Đồng nghĩa của businesslike

Alternative for businesslike

Đồng nghĩa: earnest,


Having or indicating an efficient, practical, and systematic approach to one's work or a task
efficient professional correct methodical orderly organised organized regular routine systematic matter-of-fact practical thorough well-ordered workaday competent disciplined planned practised slick pragmatic structured accomplished careful concentrated diligent direct earnest effective enterprising expeditious hardworking industrious intent ordered painstaking practiced purposeful sedulous serious skilful skillful well ordered well-organized systematized systematised meticulous methodic precise logical neat formal coherent methodized exact well organized tidy arranged controlled well regulated well thought out fixed together well-regulated consistent well planned coordinated scrupulous deliberate systematical conventional standardized in order shipshape well thought-out regulated all together standard in good shape thoroughgoing fastidious analytical punctilious complete standardised out-and-out by the numbers joined-up by the book strict well-arranged rigid regimented steady self-controlled streamlined nonrandom sensible law-abiding well-behaved peaceable reasonable smooth-running straightened out well run established accepted procedural bureaucratic orthodox establishment customary set prescribed ready societal recognized influential official institutional recognised trim well-kept framed uniform spick-and-span rangé scientific set-up clean alike in shape in apple-pie order to rights neat as button neat as pin clear rigorous rational intelligible comprehensible sound legible accurate conscientious lucid analytic valid readable understandable exacting decipherable consequent good mathematical fussy judicious objective heedful finicky solid distinct well-maintained delimited supervised measured governed restrained integrated correlated cataloged classified tabulated settled cohesive severe deductive experimental grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared formulated conscionable punctual demanding reasoning sorted out consolidated collective unified cerebral thinking intelligent insightful in sync cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious no-nonsense firm wise hard productive economic unchanging even unvarying unvaried economical hard-headed straight-thinking resourceful organic laborsaving timesaving monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull saving restricted closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein plain reasoned cost-effective well-planned labour-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving sharp articulate fluent graphic easy to understand unmistakable straightforward easy to read unequivocal explicit simple flowing easily deciphered smooth clear-cut easily read cogent well-grounded well-founded relevant meaningful well reasoned attentive particular identified assiduous exhaustive provident thoughtful faithful dedicated full cautious laborious circumspect intensive religious prim searching observant elaborate regardful concerned picky selfdisciplined chary pernickety persnickety loving nice discreet perfectionist strenuous in-depth going to great lengths


Showing little or no feeling
detached focussed focused impersonal objective unemotional uninvolved cold dispassionate indifferent unsentimental unfeeling emotionless clinical remote distant cool aloof impassive self-controlled sober cold-blooded unsympathetic poker-faced passionless reserved unresponsive restrained frigid unconcerned collected calm rational unexcitable neutral unmoved unruffled composed level-headed hard-headed serene equable tranquil disinterested quiet laid-back abstract logical cool, calm and collected non-emotional analytic removed antiseptic nonchalant temperate nonpassionate unperturbed placid unpassionate unflustered unflappable moderate unfazed analytical scientific withdrawn formal unexcited uncaring nonplussed imperturbable tough iceberg cold-fish self-possessed cool cat laid back couldn't care less stilted rigid matter-of-fact stiff wooden starchy gelid inhuman bureaucratic stand-offish measured nondiscriminatory featureless depersonalized uncolored uncongenial unwelcoming unpassioned gray colourless colorless unfriendly straight impartial depersonalised anonymous frosty careful soulless inhospitable faceless candid monolithic grey equal cold turkey strictly business undemonstrative controlled apathetic phlegmatic cool-headed stoical unagitated affectless stoic stolid unimpressionable numb impassible insensitive listless heartless thick-skinned inexpressive flat glacial deadpan chill coldhearted obdurate reticent callous marble hard-hearted hard-boiled blah uncompassionate going with the flow rolling with the punches along for the ride


