Đồng nghĩa của bewitched

Alternative for bewitched

bewitches, bewitched, bewitching

Đồng nghĩa: charm, delight, enchant, hex,

Tính từ

Entranced or enchanted, as if by a spell or with magical properties
charmed magical enchanted magic mystic entranced ensorcelled spellbound supernatural necromantic possessed sorcerous thaumaturgical under a spell enchanting mysterious wizardly occult weird thaumaturgic miraculous entrancing wonderful fascinating spellbinding magnetic uncanny charismatic conjuring fiendish spiritualistic otherworldly ghostly mythical spectral witching haunted parapsychological theurgical telekinetic tranced clairvoyant marvellous marvelous talismanic witchlike runic demoniac fey unusual diabolic spooky theurgic eerie extraordinary imaginary fairylike dreamlike exquisite fairy-tale powerful special numinous Druidical perfect charming attractive appealing bewitching captivating lovely beautiful beguiling enthralling heavenly irresistible alluring magnificent glorious superb idyllic delightful divine intriguing gorgeous sublime mesmerizing inviting intoxicating mesmeric heady seductive hypnotic engaging dreamy mind-blowing mesmerising too good to be true paranormal mystical preternatural transcendental unearthly spiritual psychic other-worldly supernormal unnatural metaphysical arcane secret supranatural transmundane transcendent orphic legendary superhuman dark cabbalistic shamanistic hidden extramundane unaccountable phenomenal shadowy black oracular voodoo esoteric unknowable nonrational abstruse cabalistic anagogic mystifying abnormal non-rational bizarre inscrutable fabled fabulous make-believe astrological alchemistic quixotic telestic mysterial visionary religious ineffable hermetical extrasensory hypernormal inexplicable phantom unbelievable supersensory telepathic unworldly mythological invisible superordinary unfathomable ghostlike fairy impenetrable unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible supermundane celestial rare obscure concealed unrevealed superior supersensible supersensual unexplained supersensitive immaterial inner stargazing with a sixth sense out-of-body with second sight strange creepy odd queer eldritch cryptic far-out grotesque spookish freaky unreal eery haunting awful dreadful ominous rum horrific ghastly fearful flakey awe-inspiring uncouth oddball whacko flaky out of the ordinary supernal

Tính từ

Mesmerized by someone or something, typically in a positive way
charmed captivated fascinated beguiled enraptured hypnotised hypnotized enamored enamoured mesmerised mesmerized delighted enthralled attracted enticed spellbound thrilled bedazzled ensorcelled hooked lured moonstruck ravished tempted won over fallen for hung up turned on head over heels mad about have a thing about gaga about smitten infatuated besotted enchanted obsessed entranced taken seduced keen on intoxicated lovesick fond crazy about in love sold on taken with head over heels in love nuts about wild about crazy rapt engrossed gone on riveted mad on gripped loving amorous hooked on stuck on love-struck devoted to passionate about under a spell twitterpated by bewitched by smitten with enchanted by charmed by captivated by beguiled by in love with absorbed swept off your feet mad transfixed dazzled tantalized titillated intent excited inflamed possessed tantalised enamored of silly enthralled by struck on gaga fond of infatuated with fascinated by sweet on love-struck by obsessed with enamoured of potty about head over heels in love with bowled over carrying a torch for consumed with desire for greatly enamoured of bowled over by very attracted to hypnotized by hung up on focussed devoted gone focused dotty twitterpated silly about has a thing about swept off one's feet giddy passionate ardent aroused overpowered very interested transported immersed sent involved fervid fervent zealous enthusiastic nutty nuts potty wild carried away very keen very enthusiastic hopelessly in love turned on by far gone on under the spell of swept off one's feet by enraptured by very inquisitive extremely curious highly interested extremely interested very curious fanatical doting lovestruck really into very keen on ensorcelled by doting on under someone's spell hopelessly in love with very taken with into crazed drawn agog caught predisposed intrigued curious eager interested impressed moved inquisitive roused sold attentive inspired touched stimulated affected inspirited fixated by addicted to riveted by interested in keen attached to enthusiastic about mesmerized by attracted to besotted with hungry for intent on eager for partial to gripped by intrigued by preoccupied preoccupied by fixated single-minded monomaniacal consumed engaged wrapped up in intense preoccupied with single-minded about hell-bent obsessive about possessed by occupied distracted engrossed in caught up in dedicated to immersed in deep lost wild on dotty about caught up wrapped up up to here taken up eat sleep and breathe buried concerned busy queer sunk in taken over absorbed in heavily into up to here in focused on locked in tied up involved in dialed in up to your ears wound up deep in thought having a one-track mind happy attached taken up with ignorant prepossessed submerged wackadoodle wackadoo fanatical about paranoid neurotic absentminded somewhere else entranced by in a world of one's own with one's head in the clouds bound-up absent-minded abstracted distracted by in a brown study wool-gathering not there taken up by distrait miles away dreamy all wound up not with us spellbound by in the grip of

