Đồng nghĩa của astringent

Alternative for astringent


Đồng nghĩa: acerb, acerbic, astringent drug, styptic,

Tính từ

Causing the contraction of skin cells and other body tissues

Tính từ

Sharp or severe in manner or style
severe harsh acerbic caustic stern austere mordant sharp cutting rough exacting incisive penetrating piercing sarcastic sardonic scathing searing stinging strict trenchant acerb cruel grim hard hurtful poisonous rigid rigorous spiteful unkind vicious waspish wounding acidulous catty mordacious sarky snarky stringent acetic acrid biting bitter tonic acid tart pungent acidic vitriolic acrimonious venomous corrosive virulent keen barbed nasty critical satirical devastating satiric scalding sour pointed malicious smart-mouthed savage smart-aleck smart-alecky withering razor-edged vinegary hostile acetous rancorous unpleasant acidulated mean vindictive tangy blistering unfriendly fierce polemic unsweetened scornful hateful piquant rapier-like strong malignant acute malign unsparing maleficent malefic rude distasteful burning evil-intentioned ferocious malevolent slashing zingy scorching sourish tartish antagonistic brutal pernicious derisive zesty aggressive truculent splenetic salty abrasive dry polemical churlish resentful telling baleful mocking forceful abusive poignant snappy belittling vinegarish envenomed ill-natured amaroidal acetose pithy peppery acidy vituperative extremely critical brusque squint-eyed ironic controversial corroding cynical contentious sound unblunted contemptuous disparaging despiteful heartless merciless disrespectful smart offensive bad callous absinthian absinthal argumentative disputatious violent vitriolous stabbing unrelenting edged pitiless irascible provocative salt exciting racy witty stimulating sadistic menacing grudging hate-filled evil crabbed ruthless wanton snide cold-blooded smarting dripping with malice stinking overpowering sharp-tasting vengeful bilious hot with a kick briny soured green dirty viperous ornery destructive viperish toxicant cussed nippy taunting dripping venom full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose snappish snippy testy short disapproving active strong-smelling suffocating odorous vigorous emphatic forthright driving clear crisp explicit powerful distinct effective blunt potent unequivocal edgy crushing razor-sharp sneering scoffing ridiculing ironical jeering derisory derogatory insulting slighting denigratory jibing curt irreverent lampooning chaffing contumelious laconic disdainful double-edged teasing dismissive detracting pillorying wry deprecatory backhanded tongue-in-cheek uncomplimentary backbiting tough inconsiderate irritating ridiculous burlesque grievous arrogant spicy farcical snidey vehement deprecating angry galling insinuating terse drilling clear-cut impertinent coarse shrewish overwhelming distressing ill-tempered bad-tempered erosive wicked harmful demeaning degrading derogative depreciative detractive decrying pejorative depreciatory denigrative savoury pert savory sharp-worded thoughtless ungracious injurious damaging nauseating grating highly effective slanderous defamatory cold parodying humorous paradoxical spoof bantering spoofing unfeeling annoying contradictory alert atypical clever implausible defiant exaggerated twisted curious quick-witted twitting saucy scurrilous captious needling carping insensitive unsympathetic comfortless weisenheiming spiky gruff Hudibrastic Rabelaisian scathy lousy horrid sly subtle deadpan negative droll hard to take rubbing the wrong way accurate venomed waggish pertinent apathetic discouraging absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical preposterous matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous sharp-tongued poker-faced meaty meaningful right-on short-and-sweet legit pregnant insightful unhelpful excruciating out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky crusty gally sassy nervy laid on the line right to it in a nutshell on the nose boiled down calling a spade a spade on the button agonizing intense undermining disobliging invalidating contrary adverse obstructive awful harrowing terrible intolerable dreadful oppressive torturous discrediting vexatious grueling tormenting unbearable punishing extreme insufferable repressive grave for the birds wrenching painful consuming troublesome racking pounding agonising afflicting gruelling embittered very bad sullen begrudging sore aggrieved hurt disgruntled offended indignant morose discontented wounded dissatisfied choked jaundiced miffed peeved piqued peevish petulant with chip on shoulder put out hard done by grudge-bearing irreconcilable with a chip on one's shoulder crabby ill-disposed sulky

