Đồng nghĩa của authoritarian

Alternative for authoritarian

authoritarian /ɔ:,θɔri'teəriən/
  • tính từ
    • người độc đoán

Tính từ

Favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom
autocratic dictatorial absolute despotic domineering tyrannical imperious dogmatic harsh rigid severe strict disciplinarian doctrinaire totalitarian arbitrary autarchic bossy draconian illiberal oppressive overbearing peremptory unyielding anti-democratic overweening repressive undemocratic authoritative autocratical high-handed inflexible masterful tyrannic tyrannous arrogant commanding demanding haughty magisterial monocratic lordly dominating iron-handed tsarist czarist coercive pushy officious heavy-handed iron-fisted absolutist autarchical high and mighty ruthless cruel cocky pompous tough brutal absolutistic imperial imperative willful wilful proud egotistic supercilious cavalier presumptuous uppity high-and-mighty sniffy assertive summary pontifical merciless one-party disdainful lofty fascist hifalutin highfalutin huffish self-asserting high-hat pretentious toploftical uppish huffy bumptious self-assertive chesty toplofty presuming controlling superior confident dominant austere unlimited pushful self-assured forceful monarchical stern important mean hard punitive firm self-confident assured ironhanded selfish condescending hardhanded patronizing fascistic snobbish stuck-up self-important swaggering overconfident prideful snooty unbending imposing narrow insistent unreasonable unjust subjugating intolerant drastic bullying unaccountable bullish suppressive inhuman uncontrolled Neronian dystopian all-powerful regnant insolent stringent heavy swingeing supreme patronising relentless stiff autonomous pitiless rough excessive assumptive stiff-necked rigorous inconsiderate exacting unrestricted unconstitutional single-party overpowering omnipotent powerful masterly constraining prohibiting forbidding restrictive exploitive governing monolithic Stalinist inordinate throwing one's weight about decisive self-willed extreme extortionate outrageous communist totalistic total preeminent sovereign full contemptuous scornful compulsatory obligatory mandatory required compulsory dogmatical exorbitant aloof colonial pushing driving czarlike punishing unrestrained clamorous crack-the-whip dictative toffee-nosed hoity-toity sure of oneself refined braggart saucy snobby self-affected pontificating self-complacent impudent self-promoting immodest egoistic conceited impertinent vain self-flattering self-engrossed forward self-congratulatory bragging self-applauding brash egoistical self-opinionated extraverted self-centered bigheaded bombastic self-loving braggy smug boastful vainglorious narcissistic self-satisfied self-contented self-pleased self-adulatory swellheaded egotistical unreserved self-glorifying holier-than-thou complacent self-conceited self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery egocentric extroverted blusterous uninhibited cocksure overproud penal opinionated lording it honourable honorable gracious grandiose throwing one's weight around brusque downright strong-willed insensitive tactless preponderant snotty ascendant prevalent stuffy abrupt brisk very severe throwing weight around enforceable traditional customary conventional binding limiting classical sky-high no joke flat-out straight out positive no ifs ands or buts flinty ramrod thoughtless emphatic hawkish in driver's seat on high horse crack the whip inept undiplomatic bungling legislating sanctioned didactic preceptive normative accepted prescribed compelling uncompromising obstinate undeniable decided definite fixed certain finished overstrict sadistic OTT prescriptive imperialist over the top self-centred narrow-minded overwhelming burdensome crushing reactionary murderous trying onerous excruciating unfair grievous bitter rugged inexorable grim searing prejudiced small-minded hidebound bigoted fundamentalist unenlightened puritanical ungenerous sordid conservative tight disheartening gloomy discouraging weighty sombre dispiriting worrying troublesome stressful backbreaking hefty dismal depressive troubling superincumbent bleak distressing exigent somber taxing depressing confining headache parsimonious stingy alt-right tightfisted miserly rough going uncharitable close-fisted biased partial antiliberal proscriptive greedy grudging myopic penny-pinching puffed up audacious affected bold full of oneself swollen-headed ostentatious stuck up hubristic blustering brazen biggity cheeky bloated snippy know-it-all biggety rude assuming elitist fancy-pants big-headed brassy nervy la-di-da sententious obtrusive full of yourself smart-alecky loud strutting showy puffed-up self-righteous self-serving offensive swanky dismissive fresh sassy orgulous contumelious malapert intrusive cool aggressive ambitious mocking scoffing sneering obnoxious discourteous uncivil self-aggrandizing smarty portentous pert strident cold-shoulder ungracious smart puffy unabashed flaunting jumped up wise flip wise guy barefaced prying interfering meddling meddlesome loudmouthed putting on airs on an ego trip busy vaunting above oneself protrusive nosey intruding snoopy nosy abusive unmannerly thrusting curt impolite highhanded posh offhand disrespectful consequential high insulting loudmouth indifferent inflated flatulent brazen-faced high-minded la-de-da persnickety insubordinate ill-mannered arch bold-faced brassbound overbold remote tony highfaluting boasting aristocratic careless procacious lippy mannerless high-flown out-of-line unblushing too big for your boots full of hot air sure too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots puffed impressive standoffish stifling exclusive majestic regal august judicial stately dignified poncey windy ordering bidding self-opinioned over-assertive offensively self-assertive potty ritzy casual airy driven crowing foolhardy cliquish pleased with yourself unconcerned insouciant uninterested reserved distant detached blowhard go-ahead on one's high horse self-respecting high-pressure enterprising fierce in-your-face go-getting militant swollen with pride unceremonious wiseguy boldfaced strong unassailable swanking big-mouthed glib terse cursory off perfunctory on your high horse sharp-elbowed big windbag exultant take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish in charge not backward in coming forward temerarious daredevil reckless madcap sure of yourself riding for a fall rash heedless overoptimistic hot stuff noisy blaring grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated bustling grating jarring on ego trip lacking civility bad mannered piercing raucous overzealous too big for one's britches breezy off-base cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill heading for a fall crass overbusy gaudy ear-splitting vulgar flashy discordant blatant churlish disagreeable put down importunate inquisitive pragmatic blunt jazzy tinny loud-mouthed garish graceless unpleasant high-pitched metallic flirtatious arrant shameless bureaucratic fussy intermeddling derogatory disparaging blowing one's own horn unchivalrous boorish uncouth unmannered crude unrefined unladylike bad-mannered uncomplimentary disgracious ill-bred ungenteel mouthy loutish ungallant surly sullen smart alecky oafish indecorous indelicate gruff ungentlemanly unhandsome crabbed underbred inaffable sharp ignorant yokelish short bounderish uncalled-for coarse high falutin