Tính từ

Completely fascinated or absorbed by what one is seeing or hearing
rapt captivated entranced rapturous spellbound ecstatic enraptured enthralled fascinated charmed enchanted gripped transported delighted elated elevated engrossed enrapt euphoric exhilarated giddy heady held intoxicated mesmerised mesmerized rhapsodic rhapsodical riveted sent thrilled absorbed blissful intent preoccupied ravished absent absent-minded abstracted beguiled busy content daydreaming dreaming employed enamoured enamored engaged happy hypnotised hypnotized inattentive interested involved joyful oblivious occupied overwhelmed taken unconscious wrapped blissed out hung up wrapped up carried away caught up in infatuated enticed attentive transfixed attracted caught up bedazzled won over trapped smitten captive over the moon on cloud nine awestruck under a spell dazzled amazed breathless awestricken hooked mentally enchanted impressed agape starstruck stunned open-mouthed under someone's spell focused fixed earnest concentrated steady lost watchful gone consumed intense concentrating intrigued observant studious focussed immersed deep steadfast settled enthusiastic alert locked in set on dialed in head over heels hooked on deep in really into fixated obsessed into fanatical taken up eat sleep and breathe buried all ears concerned tied up submerged up to here in up to here single-minded committed distracted up to your ears preoccupied by turned on immersed in keen passionate entangled connected devoted affected hell-bent intent on focused on determined caught heavily into eager obsessive resolved firm deep in thought resolute set inflexible embroiled riveted by captivated by implicated incriminated enmeshed knee-deep besotted bound-up all wound up ensnared inculpated monomaniacal queer preoccupied with sunk in up to one's neck in single-minded about knee-deep in taken over potty about crazy about engrossed in absorbed in wrapped up in obsessive about passionate about mixed up in mixed up with nuts about participating taking part stuck on dedicated to mixed up enthusiastic about in a brown study interested in gone on dotty about involved in possessed by drawn in wild on wound up hung up on devoted to having a one-track mind bent insistent impatient steeped bound up centered embarrassed up to your eyes up to your elbows sunk centred glued hanging on every word enfolded sedulous diligent assiduous monopolized industrious bugged ignorant exclusive whole entire undivided all gripped by engaged with beguiled by monopolised engaged in hypnotized by fixated by fiend for intrigued by mesmerized by taken up with curious absentminded entranced by fascinated by distracted by taken up by distrait dreamy enthralled by spellbound by ardent fervid fervent feverish crazy excited moved somewhere else in a world of one's own with one's head in the clouds wool-gathering not there miles away not with us strong-minded persistent dogged dedicated driven intensive motivated impassioned nuts full prepossessed dotty drawn agog inquisitive enquiring stimulated snoopy beady-eyed nosy responsive inspired lured inspirited predisposed awakened fired roused inquiring touched open sold struck sympathetic burning with curiosity on the case

Tính từ

Under a curse
accursed condemned cursed doomed ill-fated ruined hopeless ill-omened jinxed lost unfortunate unhappy unlucky anathematized bedevilled infernal luckless undone wretched blighted bedeviled fated hexed ill-starred star-crossed under a curse done for hapless fey sunk finished done kaputt foredoomed dead kaput menaced predestined foreordained unredeemed destined wrecked overthrown overwhelmed reprobate sentenced suppressed convicted disaster-prone threatened destroyed dead duck kiss of death que sera sera thrown down in the cards cut down unpropitious inauspicious disastrous snakebitten snakebit adverse hard luck ominous unfavourable unfavorable infelicitous unsuccessful calamitous broken afflicted defeated out of luck fateful ruinous toast disadvantageous miserable untoward shattered poor stricken troubled forsaken destitute unprosperous unpromising awkward in a bad way catastrophic wiped out inept forlorn misfortunate accident-prone desperate pained regrettable burdened inopportune lamentable deplorable washed up in trouble at an end on the rocks in flames dead in the water gloomy discouraging disheartening excommunicated detrimental untimely bleak black beaten baleful thwarted devastated over woeful dire washed-up dashed in pieces in tatters in ashes in ruins in shreds sad sack ill-boding up the creek without a paddle down the tubes down for the count down the drain all washed up damaging unbecoming unsuitable inappropriate excommunicate unholy disadvantaged ill-chosen unsanctified crushed censured faulted direful frustrated foiled bodeful sinistrous baneful uninviting clumsy killed condemned to hell deleterious creepy foreboding portentous doubtful devastating klutzy all thumbs two left feet bungling for the high jump in deep water for it cataclysmic dubious off-putting unhopeful tragic fallen pitiful bringing bad luck desolate falling terrible pathetic pitiable harmful abject fatal dreadful destructive incorrigible irredeemable incurable worthless losing failing cataclysmal ravaging awful shocking injurious appalling grievous bad annihilatory horrible devastative dark damning irreclaimable irretrievable inveterate abortive sinister defunct smashed vulnerable aimless past hope past praying for alone cooked ended extinct gone woebegone voodooed loser through totaled floored jonah beyond recovery beyond hope bankrupt had it on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up out of business down and out exhausted drained spent empty liquidated poor fish over with behind the eightball down on one's luck past it played out done in wound up over the hill gone to the wall dead and buried

