Đồng nghĩa của antsy

Tính từ

Showing or feeling insecurity or uncertainty
aflutter anxious atwitter dithery edgy goosey hinky insecure jittery jumpy nervous nervy perturbed queasy queazy tense troubled uneasy unquiet upset uptight worried het up hung up restless ill at ease on pins and needles agitated apprehensive fidgety on edge twitchy disturbed keyed up bothered unsettled concerned wired stressy disquieted distressed fearful on tenterhooks fretful overwrought discomposed restive frightened shaky worked up stressed in a tizzy uncomfortable scared strung out alarmed flustered afraid spooked overstrung excited spooky unnerved strained ruffled shaken hyper rattled disconcerted dismayed like a cat on hot bricks distraught toey timid in a state windy panicky timorous like a cat on a hot tin roof excitable discombobulated highly strung hysterical squirrelly hesitant uncertain strung up unrestful neurotic in a flap trembling shook up all of a dither high-strung fazed shy impatient vexed in a stew in a state of agitation skittish unrelaxed in a tizz having kittens angsty self-conscious sensitive unglued annoyed frantic confused in a state of nerves taut bundle of nerves flurried a bundle of nerves in a sweat all of a lather embarrassed in a cold sweat quaking shrinking quivering tormented discomfited shaking suspicious wrought up harassed beside oneself irked adrenalized unsteady thrown choked unsure in a twitter in a twit creepy brittle nerve-racking nail-biting fraught distracted spasmodic unstable awkward retiring diffident unhappy saddened mousy unconfident irresolute fluttery febrile irritable bashful cowardly shocked discountenanced doubtful bugged wound up squirmy wriggly nervous wreck perplexed terrified anguished muddled worried sick under stress turbulent irritated fidgeting inconvenienced unpeaceful stressed out up the wall cut up bricking oneself unsettling unnerving all of a doodah hot and bothered disturbing disquieting in a dither hairy like a fish out of water distressful agitating skittery wiggly frenzied flighty distressing stressful trepidatious careful nerve-wracking inhibited daunted cowed fretting fearsome afflicted hurt faint-hearted shivery worrisome in suspense out of place grieved overanxious aghast wavering sad miffed itchy weak aroused frozen fevered easily frightened white-knuckled hassled touchy introverted withdrawn irascible fitful unruly angstful solicitous hyperactive beset riled watchful peevish tortured plagued clutched gutted disappointed active sleepless a wreck bummed out all torn up moved angered worried stiff in a spin blue all of a flutter angry put out shot to pieces in a flat spin with one's stomach in knots tossing and turning broken up with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth twittering indecisive tentative jiggly dithering vacillating fussy swithering under pressure caught up exasperated under a strain cowering mentally unsettled reserved jerky frazzled faltering unnatural gauche frisky mousey scary fainthearted pusillanimous pressured palpitant wrung disorderly blushing overemotional traumatized traumatised dreading wreck moving shot yellow chicken charged inflamed unbalanced agog exciting discomforted overactive hectic heated feverish galled chafed in turmoil all nerves peeved dragged wretched wrecked ripped exercised shook asea a basket case sweating bullets emotional falling apart irrational histrionic white knuckled stirred up flapping on the qui vive distrustful strict conventional cautious lacking social skills tongue-tied exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated pained mortified pestered harried harrowed provoked in a panic tremulous having butterflies in the stomach restlessly moving foreboding mistrustful unconsolable disconsolate basket case distrait inconsolable shot down in a lather tetchy frightened of one's own shadow stiff self-doubting unassertive self-effacing hot under the collar recalcitrant fractious rigid confined having cabin fever meek lacking confidence unforthcoming refractory testy crotchety prickly lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having cold feet having a funny feeling angst-ridden short-tempered crabbed hot-tempered captious snappy temperamental chippy bad-tempered querulous quick-tempered perverse ornery obstinate stubborn unyielding not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive hurried transient wandering intermittent changeable inconstant footloose roving nomadic bustling ill-tempered old-fashioned wakeful champing at the bit concerning offended fretted on the defensive oversensitive moody critical insomniac low vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised startled intimidated terror-stricken discouraged panic-stricken abashed horrified stunned funky blanched petrified disheartened verklempt unzipped wounded stir-crazy awake unsleeping in disorder amazed touch and go up in the air insomnolent hanging by thread on thin ice come apart psyched out at sixes and sevens easily agitated alert vigilant feeling anxious in awe scared stiff run scared without sleep wide awake wide-awake attentive nerves on edge scared to death have cold feet hyperexcitable fiddle-footed lively hyperkinetic shaking in one's shoes spookish spirited irresponsible light-headed harebrained skitterish whimsical animated combustible flappable volative undependable zippy giddy agitable lightheaded peppy scatterbrained wary dizzy frivolous unreliable alarmable very nervous

