Đồng nghĩa của soaked

Alternative for soaked

Tính từ

Drenched with water, or other liquid
wet drenched sodden soggy waterlogged watery dank dripping saturated sopping soppy awash bathed bedraggled soaking washed watered doused dowsed logged saturate soused droukit drowned dripping wet water-logged water-soaked soaking wet wringing-wet sopping wet soaked to the skin wet through wringing wet like a drowned rat moist marshy boggy miry swampy squelchy steeped oozy humid damp wringing clammy fenny soft soaked through streaming muggy pulpy slushy mushy heavy quaggy squishy gooey pappy sloppy mucky gloopy doughy squidgy squashy spongy covered pasty inundated sticky sultry pulpous dewy slippery marinated over-moist semi-liquid soft and wet moistened flooded aqueous slimy teary pickled sparkling big flushed afloat muddied splashed hosed quenched wetted irrigated showered sprinkled sprayed beaded teeming rainy drizzling misty pouring stormy showery raining snowy foggy immersed dampened drunk boiled bloated seethed stewed impregnate brimful overloaded full overwhelmed brimming packed overfull replete muddy plunged coated dunked streaming wet flavorless colourless colorless waterlike dim anemic bloodless hazy flavourless anaemic serous watered-down succulent dipped ripe lush sappy fleshy luscious tender mellow sauced thirst-quenching liquid juicy viscid oily syrupy sludgy soupy paludal uliginose sloughy unstable marish mossy clogged clarty claggy yielding mucous dirty scummy muculent filthy glutinous tacky yukky viscous thin runny splashy slap not set not hard not hardened steamy airless suffocating oppressive stifling close fuggy stuffy boiling tropical sweaty irriguous sweltering like a sauna like a Turkish bath very damp

Tính từ

Being under the influence of alcohol
loaded drunk inebriated inebriate drunken plastered intoxicated hammered high wasted smashed tipsy blitzed bombed sozzled blotto canned sloshed sottish pickled stewed soused blasted tight tanked squiffy tiddly ripped besotted juiced stiff squiffed wet crocked slang fried blind cockeyed lit impaired oiled gassed stoned stinking boozy potted looped befuddled buzzed wrecked merry fuddled trashed zonked woozy crapulous steaming tippling legless crapulent bladdered maudlin paralytic incapable bevvied toping ratted mullered lashed reeling trolleyed slaughtered wired fou guttered stinko cut bibulous steamed foxed screwed sotted full shickered ebriate shot sauced inked lekker munted monged pixilated ebrious ebriose crock swacked zoned pie-eyed under the influence lit up drunk as a skunk under the table dead drunk gin-soaked blind drunk roaring drunk rolling drunk three sheets to the wind worse for drink tanked up worse for wear well oiled out of it rat-arsed wiped out drunk as a lord cock-eyed half cut well away liquored up two sheets to the wind in the bag Brahms and Liszt having had a skinful grogged up strung out half seas over monged out tired and emotional having had one over the eight as full as a goog as tight as a tick flying steamboats kaylied boozed-up langered dronkverdriet mashed broken ossified stukkend off your face out to it boozed up blatted totaled elephants sat tanked-up babalas groggy seeing double feeling no pain in your cups bacchic muddled well-oiled Adrian Quist spaced tripping glazed flushed laced bashed jacked red-nosed one over the eight happy gin-sodden the worse for drink three sheets in the wind out of one's head out of one's skull out of one's box boozing baked drugged doped boozed unsober sloppy obliterated snockered lush tied one on out off one's head drunked up irrigated unsteady intemperate drinking geeked gone schnockered sodden dazed beery half in the bag slightly drunk in one's cups dead to the world blown-up spaced out zonked-out half-crocked out of one's gourd half-seas over hard-drinking half-cut spaced-out burned-out feeling good hooched up on a trip under the weather hopped-up high as a kite under the influence of intoxicating liquor off one's face polluted stupefied in faced narcotized comatose mellow on drugs delirious hallucinating euphoric hyped up charged up freaked out dopey benumbed floating unconscious coked drugged up junked-up blown away blazed cooked demolished dead-drunk elevated addled turned on out of one's mind off one's head on a high drugged-out drunk as a fiddler plowed tiddled pixillated ploughed punchy full of well-being tozy-mozy bibacious alcoholic insensible anaesthetized anesthetized knocked out out of your mind

