Đồng nghĩa của prudish


Easily offended or shocked, especially by sexual matters
prim puritanical Victorian formal niminy-piminy old-maidish priggish prissy schoolmarmish starchy strait-laced stuffy moralistic puritan bluenosed demure goody-goody governessy mimsy narrow-minded nice-nelly old-maid overmodest overnice proper schoolmistressy squeamish straightlaced straitlaced affected artificial austere bigoted conventional fastidious finicky genteel Grundyish illiberal mincing narrow offish overexact precise pretentious rigid rigorous scrupulous severe simpering square stern stiff stilted uptight prim and proper nice strict fussy smug conservative moral fuddy-duddy punctilious pompous stick-in-the-mud particular tight-laced pernickety Pecksniffian straight staid respectable polite old-fashioned decorous correct refined self-righteous precious of the old school sententious sanctimonious shockable censorious sedate upright holier-than-thou overparticular po-faced pedantic self-satisfied choosy honourable honorable ceremonious delicate square-toed conforming seemly meticulous dignified nit-picking snobbish gentlemanly sober mannerly decent courteous befitting ladylike fogeyish goody-two-shoes virtuous reserved well-mannered de rigueur ascetic overscrupulous forbidding pietistic pious fanatical disapproving hair-shirt spartan timid prude Pharisaic abstemious abstinent timorous niggly hypocritical complacent vain pi epicene straight-laced god-fearing unctuous PC overcautious blue-nose cleanly good dapper stickling ceremonial spic-and-span spruce wooden stodgy conscientious principled becoming politically correct goody two-shoes namby-pamby mannered starched solemn old-womanish upstanding high-minded fit right stiff-necked suitable modest fitting righteous ethical right-minded orthodox done impersonal deadly musty conformist in line comme il faut by the book meet comely by the numbers humourless fusty old-fogeyish foetid self-important hot bloated warm fetid arrogant smoky supercilious humorless as dry as dust smelly magisterial important puffy discriminating picky dainty demanding discerning sensitive critical exacting inflexible fine cultured finical pure persnickety sharp choosey keen selective cultivated perceptive faddy fussbudgety faddish finicking perfectionist acute careful elegant polished hypercritical nitpicking overdelicate hard to please over-particular difficult to please impossible to please nit-picky sophisticated civil courtly urbane stylish well-bred civilized gracious couth accomplished well bred posh well mannered distingué fashionable chivalrous patronising ostentatious confined la-di-da civilised intolerant hollow patronizing well-behaved snooty discreet graceful condescending appropriate accepted distinguished gallant apt stately traditional tasteful noble tactful imposing august exact majestic classy gentle acceptable approved presentable standard official restrained venerable suave respectful aristocratic regal religious established apposite smart regular customary usual worthy pukka painstaking compatible in good taste thorough accurate congruous respected done thing diligent lofty superior ordinary attentive imperial traditionalist impressive affable highbrow composed proud well behaved studious debonair obliging doctrinal detailed mathematical methodical deferential serious grand magnificent ultra-careful imperious portly button-down diplomatic hair-splitting bien pensant straight arrow just so educated circumspect OK protocol in order charming valid impeccable finished magnanimous ritual handsome womanly prudent deliberate measured felicitous applicable fitted royal developed suited politic cavalier close exhaustive tip-top top-notch pretty adulatory complimentary high-bred highbred flattering preux studied pinpoint judicious welcome happy well-respected high-class well-placed upper-class grandiose hairline congenial consonant timely consistent pleasing fair forced honest de règle spot-on slow-moving reputable admirable the done thing in keeping laboured unnatural strained trustworthy genial cordial pleasant kind seasonable clean-living frigid unrelaxed icy considerate thoughtful neat above board tidy estimable complaisant labored au fait creditable moderate redoubtable sublime well-thought-of mediocre redoubted of good repute bourgeois well spoken soft-spoken well brought up well-spoken highly regarded suburban parochial Pooterish Biedermeier dogmatic exalted laborious lordly kingly small-town assiduous conscionable observant formalistic overconscientious heedful punctual eminent unbending received sombre highfalutin' great somber grave nifty unsympathetic aloof remote unfriendly detached haughty popular common right on good eye withdrawn unsocial reticent antisocial unforthcoming unresponsive undemonstrative unapproachable uncommunicative taciturn recognized mainstream normal self-respecting authoritative prevailing canonical authorized prevalent traditionalistic familiar ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard acknowledged brassbound paleoconservative archconservative well established kosher routine derivative well-established keeping people at arm's length stand-offish legitimate authorised sanctioned admitted recognised rightful sound according to the book