Tính từ

Showing a keen desire or enthusiasm
eager enthusiastic keen excited desirous ardent avid enthused impatient raring pumped anxious hungry crazy thirsty agog voracious wild solicitous stoked athirst geeked nuts hot juiced great greedy hopped-up gung ho hepped up longing yearning passionate champing at the bit zealous craving itching appetent chomping at the bit hankering fervent dying pining desiring intent fanatical vehement ready willing ambitious dedicated breathless spirited animated restless devoted energetic fervid wholehearted covetous gagging ready and willing keyed up psyched lively earnest keen as mustard obsessed thrilled aching committed interested thirsting intense itchy dying to psyched up rarin' to go hot to trot wishing fired up raring to go vivacious exhilarated inspired stirred aroused acquisitive moved wishful stimulated self-starting restive hearty feverish as keen as mustard worked up desirous of on fire exuberant impassioned mad bursting ebullient heated burning sprightly determined potty motivated pleased animate nutty titillated insatiable daft rabid driven vigorous warmblooded hopeful fiery grasping expectant intent on charged high high-spirited game ravenous mad keen warm zestful ripe forceful delighted rapacious perfervid afire inclined itching for on tenterhooks awakened gone on dying for hankering after active diligent assiduous juiced up cranked up in a hurry pumped up beside oneself geared up approving edgy touched electrified elated atingle desperate enamoured curious chafing straining avaricious lusting impetuous restored refreshed revitalized enthralled very keen dotty enamoured of nutso hot for smitten with infatuated with devoted to revitalised gotta have straining at the leash dynamic bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless enamored hoping hung up amenable habitual disposed happy unreluctant engaged diehard glad full of enthusiasm fascinated passional all agog all a-gog in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on rhapsodic aflame wacky tantalized industrious concerned unqualified in suspense consumed with desire conscientious gaga tantalised bugged zesty frantic raving frenzied uproarious hysterical delirious chafing at the bit longing for hoping for wanting turnt bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans red-hot aggressive proactive bullish banzai partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust untrammeled tumultuous untrammelled unrestrained keen on set on bent on in a frenzy anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for take-charge can-do predatious gluttonous extremely enthusiastic edacious hoggish ravening piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish esurient unfilled insatiate very excited on pins and needles waiting with bated breath on the edge of one's seat ready for willing for avid for jumping up and down with an appetite covetous of lusting after with a yen in need of in want of aspiring towards prehensile amorous aspiring lustful keen for hopeful for envious thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for militant sincere devout turned on aspiring to single-minded pushy fierce purposeful obsessive zealotic extreme fired go-ahead frenetic fanatic fireball possessed gung-ho wild-eyed coming on strong emotional steadfast demonstrative torrid religious incandescent hot-blooded heartfelt warm-blooded superheated resolute flaming blazing staunch glowing unwavering deep ecstatic strong profound true firm infatuated enraptured genuine euphoric enterprising faithful obstinate serious loyal persistent go-getting cheerful tenacious steady resolved rapt fixated dogged unfeigned unfaltering assertive stubborn effusive fond untiring absorbed strong-willed rapturous overjoyed responsive positive confident dutiful unreserved emphatic uninhibited intoxicated bent striving violent unflinching set addicted constant on cloud nine progressive pioneering fixed deeply felt persevering loving optimistic encouraged pious joyous joyful honest insistent stalwart enchanted cordial uncompromising true-blue roused elevated giddy loud blissful unflagging buoyant hard-driving noisy gushing extravagant on the make true blue expressive entranced vociferous consuming engrossed sworn stanch hooked lyrical settled urgent over-enthusiastic uncontrollable strong-minded self-driven self-assertive affectionate deep-seated compulsive enrapt unshakeable tender smitten impulsive good captivated raging cheery