Đồng nghĩa của oriented

Alternative for oriented

orients, oriented, orienting

Trái nghĩa: Occident,

orients, oriented, orienting

Đồng nghĩa: East, Orient, eastern hemisphere, orientate, point,


Having healthy and sound mental faculties
sane lucid normal balanced rational stable clearheaded clear-headed coherent right compos mentis abled all there discerning fair-minded fit healthy intelligent levelheaded logical moderate of sound mind right-minded sagacious sage sapient self-possessed steady together well well balanced well-balanced mentally sound right in the head able to reason clearly able to think clearly having all marbles in your right mind both oars in water in one's right mind playing with full deck in possession of all your faculties playing with a full deck sound sensible reasonable practical judicious prudent realistic wise level-headed sober astute shrewd informed pragmatic commonsensical down-to-earth reasoned well-advised grounded circumspect solid matter-of-fact well advised viable perceptive expedient just thoughtful cool objective discriminating farsighted canny intellectual cogent enlightened perspicacious commonsense workable justified well-thought-out collected feasible cognitive firm well-adjusted good analytical calculating politic commonsensible valid advisable insightful common-sense considerate well grounded well-founded well-grounded well reasoned clear-sighted well thought out discreet functional reliable thinking mature practicable working considered useable constructive usable actionable composed effective decent cautious doable efficient knowing well-reasoned credible applicative useful justifiable believable acceptable plausible cerebral careful real-world legit accurate legitimate controlled percipient efficacious desirable tactical pragmatical analytic consistent even-tempered well-judged clear-eyed smart well judged in possession of all one's faculties graceful reasoning joined-up unimpaired whole proportional well-proportioned symmetrical higher-order in good mental health provident intuitive mentally stable harmonious having all one's marbles aware cognizant hard-headed coolheaded unflappable capable of thought fair mentally healthy got head together in right mind equitable hardheaded cluey heady playing safe hedging one's bets leery thinking twice vigilant tenable responsible cool as cucumber with all one's marbles in possession of one's faculties understandable impartial restrained conservative reflective temperate unprejudiced unexcessive admissible ratiocinative making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme thought-out open to reason evenhanded based on good sense clear-cut full of common sense poised possessed unfazed assured unbothered unflustered unagitated well adjusted self-controlled secure happy sound of mind diplomatic cool, calm and collected utilitarian acute dinkum satisfying with both one's feet on the ground strategic clever satisfactory telling possible serviceable savvy judgmatic pawky skilful judgmatical estimable substantial convincing powerful accomplishable applicable argute strong sustainable compelling appropriate achievable suitable operative utile helpful applied orderly systematic convenient bona fide defensible congruent skillful sophisticated thorough seemly wary profound judicial sharp keen seasonable supportable maintainable probable proven persuasive defendable perspicuous deductive irrefutable confirmed arguable true genuine handy plain unromantic factual unidealistic conclusive weighty authoritative germane determinative worldly-wise heads-up long-headed quick-witted user friendly user-friendly both feet on the ground ultrapractical within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility nuts and bolts step-by-step consequent forceful vindicable pertinent relevant uncorrupted attested tested potent trustworthy kosher able to hold water holding water


