Đồng nghĩa của exhilarated

Alternative for exhilarated

Đồng nghĩa: gladdened,

exhilarates, exhilarated, exhilarating

Đồng nghĩa: cheer, encourage, enliven, excite, gladden, inspire, refresh, stimulate,

Tính từ

Very happy, animated, or elated
ecstatic elated elevated enrapt enraptured entranced euphoric giddy heady intoxicated rapt rapturous rhapsodic rhapsodical animated cheerful delighted ebullient energised energized exalted excited exhilarative happy inspired overjoyed zestful on cloud nine over the moon transported joyful thrilled joyous gleeful jubilant exultant blissful high in seventh heaven stoked in raptures blissed out delirious sent enchanted carried away enthusiastic on a high frenzied cock-a-hoop exuberant ravished aroused beside oneself with happiness fervent stimulated hysterical captivated corybantic on top of the world absorbed in high spirits wigged out jumping for joy walking on air delirious with happiness in transports of delight cheered roused wrapped fired up proud triumphant puffed up fascinated merry charmed flushed enthralled spellbound turned-on flying bewitched beside oneself on cloud seven floating wild beguiled overwhelmed wild with excitement in heaven interested enamoured content in a frenzy of delight flying high in transports in a frenzy enamored turned on beside oneself with joy floating on air amped-up keyed up impassioned uplifted bouncy overpowered enthused rejoicing lighthearted psyched pumped light-hearted inspirited up bright high-spirited exulting cheery in paradise in rhapsodies amped crowing revelling delightful beatific boastful crank glorying prideful swaggering gloating ardent pleased passionate victorious gay triumphalist reveling flipping wowed emotional lyrical extravagant eulogistic dizzy orgasmic filled with joy over-the-top overexcited gone in exaltation athrill upbeat crazy out mad sunny dreamy infatuated blown away piqued galvanized moved concerned galvanised affected quickened tickled to death tickled pink pleased as punch very happy extremely happy gripped engrossed held riveted mesmerized hopped up set up looking good preoccupied intent absent inattentive taken dreaming mesmerised involved absent-minded abstracted hypnotized engaged daydreaming employed hypnotised busy occupied unconscious oblivious hung up wrapped up caught up in stunned impressed awestruck awestricken dazzled transfixed starstruck attracted enticed awed intrigued snowed trapped attentive gladdened captive treading on air deliriously happy made up smitten only too happy as pleased as Punch mentally enchanted as happy as Larry very interested tantalized immersed seduced titillated as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy happy as a lark happy as a clam like a child with a new toy hooked on tantalised caught up fond of in love with extremely curious sold on under a spell very inquisitive stuck on highly interested extremely interested very curious breathless hooked amazed agape bedazzled won over open-mouthed under someone's spell