Shy and fond of being on one's own
demure modest bashful coy retiring shy diffident reserved unassuming reticent decorous meek prim mild prissy proper quiet timid decent ladylike respectable sedate seemly shrinking sober staid strait-laced timorous chaste innocent maidenly priggish pure virginal virtuous backward coquettish down-to-earth goody-goody humble introverted kittenish lowly old-maidish puritanical recessive self-effacing sheepish starchy straight unpretentious withdrawn affected niminy-piminy retired square uptight blushing close earnest nice serious silent skittish solemn unassertive unassured prim and proper virgin immaculate vestal wholesome clean undefiled uncorrupted G-rated unblemished celibate unsullied unwed moral maiden incorrupt unmarried self-restrained self-denying abstinent uncontaminated sinless simple refined continent elegant restrained austere unaffected inexperienced subdued neat impotent intemerate monogamous controlled pure as the driven snow flirtatious arch simpering aw-shucks overmodest rabbity evasive unstained platonic stainless spotless polite intact nunlike guiltless in good taste untarnished good upright faithful squeaky clean free of sin self-conscious apprehensive embarrassed nervous insecure fearful hesitant inhibited reluctant unconfident constrained reclusive mousy wary unsociable faint-hearted withdrawing abashed shamefaced undemonstrative introvert standoffish trembling quaking cowering media-shy weak-kneed unsure blushful suspicious easily frightened yellow cowardly discreet ashamed unpresuming chicken afraid scared repressed inward-looking wimpish sissy gutless yellow-bellied uncommunicative unobtrusive private poor-spirited recreant tentative secretive chary cold thoughtful nongregarious cool solitary offish soft-spoken cautious mim declining costive doubtful flushed reddening humiliated flushing uncertain self-doubting frustrated guarded docile uncomfortable uneasy apologetic distrustful dubious blenching flinching unpoised turning red red-faced taciturn distant unforthcoming tongue-tied aloof passionless unresponsive introspective severe ill at ease remote hung up lacking courage detached seclusive secret eremitic delicate unboastful indrawn self-contained temperate bottled up hermitic anchoritic eremitical socially inhibited stand-offish weak spineless unaffable unexpansive mousey scary fearsome trepidatious tremulous fainthearted contemplative pensive self-absorbed self-interested unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious retreated recluse uncurious casual uninterested indifferent uncompanionable daunted meditative weak-willed reflective unmanly lily-livered collected boneless ruminative spiritless close-mouthed inner-directed craven self-centred pigeon-hearted not forward moderate unpretending resigned prudent faint frightened shuddering jumpy chicken-hearted jittery soft irresolute feart half-hearted chicken-livered easily scared weakling nervy self-centered doubting verecund recoiling pusillanimous spooked wet wimpy candy-assed easily embarrassed funky


Bigoted, intolerant, or prejudiced
narrow-minded illiberal intolerant provincial insular parochial petty small-minded conservative reactionary narrow prejudiced biased bigoted short-sighted conventional hidebound blinkered close-minded localist petty-minded small-town ultra-conservative diehard dyed-in-the-wool inward-looking myopic sectarian strait-laced dogmatic entrenched inflexible limited partisan restricted rigid discriminatory moralistic priggish prim puritanical starchy stuffy blimpish chauvinist chauvinistic Lilliputian little nationalistic opinionated parish-pump picayune prissy racialist racist sexist shockable small claustral jerkwater closed-minded pigheaded unenlarged puritan obdurate borné inexorable partial local sectional regional one-sided confined fanatical set xenophobic jaundiced selfish uncharitable unfair uncompromising mean localized ungenerous unsophisticated localised unimaginative parti pris unadventurous factional contained district exclusive town civic parish geographical divisional bounded territorial vernacular neighborhood warped grudging unjust fundamentalist neighbourhood doctrinaire stingy anti-gay homophobic anti-Semitic heterosexist individualistic circumscribed distorted extreme introverted shallow hick constricted lopsided one-eyed short-term improvident closed suburban twisted contracted secluded sequestered separated clannish cliquish uninformed self-centred set in one's ways schismatic shabby spiteful upcountry corn-fed jingoistic obstinate extremist fanatic denominational homespun rude unpolished outmoded pastoral bucolic simple homegrown unfashionable cheap self-centered slanted mean-minded lacking foresight delimited particular specific contemptible malicious mean-spirited resentful vindictive inequitable religious sceptical nonconforming skeptical dissident nonconformist splinter constrained non-objective loaded weighted unobjective influenced coloured unsympathetic ageist disablist conditioned unforgiving dictatorial separate divided prepossessed classist fattist inclined blind presupposing predisposed intransigent leaning colored preconceived personal private special group individual irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse antipathetic indignant unindulgent snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish contemptuous unforbearing hateful fractious disdainful tilted separatist national party class racial traditional orthodox unprogressive ultraconservative brassbound paleoconservative standpat traditionalistic unenlightened authoritarian tight sordid archconservative mossbacked strict despotic undemocratic parsimonious miserly alt-right anti-democratic oppressive repressive tightfisted totalitarian party political close-fisted draconian fascist tyrannical proscriptive greedy antiliberal penny-pinching intractable legendary old-school old-fashioned old-line buttoned-down button-down die-hard set in your ways hard-line set in one's opinions fixed in one's views


Embarrassed or guilty because of one's actions, characteristics, or associations
ashamed guilty sorry shamefaced distressed embarrassed sheepish abashed chagrined humiliated mortified remorseful conscience-stricken discomfited red-faced contrite humbled penitent regretful repentant shy upset apologetic blushing flustered guilt-ridden hangdog rueful self-conscious uncomfortable bashful compunctious crestfallen shamed discountenanced debased demeaned deterred disconcerted distraught humble meek muddled reserved restrained stammering stuttering submissive in sackcloth and ashes blush to think of chastened self-reproachful disgraced full of regret attritional sorrowful penitential degraded dishonored dishonoured mournful awkward discredited abject flushed sad atoning shown up self-condemnatory cheap afraid with one's tail between one's legs propitiatory supplicating self-incriminating bad on one's knees in disgrace disturbed troubled hot and bothered sweating abased cheapened awful terrible repenting rotten stigmatized modest timid coy self-accusing disappointed stigmatised reddening flushing repining deprecatory put to shame woeful melancholy made to eat humble pie put down conciliatory explanatory expiatory self-effacing diffident unsettled thrown uneasy dismal turning red blushful discomposed plaintive lugubrious woebegone grievous pitiful doleful nervous pitiable deplorable put out of countenance shown-up ill at ease insignificant diminished caught with egg on your face not know where to put yourself stupid tarred and feathered foolish whipped chastised disdained derided low deflated condemned belittled small disparaged shunned crushed reviled scorned mocked inferior fallen castigated with egg on one's face wishing the earth would swallow one up

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