(rare) To have impelled and directed towards an object or action
determined drove impelled induced inspired motivated caused coerced compelled encouraged forced goaded influenced instigated led mobilized moved obliged persuaded pressed prompted propelled pushed spurred conditioned directed emboldened enthused envigorated galvanised galvanized inclined invigorated mobilised predisposed prodded provoked roused sparked triggered urged actuated imposed on incited made spurred on stimulated prest leaded druv drave driven fired up stirred excited aroused stirred up animated inspirited whipped up inflamed egged on quickened energized rallied activated fired set off energised boosted enlivened worked up put up to electrified lit a fire under promoted incentivized impassioned fomented pepped up keyed up fired the imagination of vitalized kindled agitated swayed piqued steeled filliped pricked revved up geed up accelerated precipitated hastened strengthened hurried fortified empowered uplifted exhilarated buoyed up vivified intensified whetted cheered on sparked off bucked up speeded up sped up fired the enthusiasm of built up rushed advanced buoyed expedited awakened heartened supported instilled assisted aided pumped up livened up urged on set on jump-started fast-tracked set up amped up turned on fired with enthusiasm hurried up facilitated gotten going got going increased forwarded incentified impressed fanned revitalized evoked fostered nudged furthered enticed exhorted braced refreshed boosted up dispatched revived spiked speeded sped heightened helped occasioned brought about perked up zipped up touched off stepped up gingered up steamed up called forth jazzed up revitalised rooted on juiced up cranked up made faster given a boost to gave a boost to cheered ignited built wakened reassured egged kick-started bolstered raised assured disposed thrilled pressured enkindled engendered awaked escalated chirked up eased coaxed rooted initiated dynamized bestirred stung fueled deepened fuelled enhanced inveigled waked procured brought sustained drove on driven on spirited someone up whisked cheered up exalted prevailed upon got struck tempted set afoot set made waves needled helped along crazed acted as a incentive to put zip into acted as a stimulus to reinforced put life into talked into commoved brought out got someone going rooted for put into action innervated set astir elated put new life in challenged made easier expanded injected applauded hustled disinhibited enforced enheartened comforted jumpstarted brightened emphasized restored reenforced revivified underlined stressed cemented started gladdened feed fed startled disturbed angered irritated dragooned constrained championed rejuvenated hounded convinced cajoled elicited warmed praised hooked consoled awoken awoke generated wrought worked brewed picked abetted fermented stoked borne up bore up touched exacerbated nurtured infused dug imbued teased pleased asked improved corroborated buttressed maintained rewarded upheld underpinned raised your spirits stiffened the resolve of psyched up raised the morale of boosted someone's morale grabbed bundled lifted the spirits of propped up bielded stimulated spiritually woke woken intoxicated simplified powered nourished impacted sicced converted advised titillated tickled tantalized given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to countenanced stricken gotten reignited rekindled favoured favored charged up started up whipped magnified accomplished quickly primed psyched pushed on made short work of highlighted mounted worked into lather reflated juiced agitated for fast tracked got to predetermined dashed off bred plotted pressurized bolstered up made enthusiastic recalled summoned up drew forth taunted gathered momentum called beghasted schemed emphasised cleared a path for won over tantalised infected redoubled moved to action triggered off bugged acted as a spur to wound up affected prevailed on built a fire under suggested to substantiated suggested drawn forth riled greased wheels hinted pressurised pushed through insinuated rabble-roused fanned the fire necessitated waked up made wild hurried on brought into being kept someone going armed finished quickly spurred to action hinted to innerved pushed forward achieved quickly backed up called into being breathed life into backed broadened started off enriched stoked up heated up defended planned enabled acted as a fillip to informed shot through activized oiled the wheels for originated endued shored up acted as a impetus to sent produced intensated smoothed the way for alerted carried solicited asked for it zapped upholden gotten to gave shot in arm given shot in arm given hope to gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to given rise to gave rise to gave the incentive to given the incentive to gave a push to given a push to got moving gotten moving added fuel got one going woken up gotten one going woke up given a new lease of life to gotten one started gave a new lease of life to got one started were responsible for was responsible for given one an idea gave one an idea been responsible for given impetus gave impetus gave incentive to given incentive to drew drawn given incentive gave incentive gave a lift seen someone through saw someone through given a lift