Tính từ

Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm towards doing something
keen eager enthusiastic excited itching anxious pumped raring enthused hungry yearning agog ardent passionate vivacious exuberant interested longing sprightly zealous animated determined willing ambitious dedicated impatient wholehearted wishing antsy ebullient fervent nuts pleased stoked animate committed desirous lively solicitous thirsty vehement appetent avid dying energetic hot thrilled athirst crazy driven intent juiced motivated titillated wild devoted fanatical geeked ready spirited voracious gung ho hepped up high-spirited hopped-up intent on keyed up mad keen as keen as mustard chomping at the bit keen as mustard raring to go ready and willing roused encouraged inspired aflame moved full of beans bright-eyed and bushy-tailed great rhapsodic earnest elated greedy stimulated hearty fiery tumultuous energized dynamic stirred zestful aroused activated afire inspirited galvanized uplifted influenced energised galvanised stirred up champing at the bit possessed warm vigorous rabid obsessed fervid fascinated passional mad forceful tantalized industrious concerned unqualified nutty intense wacky perfervid gaga active diligent tantalised assiduous bugged conscientious zesty warmblooded exalted started turnt gone on red-hot hot to trot frantic raving uproarious frenzied hysterical delirious daft potty unrestrained untrammeled untrammelled in a frenzy on fire very excited jumping up and down self-driven joyful delighted buoyant joyous jovial enraptured ecstatic engaged excitable overjoyed enlivened glad euphoric happy craving inclined jolly electrified exultant giddy awakened hung up piqued pining peppy amenable elevated tickled sparky tickled pink bursting disposed on cloud nine restive intoxicated hankering covetous blissful alive jubilant cock-a-hoop beside oneself desiring gagging breathless aching wishful hopeful thirsting restless itchy desperate fired up rarin' to go straining at the leash psyched ravenous gluttonous acquisitive rapacious insatiable insatiate edacious wanting ravening hoggish piggish swinish feverish dying to expectant esurient psyched up on tenterhooks worked up desirous of heated unquenchable unappeasable burning prodigious self-starting ripe charged high uncontrollable intemperate aspiring lustful wolfish game unsatisfied hoping piggy gutsy gannet-like grasping pumped up in a hurry hankering after juiced up geared up itching for on pins and needles waiting with bated breath in want of dying for cranked up in suspense approving touched atingle aspirant wannabe would-be edgy curious chafing straining impetuous restored refreshed revitalized enthralled diehard aggressive proactive bullish banzai lusting revitalised for ok with sympathetic habitual longful daydreaming take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic lacking full of enthusiasm all agog all a-gog impassioned spoiling bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless supportive urgently requiring inquisitive quenchless set on bent on chafing at the bit longing for hoping for atremble aquiver consumed with desire unreluctant dotty enamoured of nutso hot for smitten with infatuated with devoted to keen on partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust crying out in great need of anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on spoiling for in urgent need up for it ready for willing for avid for importunate clamorous insistent crying pressing urgent unsatisfiable exigent limitless demanding on the edge of one's seat aspiring towards prehensile amorous keen for hopeful for envious never satisfied in favour in favor thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for predatious uncontrolled hungered unfilled unable to be satisfied turned on aspiring to omnivorous compulsive anticipatory devouring covetous of lusting after waiting expecting starving empty starved gorging dog-hungry gross sating in need of with an appetite with a yen awaiting anticipant anticipating agape watchful apprehensive very hungry starved to death on edge with bated breath alert looking for anticipative prepared vigilant waiting on

Tính từ

A feeling of positivity, satisfaction, or enjoyment
tickled happy delighted pleased glad joyful gratified satisfied joyous overjoyed blissful chuffed contented cheerful gleeful thankful cheery merry mirthful jovial sparkling radiant beaming jocund gay blithesome rejoicing lighthearted bright pleasant up genial pleasing felicitous hilarious animated willing gratifying beautiful cheering tickled pink floating on air can't complain pleased as punch tickled to death elated thrilled over the moon euphoric jolly excited ecstatic frolicsome cock-a-hoop uproarious amused festive jubilant amusing blithe rapt exultant laughing sunny convivial in high spirits as pleased as Punch on cloud nine funny exuberant playful vivacious humorous riotous laughable triumphant sportive chucklesome gladsome pleasurable enjoyable high-spirited entertaining buoyant light-hearted jocular carefree wrapped jocose boon stoked chirpy lively larking rollicking perky fun-loving as happy as a clam as happy as Larry like a dog with two tails electrified atingle thrilled to bits thrilled to pieces exalted smug gloating gruntled ludic enchanté loving it high as a kite made up well pleased like a child with a new toy laughter-filled grateful flattered privileged fun-filled honoured honored hysterical side-splitting farcical comic killing priceless comical comedic ridiculous humoristic sidesplitting screaming antic ludicrous rib-tickling droll risible noisy hysteric hysterically funny very funny extremely amusing exhilarating scream gut-busting riot a scream killingly funny a hoot too funny for words effervescent welcome wonderful delightful high heartwarming fantastic optimistic glowing winsome boisterous peaceful rapturous enraptured upbeat grinning jumping grooving zippy orgasmic rhapsodic smiley saturnalian entranced paradisiacal beatific sanguine zingy paradisiac rousing well zappy fulfilled rosy paradisal rhapsodical untroubled enchanted fun hopeful paradisaical rocking paradisaic peppy smiling content blessed captivated chipper light comfortable blest entertained magical wild intoxicated Panglossian in seventh heaven beside oneself with joy on top of the world feel-good starry-eyed at ease rip-roaring in good spirits flying high blissed out looking good full of beans as happy as a sandboy walking on air rose-colored on a high in a good mood jumping for joy unworried on cloud seven appreciative transported complacent relaxed appeased spirited at peace in raptures ebullient airy bubbly sprightly breezy jaunty serene proud tranquil positive happy-go-lucky good-humoured good-humored placid peart sparky sent aglow ravished charmed flying full of hope deliriously happy of good cheer full of the joys of spring without a care in the world prideful esteemed dignified providential sober poised measured collected composed pacific possessed commodious assuaged complimented lauded vigorous heartening appreciatory cheered agreeable gladdened easy unruffled hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed delirious very happy reassured overwhelmed comforted relieved consoled good treading on air blissfully happy soothed solaced in transports of pleasure in transports of delight in transports of joy only too happy extremely happy happy as a lark happy as a clam self-possessed pacified like the cat that's got the cream revered well-pleased venerated fervent enthusiastic satisfying in transports heavenly explosive emotive fervid gone spaced-out harmonious crazy mad cool perfect turned-on idyllic dreamy floating in ecstasies in the twilight zone in ecstasy beside oneself with happiness popping flipping doing handsprings

