Đồng nghĩa của flavourful


Delicious or full of flavor
delicious appetising appetizing scrumptious tasty delectable succulent delish mouthwatering savoury toothsome palatable yummy flavorous flavoursome flavorsome luscious savory tasteful ambrosial dainty toothy lush tangy scrummy sweet sapid flavourful moreish mouth-watering piquant tempting rich divine choice spicy inviting finger-licking juicy ambrosian yum-yum yummo nectareous nectarean heavenly nummy enticing pungent mellow nectarous delightful zesty peppery strong full-flavoured highly seasoned sharp good hot tart peng lekker seasoned exquisite sweetened sugar-coated good-tasting zestful full-flavored tender enjoyable biting pleasant-tasting fragrant appealing comestible pleasant spiced ripe nice salty aromatic very palatable very enjoyable satisfying flavory harsh nippy fresh saporous adorable aperitive rare attractive ripened acerb out of this world lip-smacking zippy fiery highly-seasoned strongly flavoured zingy poignant fit for a king highly-flavoured highly flavored snappy mature mellowed honeyed agreeable gratifying gorgeous edible desirable tantalizing tantalising finger-lickin' magnificent titillating pleasing moist sumptuous nectarious delicate eatable drinkable stinging pert picante with a kick brusque well-flavored severe critical fair saporific home-cooking relishing cool passable peachy A-OK odoriferous perfumed aromal red hot scented herbaceous curried well seasoned redolent heavy soft plump creamy fatty sharp-flavoured ready to eat full-bodied acid acidic sour bitter strong-flavored buttery highly flavoured gingery briny vinegary fattening filling enchanting wonderful nourishing cloying calorific comfort nutritious unhealthy oily indigestible sustaining well-prepared well-seasoned acrid acidulous acetous acerbic acetic astringent sharp-tasting burning acidulated unsweetened racy distasteful stinking overpowering sourish tartish unpleasant suffocating penetrating acidy vinegarish odorous keen caustic smarting effluvious savorous lemony citrus stiff effluvial amaroidal industrial-strength lively rotten pointed cutting acute nosey whiffy unpalatable unsavory sarcastic piercing colourful unsavoury yukky yucky witty soured acetose green dry humorous vigorous spirited sparkling punchy pervasive stifling powerful colorful offensive nauseating irritating sickly nauseous active strong-smelling austere fetid mephitic foetid wholesome respectable salt acceptable decent perfumatory scentful balmy perfumy sweet-smelling olfactory flowery odoriferant olfactive heady scent-laden sweet-scented

Trái nghĩa của flavourful

flavourful Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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