Đồng nghĩa của star crossed


Predisposed to having, or characterized by, bad luck
unlucky unfortunate luckless hapless unhappy jinxed snakebitten snakebit doomed cursed disastrous misfortunate catastrophic ill-fated ill-starred hard luck ill-omened wretched hopeless blighted ruined out of luck unsuccessful miserable calamitous bedevilled afflicted unpropitious bedeviled untoward infelicitous poor stricken foredoomed condemned fateful troubled unfavorable unfavourable forlorn under a curse inauspicious desperate unprosperous broken forsaken destitute pained adverse awkward shattered in a bad way burdened fey destroyed anathematized fated accursed lost undone bewitched pitiful done for woeful hexed sad sack down on one's luck unpromising deplorable unbecoming inept inopportune ruinous unsuitable regrettable inappropriate lamentable damaging ominous excommunicate infernal unholy disadvantageous disadvantaged unsanctified excommunicated desolate pathetic pitiable abject worthless woebegone voodooed poor fish behind the eightball jonah loser accident-prone ill-chosen untimely baleful dire black cataclysmic tough luck bad break down on luck behind eight ball dead sunk finished done kaputt kaput foreordained reprobate sentenced convicted disaster-prone threatened menaced predestined unredeemed destined wrecked overthrown overwhelmed suppressed thrown down dead duck cut down kiss of death que sera sera in the cards gloomy direful foreboding sinister ill-boding threatening bad dreadful terrible forbidding menacing fatal portentous destructive grim discouraging tragic devastating disheartening bodeful bleak grievous awful baneful hostile dangerous minatory doomy detrimental dark ill harmful apocalyptic deadly worrying heartbreaking heartrending ugly cataclysmal injurious shocking sinistrous impending distressing dismal unfriendly inhospitable perilous sad grave harrowing piteous wintry premonitory appalling doubtful evil warning minacious damning incurable lowering augural suggestive prophetic malefic haunting lethal wintery unwelcome tough mortal mournful nasty doleful sombre severe disturbing deathly hard unpleasant distressful disagreeable solemn critical somber depressing deleterious uninviting creepy bringing bad luck clumsy dubious off-putting unhopeful sorry rueful unadvantageous inconvenient ill-suited inapt unseasonable unsuited all thumbs bungling klutzy two left feet tragical inimical crippling frightful shattering catastrophal momentous alarming significant foreshadowing losing predictive prognosticatory important crucial brooding glowering heavy thunderous unprofitable pessimistic bullying weighty earnest serious sobering sedate urgent strenuous sober unamusing acute far-reaching exciting intriguing exhilarating extraordinary inspiring remarkable phenomenal thrilling intimidatory comminatory terrorizing loss-making frustrated foiled beaten defeated failed unchancy anguished sorrowful near aggressive close upcoming overhanging terrorising forthcoming portending impendent lowery loury scowling moving agonizing galling painful at hand balked stirring dejected heart-rending agonising horrendous vexatious melancholy despondent crushing gruesome fallen precursive malificent doomful presaging malign clouded prescient fearful ravaging baulked annihilatory devastative horrible irredeemable incorrigible straitened dour hard-pressed lurid joyless shadowy discommodious troublesome tortured morose difficult undesirable full of hardship glum objectionable gray strained exacting treacherous austere bitter negative chilling grey oppressive parlous nightmarish harsh pressing precarious comfortless upsetting exigent messy jeopardous morbid rocky very bad cheerless abortive terminal irreclaimable inveterate irretrievable final killing murderous killer causing death pernicious death dealing untreatable fell pestilential pestilent noxious vital poisonous virulent mortiferous malignant aimless past hope past praying for vulnerable beyond recovery beyond hope alone

Trái nghĩa của star crossed

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