Tính từ

Having a lively or cheerful manner or character
jaunty lively animated vivacious energetic spirited sprightly merry peppy perky active cheerful frisky bubbly buoyant vital cheery sparkling breezy happy sunny bouncy exuberant upbeat brisk joyful bright effervescent jolly ebullient pert chirpy snappy animate bouncing pizazzy pizzazzy frolicsome jazzy springy kinetic mettlesome gay zippy jovial gleeful playful blithesome spry chipper sparky gamesome zappy impish jocose peart fresh rollicking sparkly bold sportive wick airy devilish glad sporty light perk racy spanking easy natty trim venturesome flip joking showy spruce high-spirited bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans full of life in good spirits full of vim and vigour full of the joys of spring go-go as lively as a grig as merry as a grig irrepressible excited enthusiastic light-hearted zestful zingy in high spirits elated euphoric jubilant vigorous gladsome smiley blithe brash of good cheer exultant gushing frolic crank passionate dynamic scintillating bubbling happy-go-lucky carefree eager ardent vibrant vivid boisterous lusty hearty full of fun turnt hilarious mirthful joyous feeling one's oats bright and breezy effusive frothy agitated heartful lighthearted genial untroubled jocund radiant optimistic positive laughing grinning unworried dashing without a care in the world lightsome good-humoured smiling good-humored fun-loving hopeful jocular ludic alert cock-a-hoop content zesty festive nimble full of pep easy-going strong contented forceful spunky alive and kicking feisty full of hope kittenish insouciant fiery agile mischievous debonair roguish coltish prankish casual winsome eupeptic canty skittish keen devil-may-care full of energy tireless free and easy entertaining blissful flippant ecstatic smart funny full of get-up-and-go ball of fire swinging wild puckish convivial pleasant powerful waggish indefatigable cheering hardy gingery sturdy forcible untiring jumping red-blooded elvish larkish hyper saucy witty wonderful confident neat humorous exciting romping easygoing stimulating jokey rascally robust frivolous arch wicked rocking antic potent frolicky quick high tricksy driving nonchalant naughty enterprising unflagging stalwart industrious strenuous high-powered informal on top of the world rakish relaxed amusing sassy overjoyed beaming delighted unthinking daring thrilled sexy comic gratified whimsical chucklesome elastic resilient laid-back energized activated unconcerned satisfied facetious pleased game uninhibited thankful tickled chuffed wrapped flourishing tough friendly enlivening cheerly colorful colourful rapturous comical slaphappy boon teasing sanguine wanton bantering energised on cloud seven beside oneself with joy on cloud nine heartening on the go unruly pixieish scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish pixy elfish larky fay sportful peppery mobile offhand alive thriving Pickwickian joshing larking sharp intense daffy delightful dizzy aggressive bustling flush stirring in fine fettle enjoyable virile busy rugged impassioned over the moon barnstorming zealous go-getting sound hale and hearty fun effective giddy pushy full of zip raring to go excitable lots of laughs stylish full of joie de vivre without a care graceful at ease dapper diverting uncaring unconsidered heedless indifferent beatific bonny unserious insubstantial outgoing fairylike grooving gladdened aware tumultuous bullish salacious glitzy fancy jazzlike psychedelic amiable fanciful volatile pertinent relevant interesting dull tight fervent expansive supple invigorated excellent outstanding fast swift striking magnificent marvellous new whopping marvelous rapid remarkable exceptional breathless dramatic youthful gallant gritty pleasure-seeking willful rhapsodical valiant laid back loony festal nutty chaffing jollying rapt enraptured avid heated full of the joy of living forward self-assertive presuming coquettish transported pleasurable stoked popping espiègle full of vim and vigor jumpy hot burning flipping fantastic flying occupied coy exhilarating heady moving demoniac motive kinematic dynamical locomotive motile droll jesting enlivened easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated affable mellow blessed heartwarming vitalized flirtatious elfin eventful dexterous dextrous deedful on the move bubbling over as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy off-the-wall doing handsprings floating on air distinctive piquant rich poignant tart clever tasty tangy pungent troublemaking mischief-making frolicking capering unconstrained spicy cute to the point electrifying sportsmanlike gentlemanly fair pixilated fiendish full of mischief implike glib tongue-in-cheek risible flamboyant dazzling natural unforced happening vehement humming buzzing rousing gladdening hopping coruscating intensive astir abuzz determined shallow superficial cheeky trivial rip-roaring rowdy storming resounding ballsy punchy sensitive vibrating emphatic gutsy responsive clowning in fun in jest full-blooded all-out muscular abubble have-a-go hard-hitting high-octane aboil full of spirit spontaneous open unceremonious rumbustious roisterous empty-headed demure silly scatterbrained flirty feather-brained warming satisfying uplifting welcome pleasing good considerate sportsmanly decent generous noisy robustious rambunctious encouraging gratifying knockabout hell-raising cavorting swashbuckling riotous raucous unrestrained loose unstudied footloose nonformal childish honest honourable evenhanded just honorable reasonable square soul-stirring heart-warming rollicksome thumping ripping loud footloose and fancy-free healthy sporting bucked free as the wind free as a bird straight shooting square shooting square dealing fit strapping fine athletic able-bodied blooming roseate rosy up good-natured in good health hale strong as an lion in good trim in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition persuasive take-over steamroller fighting fit take-charge efficient hard-driving sunny side up glass half full full of vim in the pink fit as a fiddle

