Đồng nghĩa của ripe

Alternative for ripe

riper, ripest

Đồng nghĩa: full-grown, mature, ready,

Trái nghĩa: raw,

Tính từ

In an old, advanced or mature state or age
advanced aged hoary old mature venerable elderly older senior grey grizzled ancient decrepit doddering doddery senescent senile superannuated septuagenarian geriatric octogenarian unyoung ageing aging nonagenarian centenarian gray matured abiding long-lasting longevous along in years grey-bearded of age gray-haired grey-haired past it not long for this world in one's dotage on in years over-the-hill over the hill no spring chicken not young advanced in years long in the tooth getting on up in years past one's prime not as young as one was long-lived age-old antediluvian hoar antique immemorial dateless timeworn as old as the hills olden old-fashioned not as young as one used to be long-standing feeble traditional very old antiquated archaic deep-rooted weakly out-of-date of advanced years frail oldie long-established rusty retired past your prime time-honored established faltering of a certain age anile outmoded enfeebled cobwebby primeval worn ancestral primaeval been around creaky past old-time pensioned time-honoured lot of mileage mossy time-worn moth-eaten on last leg old as the hills pensioned off usual customary childhood from way back long forgotten outdated obsolete bygone middle-aged patriarchal primordial white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly vintage well-established tired declining relic worn-out full of years passé on its last legs dotard shot ripened long in tooth weak past your sell-by date of an advanced age wasted debilitated infirm senior citizen worse for wear from the past fogyish incapacitated weakened tottering old as Adam former crippled fragile in second childhood in your dotage emeritus ex- early conditioned seasoned major out of shape discharged classical ageless enduring historic in bad shape anachronistic lasting first ritual dated put out to grass mouldy clunky earliest moldy ritualistic fixed rooted Elder I First of yore timeless resigned in retirement emerita prehistoric atavistic forever old hat tried and true tried and tested of long ago horse and buggy leading above high-grade oldest higher over primary eldest first-born centuries old the elder mellow rooted in the past next higher more advanced

Tính từ

Having arrived at the fitting stage or time for a particular action or purpose)
opportune timely auspicious advantageous favourable propitious fortunate felicitous convenient seasonable providential appropriate fitting suitable expedient good apt promising benign right ideal favorable disposed set heaven-sent well timed crying out happy lucky golden proper fortuitous fit well-timed applicable befitting satisfactory relevant welcome helpful pat pertinent timeous perfect flukey fluky becoming reasonable done fitted due seemly rightful desirable correct serendipitous incidental casual efficacious beneficial accidental effective just successful enviable nice meet adequate sufficient comely suited best requisite comme il faut profitable useful gainful prosperous encouraging apposite bright valuable worthwhile fair fruitful beneficent apropos handy advisable judicious hopeful of benefit germane rewarding to the point benefic strategic benignant rosy constructive productive salutary likely behooveful conducive congruous optimistic heartening of assistance of use wise of service favoured significant full of promise wholesome sensible favored friendly acceptable jammy roseate upbeat politic toward commodious worthy rose-colored blessed benevolent of value prudent to the purpose practical material kindly decent positive instrumental prompt lucrative serviceable meritorious tactical recommended punctual related pretty necessary worth it legit kosher to one's advantage right on on the nose on the button healthy connected agreeable chance coincidental merciful pragmatic unexpected invaluable towardly furthersome unforeseen neat brave reassuring well-off hot important healthful gratifying belonging favoring cheering needed dexter exciting appurtenant relative pointed sound deserved favouring ad rem well-suited in keeping inspiring pleasing uplifting suggested of help valid in one's interests presentable spot on to your advantage for the best thankful privileged provident charmed halcyon rehearsed preferable accommodating preferred recommendable usual facilitative moderate warm clement plus predictable expected seasonal comfortable rational reasoned pleasureful pleasant flattering pleasurable tasteful decorous well disposed tailor-made in luck inspired supportive immediate speedy logical well-chosen choice just right qualified in one's favour in one's favor on one's side smiling charitable satisfying respectable usable utilizable remunerative just what was ordered that's the ticket made to order well chosen in one's interest effectual born with a silver spoon in your mouth win-win fit to be eaten consumable comestible versatile fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common edible telling joyous well put well expressed convincing essential pivotal vital crucial sagacious compelling definitive best suited clear cheerful gladdening in one's best interests appropriate to the time of year normal for the time of year correlated admissible salient blessed with good luck born under a lucky star commendatory salubrious tolerable hygienic all right conformable commending unobjectionable protean ample paramount indispensable imperative critical enlivening inspiriting applicatory congruent timeful in good time at the right time okay merited linked relatable pertaining condign user friendly fit for purpose up to standard swell in character up to snuff cut out for righteous right up someone's street good enough in keeping with copacetic stirring full of hope arousing elating promiseful rousing sunny up-to-date up-to-the-minute consistent in demand appreciated fundamental key respected admired exigent in the nick of time pertaining to on target having direct bearing on having to do with utilisable loved esteemed worth its weight in gold central held dear estimable of the essence well judged worthful hot property scarce inadvertent unintended unanticipated unpremeditated unplanned uncertain haphazard unlooked-for unintentional unwitting random chancy incalculable variable odd contingent at the mercy of events unique superb brilliant special fine splendid tremendous excellent wonderful terrific utilitarian utopian beautiful blissful self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests first-class first-rate one-off most correct

