish feral irrational prurient unclean rancid fulsome slimy uncool pestiferous invidious pesky disgraceful vulgar corrupt perverted unsavoury atrocious sinful off-putting degenerate debased iniquitous shameful sorry heinous dark miserable dissolute reprobate humiliating diabolic diabolical debauched gut-churning hellish icky degrading nefarious sick-making fiendish abject devilish worthless immoral black vomitous unlawful villainous unrighteous sick unsavory wrong scurvy unethical flagitious egregious disgustful loathly impure stinking abandoned vomit-inducing

Tính từ

Causing irritation or annoyance
troublous upsetting distressing disturbing troublesome disquieting perturbing unsettling troubling worrisome discomforting discomposing nagging worrying bothersome nasty trying annoying irksome irritating aggravating unpleasant vexing provoking harassing difficult dismaying discouraging wearisome alarming tiresome inconvenient painful distressful burdensome disconcerting frightening startling discommoding severe agitating ominous depressing foreboding gloomy onerous sinister perplexing creepy hard laborious pessimistic toilsome consequential disruptive impeding intrusive threatening embarrassing prophetic uncertain exasperating maddening vexatious galling displeasing rankling pesky riling frustrating abrasive nettlesome peeving chafing pestiferous pestilent carking nettling pestilential rebarbative plaguey pesty infuriating plaguy grating tedious infernal antagonizing unwelcome antagonising niggling confounded awkward cussed wearing teasing enraging jarring harrying unnerving tormenting nerve-racking enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall wretched disappointing boring bedevilling unpleasing agonizing unamusing impossible punchable agonising uncongenial bedeviling confronting harrowing hurtful shocking anxious hairy fraught restless nail-biting tense nerve-wracking nervous uneasy objectionable traumatic repugnant thorny irking deplorable challenging forbidding puzzling lamentable knotty taxing problematic humiliating incommodious afflicting tricky concerning mean festering antipathetic ugly wicked demanding distasteful unpalatable plaguing acid afflictive unsatisfying unattractive daunting prickly sticky scary anxious-making grave tough gnawing gut-wrenching apprehensive discomfiting devastating off-putting arduous oppressive stressful importunate ticklish intractable ungovernable undisciplined murder rough damaging heavy repressive uphill rowdy messy infestive dangerous disorderly dreadful delicate dire panicky menacing terrifying intimidating controversial dodgy complex tricksy problematical complicated involved spiny intricate sensitive touchy catchy convoluted vexed formidable baffling

Tính từ

Not friendly
unfriendly hostile antagonistic cold chilly sour surly aloof distant inimical unsympathetic cool frosty inhospitable misanthropic uncongenial unsociable aggressive antisocial frigid ill-natured unamicable unneighbourly unpleasant unaffable unkind unsocial unwelcoming quarrelsome reserved stand-offish unapproachable withdrawn disdainful haughty impersonal indifferent nasty severe stern stiff supercilious uncommunicative unforthcoming adversarial adversary antipathetic antiseptic arctic brittle chill clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed coldish discourteous frozen gelid glacial hard-eyed icy impolite jaundiced menacing mortal negative obnoxious rude uncivil uncordial ungracious unmannerly wintery wintry cross ill-disposed Olympian starchy acrimonious against censorious combative competitive conflicting contrary disaffected estranged grouchy grudging gruff hateful malicious malignant opposed opposite spiteful uncharitable unneighborly unpromising vengeful warlike not on speaking terms unsavoury unattractive objectionable unlikeable bad-tempered ill-tempered unsavory retiring asocial remote unbending offish alienated dry detached reclusive standoffish unclubbable standoff buttoned-up solitary cynical shy austere hermitlike introverted ascetic eremetic unwilling to mix with other people unresponsive formal undemonstrative reticent unconcerned unemotional forbidding incurious dispassionate uninterested apathetic uppity stuffy unfeeling lukewarm unenthusiastic offhand taciturn restrained emotionless suspicious distrustful impassive eremitic disinterested uncompanionable casual conventional proud snooty staid passionless laid-back strait-laced insolent annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious wooden stuck-up laid back stuck up phlegmatic putting on airs keeping people at arm's length conservative unamiable ungregarious ungenerous half-hearted tepid snobbish stony superior uptight private clinical xenophobic off mopey mopish diffident abstracted unreceptive unenthused removed quiet silent inaccessible nongregarious brooding inapproachable scowling secretive rigid unexcitable preoccupied uninvolved introvert brusque short unfavorable unfavourable muted stolid outside unpassioned abstract spacey uncurious affectless spiritless hardhearted callous lofty cold-hearted stony-hearted sceptical poker-faced hard-hearted thick-skinned hard-boiled spaced-out on ice out of it malevolent cold fish lone wolf prim inhumane pessimistic exact precise correct proper selfish hating egotistical egoistic narrow-minded misanthropical sarcastic sardonic inflexible stilted starched affected seemly official serious skeptical polite straight arrow stiff-necked by the numbers ceremonious insociable arrogant mean-looking put on airs

Tính từ

Characterized by windy or stormy conditions
foul stormy rough unpleasant inclement bad rainy squally wet wild blustery foggy murky windy bleak blowy gusty misty nasty raw tempestuous turbulent gloomy louring overcast vile filthy cold blustering intense thundery tumultuous violent ferocious raging choppy stormful howling horrible agitated storm-wracked cyclonic heavy dirty furious fierce explosive rabid convulsive hot volcanic paroxysmal hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bang-bang boisterous roaring passionate breezy gusting heated rugged angry frenzied fiery lively vehement bitter intemperate feverish storming volatile cataclysmal cataclysmic impetuous savage chilly harsh wintry severe freezing unrestrained icy damp extreme threatening menacing impassioned frantic excited frenetic storm-tossed frigid uncontrollable wintery flaming emotional disturbed hazardous risky boiling blusterous squallish mad delirious rough-and-tumble involuntary spasmodic ungovernable rampageous excessive intensified concentrated drizzly snowy animated rigorous forceful exciting ardent unpredictable confused adverse fervent spirited rampant ebullient bursting roller-coaster hectic fervid heaving hard brutal chaotic ruffled sharp nipping acrimonious broken at the boiling point in turmoil wavy ripply chill penetrating keen piercing nippy torrid riproaring unsettled passional touchy inflamed irascible full of upheavals full of ups and downs stinging biting frosty chilling icy-cold aroused ill-tempered bad-tempered temperamental excitable distracted coming down full of waves parky raining cats and dogs uncontrolled hysterical unbridled

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