Tính từ

Strict or exacting in standards
hard severe harsh stern strict tough rigorous rigid austere ramrod flinty heavy-handed exacting inflexible unbending stringent firm uncompromising unyielding unrelenting relentless unsympathetic draconian cruel oppressive unsparing obdurate callous merciless hard-line adamant dour unforgiving hard-hearted grim resolute fierce pitiless unfeeling no-nonsense rough hard-nosed illiberal intransigent steadfast determined intractable ruthless bullheaded cold solid stony unpermissive heartless unmerciful cast-iron inexorable uncharitable tyrannical forbidding hard-boiled disciplinary fixed obstinate stuffy headstrong set grave steely invariable undeviating iron-fisted unadaptable unshakeable unwavering drastic savage demanding stiff dead set brutal unemotional despotic onerous unkind brassbound gruff hardheaded mean immutable immovable single-minded hardhearted astringent browbeating insensitive stony-hearted spartan ironhanded hard-hitting unsentimental cool intense uncaring ferocious desperate refractory pugnacious formal two-fisted hard-bitten serious hard-shelled remorseless inclement stoney implacable affectless desensitised hostile bullying cold-blooded maleficent brutish wolfish violent truculent sadistic tormenting torturous barbaric solemn unswerving bound unchangeable exact irreversible concrete unalterable barbarous reserved unchanging static unvarying incompliant stonyhearted ironfisted compassionless desensitized take-no-prisoners ironhearted cold-hearted inhuman unfriendly unsmiling icy frosty frigid chilly definite unmoving changeless tyrannous inhumane abusive intolerant dictatorial distant aloof murderous suppressive writ in stone strait-laced tough nut to crack cut-and-dried decided upon hard and fast locked in hard-and-fast set in stone louring unpitying remote lowering intimidating rugged critical sombre earnest ungentle somber hardhanded mean-looking extreme dire hard-shell dogged hardened formidable hard-core imperious unflinching pressing autocratic by the book resolved absolute dyed-in-the-wool mulish stiff-necked ascetic ascetical domineering disciplinarian ossified picky uptight adamantine hardline indurate puritanical pertinacious stubborn unpersuadable