card-carrying outspoken over the moon ruthless indefatigable sure power-hungry assured jovial addicted to frank clamorous fulsome excitable upbeat feeling strident forthright full-hearted bona fide immoderate self-seeking lavish goal-oriented affable powerful transported indomitable bent upon unhesitating from the heart sentimental excessive eager beaver bigoted gushy amiable preoccupied open cock-a-hoop vocal real reinvigorated raw occupied ravished welcoming heady focused overenthusiastic inspirited dyed-in-the-wool thorough deep-rooted sent sympathetic unbending concentrated in raptures immersed unyielding pledged supportive plucky voluble in transports mettlesome in seventh heaven gutsy thrilling warmhearted wrapped ungovernable focussed obsessional enlivened blissed out undeviating dreamy fast warm-hearted decisive in love inflamed studious OTT gone dinkum hard-working crazy about sanguine down-the-line deep-dyed over the top jolly adherent beside oneself with happiness beside oneself with joy solid self-confident exultant certain power-loving high-reaching decided jubilant self-asserting hell-bent uncontrolled get up and go on top of the world disposed to look on the bright side tickled gritty tickled pink plain-spoken inveterate complete profuse full direct candid friendly kindly soapy forcible unrestricted unconstrained heightened genial oleaginous hagiographical hagiographic expansive adulatory unctuous unquenchable absolute total mushy wanton besetting unruly abiding monomaniacal acute over-effusive rhapsodical beatific messianic opinionated pleasant kind sensitive full-throated sexy oily emboldened reassured deepest galvanized involved inspiring benevolent caring unswerving raucous adventurous steely comforting biased undaunted high-powered consumed hospitable bold feisty amicable compassionate empathetic red-blooded touchy-feely immovable angry tempestuous thoroughgoing heartwarming bound furious obdurate pertinacious irrepressible delightful attentive out glib unrelenting sultry eloquent stirring dependent ablaze gracious comradely riveted congenial good-natured concentrating galvanised sociable iron-willed licentious hopped up crazed orgasmic hyped up all-consuming pleasing extremist bewitched neighborly bright floating satisfied gratifying stirred up companionable tireless authentic ferocious berserk mad about whole-souled bonhomous convivial matey chummy attached palsy spellbound floating on air very enthusiastic neighbourly solemn high-pressure buddy-buddy sizzling adoring sedulous nuts about palsy-walsy out-and-out irrational doubtless cocksure dead set dependent on habituated turned-on two-fisted secure full of determination desiring success like a ball of fire under the influence laid on with a trowel of good cheer jonesing for wrapped up strung out self-assured heart-to-heart given over to jonesing on self-directed queer amped-up reborn hardboiled buckled down responsible tried tried-and-true proselytizing evangelistic exalted poetic self-motivated blunt temperamental allegiant rash inflexible amped arousing titillating abject entrenched dithyrambic engagé melodramatic susceptible overwrought dizzy energized prepared severe hard-core rooted extraordinary intrenched exceptional resilient radical influenced activated uplifted incensed aglow born-again revolutionary carried away explosive volatile spunky compelled dependable revived invigorated fortified heartened free-spoken exciting overcharged up admiring consecrated aflutter revolutionist lacking supreme rousing grave intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be budding energised unshakable unbendable unshaken beguiled besotted charmed doting big bubbling over irresistible compelling overwhelming open-mouthed passionate about enthusiastic about verklempt sentient peppery gingery articulate wild about fain fond of sweet on impelled adamant goody-goody worshipping worshiping venerating heart-and-soul revering pietistic urgently requiring hard riled up future possible prospective likely pronounced hyper potent moving poignant precipitate headlong affecting hotblooded quickened proselytising evangelical lovesick using hard-nosed minded induced fuming driving maudlin supported aided cheered renewed deliberate do-or-die looking on the bright side chipper buoyed up peppy sparky piqued thrusting sagacious taken love-struck seduced pushed steered guided unstinting unambiguous categorical pushing implicit clear favourably inclined competitive