Tính từ

entertained diverted amused enthralled beguiled charmed cheered delighted engrossed entranced interested occupied pleased relaxed tickled transported enjoying oneself happy having fun laughing smiling captivated absorbed ecstatic joyous excited joyful jubilant elated overjoyed euphoric thrilled glad enchanted enraptured blissful chuffed in seventh heaven satisfied rapt triumphant gratified stoked wrapped thankful gleeful fulfilled over the moon blissed out on top of the world as pleased as Punch as happy as a clam walking on air cock-a-hoop tickled pink on a high as happy as Larry on cloud nine jumping for joy like a dog with two tails attracted engaged involved pleasantly occupied fascinated curious keen intrigued pleasurably entertained merry effervescent welcome wonderful enjoyable high cheerful pleasing pleasurable heartwarming delightful fantastic cheery jocund contented vivacious jovial hilarious upbeat lively amusing gladsome optimistic buoyant exuberant carefree glowing riotous grinning humorous uproarious pleasant winsome larking boon jumping boisterous radiant peaceful rapturous festive grooving lighthearted zippy orgasmic rhapsodic zappy smiley saturnalian rollicking blithesome paradisiacal rosy paradisal rhapsodical untroubled fun hopeful beatific paradisaical frolicsome sanguine zingy rocking rejoicing beaming paradisiac rousing well paradisaic chirpy perky sportive chipper convivial light comfortable peppy sparkling playful blest mirthful up sunny jolly content gay blessed blithe exultant magical wild intoxicated Panglossian tickled to death can't complain beside oneself with joy looking good full of beans feel-good starry-eyed in high spirits at ease as happy as a sandboy light-hearted rose-colored rip-roaring in good spirits floating on air fun-loving flying high in a good mood sent gladdened enchanté pleasantly surprised on cloud seven in transports of delight made up very pleased beside oneself with happiness like a child with a new toy bright animated bubbly jaunty ebullient sprightly bouncy genial high-spirited sparky airy spirited breezy positive happy-go-lucky jocular enthusiastic peart unworried jocose energetic cheering bright-eyed and bushy-tailed entertaining frisky active lightsome good-humoured vital good-humored elevated full of the joys of spring snappy of good cheer in raptures full of vim and vigour funny brisk bouncing full of life animate hearty without a care in the world eupeptic canty good heartening bright and breezy gratifying giddy pert pizzazzy pizazzy mettlesome springy jazzy kinetic zestful heavenly racy crank satisfying great gamesome vibrant spanking enrapt heady promising glorious agreeable encouraging insouciant ludic alert full of hope exalted dynamic serene diverting frolic beautiful vigorous auspicious debonair chucklesome charming comic propitious delirious pleased as punch hysterical facetious confident ravished proud enchanting jokey roseate flying perfect friendly inspired carried away festal at peace celebratory willing crazy comical as merry as a grig laughable grateful unconcerned felicitous frenzied perk golden gloating fresh well pleased likely fascinating frivolous fair brash warm devil-may-care go-go utopian complacent uplifting placid easy-going bubbling prideful as lively as a grig cordial wigged out tranquil slaphappy scintillating favourable reassuring flippant smug favorable appreciative resilient irrepressible easy appeased encouraged enthused lovely eager droll idealistic divine splendid in transports gruntled spry fine vivid floating energized magnificent exulting corybantic mad assured exciting marvelous marvellous cool crowing joshing ludicrous hung up daffy fervent waggish exhilarating delectable zesty flipping glorying expectant dreamy antic energised delirious with happiness stirring roused alive and kicking collected composed witty electrified seraphic welcoming comforting unperturbed free and easy unflustered unruffled nice expansive sublime unthinking desirous enlivening cheerly volatile ridiculous amazing gala aglow farcical gladdening joking concluded achieved effectuated accomplished dispatched actualized obtained executed crowned attained effected compassed consummated matured finished beside oneself craving inclined gung ho elastic outgoing swinging delightsome aroused alive Pickwickian impish avid hungry agog ambitious appetent thirsty athirst solicitous longing amenable restive impatient disposed pining bullish lusty flushed whimsical Elysian deliriously happy turned-on spellbound captivating good-natured bewitched hankering greedy covetous swaggering sparkly overwhelmed triumphal