Động từ

Past tense for to be, or cause to be, thoroughly wet or waterlogged
drenched wet wetted bathed washed soddened sodden steeped moistened saturated soused waterlogged watered dowsed sopped flooded rinsed bedraggled impregnated damped inundated deluged swamped macerated infused suffused imbrued seethed sod wet down wet through drowned doused immersed submerged splashed dampened sprayed dunked sprinkled irrigated plunged sloshed ducked submersed dipped slopped marinated imbued showered humidified moisturized spattered hosed marinaded hosed down sluiced splattered moisturised retted bedewed overflowed overwhelmed covered squirted pickled permeated brined laved baptised baptized engulfed dashed plashed fertigated made wet lowered flushed pervaded seeped percolated whelmed wet thoroughly pitched washed out transfused got wet dewed hydrated humified sparged humected poured lapped bespattered sunken sunk sank swashed watered down dabbled brewed immerged washed down remoisturized stewed seasoned bewatered quenched besprinkled mashed sluiced down teemed preserved swilled down penetrated douched imbathed stood filled moistified licked sogged misted steamed snuffed spritzed debouched stained smeared marked splatted daubed lipped drooled cleaned plunged into water rained on cleansed overrun aspersed merged speckled splodged blotched strewn rehydrated swilled glutted streamed gushed made fertile brought water to beflooded snowed wallowed flushed away outed waded rinsed out washed off dipped in purified flushed out poured down on paddled swabbed washed lightly overran got water on gotten water on snew snown threw thrown threw liquid thrown liquid

Động từ

Past tense for to drink alcohol, typically in excess
drank drunk tippled boozed bibbed guzzled lushed up liquored up hit the bottle bevvied toped wassailed imbibed hit the booze had a drink cracked a bottle indulged caroused swilled liquored drank alcohol drunk alcohol taken to the bottle gotten drunk went on the piss got tanked up got drunk gone on the piss knocked something back got soused got plastered took to the bottle knocked a few back drank heavily drunk heavily bent the elbow taken a drop took a drop went on a binge drunk like a fish drank like a fish gone on a binge put away wet whistle hoist sipped swigged gulped supped slurped quaffed drained consumed swallowed downed lapped tossed off inhaled sucked belted irrigated dissipated nipped sopped gargled sloshed thirsted washed down hoisted tanked up knocked back slugged down belted down pounded down tossed down soaked up sponged toasted absorbed absorpt necked scarfed slugged chugged snarfed ingurgitated partook of partaken of glugged hit gulped down killed scarfed down wet one's whistle snarfed down ingested lushed sunken sunk sank attacked shifted emptied taken took tost had tossed overindulged sotted murdered skolled taken alcohol took alcohol had a few finished off got outside polished off disposed of lapped up swallowed down forced down spooned scarfed up got outside of pulled on had one over the eight got down snarfed up took strong drink taken strong drink partook partaken overdrank overdrunk went drinking gone drinking hat hitten gone on a bender went on a bender drank up drunk up drunk down drank down threw back thrown back