steamed up confirmed bred-in-the-bone dear agreeable collegial goody two-shoes overemotional overdone mawkish nostalgic erotic steamy sensual visionary in the mood of a mind pysched up up for on for unlimited unmitigated unequivocal unconditional undivided unremitting relentless hardy brave tough courageous ultra cozy polite mellow social telelogical calculated smooth-spoken facile plainspoken fluent free venting stentorian round crying out in great need of alive upfront cutthroat sustained rigorous rigid endeavoring endeavouring reassuring affectious clubby cosy thunderstruck astounded flabbergasted participating unalloyed unadulterated utter corny jejune languishing affected insipid overacted inane impressionable bathetic icky cloying idealistic moonstruck bloodthirsty unabated stringent wackadoodle wackadoo hail-fellow-well-met red-carpet hail-fellow independent perceptive heroic mean take charge ridibund undoubtful in good heart wasted shooting up abusing with a … habit prone unpretending meant fearless up for it in urgent need defiant bullheaded warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy rebel busy enduring undiluted unquestioning outright shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about nutso over neurotic on edge eulogistic hell-bent on mean business hell-bent upon gratified satisfying thankful chuffed erratic partial headstrong domineering credulous willful contumacious incorrigible twenty-four carat actual undissembled honest to God pretensionless undesigning urged on firm in spirit stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful entire fullhearted playing hard ball dead set on be out for blood nose to the grindstone pyretic febrile pleasurable heavenly enjoyable foaming at the mouth off the air on the warpath with bated breath fit to be tied understanding uplifting nurturing affirmative inspiriting full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke bound and determined self-possessed terrorist unchecked rampant contributing influential activist over-the-top concupiscent salacious lewd lubricious libidinous satyric lascivious lecherous randy horny peaceful idyllic spaced-out harmonious wonderful flying cool perfect overpowering clamant obstreperous helpful employed working in ecstasies whole-hearted sweating nuts for high on in the twilight zone in ecstasy loudmouthed dewy-eyed maniacal intolerant hopping bustling forward overflowing mad on hundred percent protective cheering heartening appreciative calming soothing gladdening runaway uncurbed watchful transfixed gripped lost lovey-dovey overzealous gleeful overexcited jumping for joy athrill delirious with happiness in exaltation sunny blubbery hammy romantic prurient intrigued observant mesmerized yawping yauping ranting vociferant vociferating blatant shouting squawking demanding caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling burning up nervous flushed fevered febrific without reservations never-failing unreasonable illiberal prejudiced one-sided partisan walking on air hypnotized held upwardly mobile stimulating boosting fulfilling encouraging tied-up alert enticed prodigious infuriated swivel-eyed narrow-minded berko outpouring flying high very happy rowdy boisterous distracting shrill mesmerised hypnotised anticipative through and through unhampered unhindered unstoppable uncontainable unbounded full-on abandoned riotous welcome infected naked insane corybantic deranged freaked out overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased bitten unwell virulent flipped ill really into head over heels deep in caught up locked in dialed in pleased as punch tickled to death in transports of delight anticipating trusting trustful hectic predisposed imbued accustomed hyped full of hope looking forward to calm comfortable keeping the faith at ease content anticipant expecting omnivorous unappeasable self-indulgent turbulent undisciplined unmanageable ungoverned unconcealed chaotic madcap generous given to abusing spaced out used to in the habit of using wedded to given to prone to given to using single-hearted old faithful free-flowing wolfish backslapping true to the end unbridled all over someone devouring gannet-like gay empty gorging gross sating piggy starving starved dog-hungry back-slapping deep-felt good natured fatherly benign very hungry inviting liberal approachable likable maternal charitable starved to death likeable softhearted motherly kindhearted paternal good-humoured good-humored