Tính từ

Having a disagreeable or unpleasant odor
smelly stinking foetid fetid reeking malodorous rank noisome stinky reeky stenchy musty fusty frowsty foul funky strong frowsy frowzy pungent off strong-smelling putrid rancid foul-smelling mephitic olid whiffy evil-smelling noxious pongy niffy rotten miasmal miasmic high offensive humming festy ill-smelling stale nasty acrid niffing stinking to high heaven mouldy moldy nauseating bad gamy sour lousy revolting dank decayed obnoxious sickening disgusting unpleasant repulsive loathsome dirty vile squalid yucko tainted stenchful pestilential airless stuffy decomposed polluted infested poisonous disagreeable mildewy mildewed unventilated damp graveolent turned putrescent feculent mucid spoilt spoiled filthy repellent odiferous abhorrent horrible dreadful abominable repugnant awful detestable horrendous hideous appalling distasteful nauseous horrid odious terrible frightful atrocious gross grotty objectionable unsavoury yucky icky grubby vomitous gruesome ghastly grimy skanky God-awful unpalatable repellant diabolical obscene unappetizing fulsome uninviting disgustful shocking beastly loathly gut-churning stomach-churning off-putting unsavory yecchy on the nose vomit-inducing ugly pigpen sick-making stomach-turning scandalous evil hateful displeasing despicable execrable contemptible bogging deplorable reprehensible wicked bitter heinous harsh unwelcome unpleasing scurvy grisly wretched grody hellacious rebarbative yukky intolerable horrifying monstrous distressing annoying uncongenial unacceptable unlovely insufferable grim mean undesirable unclean unspeakable beyond the pale hellish poor soiled dire abysmal invidious contaminated godawful upsetting horrific mucky creepy sordid sleazy unappealing muddy irritating sullied macabre decaying woeful outrageous from hell unwholesome smutty cruddy vulgar unsatisfactory scummy unattractive grungy stained dusty exceptionable unhealthy crummy troublesome miserable harmful decomposing brackish lamentable rotting poison damnable dislikeable base putrefied galling unfair very unpleasant disconcerting smudged bedraggled besmirched befouled blackened bemired uncleanly black dingy draggled begrimed scabby insalubrious forbidding unsightly difficult pestiferous pesky irksome pitiful deleterious sorry hurtful cringe-making depressing tasteless toxic dismal baneful rubbish inedible corrupt unbearable infected injurious chronic septic grievous very bad dislikable painful bothersome shabby impure gut-wrenching troubling stressful disquieting disturbing traumatic discomforting daunting emetic cheap lame unsportsmanlike sneaking ratty illegal paltry fraught alarming unsettling perturbing pitiable cruel terrifying bum ungodly unholy uneatable raunchy insipid sick agonizing hairy harrowing severe scuzzy frightening flavourless unhygienic fearful inadequate addled uncomfortable pathetic hostile nightmarish lurid pernicious useless poxy dangerous unhealthful excruciating duff pits unlikable savorless flavorless pants flat agonising destructive spiteful detrimental moldering stagnant mouldering overripe rotted infuriating exasperating disease-ridden cursed tremendous vicious slimy hated shameful accursed worrisome revulsive hard trying hateable dismaying abusive corrupted disgraceful discouraging torturous ornery biting embarrassing cutting hopeless