Đồng nghĩa của infallible

Alternative for infallible

Đồng nghĩa: reliable, right, sure, unerring,

Tính từ

Always successful
certain sure unfailing dependable reliable trustworthy foolproof sound sure-fire can't-miss effective efficacious fail-safe guaranteed safe surefire unbeatable acceptable agreeable always effective apodictic authoritative correct effectual efficient exact handy helpful incontrovertible inerrable inerrant never failing omniscient positive right satisfactory satisfying solid steady undeceivable unimpeachable unquestionable useful watertight tried and tested tried and true unerring absolute irrefutable definite indubitable conclusive true undeniable unequivocal incontestable firm indisputable assured unambiguous clear unmistakable undoubted unassailable genuine categorical in the bag never-failing faultless demonstrable real fixed confirmable verifiable evident determined set faithful steadfast on ice decisive plain inarguable convincing obvious predestined hard supreme ascertained known provable establishable destined definitive undisputable secure beyond doubt constant tested unbreakable loyal salted away sure thing staunch having down pat good airtight trusty confirmed accurate precise manifest trustable calculable decided tried-and-true beyond dispute clear-cut beyond question flawless unarguable irrefragable unanswerable unchallengeable accomplished honest resolute unconditional ensured devoted responsible consistent enduring unshakable committed dedicated patent proven insured impeccable compelling final veracious failsafe emphatic nailed-on strong valid true-blue beyond a shadow of a doubt excellent perfect self-evident clinching undebatable idiot-proof tried goofproof sovereign invulnerable ultimate not in doubt without loopholes concluded certified warranted stated stipulated settled sealed clinched established clutch actual dutiful trusted last deciding inflexible credible thorough authentic indefective pronounced cinched racked unswerving conscientious dinkum peremptory factual predictable upright unwavering decent nailed on fast uncompromising iron go-to believable reputable respectable honourable righteous high-principled truthful honorable nailed down made certain absolutely certain sewed up to be counted on safe as houses likely to perform always there stone cold errorless without error on the money kosher all right sincere incorrupt careful no ifs ands or buts cast-iron true-hearted set in stone telling undisputed influential plausible weighty well-defined persuasive formidable cogent lucid ingenious material forceful insightful pertinent urgent incisive trenchant great sharp well-established powerful crystalline coercive well-founded relevant forcible distinct well founded impressive intuitive intelligent inevitable palpable irrevocable concrete recognized doubtless endless boundless determinate inexhaustible transparent recognised unqualified questionless ceaseless continuous persistent unlimited unfading undying continual unflagging bottomless as sure as eggs is eggs diligent same unrelenting unchanging straight assiduous dyed-in-the-wool delivering lasting there come-through abiding continuing eternal invariable counted on rock solid

Tính từ

Firm, strong, or substantial
solid sound durable firm strong reliable robust stable compelling established steely airtight effective unassailable dependable indestructible toughened cogent reinforced unshakable indubitable secure unbreakable fortified impregnable inured enduring hardened steady invulnerable lasting safe stout strengthened sturdy imperishable invincible substantial cast-iron long-lasting rock-solid tried-and-true well built well-built well constructed well-constructed well-defined well-established well fortified well founded well-founded well-made resilient foolproof rugged tough resolute bulletproof well made built to last error-tolerant strongly made hard-wearing fixed stalwart fast vigorous resistant hardy steadfast staunch immovable tight bombproof heavy-duty sure hard impervious secured unshakeable set anchored trustworthy true hard-bitten trusty fastened perdurable tenacious jammed unwavering stiff made to last rooted certain faithful taut rigid braced riveted cemented constant committed iron nailed settled responsible moored tried lusty calculable determined good trustable inflexible permanent seasoned cohesive snug wedged unyielding frozen lodged stuck immobile unfaltering hard as nails long-lived long-standing tried and true tried and tested serviceable inexpugnable tied uncompromising long-term bound impenetrable heavy loyal assured armoured risk-free fixed firmly extended abiding continuing lengthy inviolable low-risk done up solid as a rock buttoned down impassible knockabout unattackable concrete armored riskless marathon definite confident devoted well protected leathery everlasting storm-resistant stormproof well defended well-protected flourishing well-armed locked dedicated entrenched closed inextricable shut attached unbudgeable firmly fixed fit strapping brawny conclusive unanxious absolute undoubtful sanguine carefree able hopeful dense steeled healthy molded conditioned mighty moulded true-blue easy shoo-in withstanding unswerving redoubtable pious down-the-line devout hard-working unhesitating nailed down locked on tough as nails ardent allegiant liege fortress-like unfailing immutable unchangeable in the bag balanced equable honourable honorable perduring diuturnal long-continued well balanced well-balanced deep-rooted embedded stationary motionless forceful unmoving welded unfluctuating tightened mounted bolted soldered screwed irremovable