Past tense for to place or build so as to face eastward
aligned placed positioned disposed orientated put putten set situated arrayed ranged adjusted arranged lined up allineated organized formed fixed fixt laid sequenced organised installed straightened up set up brought into line put in rows put in order put in columns evened up turned faced stuck sticked ordered balanced marshaled filed marshalled assembled coordinated settled regulated stood straightened evened stationed rested propped deposed planted deployed located justified deposited parked lied posited emplaced sited laid out sat arranged in line made parallel centered made straight centred made even plonked lay out sitten set down put down established popped left lodged based bunged fit posted plunked stowed laid down leaned leant inserted plopped put in set out put in place reposed posed seated plunked down dumped dropped garrisoned fitted mounted shoved planked down put on duty embedded lay down thrust roosted ensconced spread out slipped slid nestled assigned put up put in position steadied planked perched implanted left out rooted supported entrenched shove shoven shave encamped set up camp inset thrusted built spread squatted reclined tucked pushed slotted sheltered implemented billeted billetted stored sat down bestowed unloaded found founded erected detailed shut pitched put into position grounded ground beared stashed flung down added incorporated included put out patrol ingrained centralized slidden dug in put down roots centralised let fall put away set apart set in loaded wedged outfitted prest pressed threw down thrown down rigged stopped extended redistributed distributed worked wrought insetted separated used lounged worked in jammed accommodated draped connected introduced plumped locked utilized housed furnished lined clapt clapped postured quartered boarded tucked in stuck in drave driven druv drove secured displayed adopted poised expanded unfolded opened utilised consigned to brought concentrated harbored headquartered maneuvered manoeuvred bunked affixed screened domiciled popped in setted in place dwelt resided inhabited dwelled fielded roomed settled in settled down fixed up bedded in built in protected hid hanged covered hung spaced fanned out formed front harboured bore borne pulled up roofed shielded concealed intrenched landed moored chambered rigged out fitted out ditched consolidated predicated focussed sustained focused constructed buried inlaid infixed bedded domiciliated stayed reared hinged snuggled up curled up fixt in position placed at intervals camped hung one's hat kitted out setted in position thrusted in lowered bivouacked plunged rooted in spaced out grounded in moved apart hammered in propped up dropped in rammed in rested upon enrooted depended loaden locken stuffed unladen unladed hidden taken battle stations took battle stations took in taken in hid away hidden away driven in sunken sank drove in sunk been was were


Past tense for to get one's physical bearings with regard to one's location or position


Past tense for to present or view (information) from a particular angle, especially in a biased or unfair way
slanted biased biassed colored coloured distorted twisted weighted angled skewed spun span gave a bias to given a bias to gave a slant to given a slant to presented given a particular slant to gave a particular slant to bended bent misrepresented falsified warped garbled put a spin on perverted misstated fudged misinterpreted altered doctored cooked changed manipulated misrelated faked misreported influenced prejudiced swayed tampered with misquoted quoted out of context affected curved misconstrued massaged belied muddled contorted impacted embellished embroidered corrupted fabricated deceived lied conned tinkered with jaundiced turned misrendered mistranslated adulterated predisposed persuaded interfered with overstated moulded put one on upset impressed molded steered fiddled exaggerated fixed cut trumped up inclined converted induced salted brainwashed put words in somebody's mouth put on an act put across took out of context taken out of context disguised forged abused misused weighed tipped tilted misshaped counterfeited misapplied scammed collapsed gnarled deteriorated melted crushed knotted slumped sagged deviated snowed whitewashed writhed misled winded wound declined conditioned transformed juggled tainted diverted invented prepossessed poisoned stretched modified subverted deflected profaned prostituted mangled misemployed shaped debased confused quoted misattributed vitiated made out like touched controlled moved guided sold struck reached magnified padded fazed patched disposed mistreated veered spoilt outraged ruined alloyed watered desecrated spoiled seduced spiked animalized quoted incorrectly promoted fibbed contravened paltered deaconed traversed rigged glossed prevaricated four-flushed equivocated inspired convinced motivated prompted fiddled with made biased hooked cracked nobbled conducted carried led by the nose made partisan told on cooked up sucked in doctored up framed up turned one's head faked it made partial had an effect on talked round brought round twisted one's arm won over softened up impacted on exerted an influence on dressed up prevailed on worked on sloped snew molten wrothe writhen snown shope stricken threw thrown given a false impression of gave a false impression of thrown off balance threw off balance

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