egregious germy unnerving censurable off-color godforsaken uninteresting dull inferior dirtied distressful doleful agitating scungy brutal deadly adverse baleful insanitary worrying diseased opprobrious uncool messy bleak festering tormenting troublous grave discomposing unenticing sickly loathed inimical regrettable unsanitary nidorous moldered putrefacient putrefactive vexatious tragical unwanted curdled perished mouldered fermented venomous virulent afflictive direful ropy odorous unsuitable inadmissible unhappy carious weak ruinous morbid worm-eaten wormy odoriferous inexpedient maggoty flyblown malignant malign unfit for human consumption a load of pants skunky germ-ridden maddening catty yechy indecent substandard laughable reviled rundown tatty bland offending mischievous crass coarse scabrous evil- miasmatic disheartening untempting unpleasant to breathe unfit to breathe impertinent insolent discourteous detested fierce miry shameless demoralizing foreboding repelling scurrilous malevolent abominated execrated despised insalutary immoral insupportable dreary inhospitable joyless unwelcoming comfortless cheerless pill heel vapid very disgusting intense unpardonable inexcusable chunderous grotesque discommoding mighty villainous unseemly unforgivable indescribable terribly bad dishonourable stifling unkind unfiltered adulterated infernal blasted acute vexing startling disintegrating woozy rocky indecorous sulphurous sulfurous pitiless ruthless savage oppressed impoverished stark merciless animal beast bestial serious squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball contradictory inconsistent opposed incompatible crashing drag pain unnourishing yicky onerous averse antipathetic antagonistic sucky punk rubbishy gnarly unfit rude curst freaking cussed darned cotton-picking danged doggoned durn durned dang doggone goddamned confounded darn deuced poverty-stricken innutritious unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite unfitted alien foreign third-rate malicious demoralising old ill-favoured unwarranted mean-spirited low-down blimming junk damaging acid acidic spoiling dishonorable in opposition soured grewsome terrific nightmare ill-favored clabbered lethal unnutritious uncharitable unfresh degenerated gangrenous putrefying testing tough heavy demanding frustrating pressured taxing putrified uncanny ghostly dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish sepulchral funereal anaemic unsound pathological lacking in freshenss unbreathable dreaded unpopular disliked tarnished sloppy not up to snuff murderous arduous tiring gruelling gone bad gone off contagious corroding defiled unwished-for caried purulent pustular uncalled for dirty rotten humourless sombre humorless sober mortifying solemn somber pestilent unsought inconvenient shunned outcast defective incommodious disadvantageous scorned uninvited rejected gloomy sedate heartbreaking unfortunate unendurable smelling faecal fecal out of order saddening awkward afflicting tragic affecting sad bad-smelling grueling below the belt infectious for the birds unwished for concerning anguished sorrowful heartrending hazardous to be avoided strictly for the birds out of place infective fatal epidemic communicable toxicant catching nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking a stinker of a a bummer of a plague-like

