Đồng nghĩa của fearsome

Alternative for fearsome

fearsome /'fiəsəm/
  • tính từ, (thường), quya ghê sợ, đáng sợ, dữ tợn
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) sợ, sợ hãi, sợ sệt


Frightening, especially in appearance
frightening terrifying alarming formidable horrifying hair-raising horrendous menacing appalling awesome daunting dismaying forbidding spine-chilling unnerving awe-inspiring dreadful scary awful chilling startling dire direful disquieting disturbing dread fearful frightful ghastly harrowing horrible imposing impressive intimidating mean-looking monstrous redoubtable shocking terrible tremendous baleful hairy hellacious afraid distressing massive powerful striking grim gruesome hideous horrid petrifying spooky creepy sinister grisly horrific macabre threatening eerie ominous nightmarish bloodcurdling unspeakable lurid dangerous scaring atrocious terrific grievous grewsome overwhelming worrying gloomy unearthly revolting repulsive dismal godawful blood-curdling bad grotesque unsettling morbid perturbing foreboding ghostly bleak upsetting depressing ugly calamitous dark bodeful offensive vile nightmare spine-tingling wretched sickening abysmal disgusting brooding disconcerting severe abominable traumatic eldritch ghoulish loathsome serious grave bullying shuddersome weird lamentable from hell minatory warning minacious hostile solemn disheartening foul unwelcoming inauspicious nerve-racking inhospitable unpleasant repellent odious obscene outrageous off-putting gross evil desperate glowering tragic nasty ferocious abhorrent hellish dreaded disastrous black miserable portentous repugnant fierce cold sepulchral funereal parlous gory beastly extreme shadowy heinous lousy deplorable spookish shady causing fear wicked unfortunate perplexing bone-chilling admonitory feared Kafkaesque strong mighty eery comminatory cautionary minatorial unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing pressuring terrorising overpowering commanding doughty invincible indomitable resolute terribly bad very bad discouraging unreal nightmarey phantasmagorical valiant thrilling demoralizing strange sublime astounding hateful fateful unpropitious baneful unlucky apocalyptic imminent courageous brave breathtaking exciting harsh all-powerful execrable egregious insufferable rough tough unfavorable unfavourable rotten vicious inconvenient punk unwelcome excessive frozen icky shameful gnarly grody mean adverse disadvantageous austere disagreeable hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful extraordinary pulse-pounding dispiriting like death warmed up dour uncomfortable hard rugged unfriendly shivery shuddery causing excitement catastrophic ruinous uninviting exacting challenging taxing fazing negative stark jarring woeful crying pressing cataclysmic critical crucial unpromising evil-looking cruel urgent untoward drastic demoralising abnormal unnatural crippling hopeless irretrievable devastating intimidatory doomy ill-boding looming ill thunderous life-threatening perilous chronic exigent louring oppressing scowling heartbreaking regrettable afflictive sombre somber suggestive of evil misshapen freakish malformed glum dreary melancholic melancholy dispirited depressive desolate morose cheerless approaching lowering overhanging sullen tenebrous sad unpretty mutant unappealing unhandsome miscreated unbeautiful unattractive distorted shapeless ill-favored deformed unlovely unpleasing unsightly homely uncomely teratoid pitiless gray mournful dingy murky grey drab mirthless lugubrious drear scandalous fiendish disgraceful sick unhealthy nauseating ill-favoured God-awful death-obsessed stupefying heartstopping stunning rancid astonishing distasteful repellant fulsome amazing bewildering noxious agitating obnoxious staggering noisome nauseous surprising glaring detestable objectionable despicable contemptible disgustful yucky reprehensible loathly displeasing sick-making intolerable unpalatable unsavoury unsavory yucko putrid diabolical stinking dirty beyond the pale bogging filthy indecent skanky poor unacceptable vulgar pathetic smutty improper base inexcusable pitiful coarse gut-churning crummy scurvy inhuman sorry infamous immodest raunchy unsatisfactory vomitous immoral stomach-turning grotty stomach-churning rank unseemly inadequate rude unforgivable shameless crude unbearable savage pits malodorous wanton iniquitous exceptionable vomit-inducing rebarbative undesirable unutterable lewd pitiable inferior ungodly troublesome annoying duff indescribable poxy fetid bitter nefarious sordid suggestive barbarous opprobrious unclean ribald pants painful salacious brutal festy villainous unreasonable bawdy foetid irritating