impassioned refreshing wick bonny killing boastful showy side-splitting trusting gone full of fun idyllic honored calm activated superb rewarding roguish hoping in heaven brought about carried out made good congenial flip noisy humoristic sidesplitting screaming hysteric comedic rib-tickling priceless triumphalist lots of laughs mesmerized ardent quick hypnotized self-possessed fine and dandy Utopian engaging passionate flattered wild with excitement skittish risible silly delicious in a frenzy keeping the faith groovy mischievous doing handsprings very happy full of pep looking on the bright side mesmerised hypnotised alluring honoured turned on looking through rose-colored glasses brought to a close zealous in a frenzy of delight intent heart-warming nonchalant poised pacific measured possessed commodious providential sober assuaged laughter-filled casual atingle carnival holiday thrilled to pieces thrilled to bits fun-filled graceful celestial sociable conversible companionable clubby social hospitable unconstrained indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless stimulated Christmassy benign exhilarative hushed sedate perf loving it high as a kite appreciatory rakish pleasure-seeking saintly amiable easygoing bucked popping uplifted mellow insubstantial unserious grand blissfully happy treading on air determined believing affable sunbeamy back-slapping good-time pushy self-assertive forward presuming supple invigorated in paradise in rhapsodies warming can-do go-getting redeeming backslapping loony chaffing bantering jollying nutty dizzy fanciful relieved consoled reassured comforted effusive inspirited puffed up proactive laid back decorated feastful carnivalesque feastly celebrating romantic fortunate storybook traditional glamorous dazzling only too happy extremely happy fabulous revelling overexcited athrill in exaltation out frothy agitated gushing full of zip solaced soothed unmarred ravishing superlunary empyrean coltish sassy saucy in transports of joy in transports of pleasure attractive absurd privileged nimble pacified jesting off-the-wall heated fiery forceful agile youthful up and about juiced up fond reveling wowed victorious happy as a lark happy as a clam teasing in fine fettle aware comfy homelike spectacular hopped up fired up set up kittenish sunny side up dashing hyper industrious glass half full spaced-out harmonious vitalized wanton interesting in ecstasies soul-stirring slapstick gripped blown away prizewinning champion dominant lucky tongue-in-cheek prankish fay sportful elfish larky colourful colorful in ecstasy like the cat that's got the cream filled with joy smart clever frolicky pathetic derisive derisory preposterous grotesque cockamamie cockamamy zany acceptable commendable fetching peachy couthy mooi intoxicating choice irie darling lekker dulcet recreative relishable thrilling clubbable distracting revered venerated well-pleased esteemed dignified enlivened excitable motivated home-like feelgood imperturbable nonplussed together stoical healthy blooming espiègle ludicrous. laughable derisible in the twilight zone wacky camp flaky joculous gagged up riveted campy flakey boffo for grins held laid-back bursting awakened piqued rowdy euthymic successful copacetic stupid foolish preoccupied geeked hepped up hopped-up likable idealized halcyon ideal romping rumbustious roisterous fairy-tale rose-coloured bold absent dreaming absent-minded abstracted employed busy inattentive taken wrapped up caught up in daydreaming enamoured enamored unconscious oblivious moved tumultuous robustious rambunctious sporty devilish pastoral rustic picturesque exquisite level-headed calm and collected full of promise self-controlled committed assiduous restless raring fanatical wholehearted devoted diligent anxious game breathless vehement dedicated voracious pumped habitual nuts antsy obsessed unreluctant diehard ready balmy venturesome trim natty hell-raising unrestrained unruly knockabout cavorting swashbuckling raucous uninhibited spruce doubtless implicit certain clear sure cocksure shining aflame on top of world ray of sunshine rollicksome thumping ripping loud rural unspoiled bucolic arcadian brilliant ridibund undoubtful secure disposed to look on the bright side self-assured in good heart self-confident smitten very funny extremely amusing hysterically funny sylvan unspoilt Arcadian gut-busting riot scream infatuated likeable scenic restful out-of-this-world idealised relaxing a scream killingly funny a hoot too funny for words out of this world realized perfected completed performed reached rewarded under a spell realised put into effect