Động từ

Past tense for to overcharge (someone) for something
overcharged gouged stung surcharged swindled cheated beat defrauded conned stiffed diddled rooked skinned cozened fleeced gypped squeezed stuck sticked robbed clipped short-changed ripped off rushed bilked suckered hustled victimized deceived bled flimflammed shortchanged fiddled hosed mulcted gazumped gaffed shorted chiseled chiselled skunked reamed tricked euchred duped choused thimblerigged plucked nobbled bamboozled did done victimised put one over on someone put one over on screwed extorted charged too much padded overtaxed nicked stitched up hoodwinked exploited gulled scammed finagled shafted beaten snookered milked burnt burned had chicaned hornswoggled goldbricked sold plundered illuded took for a ride taken advantage of taken for a ride took advantage of despoiled shaken down shook down led up the garden path done in sold a pup pulled a fast one on someone pulled a swifty on double-crossed sold a pup to sold a bill of goods jerked around roped in pulled a fast one on sold down the river run a game on taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners did in taken someone for a ride took someone for a ride stole stolen gave someone a bum steer given someone a bum steer ran a game on fooled misled hoaxed deluded sandbagged beguiled buncoed strung along snowed swizzled humbugged had on bluffed pulled a fast one misguided embezzled caught misinformed spoofed sucked dry set up faked out sucked in sold a bill of goods to kidded outwitted gammoned buffaloed juggled preyed on wrung took in taken in snew snown entrapped double-dealt swizzed fudged betrayed manipulated blackmailed abused intimidated inveigled screwed over sucked the life out of overreached pulled one's leg led on hit below the belt wringed trimmed misused put the screws to wheedled attacked terrorized shucked pilfered bled dry thwarted done a number on did a number on enslaved used gipped terrorised framed disappointed circumvented ducked weaselled overworked overwrought depleted brought to its knees drained dodged weaseled befooled did the dirty on done the dirty on outmanoeuvred oppressed bullied ill-treated faked walked over outmaneuvered played on imposed on imposed upon treated unfairly walked all over lived off the backs of pulled fast one molested put on withheld rights from pulled the wool over somebody's eyes taken took wormed one's way out of beaten around the bush copped out slipped out harassed hounded extracted done out of did out of stacked the cards pulled something funny bent the rules stretched the rules dispossessed stabbed in the back sold out picked on penalised fined forfeited penalized baulked punished underpaid welshed balked wrenched forced expelled wrested crossed pauperized impoverished lured coaxed cajoled jiggled frauded belirted cribbed lirted rogued blenched strong-armed bilked of ruined frustrated foiled filched sweet-talked played dirty grifted pigeoned fast talked shortweighted ensnared heisted sold someone down the river played caught out jived seduced stumped conned out of done someone in the eye did someone in the eye outsmarted dumped on preyed upon played upon took to cleaners taken to cleaners wound up stepped on bled someone of something lived off suckered into ill-used haunted weighed stepped out worried played a prank on lived on flammed loaded played joke on cuckolded falsified fixed outfoxed beat out of pulled the wool over someone's eyes hooked played games with played a jest on killed bothered led somebody down the garden path skimmed off the top depressed taxed seized pulled something made a sucker of preoccupied distressed pulled someone's leg hunted bugged devoured fed on crossed up played a joke on cashed in on raided consumed played away rooked out of troubled leaded one down the garden path played a practical joke on burdened pulled the wool over one's eyes depredated extraught taken out took out gave bum steer broke the rules given bum steer broken the rules tore from teared from got the better of gotten the better of did number on taken to the cleaner's took to the cleaner's done number on ate eaten taken for ride took for ride beaten out of lain to lay to taken for took for stolen someone blind stole someone blind

Động từ

Past tense for make (meat) more tender by beating or slow cooking

Động từ

Past tense for to hold or engage the attention of
engrossed absorbed absorpt engaged involved gripped held immersed preoccupied arrested enthralled fascinated interested captivated intrigued occupied bewitched caught charmed engulfed riveted rivetted beguiled bemused busied entranced enveloped enwrapped mesmerised mesmerized spellbound fixated hypnotised hypnotized applied assimilated attracted caught up consumed cornered enraptured filled hogged monopolised monopolized became lost become lost sewed up sewn up took up taken up upped on held your attention employed diverted amused entertained distracted concerned attended used up held attention tied up kept busy held the attention of enchanted pleased delighted bedazzled captured grabbed allured transfixed magnetized lured magnetised tickled slayed gladdened obsessed overwhelmed cheered put under a spell won enticed solaced killed regaled wiled invited wowed gratified recreated affected held spellbound titillated piqued knocked dead fixed buried dominated possessed compelled witched inspired enamoured drawn drew ensnared enamored disported pulled overpowered slain slew stimulated won over moved tempted caught hold of panicked relaxed tantalized appealed covered tickled pink hooked excited turned on aroused tantalised influenced held one's attention cracked up put away put 'em away kept maintained appealed to committed wrapped enlisted haunted worried troubled gained seized overcome devoured disturbed concentrated kept alive kept up kept amused vamped sent overburdened ravished grasped overloaded fractured inspirited enlivened comforted humoured ecstasized satisfied elated indulged impressed humored infatuated knocked out got lost in lost oneself in kindled thrilled stirred transported enslaved got fired interested greatly animated provoked seduced subdued intoxicated engrossed oneself tickle to death tickled the fancy of prompted induced made merry become an obsession with given pleasure to gave pleasure to elicited persuaded swept off one's feet bowled over pulled in brought in took control of taken control of broken one up mattered to touched grabbed the attention of broke one up brought around caught the eye of held in awe made happy sat up called forth aroused one's curiosity knocked 'em dead engaged one's attention snared brought forth perked up fractured one lit someone's fire tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite caught one's eye made roll in the aisles floated someone's boat captured one's imagination threw thrown overcame ate up eaten up tickled to death taken took gotten thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in eaten away at ate away at threw oneself into thrown oneself into became an obsession with argued into got one's jollies gotten one's jollies took in taken in

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