insupportable disreputable flagitious useless unpardonable distressful unappetizing substandard mephitic unholy criminal galling off-color X-rated prurient a load of pants impolite embarrassing uncongenial difficult bestial indecorous tasteless blue indelicate scurrilous dislikeable irksome cheap violent on the nose ignominious impure profane uncivilised uncivilized unfair lascivious unwholesome unhappy sleazy smelly indiscreet paltry ignoble cringe-making sour yukky low grubby cruddy rubbish troubling dishonourable invidious niffy preposterous olid disappointing degrading discomposing great licentious pornographic risqué vexing dishonorable barbaric excruciating ridiculous abusive hurtful ruthless immoderate damnable poisonous too much over the top discourteous extravagant scabrous bum squalid discreditable bloody humiliating low-down brutish foul-smelling evil-smelling indefensible sinful pongy stinky whiffy grimy funky lame scabby scummy sneaking ratty flagrant laughable miasmal discomforting ropy trashy undignified inglorious onerous crushing blameworthy worrisome unrestrained poignant racy scatological emetic unconventional loose vexatious scatologic unprintable dislikable mortifying accursed unchaste cursed sober boorish raw uncivil unmannerly gut-wrenching inappropriate agonizing naughty pestiferous crass impossible porno unconscionable agonising acrid polluted nagging sedate inordinate smudged bedraggled befouled sullied bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy illegal stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike grungy begrimed soiled rubbishy explicit poison revulsive shoddy taboo merciless notorious third-rate unworthy ineffable infernal unsuitable depraved exasperating sanguine unbecoming devilish unfitting bothersome juicy abject burdensome animal repelling reptilian discommoding unrespectable shabby beyond contempt shaming exorbitant steep unendurable insulting unwarranted concerning hated inept stimulating murderous unjustifiable trying provoking salty OTT wearisome huckery uncanny saddening knavish unbelievable inconceivable unkind purple sucky spicy catty heavy vilifying troublous as ugly as sin brute sadistic freaky doleful over-the-top stressful impertinent insolent lustful toilsome heartrending sorrowful inexpressible haunting oppressive censurable wrong brackish weighty reeking affronting unmentionable irrational dolorous unlikable barnyard humourless humorless uncool pesky aggravating uncouth ill-bred porny hateable biting cutting out of keeping gutter churlish ill-mannered testing yecchy stag heart-rending ornery fruity deadly saucy adult acute off colour locker-room near the knuckle near the bone unthinkable unamusing bloodthirsty satanic callous lou beast mediocre bungling second-rate real incorrigible aberrant senseless de trop eccentric foolish detested loathed right tricky black-hearted unprincipled exhilarating rip-roaring exhilarant rousing electrifying beneath contempt blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder unheroic unsuccessful unsocial absurd unimaginable abominated despised execrated demanding feeble tenth-rate sickly proper backbiting untrue maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting demeaning failed blood-stained intense harmful highly improper fugly misproportioned chunderous piggish gluttonous swinish degraded feral ferine carnal slimy torturous defective confounded sensational inhumane heartless butcherly truculent beyond words preternatural undefinable deleterious pernicious injurious mischievous red hot confronting tainted diseased offending reviled louche shy dastardly graphic exaggerated facinorous cacodemonic indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil embittering pestilential tormenting fraught irregular rocky woozy very disgusting stirring faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic dim deathlike corpselike anemic weak flavorless insipid flavourless yicky savorless flat melodramatic very unpleasant disrespectful pill heel untold undescribable reeky tragical afflicting affecting awkward downer bummer faulty insalutary musty stenchy high fusty irritable troubled frustrating unrelenting sexy not much cop too horrible for words anguished frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty like the back end of a bus surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy gamy pigpen ripe antisocial not on nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking mephitical distressed derogatory wounding Rabelaisian sensationalist overdramatized colourful tiresome intrusive consequential impeding disruptive harassing laborious inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed disconsolate joyless rueful comfortless paralysing earth-shattering not up to snuff provocative personal impudent slighting entertaining off-colored broad lively off gamey averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic kitschy pulp disfigured porn skin nudge-nudge outre dejecting dolesome hefty against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign plain-featured plain-looking disparaging contemptuous libellous libelous unprepossessing unrefined loutish brash bad-mannered colloquial unpolished derisive lowbrow tactless inelegant ungracious uncultured tawdry vituperative blasphemous plain heart-pounding shattering paralyzing erotic close to the bone undecorous foulmouthed in poor taste moving depressed late unheard of undue in opposition unladylike ungentlemanly shock-horror tacky vivid ill-fated sobering fatal forlorn strenuous earnest ill-starred destructive far-reaching yellow full-frontal piteous pensive heart-wrenching lachrymose derisible plangent out of line out of order not the done thing over the fence a bit much bold forward very great fiery deep colorful distinct garish inapt incorrect inapposite unvirtuous tear-jerking overextravagant unnecessary insane plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy unmerciful disproportionate needless overmuch overdue overweening stiff forbidden off-colour fresh cheeky brazen perverse incongruous amiss infelicitous malapropos unfit unapt graceless uncalled for prohibited proscribed not quite the thing sneaky conscienceless unjust illogical interdicted banned censored bad-looking short on looks hard-favoured hard-featured abrupt maddening out of the way out of place in bad taste sudden O.T.T. extortionate too great malevolent disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious corrupt degenerate sharp frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits impermissible restricted off-limits unceremonious not to be spoken of no go unexpected that dare not speak its name unanticipated brusque swift unforgiving quick unforeseen immediate rapid unpredicted hasty


Faint of heart and easily frightened
fearful skittish timid timorous fainthearted mousey mousy scary shy tremulous alarmed apprehensive panicky scared worried diffident unassertive shrinking hesitant self-effacing nervous meek frightened reticent afraid cowardly bashful unconfident cowering quiet gutless yellow unassuming lily-livered wimpy cowed weak spineless intimidated anxious excited uncertain agitated ineffectual antsy jumpy jittery agog reluctant doubting withdrawn unforthcoming introverted wary suspicious chary introvert unobtrusive having cold feet indeterminate plain pale colourless colorless spiritless distrustful unsure feeble irresolute quaking trembling weak-kneed modest reserved demure easily frightened lacking courage sissy faint-hearted coy wimpish retiring humble chicken yellow-bellied trepidatious faint recreant shuddering poor-spirited tentative sheepish backward insecure restrained recessive self-conscious inhibited aw-shucks embarrassed prim unpretentious constrained silent unsociable shamefaced reclusive mild subdued blushing lowly undemonstrative prudish strait-laced inward-looking uncommunicative submissive unostentatious old-maidish niminy-piminy abashed unpresuming down-to-earth uncomfortable inconspicuous uptight thoughtful private uneasy secretive cool solitary offish standoffish cold retired rabbity unassured media-shy nongregarious affected unambitious ill at ease mim terrified passive costive simple repressed doubtful frustrated guarded self-doubting unaffected natural genuine low-key unaggressive introspective ashamed low-profile unnoticeable tongue-tied unpretending artless ordinary ingenuous dubious blenching flinching unpoised passionless unresponsive withdrawing seclusive secret eremitic fussy indrawn self-contained hermitic anchoritic eremitical hung up contemplative pensive self-absorbed self-interested unaffable unexpansive keeping a low profile pernickety niggly finicky bottled up meditative reflective soft-spoken cautious collected ruminative close-mouthed inner-directed self-centred not forward self-centered overcautious overparticular awkward unnatural tense edgy taciturn distant strained gauche aloof stiff mannered artificial stilted ill-at-ease discomfited old-womanish remote overmodest verecund recoiling blushful detached deferential out of countenance decorous socially inhibited stand-offish easily embarrassed obsequious servile like a fish out of water unsure of yourself proper prissy acquiescent soft obedient unresisting tame unprotesting yielding obliging lamblike compliant unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious retreated recluse uncurious casual uninterested indifferent uncompanionable sober respectable seemly ladylike sedate staid decent innocent virginal pure chaste maidenly virtuous priggish gentle reverential subservient kittenish straight puritanical coquettish goody-goody starchy biddable polite docile resistless supplicatory square manageable tractable sycophantic close earnest serious nice solemn prim and proper