Tính từ

Of an age suitable for marriage
nubile desirable marriageable sexy attractive luscious beddable hot lush voluptuous sexually attractive sexually mature seductive alluring cute fanciable sultry tantalizing ravishing handsome spunky fit tempting gorgeous sensuous sensual provocative arousing tantalising foxy stunning captivating lovely beautiful erotic inviting fetching charming bootylicious winning beguiling striking appealing prepossessing enchanting irresistible bewitching bonny come-hither fair comely beauteous knockout taking sightly smashing engaging aesthetic esthetic likely seemly bonnie pretty arresting nice-looking come-to-bed shapely delightful good-looking charismatic pleasing tasty well-favored easy on the eye lovesome pulchritudinous good goodly enticing adorable sexual dishy as pretty as a picture bodacious well favoured drop-dead glamorous entrancing luring winsome drop-dead gorgeous eye-catching provoking flirtatious sweet suggestive out of this world elegant kissable exquisite fine well-favoured magnetic coquettish toothsome titillating agreeable pleasant nice likable curvaceous glamourous graceful enthralling mesmeric beckoning adorbs buxom intriguing dreamy likeable on fleek easy on the eyes slinky bedroom interesting feline fascinating personable dainty lovable hunky busty delectable radiant delicate divine scrumptious fabulous babelicious dazzling yummy dashing wholesome sensational becoming blooming teasing heavenly stylish delicious fine-looking a ten well favored very beautiful compelling naughty siren curvy cuddly congenial genial specious affable elfin studly clean-cut beaut drawing attention flamboyant sublime peng darling dear trim dreamboat eyeful bijou picture-perfect mesmerizing endearing mesmerising spellbinding disarming riveting hypnotic amiable gripping precious absorbing wonderful picturesque magical loveable exciting engrossing hypnotizing compulsive cutesy scenic pleasurable persuasive splendid quaint hypnotising angelic enjoyable neat entertaining well-formed impressive friendly statuesque magnificent appetizing cunning attracting amusing fashionable smart drawing mouthwatering appetising presentable tasteful satisfying stimulating diverting rapturous gratifying twee breathtaking welcome well-rounded acceptable delightsome spectacular blessed consuming grateful immersing involving blest ingratiating insinuating chocolate-box chic marvellous welcoming artistic idyllic satisfactory grand marvelous romantic dulcet showy choice stirring intoxicating cherubic savory felicitous favorable curious jolly savoury terrific regular unputdownable warm inveigling photogenic good-natured favourable thought-provoking classy easygoing superb ritzy simpatico sympathique glitzy panoramic sirenic witching sympatisch enhancing mouth-watering admirable enrapturing enamoring innocent relishable great comfortable sunny flashy exceptional transfixing opulent orphic soft decent hospitable rounded fab cordial decorative glossy seducing strong well-proportioned passable okay OK cherubical rousing exhilarating racy electrifying select memorable thrilling fairy-tale hunky-dory splashy superior not bad amazing suitable paradisiacal paradisal paradisaical paradisaic paradisiac recherche all right to one's liking vivid palatable pretty as a