Động từ

To have triggered enthusiasm or eagerness
excited thrilled roused stirred animated enlivened enthused stimulated delighted inspired inspirited invigorated moved elated lifted vitalized buoyed charged electrified enraptured galvanized gladdened gripped heartened intoxicated pumped up tickled uplifted bucked up energised energized envigorated galvanised gingered up jazzed up livened up pepped up perked up picked up stirred up evoked fired gave someone a buzz lit a fire under put zip into quickened encouraged cheered aroused cheered up lift enthralled turned on provoked rallied buoyed up fired up motivated refreshed elevated titillated brightened transported revived pleased tickled pink spurred incited captivated inflamed brightened up gratified prodded impelled sparked urged activated instigated emboldened goaded sent rejoiced exalted commoved gave a buzz given a buzz gave someone a kick given someone a kick enchanted entranced ravished contented vivified fulfilled boosted braced kindled satisfied fascinated revitalized amused pleasured warmed entertained dynamized suited wowed gladded bowled over hit the spot made happy fired the imagination of set up geed up revitalised agreed with spurred on fired with enthusiasm strengthened caused charmed impressed triggered bewitched reassured rejuvenated attracted fueled fuelled steeled swayed filliped prompted fortified kick-started incentivized pushed occasioned grabbed feasted waked up gassed keyed up given someone a charge got someone going made someone feel good gave someone a charge whipped up reinvigorated influenced startled persuaded awakened improved jolted indulged restored astounded spellbound waked diverted agitated lightened inclined humored impassioned raptured amazed enamored overjoyed tempted instilled raised actuated spiked heightened livened allured rapped piqued humoured astonished jump-started supported intensified got struck juiced worked up zipped up carried away put a bomb under steamed up brought joy to amped up pleased greatly put in motion knocked dead made content turned someone on egged on juiced up set in motion set off innervated revved up slayed raised spirits put new life in chirked up fired the enthusiasm of woken up woke up given pleasure to gave a lift spiced up gave pleasure to given a lift made something swing edified interested tantalized satiated shocked sated sustained induced quenched beguiled compelled started made something go with a bang awed mesmerized filled bettered teased coaxed disposed refined seduced coerced promoted accelerated disturbed nerved made brave angered served slaked woke woken dazzled nudged convinced pressed made cajoled led prest propelled leaded elicited pressured driven drove drave druv awaked wakened precipitated feed met fed fanned speeded sped fostered delectated touched cultivated palpated infused brought exhorted imbued forced hooked ameliorated grappled civilized confirmed comforted initiated jumpstarted obliged created consoled bestirred made braver empowered frenzied stiffened inveigled impacted converted advised flushed lit up surfeited generated satisficed flattered produced accommodated increased regaled arrided stricken gotten gat enheartened made more cheerful brought about stiffened the resolve of speeded up touched off magnified poured it on primed brought to life psyched up mounted boosted up snapped out of it deepened filled with joy given a boost to become cheerful helped made waves lifted the morale of mesmerised needled appealed to pressurized breathed new life into captured sold crazed cloyed cheered on slew advanced acted as a incentive to gave someone pleasure beghasted raced one's motor acted as a stimulus to knocked out won over sped up made a hit with someone made your head spin tranced tantalised magnetized infected gained strength redoubled made brighter switched on triggered off bugged given joy to acted as a spur to wound up affected prevailed on built a fire under built up suggested to talked into looked up blown away gone over big made happier riled gave joy to led on pressurised made merry made alive necessitated lifted up borne up knocked one's socks off revivified given a lift to cranked up run stunned whetted bolstered enhanced hinted to sparked off knocked someone's socks off frightened innerved went over big slain grooved gave a boost to incentified tickle to death breathed life into warmed the cockles of the heart renewed jarred civilised catered to brought on cleared up magnetised pricked blew away made a splash provided for started off enriched given someone pleasure informed acted as a fillip to bore up endued pandered to acted as a impetus to made very happy filled the bill intensated fomented challenged snapped up raised someone's spirits carried made confident asked for it gave a lift to zapped added zest gave courage given courage gave a bit of zing given a bit of zing awoken awoke gotten going got going gave life to given life to holp holpen did the trick done the trick got one's kicks tickled to death gotten one's kicks gone to your head went to your head gave new life to given new life to gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm gave great pleasure to given great pleasure to given courage to given a shot in the arm to stung got one going gotten one going gave courage to given a new lease of life to gotten one started gave a new lease of life to gave a shot in the arm to got one started took your breath away took one's breath away taken your breath away taken one's breath away given pep talk gave confidence given confidence gave pep talk were responsible for was responsible for given one an idea gave one an idea been responsible for given impetus gave impetus ran began led to given rise to gave rise to begun pepped became cheerful took a turn for the better taken heart took heart taken a turn for the better given someone a thrill gave someone great pleasure given someone great pleasure gave someone a thrill