Significant or extreme in degree or intensity
intense acute fierce deep terrible profound ferocious heavy dreadful keen violent almighty vicious vehement blistering furious excruciating frightful hard explosive hellacious ghastly intensive exquisite fearful heavy-duty extreme strong severe powerful serious great concentrated sharp burning searing raging excessive consuming forceful agonizing agonising flaming heightened harsh unbearable uncontrollable insufferable piercing vigorous overwhelming very great frenzied thorough passionate grievous major total drastic full fervent extraordinary tough energetic exceptional hellish earnest strenuous harrowing wild close ardent urgent fiery torturous penetrating racking torrid hot tormenting marked cutting overpowering all-consuming unendurable heated stormy turbulent deep-seated shrill blustery potent poignant tumultuous tempestuous biting devastating bitter forcible storming desperate volcanic durable industrial-strength real sound right impossible proper heavyweight long-lasting pronounced diabolical grave unstoppable awful inexcusable dire unforgivable reprehensible indefensible disgraceful shameful parlous very bad transcending heartfelt relentless sincere compelling emotional wholehearted fervid zealous boiling baking scorching enormous supreme impassioned abject eager fanatical high heartrending protracted intensified unqualified sizzling roasting significant deep-rooted deepest deeply felt hearty undue diligent exaggerated feverish sweltering blazing perfervid strained vivid pungent stinging critical tropical parching withering mother of all cut-throat warm-blooded cyclonic gusty exhaustive scalding resounding ungovernable inordinate inclement menacing boisterous volatile thundery squally bumpy thunderous windy savage howling rabid rampaging uncontrolled rampant intemperate riotous unrestrained complete typhonic blustering rough swirling choppy destructive uncurbed immoderate inflamed unchecked unbridled unmanageable unfettered emphatic blazing hot blistery baking hot broiling red-hot convulsive painful enraged ruinous peppery all-out in-depth detailed comprehensive concerted chaotic restless roaring rugged stormful paroxysmal dynamic outrageous aroused coercive boiling hot very hot all-inclusive all-absorbing all-encompassing thoroughgoing painstaking demanding out of control full of force gale force like a furnace assiduous conscientious all-embracing meticulous scrupulous methodical minute shooting stabbing sedulous sweeping extensive searching high-pressure elaborate determined widespread resolute rigorous careful distressing out-and-out persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up radical peracute sudden finely tuned tremendous aggressive incredible dramatic brutal mighty remarkable indescribable prodigious intolerable oppressive assertive unrelenting unutterable enthusiastic active committed dedicated crushing spirited tenacious titanic gut-wrenching dogged weighty punishing gutsy telling steadfast impressive punchy unwavering pounding intent excellent muscular puissant wrenching stirring powerhouse cruel bold onerous difficult brisk marvelous marvellous ambitious grim bad staunch hefty hard-hitting irresistible vital disturbing robust steady maximum thumping utmost smarting big driving true avid ruthless absorbing formidable sore arduous laborious compulsive devout massive torturing grueling splitting passional affecting uncompromising superb constant gruelling driven full-blooded upsetting firm exhausting loyal faithful taxing consummate exacting persuasive rousing galling exciting enterprising focused heartbreaking arresting unsparing obstinate heart-rending trying stiff thrilling in-your-face afflicting worrying burdensome tortuous single-minded gripping persevering tearing militant purposeful influential unbending uttermost unfaltering focussed stubborn incommunicable mean phenomenal pulling no punches besetting complex enthralling tireless fixed engrossing top stupendous abstruse awesome warm devouring immense herculean fascinating mettlesome considerable complicated dangerous colossal gigantic amazing stark dominating obsessive knifelike irrepressible stifling pervasive indefatigable uncommunicable raw riveting intriguing engaging moving touching brilliant