Tính từ

Resembling a squawk
squawky strident screeching grating discordant raucous sharp rasping jarring hoarse cacophonous dissonant stridulous unmelodious noisy croaking raspy rough jangling guttural coarse rusty unmusical scratchy earsplitting clashing rugged caterwauling creaking tuneless acrid asperous bitter bleak cracked craggy disagreeing disturbing dry flat glaring grim hard incompatible jagged rigid severe sour uneven unlevel unrelenting off-key out-of-key out-of-tune not smooth croaky gruff harsh husky gravelly throaty gravel tickly uncomfortable unharmonious brassy penetrating ear-piercing metallic ear-splitting piercing grinding clamorous shrill tumultuous riotous squeaky tinny squawking stridulant growling growly jangly blaring inharmonious loud thick unmelodic boisterous deep unvocal unpleasant blatant low turbulent horrisonant absonant high screechy deafening stridulent irritating high-pitched annoying vexatious wild atonal inappropriate stertorous unsuitable disagreeable furious disharmonious blustering buffeting inharmonic stridulatory out of place maddening ringing clangorous clanging incongruous booming thunderous tempestuous offensive forceful violent vociferant vociferous obstreperous displeasing irksome braying rough-sounding fierce raging choppy agitated grotesque unaesthetic creaky shrieking plinky jingling jingly piping stormy blustery squally ragged roily acute intrusive disharmonic harsh-sounding strong thin roiled inclement dirty heavy ugly stentorian shrieky head-splitting brittle monotone monotonous droning stentorious gular jugular inarticulate glottal sepulchral scratching croupy breathy whispering indistinct persuasive vocal baying rabid ferocious rowdy cacophonic immusical ill-sounding clinking bell-like resounding resonant rocky explosive convulsive infuriating snarling abrasive lively lacking harmony at variance at odds uncongenial out of keeping treble shattering air-rending squeaking whistling exasperating rankling galling reedy paroxysmal volcanic forcible tough harsh sounding niggling tiresome aggravating troublesome out of tune knockabout argute vociferating yowling yawping yauping clamant insensitive vexing ill suited rough-and-tumble conflicting contrasting scraping steep cragged unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic restless swirling screaming crying scurrilous loudmouthed vulgar obtrusive disturbed storming roaring stormful carrying penetrant crisp clearly audible pointed entering puncturing clear-cut infiltrating permeating all-pervading forcing ingoing edged going through passing through