Tính từ

Exact in correspondence or adherence to something
strict accurate exact precise literal meticulous scrupulous careful conscientious fastidious unerring painstaking particular punctilious unwavering faultless rigorous stringent thorough defined judicious unmistakable veridical errorless methodical rigid systematic detailed perfect specific unambiguous certain definitive flawless reliable correct explicit formal pinpoint delicate uncompromising clear-cut error-free right true veracious valid faithful proper undeniable irrefutable conclusive unquestionable undisputed unimpeachable unrefuted good dead-on spot-on on-target bang on actual on the money spot on authoritative canonical minute official definite without error final word for word genuine straight absolute standard word-perfect appropriate OK so regular acceptable O.K. factual okay undistorted legitimate impeccable on the beam equitable just righteous on the button stone amen truthful unmistaken on the mark on the nail for sure right stuff right on on track on the right track on target dead on along the right lines right as rain cooking with gas on the ball according to Hoyle free of error on the nose on the right lines close fussy authentic diligent pedantic nice finicky attentive religious studious exacting ultra-careful punctual laborious assiduous sedulous elaborate verbatim mathematical fine persnickety refined direct heedful undeviating honest unadulterated scientific unvarnished conscionable searching industrious hairline veritable demanding unembellished distinct real bona fide credible concrete solid perfectionist hard-working persevering nitpicking picky finical narrow loving unabridged orderly dependable inch-perfect discriminating matter-of-fact realistic lifelike sharp skilful skillful straightforward ceremonious stiff sound express constant exhaustive zealous indubitable unequivocal hard unflagging clear pernickety thoroughgoing kosher certified complete dinkum categorical convincing deft discriminative trustworthy justified word-for-word ultraprecise conventional verisimilar severe simple letter-for-letter busy similar orthodox persistent fixed set established creditable fair well-founded full tied-up active hopping engaged employed working occupied bustling overnice prim stilted decorous stiff-necked well defined formalistic natural steady tireless determined loyal letter for letter tough to the letter pure hair-splitting starchy critical upright cautious outright strenuous plugging true to life observant dedicated downright certifiable fact-based echt letter-perfect legit clearly defined high-principled pukka pucka sure-enough nit-picky normal inerrant blow-by-blow bull's-eye by the numbers by the book unswerving resembling calculated measured nominal unremitting keen indisputable uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked sterling well-established up front original unfailing crystal clear ordered controlled earnest identical in depth deliberate line-for-line fussbudget stickler steadfast univocal provident reputable particularized conforming circumspect intensive thoughtful walking on eggs minding p's and q's hanging in heart and soul into hanging tough playing safe literatim regardful concerned surgical determinate decisive individual selfdisciplined discreet chary line for line line by line well organized subtle swotty nailed down on the numbers in-depth utter itemized well-defined going to great lengths straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy for real based on facts civil seemly overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous out-and-out textbook unwearied untiring indefatigable microscopic clocklike specialized particularised itemised specialised dainty exquisite nuanced technical total characteristic archetypal representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical plain grinding whiz picture-book dead right model unbroken to a T picture-perfect perfected classic whole to a turn polished artless unaffected unmitigated consummate satisfactory unqualified sheer duteous stickling ultra-fine fine-drawn finicking hairsplitting incorrupted finespun winning superior nifty de facto average unpretentious effective undesigning unpretending existent fitting inflexible choosy good eye admissible unalloyed arrant honest-to-goodness dinky-di real McCoy objective unexaggerated moral undoubted sure watertight immaculate solemn bare prompt timely principled honorable eager beaver unelaborated gospel stark puritanical choosey sticklerish priggish prissy honourable ethical in every respect crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's historical documentary nonfictional recognized regimented legal traditional documented authorized prescribed true-blue undeceptive cut-and-dried black-and-white logical reasonable responsible approved lawful sanctioned accepted rational justifiable reasoned defensible warrantable commonsensical firm levelheaded sober defendable warranted commonsense commonsensible sensible informed apparent ordinary unembroidered written usual verbal high-minded incorruptible immediate seasonable on time early speedy ceremonialistic ritualistic ritual authorised routine ceremonial recognised nit-picking vindicable on the level as true as I'm sitting here on the line on the up and up as true as I'm standing here like it is dutiful pious upstanding expeditious recurrent in good time on the dot periodic cyclic quick ready veristic not figurative balanced well grounded cogent well-grounded well founded to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed telling it like it is spot on time under the wire bang on time as it really happened