outstanding ultimate suffocating towering blunt gargantuan devoted sad tedious unpleasant attentive involving mortal overriding tender fabulous settled strict plucky cloying effective killing high-powered distinct unswerving super troublesome lusty deadly good consequential unforgiving knockout unflagging dependable Herculean merciless sentimental heady unremitting inspiring untiring all out reliable insane cool resolved pushy very strong toilsome wonderful wretched miserable pitiless unyielding distressful smart hardhanded hardy hurtful tragic daring stressful rotten strong-willed unmerciful hot-blooded pious murderous decisive self-assertive momentous remorseless grinding sure absolute afflictive true-blue down-the-line stalwart stanch calamitous out of this world inhuman offensive struggling unalloyed unadulterated suffering deliberate bound really hard inexorable very hard hard-hearted enduring abiding immovable allegiant first-rate certain unquestioning rigid first-class never-failing competitive frantic dog-eat-dog inexpressible high-energy shrewd cordial genuine entrenched hard-core unfeigned honest rooted intrenched repressive undescribable amorous contentious caustic throbbing inveterate bona fide paralyzing paralysing drilling alert annihilatory gluttonous corrosive voracious insatiable edacious far-reaching stout supportive prickly twingeing tingling wearisome industrious pertinacious pressing ablaze tormentous anguishing confirmed bred-in-the-bone valid cogent challenging daunting wearying charged clamorous stringent virile unmixed crucial enthused melodramatic red-blooded achy gnawing hurting recondite solemn labored confused te knotty testing ponderous convincing pleading life-threatening disastrous disagreeable overemotional emotive crying telescoped crash out and out preoccupying backbreaking tiring punitive crippling austere nasty beseeching entreating begging obscure mightful exigent desolating damaging annihilating magnificent back-breaking fatiguing bruising toilful exorbitant unconscionable swingeing overweening steep draconian strengthy strengthful immersing interesting maximal plausible armed bleak efficient efficacious hazardous threatening ugly captivating vexatious disquieting bludgeoning unwelcome unhappy distasteful yucky chilling unlovely unpleasing yukky traumatic sour wicked unpalatable displeasing uncongenial unsavory very grave climacteric torrential spectacular egregious downright tiresome forbidding thorny operose uphill bothersome staggering upstream wearing intimidating cumbersome draining debilitating hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue devilish importunate whole icky mortifying true blue sobering precarious perilous hypnotic mesmeric spellbinding nauseating extremely painful eloquent conclusive credible unanswerable compulsory entire unsavoury provoking annoying clamant self-asserting pushing pressurizing go-getting crazy fantastic unbelievable unreal utter round-the-clock total-immersion laboured paramount highest greatest hairy energy-consuming sapping killer effortful overbearing shattering sickly astringent acrid sickening nauseous all-powerful copious enchanting entrancing transfixing mesmerizing rich spicy hopped up gung ho rending cringe-making infuriating embarrassing stultifying chastening torturesome toe-curling irritating pushful pressured thrusting incomprehensible enigmatic esoteric abstract thundering gross uber sheer preposterous arrant rank flagrant veritable pure ridiculous terrific far out dominant commanding sublime superlative breathtaking fetid aromatic unmistakable invincible mephitic hard-working pressurising loud horrendous horrific horrible nagging exclusive addictive lustful teeming bucketing pouring drenching rounded fattening fatty buttery succulent oily creamy sensational splendid not taking no for an answer overshadowing foetid pathetic sovereign fleet whirlwind swift nippy snappy lightning fleet-footed quick speedy breathless rapid-fire galloping zippy rapid flying dizzy breakneck rattling hasty unbroken undistracted collective elemental involved unfathomable arcane trusty mesmerising woeful overmastering appalling irrefutable abominable unmitigated unshared consistent engrossed unreserved swell imposing awe-inspiring groovy dandy delicious lavish glorious primo grand divine striking like wow majestic hunky-dory monumental stately luxurious decided surpassing resilient greatest possible vibrant calorific united absorbed piteous pitiful sonorous resonant set do-or-die positive motivated out unputdownable unanimous continued shocking godawful lousy vile atrocious beastly unshakeable pitiable saddening sorrowful humungous humongous monstrous