Động từ

Past tense for to suffuse with vigor, life, energy, or spirit
inspirited inspired roused encouraged excited heartened motivated animated stirred galvanised galvanized enlivened incited energised energized spurred emboldened rallied steeled instigated buoyed strengthened boosted fortified lifted lift refreshed brightened revitalised revitalized restored uplifted enheartened revivified elated elevated cheered gladdened buoyed up cheered up bucked up chirked up bore up borne up psyched up gave shot in arm given shot in arm reassured comforted consoled assured pushed stimulated invigorated jumpstarted fired up aroused pepped up geed up envigorated raised your spirits perked up hit the ground running put on cloud nine let the sun shine in put on top of the world empowered incentified applauded triggered piqued sparked disinhibited impassioned vitalized filliped built up swayed enforced goaded kindled stirred up moved spurred on incentivized egged built whipped up activated reenforced provoked ignited boosted up revved up raised pumped up cheered on quickened prompted soothed nudged solaced pricked praised led electrified leaded bielded stiffened the resolve of stimulated spiritually lifted the spirits of boosted someone's morale spirited someone up lit a fire under raised the morale of propped up warmed helped revamped upraised waked up picked up gingered up blazed a trail given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to braced up boosted moral snapped out of it raised someone's spirits drave driven druv drove given a boost to gave a boost to gave hope to given confidence to given hope to gave confidence to holpen holp woken up woke up given a lift to gave a lift to gave a lift given a lift calmed relieved put at ease supported bolstered assuaged succored succoured allayed salved put one's mind to rest placated condoled composed eased pacified condoled with relaxed brought comfort to commiserated with alleviated commiserated sympathized with besoothed tranquilized mollified palliated set your mind at rest given solace to gave solace to pitied aided reanimated braced expressed sympathy to untroubled quietened gave condolences to given condolences to softened mitigated lulled quieted fears lightened burden empathized with quelled expressed sympathy for expressed sympathy stilled freed made one feel at ease made well restored confidence to sedated becalmed collected subdued contained snapped one out of it lullabied controlled settled calmed down gave sympathy to given sympathy to shown compassion to showed compassion to shown fellow feeling to showed fellow feeling to gave confidence given confidence re-collected gave respite to given respite to

