Đồng nghĩa của goody two shoes


A person who sucks up, or plays up through adulation or flattery or other such devices to win another's favour


Excessively prim or proper
old-maidish prudish prim Victorian puritanical proper priggish stuffy prissy stiff governessy formal Grundyish genteel overnice precious strait-laced goody-goody starchy schoolmarmish schoolmistressy mimsy tight-laced square-toed epicene namby-pamby po-faced prim and proper niminy-piminy straitlaced moralistic bluenosed rigid nice-nelly narrow-minded conventional straightlaced narrow square smug uptight strict demure puritan severe conservative Pecksniffian fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud self-righteous sanctimonious shockable austere old-maid precise fastidious sententious bigoted staid overmodest old-fashioned holier-than-thou censorious stern pompous stilted self-satisfied nice moral of the old school straight overscrupulous ascetic pedantic Pharisaic forbidding pietistic hypocritical complacent vain disapproving fanatical squeamish spartan hair-shirt overexact simpering mincing scrupulous offish affected rigorous finicky pretentious illiberal artificial abstemious conforming abstinent pious fussy particular pi blue-nose spic-and-span polite snobbish spruce meticulous wooden correct cleanly good dapper upright dignified stickling decorous ceremonial nit-picking ceremonious choosy respectable virtuous straight-laced god-fearing unctuous PC reserved sober impersonal sedate fogeyish deadly musty conformist humourless fusty politically correct goody two-shoes old-fogeyish smoky foetid supercilious self-important hot bloated humorless as dry as dust smelly magisterial important warm fetid arrogant puffy

Trái nghĩa của goody two shoes

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