Động từ

To have aroused someone
excited aroused attracted titillated allured enticed inflamed roused beguiled charmed seduced stimulated tantalized thrilled enchanted entranced hooked interested intrigued sparked appealed to fascinated pleased spellbound teased tempted wakened whetted enthralled stirred up tantalised turned on floated someone's boat got going lit someone's fire tickled someone's fancy captivated absorbed absorpt mesmerized gripped enraptured rivetted riveted mesmerised engrossed engaged hypnotized lured magnetized wiled delighted magnetised hypnotised occupied held arrested entertained transfixed involved witched amused won over diverted won grabbed killed preoccupied bemused enwrapped ravished pulled busied immersed drew caught dazzled gladdened drawn enamored transported wowed carried away held spellbound put under a spell swept off one's feet captured holden persuaded bedazzled ensnared gratified invited caught up distracted tickled pink piqued enamoured wooed inveigled infatuated raptured enslaved sent tickled bowled over held in awe moved exhilarated satisfied intoxicated influenced elated cajoled coaxed rapped humoured monopolized humored sucked in whetted the appetite of monopolised knocked dead affected mollified appeased held one's attention placated decoyed pacified pleasured electrified obsessed cheered stupefied fixed fixt gained seized elevated engulfed led on baited betrayed solicited fixated induced compelled rejoiced contented filled beckoned warmed suited indulged courted vamped subjugated overwhelmed fulfilled set at ease pulled in brought in stirred caught the eye of hit the spot picked up made happy rooted to the spot roped in come on tickle to death slayed hit on held the attention of put off guard knocked out steered provoked gladded agreed with made a hit with pleased greatly appealed subdued caught hold of turned someone on snared touched perked up concerned mattered to caught one's eye taken took sat up aroused one's curiosity engaged one's attention whetted one's appetite captured one's imagination stunned soothed converted misled impressed petrified paralysed conciliated propitiated sweetened deluded gentled assuaged astounded enveloped endeared quietened stilled solaced silenced delectated uplifted heartened tricked besotted befooled inspired enlivened gorgonized halted overjoyed immobilized prompted led leaded inclined regaled arrided disarmed caught someone's eye got someone going tickled to death sent into transports soaked reconciled held your attention become lost made someone feel good overpowered obtained assimilated grabbed the attention of riveted the attention of kindled stopped someone in their tracks brought around dragged paralyzed drawn one's attention buoyed up swept off your feet exerted influence on got made a fool of secured hogged brightened up trained turned one on applied slain grooved feasted made someone's mouth water comforted warmed the cockles of the heart stopped dead come on to palsied called forth slew immobilised convinced given a buzz cornered brought forth held on to fired interested greatly brought joy to exerted a pull on urged animated made a hit with someone elicited gave someone a kick gave a buzz tranced tied up won the affection of came on unarmed stopped in one's tracks sent into raptures swept you off your feet gassed drug given someone a kick upped on subjected cheered up stopped one dead made content consumed roped agitated swept off feet rooted bucked up entrapped sufficed drew one's attention tickled the fancy of quickened besotten frozen froze argued into gotten gat drawn in drew in came on to taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away gave the come-on to given the come-on to became lost taken up sewed up took up sewn up gotten going given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill done it for someone did it for someone given pleasure to went over big got one's kicks gave pleasure to gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift gotten one's kicks gone over big gave joy to given great pleasure to gave someone a charge gave great pleasure to given joy to given someone a charge

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