picture illecebrous sympathetic magic fetcjomg young youthful beseeching pulling phat flattering infatuating imposing young-looking sweet-natured preferable Orphean ornamental transporting readable magnetizing magnetising goodlooking picture-postcard cherished warm-hearted affectionate fancy well-shaped well-built fantastic incredible encouraging open top juicy stately dignified cherishable jaw-dropping beautifying as nice as pie eligible prizable nurturable appreciatable puzzling sapid ambrosial suave aesthetically pleasing canny couthy kawaii raunchy risqué charged salacious edgy influential virile dapper seraphic strong in character dandy rewarding robust sharp noble athletic spruce smooth glorious sweetheart aces sociable gregarious white-hat pretty-pretty easy to take full of personality good looking invincible powerful unconquerable inevitable indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable immaculate tidy prim spotless clean peachy pleasureful fine and dandy heady excellent larger than life camera-friendly camera-ready dramatic entranced charmed enchanted bewitched glam in good taste very interesting well-dressed mind-blowing fairylike well dressed plump toytown old-fashioned old-world high-quality expensive colorful childlike well-chosen fiendish dreamlike conjuring trendy righteous prestigious nifty good egg all heart refined photographic pictographic cuddlesome huggable amorous attention-grabbing affecting positive lurid vixenish upmarket coffee-table sophisticated luxurious pictorial majestic symbolic unsoiled colourful orderly swank noteworthy refreshing slight petite arty-crafty olde too good to be true mild worthy joyous super comforting enviable euphoric valuable sound clear X-rated looking like a million moving meaty astonishing eventful invigorating piquant worthy of note fresh preoccupying portentous envigorating trenchant galvanising topical unboring buzzworthy vibrant unique newsy inspiring relatable eye-opening remarkable out of the ordinary newsworthy action-packed wondrous emphatic galvanizing electric slim doll face swanky swish schmick arty resplendent A1 rad prime dollish honourable snazzy ace commendable fun capital showstopping honorable cheery reputable sterling zingy soothing slick boss spanking in order prettyish relief unspoilt glad clean-limbed respectable airy subtle rare dinky nuanced super-eminent shipshape first-class telegenic super-excellent stupendous calming elating splendorous deluxe copasetic first-rate recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gnarly ecstatic copacetic bright curvacious full-figured pneumatic Junoesque full-bosomed well-turned tolerable pleasantly old-fashioned fluffy embraceable snuggly caressible zaftig well produced proper adequate irie uplifting gainly balanced proportioned symmetrical sylphlike well shaped well formed built lacy well-made deft frail tender diaphanous thin ethereal light fragile feeble conciliatory placating pacifying mollifying average O.K. cheering happy conciliating pacific appeasing propitiatory peacemaking placatory fairly good reasonable good enough moderately good prepared not too bad olde worlde comfy homelike well turned propitiating cheerful insinuative saccharine deferential silky ingratiatory convincing silken home-like of good cheer

