Đồng nghĩa của serious minded


Having or showing good sense or judgment
sensible practical reasonable rational sober realistic sound logical prudent intelligent commonsensical down-to-earth judicious shrewd wise level-headed responsible sagacious balanced circumspect discreet discriminating far-sighted good no-nonsense pragmatic sage valid well-founded analytic analytical canny coherent commonsense commonsensible consequent firm hard informed just justified levelheaded matter-of-fact mature reasoned sane sharp solid thoughtful well-grounded clever grounded well-advised well-informed astute attentive conversant cool discerning full of common sense knowing together well-reasoned well-thought-out all there au courant in right mind having all one's marbles steady-going common-sense hard-headed hardheaded earthy pragmatical businesslike mundane unidealistic unromantic plain-spoken unsentimental unfantastic easy earth-bound common plainspoken hardboiled have one's feet on the ground reliable settled dependable calm equable imperturbable poised staid stolid sedate serene secure serious collected calculable unswerving unruffled reserved composed steady unexcitable well balanced having both feet on the ground self-possessed self-restrained plain unpretentious simple unsophisticated hard-boiled factual homely utilitarian natural straightforward modest unrefined prosaic hard-nosed dull with both feet on the ground real homey literal objective unadorned ordinary unembellished unimaginative unassuming robust homespun pedestrian folksy humdrum lucid cogent unaffected efficient unemotional functional tough-minded basic serviceable cozy true wholesome perceptive downhome rustic intellectual flat everyday prosy well advised dry deadpan well grounded clear-sighted well reasoned unvarnished lifeless genuine rough cosy uncreative emotionless tough truthful useful phlegmatic unimpassioned unembroidered undistorted exact straight-thinking working handy workaday unfussy feasible inelaborate unostentatious perspicacious effective enlightened strong accurate decent joined-up clear-thinking artless honest uncomplicated viable credible workable forceful right usable clear-eyed bona fide acceptable with one's feet on the ground deductive nuts and bolts stable clear-headed with both one's feet on the ground traditional low-key informal real-life boring literal-minded colourless uninspired tedious expedient hard-bitten lifelike naturalistic uninspiring cool-headed colorless sharp-witted true-life moderate straight deliberate philosophic politic uncompromising satisfying dinkum satisfactory vigorous common-sensical estimable unpresumptuous classic domestic neat utility soulless lasting hard-wearing durable undecorative long-lasting humble wear-resistant to the purpose no-frills direct uninhibited fresh pure minimal verifiable documented telling powerful substantial convincing familiar uncomplex conventional without frills without airs unelaborate hearty undecorated sustainable plausible justifiable compelling believable frank provable authentic demonstrable doable defensible congruent legit supportable uncorrupted able to hold water proven holding water weighty persuasive perspicuous germane irrefutable vindicable pertinent legitimate determinative trustworthy relevant kosher maintainable conclusive probable authoritative defendable attested tested potent confirmed consistent well thought out arguable efficacious well founded practicable easygoing down lusty funky lowbred gross outdoorsy penny plain unornamented crude suited to the purpose possible historical confirmable documentary evident actual nonfictional certain useable constructive accomplishable applicable applicative actionable clumsy rude user friendly user-friendly applied ultrapractical orderly systematic within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility convenient utile real-world helpful both feet on the ground step-by-step home folk down home primitive makeshift rough-hewn jerry-built jury-rigged extemporaneous wild-and-woolly jerry-rigged thrown together warm ad-lib rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready provisional improvised kindhearted normal unbothered unflustered self-controlled able to reason clearly unagitated mentally sound possessed able to think clearly compos mentis in possession of all your faculties well adjusted controlled of sound mind sound of mind having all marbles clearheaded cool, calm and collected even-tempered unfazed well-balanced right in the head assured apathetic faithful stoic naked cold-blooded impassive impersonal cold


Having earnest intentions
serious earnest genuine committed determined sincere vehement adamant ardent definite deliberate devoted fervid firm heartfelt honest impassioned resolute resolved wholehearted zealous decided hell-bent in earnest intent meaning business meaning what one says set unwavering stubborn strong-minded tenacious steadfast persistent unhesitating single-minded strong-willed unrelenting insistent persevering driven unfaltering purposeful dogged fixed obstinate bent unflinching constant relentless indomitable obdurate unshakeable unbending unyielding set on settled untiring undaunted stalwart unswerving dedicated staunch indefatigable gritty pertinacious uncompromising spirited obsessed steely bent on inflexible immovable intransigent bold unshaken plucky mettlesome strong unshakable vigorous unbendable gutsy unflagging dead set indurate rock-ribbed enthusiastic avid assertive forceful purposive implacable brave decisive courageous undeviating manful perseverant stout valiant strenuous true compulsive bulldog steady stiff unchanging spunky four-square bound and determined stout-hearted full of determination bent upon not joking unswervable emphatic unflappable fervent devout passionate inexorable unmovable grim unmalleable solid hardboiled buckled down stanch sure single-minded about firm about gung ho dyed-in-the-wool sworn tried-and-true true-blue responsible pious tried inveterate mulish cocksure iron-jawed inflexible about obsessive about fixated on fanatical about good faithful intrepid bound loyal immutable persisting hopeful out hell-bent on intent on on one's mettle insistent on do-or-die determined to hell-bent upon committed to the idea of hell bent on tall in the saddle dead set on intent upon ambitious motivated industrious keen inspired hungry compelled enterprising consumed obsessive active eager fanatical striving fierce possessed thirsty desirous galvanized monomaniacal pushy ruthless impelled fixated aspiring militant obsessional energetic induced impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised go-getting self-starting hard-driving self-driven urged on self-assertive goal-oriented focused diligent tireless assiduous focussed progressive pioneering sedulous eager beaver go-ahead aggressive conscientious hard-working power-hungry laborious rigorous on the make absorbed engrossed self-seeking preoccupied concentrating intense occupied immersed studious hanging tough concentrated power-loving high-reaching self-asserting attentive get up and go unfailing unappeasable bullheaded deep painstaking dynamic pigheaded positive patient iron-willed unremitting adventurous intending to busy engaged self-willed never-tiring daring wrapped up stable rigid hardworking reliable self-motivated bustling trusty operose desiring success like a ball of fire self-disciplined unshrinking hard-nosed headstrong firmly-based fearless immoveable unblinking independent unintimidated cast-iron iron self-directed restless observant telelogical calculated radical entire all enrapt exclusive whole undivided thrusting hellbent mean business direct alert watchful playing hard ball strict be out for blood nose to the grindstone unstoppable perseverative intensive straight careful whole-hearted riveted hard hard-line determinate dominant certain unalterable pig-headed prevailing hardened inexpugnable domineering unqualified seasoned competitive meticulous optimistic intending aspirant wannabe would-be budding potential wishful going explicit consistent enthralled confident thorough exacting punctilious particular lost cutthroat sustained feisty ferocious possible prospective likely future hard-and-fast dependable unabated bloodthirsty stringent assured heedful impatient warlike gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy never-failing redoubtable minding never give up tough nut pushing longing through-and-through rapt employed upwardly mobile self-assured can-do self-confident cut-throat expectant endeavoring endeavouring hang tough slogging swotty plugging working plodding self-possessed sturdy hang-tough full-blooded intensely competitive high-pressure go for broke in-your-face fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct dog-eat-dog stand pat committed to caught up buried obsessed with out to fixed upon anxious to fixed on decisive about resolved on impatient to resolved to determined on tried and true audacious steamroller unafraid tough tried and tested resilient nervy powerhouse

Trái nghĩa của serious minded

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