Tính từ

Severe or strict in manner or attitude
austere stern severe strict harsh cold hard formal grim flinty grave rigorous serious stiff unfeeling forbidding solemn dour reserved steely stony chilly frigid frosty icy stringent stuffy unemotional unfriendly unrelenting unsmiling aloof distant exacting inflexible unsympathetic authoritarian fierce gruff illiberal louring rigid tough unbending uncharitable unforgiving unyielding intimidating lowering ramrod remote rough rugged solid earnest inexorable obdurate somber sombre ungentle hard-boiled hard-nosed heavy-handed mean-looking no-nonsense uncompromising oppressive cruel relentless pitiless firm draconian drastic inhuman brutal implacable dire hard-line callous extreme resolute steadfast burdensome humourless trying sober repressive onerous humorless nasty excruciating searing staid grievous bitter sobersided sedate murderous savage hardheaded unsparing single-minded merciless determined imperious unflinching intractable by the book disciplinarian pressing resolved obstinate absolute dyed-in-the-wool dogged hardhearted browbeating mulish hardened ossified formidable ascetical autocratic disciplinary hard-core stiff-necked immovable hard-hearted domineering iron-fisted ascetic bullheaded demanding tyrannical weighty po-faced uncomic stark bleak ruthless heartless unpleasant glum disagreeable insensitive bad unmerciful sadistic ferocious hostile sullen uncaring inhospitable menacing threatening stony-hearted inhumane spartan remorseless unkind difficult dismal cold-blooded awful barbaric barbarous cold-hearted cheerless horrible morose comfortless unhumorous gloomy frightening unpitying hardhanded sinister disapproving frowning deadpan vicious adamant harrowing with a heart of stone dark frightful surly fearsome unfavorable unfavourable straitened glowering despotic dreary thick-skinned terrible cutthroat compassionless desensitized indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted poker-faced heavy ominous truculent dangerous depressing hellish strait-laced uncomfortable disturbing downbeat foreboding distressing joyless desensitised long-faced sad tortuous sour wretched fiery adverse violent desolate unrestrained intense fiendish crushing overbearing beastly indifferent intransigent crabbed bestial ghastly unfortunate brutish negative unmoved unendurable brassbound venomous daunting disheartening funereal sulky wild melancholic grim-faced fell churlish mean discouraging unpermissive exigent hard-hitting immutable inclement cantankerous unwelcome worrying uncompassionate straight-faced critical dreadful gray grey parlous upsetting hopeless inauspicious discomforting stony-faced troubled agonising troublesome quiet cast-iron unpropitious woeful agonizing biting painful detached wicked unloving businesslike dispassionate tormenting maleficent wolfish torturous impenetrable uninviting challenging intemperate tight-lipped unremitting matter-of-fact premeditated imperturbable pokerfaced unapproachable intolerable tyrannous abusive intolerant dictatorial complicated uncommunicative expressionless impassive coldhearted satanic lacking compassion insensible hatchetjob coldblooded dog-eat-dog contemplative pensive scabrous disastrous calamitous suppressive grumpy cross unsentimental overwhelming Spartan bare-bones insufferable barren grinding scowling cool blank taxing splenetic crusty grouchy killer instinct awkward introspective composed ruminative thoughtful reflective subdued desperate refractory headstrong pugnacious hard-shell bad-tempered hard-faced dejected saturnine ugly wearing unbearable tactless two-fisted hard-bitten boot-faced ill-tempered horrendous disadvantageous horrifying hard-shelled high-handed unplayful bound and determined bookish deep in thought thoughtless inconsiderate terrifying unwelcoming disquieting jarring inept undiplomatic bungling aggressive furious untamed feral overstrict forceful coercive OTT excessive untoward disconcerting unruly bloodthirsty malevolent rabid brute malignant puritanical douce dispiriting disappointing impetuous raging convulsive baleful delirious over the top dull monstrous incessive raving uncontrollable enraged undomesticated fearful horrific troubling displeasing dismaying ironhanded angry frantic infuriated crazed mad butcherly rapacious perilous injurious animalistic primitive tigerish biffo aggers shocking unnerving unlucky testing unhappy alarming regrettable hair-raising miserable irritable bewildering poignant off-putting distressful perturbing depressive frustrating macabre irksome serious-minded discommodious objectionable black direful doleful set fixed mephitical repellant repellent loathsome vexing appalling annoying abhorrent galling perplexing distasteful unpalatable melancholy revulsive unamusing aggravating uncongenial irritating unpleasing distressed tragic repugnant ill-fated hard-pressed lurid shadowy tortured harmful undesirable full of hardship doubtful mournful strained ill-omened treacherous ill-boding chilling nightmarish precarious messy jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky very bad unswerving undeviating bound unwavering irreversible unchangeable exact unshakeable concrete unalterable profound significant consequential static unchanging unvarying incompliant invariable unadaptable unmoving changeless definite material urgent pivotal considerable substantial vital major important crucial portentous key monumental appreciable acute eventful momentous heavyweight writ in stone tough nut to crack cut-and-dried locked in decided upon hard and fast dead set hard-and-fast set in stone major league heavy-duty big underlined hefty cold sober of great importance high-priority all-important of consequence of great import no joke of moment life and death of great consequence life-and-death no laughing matter of significance matter of life and death big deal far-reaching apathetic crotchety unempathetic anesthetized feelingless unamiable sensationless emotionless anaesthetized deadened uncordial cold fish

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