Tính từ

Exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion
zealous earnest enthusiastic passionate ardent devoted eager keen burning fervent fervid impassioned fanatical spirited fiery militant rabid committed devout sincere wholehearted avid dedicated energetic fierce forceful hearty intense purposeful pushy single-minded vigorous zestful afire antsy extreme fanatic fireball fired frenetic go-ahead gung-ho hot itchy obsessed obsessive perfervid possessed self-starting vehement wild-eyed zealotic coming on strong determined wild excited strong active industrious resolute feverish hungry intent passional ambitious desirous aggressive torrid warm diligent driven assiduous heated persistent red-hot flaming assertive steadfast emotional dynamic crazy religious thirsty indefatigable charged enthused tenacious tireless unflagging demonstrative emphatic hot-blooded powerful untiring motivated warm-blooded violent dogged incandescent persevering gung ho impatient animated voracious solicitous superheated bold blazing glowing athirst raring conscientious staunch enterprising lively agog pumped nuts frenzied sedulous heartfelt unwavering anxious feisty uncompromising longing strenuous yearning insistent pertinacious unrelenting mettlesome deep firm stoked keen as mustard juiced thorough profound greedy rigorous potent itching strong-willed hopped-up great champing at the bit hepped up geeked go-getting hard-working unfaltering raring to go aspiring constant mad keen willing steady ready interested craving unswerving unremitting deep-seated obstinate appetent confident domineering eager beaver mad audacious consuming unshakeable studious tough urgent forcible serious hard-driving busy unyielding dying progressive attentive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed stout bigoted self-assertive careful meticulous inspired acute laborious gutsy painstaking full-blooded high-spirited loyal punctilious stubborn ebullient heightened immoderate in-your-face ready and willing vivacious excessive radical pioneering plucky unflinching intensive resounding as keen as mustard muscular exuberant self-driven stalwart bustling restless faithful resolved frantic extremist pining stirring hankering ruthless pushing inflamed hard-hitting all-consuming infatuated driving strong-minded raging rigid commanding unwearied hard diehard hopeful bullish dying to hot to trot deeply felt warmblooded on the make authoritative steely sprightly striving goal-oriented desiring intemperate ferocious undeviating true furious animate wishful perky competitive fixated unbending plugging aching strict Herculean punchy engaged adventurous set breathless high-powered vivid gone on power-hungry self-confident heedful go-go intolerant straining at the leash keyed up nutty prejudiced vociferous self-asserting blunt robust self-seeking unfailing uncontrollable genuine bossy clamorous scrupulous imperious exhilarated vital severe inexhaustible weariless enamored explosive daring swivel-eyed fond dominant full of beans lusty enamoured demanding unrestrained close unfeigned dogmatic fixed expressive titillated uncontrolled unqualified hyper spunky indomitable effective decisive intrepid opinionated particular compulsive pedantic fussy gagging thrilling hardworking potty employed impulsive elaborate courageous thoroughgoing hopping working biased vocal brisk covetous operose loud rousing dashing adamant maniacal sentimental deep-rooted compelling responsive melodramatic restive watchful peppy racy gladiatorial bona fide zippy rarin' to go addicted hardy self-assured budding scrappy angry game chomping at the bit self-possessed warlike snappy ballsy all-out spanking inflexible illiberal partisan dead set hopped up can-do full-hearted narrow-minded two-fisted ball of fire bent upon pulling no punches hell-bent flourishing relentless fired up full of determination power-loving smitten thriving get up and go high-reaching terrible extraordinary outspoken exceptional incessant feeling forthright wishing revolutionary imposing positive thrilled sharp complete pleased strident entrenched hellacious noisy unceasing unstinting blistering ungovernable heavy assured dotty hooked rooted ultra-careful bent sturdy jumping grind fearless unbridled acquisitive messianic intrenched infatuated with combative hardened sure inveterate undaunted exacting over-enthusiastic solid unshakable devoted to raw plodding inordinate obdurate red-blooded eloquent searching minute tied-up occupied impetuous brave excitable overenthusiastic resourceful sparkling enduring settled fascinated supreme monomaniacal unwearying galvanized swotty cut-throat habitual vibrant intent on hard-core honest alive ecstatic stimulated unhesitating zesty persisting exciting sparky airy delirious effervescent hot for cutthroat tender contentious expectant moving bouncy iron-willed sensitive bubbly raving bugged incorrigible card-carrying bloodthirsty storming kinetic high-pressure stirred roused one-sided very enthusiastic warring big nervy galvanised full-throated alert whole-souled bouncing springy frisky pert aflame rugged amenable raucous white-hot confirmed gay unreasonable whole-hearted jazzy pizzazzy pizazzy jaunty disposed steamed up gotta have energized true blue bullheaded full of life decided overemotional emotive bred-in-the-bone activated definite heroic insane inclined dutiful happy energised on fire bright and breezy like a ball of fire alive and kicking high-octane having killer instinct full of vim and vigour from the heart have-a-go waiting with bated breath desiring success bursting mighty volatile fevered tight insatiable