Động từ

Past tense for to suffuse with vigor, life, energy, or spirit
vitalized stimulated envigorated invigorated animated enlivened energised energized fired quickened excited inspirited vivified braced motivated filliped heartened strengthened spiked electrified fortified emboldened triggered empowered revitalised revitalized sustained reinforced bolstered zapped innervated refreshed vivificated primed revived activized armed enabled innerved livened activated galvanised galvanized promoted roused livened up pepped up jump-started gingered up amped up buoyed up jazzed up zipped up pumped up juiced up built up turned on worked up put zip into switched on started up rejuvenated uplifted waked up restored perked up bucked up renewed let sunshine in put pep into picked up put new life in put new heart into put new strength in put new heart in gladdened cheered up cheered inspired sparked enhanced brightened boosted brightened up made lively wakened up woke up woken up buoyed spiced recreated diverted entertained lit a fire under fired up braced up made more lively made more exciting encouraged rallied nerved hardened freshened stirred snapped out of it snapped up gave life to given life to gave a lift given a lift gave a new lease of life to given a new lease of life to aroused incited kindled resuscitated whetted instigated wakened fanned reanimated reactivated revivified tempted titillated reinvigorated precipitated awakened dispatched piqued urged increased actuated sprung moved spurred goaded impelled stirred up grown sprang grew shaken up shook up

Động từ

Past tense for to give new life, energy or strength to someone or something
reinvigorated revitalised revitalized restored revived renewed rejuvenated resuscitated revivified stimulated reanimated enlivened recreated freshened braced renovated repaired inspirited vivified cheered quickened modernised modernized updated replenished regained prodded prompted cooled jogged breathed new life into brought around brushed up regenerated refreshed recharged rekindled invigorated resurrected reawakened envigorated refreshened rewakened rewaked kick-started reconditioned energized strengthened energised awakened roused animated rallied aroused enkindled recovered encouraged relieved brightened waked up bounced back made whole touched up reactivated rewoken rewoke put new life into put some spark into fortified uplifted reconstructed overhauled pepped up bucked up restarted woken up woke up refurbished re-established revamped improved reorganized redeveloped reinforced reintroduced reorganised rehabbed retreaded spruced brought to brought back to life reestablished put new heart into given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to bolstered helped perked up comforted refitted relaunched reinstituted rebuilt rehabilitated reproduced changed topped up brought round solaced overcome pleased recuperated gladdened consoled rediscovered amended redecorated remodeled remodelled transformed given new strength to gave new strength to cooled down saved built up refurnished mended given a boost to gave a boost to restituted reclaimed produced changed radically brought back made over breathed life into brought up to date tarted up vamped up reinstated did up gave new life to made young again made someone feel young again brought something up to code made good gentrified got going again done up added some zest to fixed up spruced up snapped out of it raised from the dead made younger propped up restored vitality to given new life to recalled holpen holp overcame sprang up sprung up did done blew away the cobwebs blown away the cobwebs gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm gave face lift to given face lift to gave the kiss of life to given a new lease of life to given the kiss of life to gave a new lease of life to went over given something a facelift gone over gave something a facelift given a new lease on life gave a new lease on life stirred up come to life stirred activated boosted rescued doctored livened up came to life refound excited galvanized vitalized waked wakened recaptured cured galvanised reconstituted restored to life patched fixed healed redeemed made healthy retouched serviced put on feet again put someone on the road to recovery summoned up set right furbished set to rights tuned come back to life come back from the dead inspired incited relighted relit kindled triggered woke woken whetted instigated reexperienced reinstalled awaked fanned filliped fired spiked reenergized unwound relived remedied titivated tempted titillated recollected revisited rewrought reworked tidied dusted neatened cleaned sweetened recycled remembered promoted zipped up piqued increased vivificated moved innervated innerved goaded precipitated dispatched urged actuated sprung motivated spurred livened impelled rectified treated nursed palliated medicated replayed conjured up freshened up jump-started amped up remastered performed CPR called up dug up summoned back found again given a new look to come around juiced up regained consciousness gave a new look to gingered up made better cleaned up re-created lived through again gotten into shape straightened out ministered to brought to mind got someone back on their feet jazzed up restored to health recovered consciousness made well got into shape attended to made sound physicked treated successfully salvageed discovered again come round aired out come to experienced again salvaged come to one's senses returned to came back to life risen from the dead came back from the dead rose from the dead awoken awoke sprang grew grown risen rose shaken up shook up went through again gone back to gone through again went back to came to one's senses came round came around came to given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

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