Đồng nghĩa của creamy

Alternative for creamy

creamy /'kri:mi/
  • tính từ
    • có nhiều kem
    • mượt, mịn (như kem)


Resembling cream in consistency or colour


Containing cream
off-white whitish cream cream-coloured ivory pearly yellowish-white beige yellow milky white pale pallid chalky blanched sallow colorless colourless faded fair-skinned alabaster light bleached snowy silvery pale-faced ashen wan bloodless anaemic pasty drained milk-white waxen fair neutral anemic argent blond blonde fair-haired tow-headed tow-haired flaxen-haired nacreous opalescent translucent frosted sickly ashy grey ghastly opaline waxy gray chalk-white light-skinned washed out deathly pale washed-out as white as a ghost as white as a sheet towheaded untarnished clouded opaque light-coloured ghostly cloudy light-complexioned snow-white light-colored misty lactescent lacteal lacteous peaches and cream iridescent lustrous sheeny glowing burnished gleaming shining glistening mother-of-pearl pearl silver margaritic margaric peaky cadaverous peaked livid deathlike etiolated doughy peakish pinched lurid paled lymphatic sick mealy haggard green spectral waxlike pasty-faced whey-faced ashen-faced like death warmed up looking as if one has seen a ghost white-faced peely-wally corpse-like faint dull pastel weak muted subtle listless wheyfaced insipid deathly ineffectual ineffective restrained languid soft washy dulled light-toned poor inadequate unsubstantial insubstantial dim thin feeble watery ghostlike corpselike lacklustre lackluster understated waterish dusky drawn jaundiced subdued tired-looking sapped discoloured deadened deathful deadly depressed forceless worn white as a sheet low discolored down bilious dusty low-key soft-hued light-hued pale-coloured pale-colored pastel-coloured unclouded pastel-colored clear clean


Resembling cream


Of, like, or covered with fluff
fluffy fleecy fuzzy soft downy feathery furry airy cushiony ethereal flocculent gossamer gossamery hairy light shaggy velvety wooly woolly floccose flossy lanate lanose bushy cottony featherlike linty pile puffy silky velutinous satiny rough hirsute unshorn bristly silken smooth furred brushy pilose whiskered flimsy thin delicate pileous stubbly pubescent velvetlike silklike satin fine sheer laniferous floaty sleek unshaven bearded tissuelike bewhiskered long-haired tufted villous piliferous woolen frizzy brushed down-covered plumate napped plumose woollen wool-bearing lanigerous hair-covered pilate pilous crinigerous pappose crinite covered with fur filmy floatable floating diaphanous wispy unsubstantial insubstantial gauzy gauzelike dainty spongy vaporous incorporeal weightless atmospheric gossamer-thin gossamer-like feather-like comfortable comfy cozy snug unwrinkled frictionless non-abrasive nonabrasive cosy like a baby's bottom suede-effect exquisite nuanced subtle refined transparent see-through translucent chiffony slight peachy fragile lustrous glossy silky-smooth shiny elegant intricate peachlike nice finespun graceful detailed frail tender choice wafer-thin fine-spun recherche ultra-fine lacy mossy velvet-like glassy polished glistening lightweight cobwebby plush silk luxurious gentle papery like silk shimmering threadlike pellucid very thin chiffon tiffany limpid lucid clear frangible fine-grained minute precise neat pretty exact hairline trim petite narrow overnice slim charming tasteful sophisticated minuscule hairsplitting abstruse fine-drawn select dinky rare hair-splitting fair well-made beautiful deft cute precious sweet attractive pleasing comely bonny feeble lovely darling superior delightful

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