peppery gingery amorous overpowering stiff abject all out growing thirsting resilient unending unretiring sexy arousing titillating marked effectual effusive irascible stormy allegiant arduous taxing edgy ravenous grasping self-motivated penetrating piercing temperamental buoyant rapacious avaricious intensified exhausting forward controlling grave regardful concentrating nice listening aflutter prepared rhapsodic wacky concerned tantalized revitalized reinvigorated reborn overbearing correct accurate on the go inspirited importunate upwardly mobile dependable gaga tantalised straining chafing hard-nosed hardline not backward in coming forward quick thrusting susceptible visionary bubbling over moved influenced aroused encouraged uplifted turnt collected composed influential sprouting burgeoning expanding augmenting amplifying towering sustained up sagacious in a hurry grinding whiz hoping poised optimistic intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be tumultuous pious warmhearted wackadoodle wackadoo unabated stringent psyched glad hung up unreluctant patient convincing chirpy zappy elated chipper proactive banzai stirred up original defiant brutal gritty irrepressible exact loving heartwarming overcharged tempestuous fain sectarian true-blue adoring doting supportive peart dauntless vociferant obstreperous erratic partial headstrong credulous willful unruly contumacious future possible prospective likely in love overwrought dizzy persuasive involved minded desperate pronounced concentrated vitalized zingy protective mindful vigilant defensive poignant precipitate headlong inspiring affecting hotblooded quickened unstinted continuing undeterred continued independent perceptive mean take charge emulous verklempt sentient ablaze imaginative ingenious frank in the mood of a mind pysched up up for on for favourably inclined take-charge ghastly almighty intensely competitive fiercely competitive stop at nothing dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke bound and determined mushy romantic touching extremely enthusiastic deliberate serious-minded in earnest meaning what one says meaning business self-reliant vying major hysterical firm in spirit certain stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad touchy-feely bent on on tenterhooks set on desirous of fastidious cool-headed brassy exquisite revolutionist chauvinistic blinkered activist inventive nuts for high on turned on competing worked up starry-eyed on the edge of one's seat on pins and needles hankering after drastic dreadful endeavoring endeavouring beguiled enchanted besotted charmed slogging seasoned creative viral carnivorous opposing oppositional antagonistic fearful fond of sweet on enamoured of very keen on smitten with beside oneself chronic pontifical talented bright venturesome quick-witted gifted capable able clever keen on daft significant fearsome lovesick captivated bewitched enamored of established plain-spoken crazed overzealous vicious venturous free-swinging up-and-coming entrepreneurial emboldened adventuresome nerved nitpicking finical unerring finicky nutso perennial lifelong authoritarian spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action taken intoxicated spellbound love-struck enraptured seduced frightful irrational as game as Ned Kelly free-spoken direct candid open uninhibited indelible proved immutable with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone critical excruciating revitalised extravagant born-again ultra addicted to reliable impenitent intransigent unapologetic unashamed irredeemable unreformable ineradicable longtime inexorable infuriated berko berserk impractical speculative dogmatical self-opinionated theoretical opinionative opinioned take-over gumptious advancing hustling lusting innovative heavy-duty articulate ingrained incurable explicit accustomed inured habituated staid grandiose hooked on in love with infected naked corybantic deranged overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell virulent flipped ill spark plug hard ball rebel belligerent sicker ideological unpragmatic unrealistic hypothetical real absolute full unambiguous total unreserved categorical bellicose mad on epic ostentatious large long-established dyed-in-the-wool pugnacious unlimited unmitigated unrestricted unequivocal unconditional undivided very keen hard-line well established long-standing die-hard through and through deep-set hard-shell firmly established deep-dyed well-established terrorist freaked out pigheaded magisterial mulish dictatorial doctrinaire stern holding fixed views stiff-necked dictative guarded jealous consumed compelled unalloyed unadulterated utter smooth-spoken voluble facile plainspoken glib fluent free venting stentorian round immodest monumental immovable unbendable unshaken electrifying fighting undiluted unquestioning outright impelled flamboyant dazzling ultra-active assaultive contending chippy quarrelsome confrontational discordant brawly argumentative agonistic truculent combating disputatious exorbitant magnificent exaggerated showy lordly happening virile humming colourful colorful buzzing abiding entire authentic fullhearted induced obsessional spry coruscating stimulating astir fresh abuzz embattled vibrating radiant breezy pushed steered guided besetting fantastic outrageous lavish disproportionate impressive abubble sound aboil militaristic rebellious warrish assertory martial offensive military hectic in arms up in arms full of the joys of spring full of spirit full of pep full of get-up-and-go hundred percent fanciful grand out-and-out without reservations never-failing urged on