Not romantic
unromantic pragmatic sensible practical unidealistic unsentimental sound reasonable rational sane hardheaded pragmatical sober utilitarian earthy hard commonsense unfantastic prudent astute real shrewd levelheaded prosaic objective matter-of-fact down-to-earth hard-boiled tough-minded realistic no-nonsense level-headed hard-headed commonsensical hard-nosed logical with both feet on the ground factual straightforward common-sense unemotional mundane plain flat dull truthful deadpan dry robust sharp-witted sharp tough literal unvarnished unimaginative lifeless unembellished clear-sighted hard-bitten grounded cool uncreative unadorned clear-thinking emotionless humdrum pedestrian undistorted exact unembroidered unimpassioned phlegmatic straight-thinking unaffected real-life genuine uncompromising forceful natural lifelike true naturalistic vigorous true-life common-sensical with one's feet on the ground responsible balanced serious-minded cool-headed plain-spoken easy earth-bound plainspoken common hardboiled savvy knowing canny smart clear-eyed heady have one's feet on the ground full of common sense efficient expedient functional stand pat locked in intractable resolute tough nut hang tough accurate impassive stoic stolid calm apathetic naked prosy faithful serious feasible impersonal cold cold-blooded reasoned valid informed good solid commonsensible firm justified just well-founded judicious coherent analytic analytical intelligent wise well-grounded cogent thoughtful justifiable sagacious circumspect precise defensible lucid consequent discerning well-thought-out well-advised well grounded clear systematic credible enlightened reasoning warranted legitimate cerebral thinking sage plausible rigorous methodical defendable proven philosophic deductive veridical intellectual perspicacious substantiated veracious organized supportable far-sighted organised well-reasoned well organized together sapient dependable perceptive politic straight deliberate joined-up well advised with both one's feet on the ground well reasoned regulated insightful orderly ordered thorough well-organized mathematical scientific correct normal regular warrantable proper vindicable well-expressed considered well-presented strict well founded thought through well presented well expressed well-structured consistent well thought out articulate discriminating discreet reflective infallible ratiocinative trustable collected faultless unquestionable certain synthetic mature errorless sure sincere impeccable secure inerrant corroborated colorable confirmed meticulous validated verified clever well-informed all there steady-going attentive au courant conversant having all one's marbles in right mind based on hard data understandable rock-solid based on hard facts empirical tenable maintainable cognitive sustainable certified open definite calculable explicit stringent careful empiric serviceable useful unpretentious dead-on spot-on clear-cut on-target letter-perfect handy neat workaday utility ordinary soulless working lasting durable hard-wearing undecorative long-lasting effective strong wear-resistant to the purpose no-frills dispassionate suited to the purpose nuts and bolts well considered


Mentally calm, having no emotion too strong or too weak
balanced sane rational sensible reasonable sound sober realistic practical judicious stable pragmatic commonsensical prudent grounded collected mature composed wise circumspect together cool steady calm dependable reliable poised serene equable imperturbable unflappable unworried relaxed confident unemotional unmoved secure level-headed well balanced self-possessed even-tempered full of common sense well adjusted well-adjusted cool-headed laid-back at ease cool, calm and collected with both feet on the ground unruffled unperturbed coolheaded no-nonsense hard-headed moderate levelheaded possessed down-to-earth untroubled dispassionate undisturbed placid sedate recollected tranquil self-composed self-controlled with one's feet on the ground discreet deliberative farsighted all there calmed unagitated controlled unbothered unfazed unflustered responsible matter-of-fact logical discerning astute commonsense clearheaded shrewd thoughtful sage discriminating reasoned straight level limpid peaceful smooth equal assured unshaken unexcited stately seemly staid dignified proper assertive analytic sagacious well-founded analytical sombre decorous canny hard-nosed self-assured self-confident stiff pacific cool as cucumber formal solemn somber hard-boiled well-balanced nonplussed nonchalant unexcitable at peace equanimous quiet easy chilled insouciant phlegmatic impassive unconcerned still easygoing casual easy-going as cool as a cucumber undismayed coherent stoical blithe mellow lucid right intelligent carefree temperate serious mild halcyon compos mentis cool as a cucumber stilly of sound mind right-minded well-grounded happy-go-lucky hushed able to think clearly in one's right mind lown stolid even knowing normal informed patient devil-may-care valid deliberate sure of oneself firm commonsensible just good solid clear-headed mentally sound able to reason clearly right in the head well-advised urbane in possession of all your faculties unstirred complacent sanguine grave fair unaffected well-thought-out disimpassioned graceful unshakable free and easy sure of yourself justified informal positive in your right mind well grounded fair-minded suave tolerant low-key elegant uninterrupted unbroken unanxious blasé understated nerveless having all one's marbles breezy content sure undemanding unhurried certain forbearing constant peaceable trouble-free agreeable without a care in the world unflinching restful audacious keeping your cool gentle downbeat unflurried fearless bold self-reliant easy-peasy self-asserting untouched dauntless consistent upbeat unhesitating gutsy unfluctuating serious-minded good-natured cogent filled with aplomb centered gung ho credible consequent well good-tempered centred objective steady-going advisable plausible hard sapient politic detached in control intellectual in right mind well reasoned playing with a full deck having all marbles well advised with both one's feet on the ground abled undaunted regular fine debonair philosophical resolute unalarmed unchanging unvarying unperturbable unvexed reserved even-keeled liberal earnest uniform muted subdued undistracted indulgent demure happy measured invariable soothed repressed suppressed quieted flexible lenient clubby benign not moved bovine blissful subtle unostentatious inconspicuous complaisant stoic civil euthymic stabile orderly systematic methodical irenic docile cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear unaltering unalterable proportional symmetrical well-proportioned prim stuffy conciliatory amenable permissive overconfident well-disposed pellucid satisfied reconciled resting quiescent comfortable stick-in-the-mud boring starchy neutral mild-mannered unimpassioned stress-free passionless sound of mind got head together in possession of one's faculties with all one's marbles easeful reposeful rosy high calm and collected broad-minded considerate amiable thick-skinned immovable smug self-satisfied harmonious mentally stable aware cognizant keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together anxiety-free enlightened not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on understanding open-minded cordial good-humored pleasant generous good-humoured cold sober puffed up pumped up at rest in repose fit playing with full deck both oars in water oriented healthy perceptive played down unpretentious downhome toned down hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches unidealistic lax clear-sighted deductive joined-up clear-eyed philosophic common-sense perspicacious affable friendly leisurely equitable settled self-sufficient brave intrepid courageous tenable acceptable decent far-sighted can-do sharp impartial justifiable believable legitimate viable understandable surefooted sure-footed well-informed clever percipient restrained conservative reflective unprejudiced feasible believing in oneself self-assertive convincing self-respecting low-pressure thought-out unexcessive evenhanded based on good sense thinking legit cognitive open to reason admissible ratiocinative making sense clear-cut unbiased standing to reason cerebral well thought out unextreme well-reasoned au courant attentive conversant live-and-let-live weighty authoritative chilled out telling satisfying satisfactory recognized holding water watertight correct profound holding up holding up in wash got it together faultless true unassailable accurate flawless impeccable right-thinking recognised standing up exact precise established orthodox accepted well founded whole mentally healthy in good mental health