giant circumspect all vigilant lock stock and barrel dense undivided iron-willed feisty plush obdurate stable liege immobile adamant tried-and-true trustworthy unmovable changeless established telelogical hell-bent on bent on bent upon playing hard ball dead set on undeviating mean business bent calculated be out for blood hell-bent upon nose to the grindstone accomplished impactful mournful tearful hammering lashing hard-nosed unflinching hot and heavy skilled skillful skilful admirable masterly astronomic rare leviathan max vast mountainous ginormous astronomical tear-jerking plaintive sheeting down sagacious self-confident audible clear clarion ace stellar crack world-class expert fine full-bodied agitating nostalgic perturbing expressive strong-minded brave gritty courageous gee-whizz important cracking crash-hot nifty independent perceptive heroic indomitable unhesitating take charge wizard callous stern cold firm in spirit keen as mustard animated confident two-fisted stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful ringing as clear as a bell bell-like amazeballs crackerjack well-done authoritarian unfeeling unkind implacable hostile cold-blooded affectless desensitised heavy-handed heartless no-nonsense tyrannical stoney browbeating gruff unsympathetic bullying stony-hearted compassionless desensitized hardhearted ironfisted ironhearted uncharitable cold-hearted insensitive stonyhearted take-no-prisoners more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear


Having a harsh or menacing demeanor or nature
steely stern grim forbidding severe dour fierce flinty austere intimidating gruff ungentle harsh louring stark ferocious lowering rough vicious threatening fiery rugged pitiless unrestrained callous fiendish frightening frightful beastly cutthroat bestial hellish horrible venomous savage wild violent barbaric cruel dangerous menacing murderous furious aggressive brutal feral untamed unruly fell unmerciful malignant rabid terrible merciless malevolent brute ruthless barbarous bloodthirsty convulsive heartless impetuous raging baleful delirious truculent brutish monstrous sadistic undomesticated incessive remorseless uncontrollable inhuman raving enraged inhumane hard fearful infuriated angry frantic mad crazed butcherly rapacious animalistic biffo tigerish aggers primitive uncivilized ferine uncivilised uncultivated natural uncultured ravening predatory barbarian animal beastlike unsophisticated heathen rude nonliterate uneducated heathenish uncivil ignorant wolfish vile Neanderthal depraved villainous wicked abhorrent animalian swinish Neandertal abandoned bearish subhuman wilding unbroken theriomorphic theroid non-literate zoomorphic zoic atrocious boorish uncouth vulgar diabolical philistine goatish beast-like zoological zoologic treacherous heinous cold-blooded jungli coarse bad bloody corrupt foul illiterate thuggish loutish crude oafish awful degraded immoral dreadful homicidal degenerate wanton infamous worthless unrefined unpolished benighted gross debased sanguinary profligate unprincipled sinful naive simple lowbrow unmannered yobbish ill-mannered ill-bred licentious lewd miscreant contaminated reprobate putrid flagitious perverse impious base faulty insubordinate impure indecent demoralized reprehensible demoralised libidinous hostile unsafe sinister undeveloped childlike intimidatory dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous nasty spiteful mean innocent desperate rancorous minatory deadly viperous hurtful minacious nefarious serpentine malicious dark rowdy vindictive evil untutored untrained dewy-eyed naif artless uncritical untaught unsuspicious unaffected green unknowing simpleminded unpretentious dewy wide-eyed unworldly unwary ingenuous unsuspecting aw-shucks unlearned raw atavistic vestigial underdeveloped


Possessing great and impressive power or strength, especially because of size
mighty big ferocious Herculean manful muscular potent robust strapping sturdy tough energetic stout vigorous strong rugged stalwart brawny powerful burly sinewy solid athletic husky lusty hardy well built hefty buff hearty beefy stark able-bodied powerfully built ripped well-built sound firm substantial thickset shredded jacked thewy hunky hale fit staunch healthy durable hulking muscly meaty herculean heavy muscle-bound capable bulky hard solidly built hardened stocky toughened mesomorphic well muscled hale and hearty in good health resilient inured in good shape broad-shouldered forceful fit as a fiddle manly cast-iron hard-bitten secure active well-made chunky enduring tenacious able stiff formidable heavy-duty well-knit hard as nails fighting fit well heavyweight well knit resistant in good