Tính từ

Agitated, anticipatory, excited (sometimes specifically sexually so), nervous
toey horny randy lustful concupiscent lascivious hot libidinous lubricous salacious licentious satyric lecherous wanton lubricious goatish lewd passionate itchy hypersexual coarse rude vulgar libertine disorderly uninhibited aroused excited titillated stimulated raunchy desirous frisky sexy impassioned inflamed lusty foxy amorous prurient squirrelly lickerish desiring venereous turned on hot to trot sexually aroused in heat on fire toey as a Roman sandal hot and bothered sexed up hard up sensual carnal dissolute unchaste erotic impure debauched degenerate dissipated amatory depraved ardent loose sexual immoral naughty promiscuous steamy aphrodisiac dirty indecent aphrodisiacal fast loving romantic intemperate sinful corrupt hot-blooded decadent abandoned erotogenic filthy perverted erogenous tender erotical ruttish wicked hot and heavy voluptuous profligate immodest crude pervy incontinent turned-on smutty ribald reprobate amative torrid lovesick unprincipled sentimental wolfish sultry hircine obscene gross fleshly rakish unvirtuous blue shameless fond enamoured doting intimate of easy virtue smoochy spoony kissy sportive enamored infatuated yearning fervent wooing rapturous lovey-dovey sex-hungry heavy suggestive disgusting bestial orgiastic warm wistful scorching low-down debased uncontrollable private love sexually excited uncontrolled coital uncurbed hankering craving red-blooded warm-blooded itching unrestrained fornicatory devoted attracted languishing admiring degraded perverse sick voluptuary rakehell demoralized jackleg warped unclean hedonistic unwholesome rakehelly sizzling red-hot animal unconstrained swinging amoral unruly unmoral lax relaxed scabrous unblushing of the flesh wild illicit adulterous trashy profane stag porny foul bawdy pornographic whorish gutter nasty unprintable freethinking demoralised impious disreputable fast and loose obsessive enthusiastic avid mushy icky corny colourful lovesome maudlin colorful sloppy in the fast lane wayward unscrupulous locker-room X-rated affectionate venereal goo-goo in love attached sweet on have a crush on boy crazy girl crazy sweet for lovey dovey

Tính từ

In emotional pain
hurt distressed anguished displeased pained sad saddened dejected despondent disheartened distraught forlorn grieving sullen upset worried aggrieved bothered depressed disappointed disconsolate discouraged downcast glum grieved heavyhearted heavy-hearted inconsolable melancholic miserable mournful perturbed sorrowful troubled unhappy bereaved blue brokenhearted broken-hearted cheerless concerned demoralised demoralized dispirited disturbed doleful down downhearted down-hearted emotional heartbroken joyless rueful tearful tormented tristful afflicted bugged burned cast down contused crestfallen desolate despairing discombobulated droopy gloomy hangdog heartsick heartsore low shook somber sombre sore sorry teary uptight weepy wistful woebegone woeful all torn up cut up down in the dumps down in the mouth grief-stricken in doldrums in grief in tears in the dumps low-spirited shook up anxious wretched shaken ruffled disconcerted traumatized devastated broken tortured dolorous melancholy morose disquieted unnerved vexed bitter agitated discomposed harassed flustered weeping irked aflutter wrecked overwhelmed hurting discountenanced plagued agonized mourning haunted gutted crushed harrowed dolesome wounded spooked jumpy unglued sorrowing bewailing persecuted traumatised suffering bemoaning aching wailing agonised strung out bummed out in pain angst-ridden heavy with grief racked with pain in a tizzy in a stew racked with suffering overcome with sorrow dismayed impaired overwrought affected discontented pessimistic bad down in dumps moody out of sorts destroyed bowed down listless fed up gray languorous grey triste languid comfortless spiritless sulky saturnine stricken cursed rattled dismal injured damaged horrified in a state shattered depressive crummy cast-down elegiac down and out in the pits funereal elegiacal uneasy solemn luckless in a bad way strained dull ruthful ailing racked shell-shocked emotionally defeated sick at heart pensive lugubrious down in mouth morbid hapless on a downer disillusioned regretful dissatisfied disgruntled choked crabby languished black dysphoric negative disenchanted frustrated discomfited chagrined miffed beaten unsatisfied hopeless aghast worsted vanquished baulked chapfallen objecting balked let down taken down as sick as a parrot shot down

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