Marked by values relating to skill, competency, and confidence
professional expert accomplished skilful adept masterly masterful excellent fine polished finished skilled proficient competent capable able efficient experienced practiced practised trained seasoned slick deft dextrous dexterous ace sharp skillful specialised specialized crack stellar top-notch qualified handy talented effective productive organized workmanlike ready rangé organised adroit virtuoso good gifted clever crackerjack great versed brilliant mean master nifty veteran consummate artful apt educated savvy smart wizard habile complete wicked professed knowledgeable compleat ingenious genius well versed impressive delicate bravura agile fit effectual quick first-rate outstanding tasty nimble smooth suitable pro effortless facile first-class schooled deadly up to speed magnificent precise au fait proper neat fitted a dab hand at learned accurate exceptional elite multiskilled multitalented refined up to it with it up to snuff sure-handed taught well-rounded tutored all-round all-around on the ball suited big league out of this world strong old formidable equal marvellous nimble-fingered prompt satisfactory topflight supreme adequate superb endowed hot marvelous whiz brainy dynamite exact cool vet thorough balanced useful practical wised up well-versed a hand at serviceable splendid crisp powerful painstaking canny equipped cunning nippy intelligent prepared magic dazzling certified specialist finely judged versant best remarkable class having know-how there exceptionally good know the ropes extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled tuned in highly trained highly qualified graceful reliable very well straight decisive careful decent streamlined prodigious right on errorless dead-on spot-on sure-fire well sporting on-target trustworthy stringent strict express categorical kosher active smooth-running superior terrific mighty tremendous leading clean inch-perfect hardy redoubtable happy pitch-perfect resourceful sly handpicked deluxe choice capital fluent invincible indomitable well-organized well organized dominant conversant shrewd astute supremely skilled A1 first class demon drilled phenom having the know-how licensed chartered sufficient awesome well run certificated methodic methodical on the beam phenomenal puissant amazing extraordinary systematic cute fleet admirable astounding artistic hotshot know one's stuff no slouch know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around eligible adapted hep hip authorized cut out for having a knack for class act top-drawer shining at having good hands licenced proved instructed disciplined tested tried accepted authorised old hand employable long-term having the goods knowing the ropes knowing the score green thumb old-timer has what it takes like a one-man band having the right stuff able to perform like a pistol equal to the task up there easy alert knowing bright keen worthy responsible highly endowed know one's onions know backwards and forwards

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