condition powerhouse as strong as an ox in fine fettle built to last muscled bruising seasoned hard-wearing hulky obdurate gigantic pumped up fleshy great broad big and strong overpowering vital heavily built imposing redoubtable wholesome well-conditioned whole bouncing in rude health unflagging indefatigable physically fit acclimatised acclimatized fresh lumbering sturdily built gargantuan massive colossal towering huge tall mammoth right as rain in shape full-blooded in good trim in the pink in tip-top condition tiger well-developed ropy stringy musclebound wiry swole rigid inflexible unbreakable leathery as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea indestructible tough as nails cohesive tight withstanding dense steeled moulded long-lasting made to last molded conditioned strongly made well made iron flourishing decisive enthusiastic stouthearted strong-arm strenuous sound in body and limb influential important significant forcible reinforced unyielding fixed steady stable puissant well-founded in fine feather masculine virile red-blooded male toned macho mannish trim manlike sporty hunk beefcake butch bold brave all-male built gallant in trim courageous bursting with health lean stout-hearted man-size man-sized swashbuckling fine two-fisted aerobicized lively bullish valiant daring fearless chiseled heroic valorous he-man chivalrous chiselled as strong as a horse intrepid lionhearted physical agile nimble lithe resolute nuggety cobby generative pyknic blooming jock stud squabby thick thriving spunky peppy dynamic flush gingery full of life as strong as a lion in top form cut devoid of fat handsome finely honed buffed out buffed young full-bodied portly gorillalike healthful girthy A1 plucky buxom fertile studly fecund laddish bursting with good health adventurous dauntless hulk ox ample pursy abdominous vibrant reproductive procreative driving sexually potent doughty mettlesome Ramboesque determined gutsy rude lion-hearted colt audacious jockstrap stately confident self-reliant noble dignified undaunted abled bullnecked ballsy roaring rough well set-up slim well-proportioned toned up as right as rain strong-featured supple alive and kicking as strong as a ox dumpy heavyset stubby squat stumpy invincible indomitable squatty stodgy unfeminine outdoorsy outdoor restored safe and sound normal chipper rosy-cheeked unimpaired OK Amazonian unladylike sports-loving ape adult stallion honourable boyish hairy caveman honorable bull-necked bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health bright-eyed up to snuff in good kilter fit as a flea in good physical shape all right big-boned good at sports chauvinist aggressively masculine viragoish viraginous tomboyish mannified masc unwomanly hoydenish all man


unsafe dangerous risky hazardous perilous threatening insecure precarious treacherous unsound vulnerable menacing defenseless defenceless exposed high-risk life-threatening chancy destructive grave grievous hairy harmful injurious jeopardising jeopardizing malignant parlous serious threatened toxic uncertain unhealthy unreliable unstable venturesome dodgy unprotected alarming erratic explosive rickety slippery ticklish tottering touchy undependable unsteady untrustworthy wobbly open to attack on a limb on thin ice touch and go hanging by a thread dicey touch-and-go tricky gnarly fraught with danger unpredictable delicate iffy sticky problematic shaky difficult rocky critical unsure in danger dubious problematical wicked at risk playing with fire desperate unchancy thorny unsettled speculative terrifying jeopardous dynamite awkward sensitive shonky doubtful Russian roulette in jeopardy volatile death-defying endangered loaded hot lethal nasty capricious ugly combustible deadly fatal wide-open inflammable out on a limb not safe exigent daring prickly tricksy tough catchy knotty spiny ominous haphazard tight unclear unsecure rugged extreme taxing suspenseful cliffhanging fluctuant scary incalculable reckless unknown hanging in the balance on a slippery slope built on sand long shot on slippery ground daredevil flammable in the balance disappearing in peril dying out breakneck unguarded ill-protected unshielded deathly unlocked assailable undefended warned imperiled jeopardized ignitable burnable incendiary dangersome pregnable unfastened unsecured unbolted turbulent eruptive disastrous charged tense full of upheavals inflammatory potentially violent in turmoil fiery ignitible combustive incurable severe capital acute poisonous mortal overwrought worrying anxious strained stressful volcanic jeopardised imperilled very dangerous nerve-racking highly charged knife-edge

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