Tính từ

Having great impact or influence
powerful influential impactful authoritative cogent compelling persuasive convincing evocative moving alluring efficacious eloquent emphatic impelling inspirational inspiring masterful motivating motivational pivotal swayful touching expressive irresistible striking purposeful strong telling hard-hitting far-reaching effective forceful impressive conclusive weighty plausible valid potent sound credible decisive satisfying forcible well founded unanswerable meaningful rational reasonable effectual lucid solid reasoned incontestable logical clear trenchant puissant efficient important incontrovertible pertinent energetic material crucial unassailable significant satisfactory coherent coercive suasive mighty urgent well reasoned relevant inducing swaying well-founded irrefutable undeniable reliable compulsive believable considerable articulate assuasive convictive unmistakable sharp aggressive operative stirring momentous firm indubitable incisive stringent consequential vehement vigorous punchy powerhouse categorical intelligent assured clear-cut capable unequivocal definitive rousing able enticing seductive stimulating successful well-defined imposing good substantial insistent revealing marked orderly systematic methodical active armed violent apt justified apposite well-grounded consistent fitting drastic compulsory conspicuous devastating well organized definite well-established salient winning militant assertive intense formidable great crystalline evident certain instrumental sufficient silky glib slick smooth-tongued silver-tongued smooth-talking watertight indisputable unquestionable positive airtight provocative guiding affecting pointed inveigling suasory unctuous actuating luring smooth wheedling decided undisputed obvious infallible ingenious insightful unambiguous distinct intuitive emotional gripping formative poignant contributory provoking enthusiastic on the ball exciting authenticating competent fateful dynamic monumental useful central responsible controlling encouraging robust critical animating grand direct theatric graceful high-powered pithy vivid dramatic charming histrionical acute performant final validating demonstrative constraining virile elemental take-over steamroller titanic punch take-charge gutsy electric not taking no for an answer coming on strong ball of fire likely probable verisimilar colourable true-to-life possible believeable acceptable faithful carrying conviction trusty trustworthy hopeful presumable realistic dependable authentic

Tính từ

Paternalistic or overprotective

Tính từ

Vigorous and energetic
high-powered dynamic driving effective energetic enterprising forceful aggressive go-ahead go-getting powerful vigorous fast-track high-octane ambitious assertive driven pushing pushy authoritative commanding controlling dominant effectual efficient forcible go-go influential mighty potent robust ruling strong successful supreme weighty highly capable in control full of get-up-and-go in the saddle emphatic positive determined active passionate fiery bold full-blooded feisty gutsy vehement intense single-minded proactive can-do storming impassioned zealous punchy racy muscular resounding hard-hitting pulling no punches rugged in-your-face intensive all-out mettlesome strenuous formidable vital leading imperious prominent demonstrative surpassing domineering imposing reigning superior regnant transcendent impressive lively spirited decisive able towering efficacious capable magnetic electric competent hard invincible fearsome zippy peppy zestful eminent high-level heavy-duty redoubtable important flamboyant red-blooded lusty animated spunky ballsy gingery sparky tireless flush have-a-go indefatigable energizing vibrant charismatic self-motivated hyped-up activating highpowered energising go-getter compelling productive vitalizing play hard ball coming on strong full of life full of beans play for keeps full of vim and vigour vivacious sprightly high-spirited sparkling spry bouncing perky bouncy jaunty exuberant tough snappy chipper spanking brisk hale and hearty enthusiastic raring to go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed frisky bubbly hearty animate pert gay springy airy kinetic jazzy pizazzy pizzazzy in fine fettle full of the joy of living healthy hardy flourishing sturdy combative argumentative fit athletic fine strapping belligerent quarrelsome thriving blooming able-bodied bellicose pugnacious effervescent in good health playful contentious confrontational hale strong as an ox strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse in good trim sound in good kilter in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition truculent militant upbeat virile disputatious warlike scrappy wick agonistic chippy steamroller fighting fit persuasive take-charge hard-driving take-over dashing gladiatorial discordant full of vim in the pink alive and kicking assaultive brawly ornery touchy ball of fire difficult full of energy sensitive courageous excitable fit as a fiddle alive gritty gutty game thin-skinned full of pep hot-blooded on the warpath high-strung

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