Tính từ

Displaying logic and common sense
good logical practical rational sensible analytic analytical cerebral certain circumspect collected commonsense credible deductive discerning enlightened faultless intellectual intelligent justifiable objective perspicacious philosophic plausible ratiocinative realistic reasonable reasoned reasoning reflective sagacious sound synthetic thinking thoughtful trustable unquestionable veracious veridical cogent coherent colorable commonsensible commonsensical confirmed corroborated errorless hard impeccable inerrant informed knowing levelheaded meticulous proven rigorous secure shrewd sincere substantiated sure truthful validated verified accurate calculable careful certified cognitive defendable defensible definite empiric empirical exact explicit judicious maintainable open precise prudent sharp stringent supportable sustainable tenable well-advised well-reasoned well-grounded clear-cut letter-perfect spot-on well-thought-out dead-on on-target valid solid well-founded justified sober just firm wise consequent well reasoned sage astute lucid reliable together well thought out insightful clear perceptive clever systematic politic sapient consistent methodical pragmatic organized well-informed grounded organised well organized level-headed matter-of-fact well advised cool well grounded learned knowledgeable educated dependable acceptable feasible canny savvy articulate viable orderly percipient balanced profound responsible plain understandable down-to-earth advisable sane joined-up far-sighted no-nonsense full of common sense all there hard-headed factual congruent comprehensible intelligible well informed relevant supported dispassionate meaningful unemotional straightforward prosaic trustworthy showing great knowledge with great knowledge identified cold unimpassioned deliberated fair regulated equitable unidealistic honest intuitive straight deliberate ordered thorough well-organized mathematical straight-thinking scientific decent erudite well considered strategic tactful smart experienced impartial believable legitimate clear-sighted clear-eyed common-sense with both one's feet on the ground cogitative contemplative desirable trusty moderate restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced argute scholarly foresighted tactical unexcessive right admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason legit unextreme convincing well-expressed considered well-presented thought-out fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind based on good sense weighty authoritative well presented well expressed well-structured well judged telling satisfactory satisfying full of insight recognized flawless watertight correct recognised established orthodox accepted true unassailable thought through right-thinking well founded right-minded holding water holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together discriminating discreet serious-minded mature attentive conversant au courant steady-going having all one's marbles in right mind

Tính từ


Tính từ

Happening by natural laws or predestination
necessary inevitable inescapable ineluctable sure unavoidable certain inexorable fated imminent ineludible natural unescapable assured destined predestined predetermined predictable preordained clear foreordained impending impreventable inerrant inevasible returnless unalterable undeniable unpreventable doomed in the bag in the cards bound to happen sure to happen to be anticipated to be expected compulsory mandatory obvious required obligatory definite manifest prescribed ineliminable automatic guaranteed for sure open and shut set patent locked up undoubted routine nailed-on doubtless repeated robot-like usual regular settled expected fixed foreseeable decreed ordained reliable fateful unfailing decided effective irrevocable binding dependable determined irresistible without recourse all locked up for certain no ifs ands or buts certain to happen bound meant prearranged out of one's hands predestinated all sewn up appointed overpowering compelling overwhelming pre-elected uncontrollable potent compulsive urgent irrepressible forceful ungovernable imperative driving besetting obsessive oppressive overmastering foredoomed intended designed threatening that is to be near at hand to come hanging over que sera sera in the air in the wind stated written in the cards predesigned in store overhanging instant compelled that will be condemned closed looming menacing nailed on sealed forthcoming in prospect brewing very likely way the ball bounces directed coming agreed preset pre-agreed pre-planned pre-decided preplanned pre-established cut and dried set up programmed encoded planned established in advance premeditated calculated foredestined proposed arranged in advance precogitated forethought decided beforehand scheduled arranged deliberate

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