Tính từ

Having or being of high quality, especially in a form that is traditional or pure
vintage prime choice select superior quality rare archetypal excellent pure best classical essential traditional venerable mature selected first-class high-quality first-rate exceptional fine superb stellar sterling wonderful marvellous grand exquisite great splendid sensational terrific fabulous marvelous top supreme unsurpassed superlative boss top-notch blue-ribbon fantastic number one par excellence magnificent awesome outstanding prize swell beautiful exemplary distinguished heavenly cool premium lovely elegant topflight supernal elite prizewinning noble capital tip-top primo gilt-edged high-grade high-class blue-chip out-of-sight worthy brilliant divine spectacular amazing incredible extraordinary exclusive fantabulous impressive valuable hot groovy neat nifty fab classic immense phat cracking special dandy peachy dynamite radical famous accomplished commendable sublime corking mean frontline crackerjack gangbusters slick gangbuster banner keen dope bonny boffo perfect illustrious bumper brag bonnie bang-up notable unparalleled incomparable matchless unrivaled preeminent noted estimable dominant peerless transcendent pre-eminent jim-dandy gilt-edge first-string five-star peachy keen numero uno top-shelf of the highest quality world-class of high quality top-of-the-line premier unrivalled finest top of the line top of the range good topping tremendous stunning enviable desirable phenomenal glorious invaluable super wizard hype bully down brave gone topnotch deluxe sovereign attractive admirable fancy advanced crowning meritorious striking lofty eminent priceless applaudable laudable high ideal praiseworthy four-star top-of-the-range very good really good of the highest standard righteous dainty top-quality optimal A-OK tops grade A prize-winning first-line top-drawer A-1 top-class proper quintessential refined hand-picked elect bad nice crucial 10 popular preferred favored preferential rad handpicked favorite schmick precious plum def cherry-picked favoured unusual favourite uncommon solid gold carefully chosen of the first water 24-karat delicate posh eclectic winning A-list top quality award-winning beyond compare leading crack consummate highest a cut above the rest prominent unequaled star optimum record-breaking unequalled big-time unprecedented first class unsurpassable ace industry leading number 1 world class one-in-a-million surpassing nonpareil paramount best possible unexcelled utopian top-tier apex crown undefeated champion choicest primary second to none top drawer without equal number-one unbeaten complete first superfine main dominating sans pareil unexampled unbeatable principal head greatest chief inimitable foremost Grade A reliable certified ripping bodacious mega top-level mint unreal smashing outrageous class fantastical tiptop stupendous legit bosting wicked remarkable out of this world delightful flawless gorgeous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dazzling brill celebrated renowned prodigious splendiferous top-hole faultless enjoyable unmatched unique amazeballs majestic honourable pleasing honorable imposing resplendent magic proud splendorous awe-inspiring massive exalted memorable august impeccable beaut formidable creditable important of the first order wondrous elevated sound bonzer stately noteworthy breathtaking gratifying skillful skilful spiffing exciting radiant unblemished on fleek mind-blowing pleasurable masterly immaculate heroic deserving towering royal monumental exo absolute pleasant singular regal well-known colossal unbelievable positive grandiose thrilling goodly out of sight epic baronial dreamy heroical gnarly rapturous Homeric magnific A1 major ultimate extreme agreeable culminating commanding sik too much imperial honoured meritable enchanting arresting astonishing spanking powerful virtuoso honored ravishing luxurious sightly charming unmarred favorable out-of-this-world alluring indefectible reputable standout statuesque beauteous predominant appealing inspired irreproachable astounding beezer favourable welcome extravagant chillin' gallant fair intense big belting fascinating pearler barrie thankworthy esteemed shining solid fabby of a high standard to die for lead luxury paradisiacal paradisiac satisfying inspiring topmost acclaimed too good to be true only recherche moving of the highest order excelling worthy of admiration lavish sumptuous stirring shipshape pretty finished classy bewitching cute prestigious coruscating congenial scrumptious respectable comely taking far out blissful famed staggering foxy dignified OK worthiest idyllic triumphant bright blameless pulchritudinous aesthetic good-looking lovesome maximum praisable immortal covetable stainless spotless untainted expensive whole well-favored effulgent extraordinaire upmarket mind-boggling esthetic sweet far-out up to snuff time-honored princely profound skilled central kingly satisfactory entrancing expert aces acceptable solemn glamorous untarnished beyond comparison masterful joyous peak unforgettable highest quality blessed super-eminent super-excellent unspoilt amiable marvy captivating paradisal paradisaic opulent palatial tempting exhilarating copacetic exceeding glowing lank kif supereminent delectable especial respected irie miraculous flashy tasteful state-of-the-art ecstatic worthwhile knockout untouchable entire intact glossy flamboyant fetching drop-dead splashy showy hunky-dory eye-catching zingy not bad effusive excessive key laudatory cardinal tough exaggerated inflated lordly handsome insane enthralling profitable above average unflawed eye-popping jaw-dropping spiritual rich most ruling unusually good utmost crazy original way-out transcendental zero cool virtuous privileged very best uttermost conspicuous advantageous affecting uplifting inspirational abstract panegyrical graceful desired of highest order portly max preferable enticing something else upscale seamless shapely delicious slap-up momentous sought-after influential 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Pleasing to taste

Trái nghĩa của ripe

ripe Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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