Đồng nghĩa của scowling

Alternative for scowling

scowls, scowled, scowling

Đồng nghĩa: frown, look, pout, sullen,

Tính từ

Grumpy, and easily angered or annoyed
surly grumpy irritable sulky testy fractious grouchy irascible cantankerous choleric crabby cross curt glum gruff moody prickly rude sullen bilious boorish brusque chippy crabbed disagreeable discourteous dyspeptic impolite ornery perverse pouty shrewish sour splenetic truculent uncivil unpleasant abrupt churlish crotchety crusty curmudgeonly disrespectful humorless humourless tetchy ungracious bearish mopey moping morose pouting unfriendly unhelpful unsmiling acid blunt dour saturnine short bad-tempered ill-mannered ill-tempered ugly ill-humoured ill-natured short-tempered ill-humored bloody-minded glowering gloomy dismal miserable unsociable mumpish mardy in a bad mood sombre somber lugubrious cheerless peevish taciturn frowning snappish fed up uncommunicative unresponsive waspish unamused cranky mournful grim melancholic melancholy doleful harsh acrimonious narky dreary Eeyorish lowering mirthless with a long face huffy resentful piqued disgruntled petulant put out mopish sober pessimistic angry dark peeved vexed aloof withdrawn depressed fretful querulous brooding obstinate sourpussed out of humour stroppy uncooperative sulking mean out of sorts beetle-browed in the sulks in a huff in a strop down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in a mood touchy snappy ratty pettish eggy peckish soreheaded miffy snaky liverish impatient peppery like a bear with a sore head whingy quick-tempered snippy edgy fiery bitter complaining scratchy shirty stuffy uptight whingeing captious snarky on edge snippety sorehead raspy out of temper difficult unmannerly cross-grained waxy hot-tempered critical discontented cynical sensitive acrid fussy indignant thin-skinned short-fused embittered on a short fuse offended temperamental huffish grumbling dissatisfied whining tough trying cussed tart carping quarrelsome spiteful waspy grousing awkward out of humor fault-finding as cross as two sticks hot-blooded joyless choked wounded tooshie excitable miffed annoyed crude hurt arsey argumentative sore fierce misanthropic pertinacious snarling volatile whiny exasperated tense contrary hotheaded bristly ireful passionate growling fretting childish cavilling caviling chuffy vinegary easily upset hot-headed nasty nasty-tempered out-of-sorts impulsive inflammable vinegarish rough bluff no-nonsense laconic irritated offhand long-faced ticklish narked murmuring plaintive unceremonious feisty censorious contentious oversensitive riled angered stewed provoked irked insulted nettled off offish hypercritical displeased crybaby iracund iracundulous disputatious emotional boisterous griping malicious venomous sharp hasty malignant vindictive filthy obstreperous grumbly salty moaning negative crying deploring scrappy lamenting bemoaning whimpering wailing rancorous having got out of bed on the wrong side hot under the collar foul-tempered having got out of bed the wrong side easily offended aggrieved begrudging agitable dejected broody grudging in a temper raving psyched up cold angerful frenzied pugnacious fuming wrathful hostile convulsed ferocious disapproving ranting wild blue kittle mopy skittish neurotic loutish jaundiced hard huffy irascible hard to please vehement caustic sardonic irreconcilable hateful uncouth vulgar oafish high-strung with a chip on your shoulder with chip on shoulder hard done by grudge-bearing ill-disposed easily frightened easily agitated ungentlemanly ungallant ill-bred uncharitable unkind classless cloddish mean-spirited inconsiderate unchivalrous clownish ignorant uncivilised crass polite bad-mannered miserly unpolished rustic uncivilized base lowbred clodhopping uncultured unneighborly coarse

Tính từ

Bodeful of bad or unfortunate consequences
minatory baleful threatening menacing minacious ominous dangerous minatorial admonitory cautionary comminatory dire direful doomy foreboding ill ill-boding inauspicious intimidating portentous sinister warning aggressive alarming apocalyptic baneful black bullying close fateful forthcoming grim imminent impendent impending intimidatory looming loury lowering lowery near overhanging portending terrorising terrorizing ugly unlucky unpropitious unsafe upcoming at hand glowering forbidding brooding dark gloomy heavy evil thunderous wintry unpromising pessimistic unfavorable unfavourable bodeful ill-fated hostile nasty wintery frightening ill-omened adverse bad malign unfortunate scary sinistrous malefic malignant malevolent hurtful premonitory dismal fearsome terrifying mean-looking disturbing unfriendly doomful augural doomed suggestive haunting prophetic worrying infelicitous harmful pernicious injurious louring deadly deleterious poisonous mischievous venomous vindictive wicked woeful malicious spiteful dreadful untoward discouraging unhealthy unwholesome unhappy troubling doom and gloom disheartening untimely inopportune disadvantageous bleak ill-starred significant foreshadowing momentous approaching unchancy disquieting predictive prognosticatory important crucial noxious creepy eerie evil-intentioned antagonistic inspiring exciting intriguing remarkable fated exhilarating phenomenal destined thrilling extraordinary clouded precursive prescient malificent inhospitable presaging perilous fearful bitter hate-filled acrimonious evil-looking spooky eldritch maleficent vitriolic nocuous damaging prejudicial virulent ruinous detrimental disastrous suggestive of evil dishonest perverse obnoxious blackhearted calamitous treacherous savage wild vicious violent brutal feral harsh murderous untamed dodgy brutish vile barbaric mean barbarous monstrous desperate depraved uncivilised rancorous viperous cruel nefarious serpentine uncivilized villainous fiendish fierce abandoned uncontrollable abhorrent rowdy terrible ferocious

Tính từ

Not enjoying or making an effort to behave sociably in the company of others
unsociable unaffable unamiable aloof antisocial detached reclusive reserved reticent solitary standoffish uncongenial unforthcoming unfriendly unneighbourly unsocial withdrawn chilly cold inhospitable introverted private retiring taciturn unapproachable uncommunicative asocial cool distant frigid frosty haughty hostile misanthropic mopey mopish offish rude uncivil unclubbable unneighborly brooding distrustful dry inaccessible inapproachable nongregarious quiet remote secretive silent standoff unbending antagonistic suspicious uppity stand-offish stuck-up buttoned-up cold-eyed unresponsive indifferent shy undemonstrative formal unemotional isolated restrained stiff hermitic impersonal retired unconcerned lonesome diffident incurious unsympathetic icy dispassionate lonely close uncompanionable introvert uninterested deserted media-shy close-mouthed sequestered eremitic unwelcoming demure self-contained apathetic alone guarded modest austere tight-lipped cloistered unfeeling bashful lone closemouthed emotionless self-effacing cold-blooded forbidding disdainful glacial dumb lukewarm uncordial hermitical independent timid unenthusiastic seclusive laconic backward chill clammy secret brittle antiseptic gelid insular secluded all alone impassive companionless hard-eyed shrinking friendless supercilious uninvolved stuffy timorous mute meek disinterested singular passionless removed abandoned casual Olympian coy out-of-the-way offhand cautious secluse hermetic segregated sheepish recessive snobbish wooden forsaken eremetic annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent phlegmatic speechless soft-spoken cut off by oneself muted mum mom cynical introspective abstracted unaccompanied clammed up preoccupied stolid stony hermit-like inward-looking hidden ascetic wintery recluse snooty wintry proud self-restrained conventional constrained unfrequented isolate beleaguered blockaded closet quarantined ceremonious separate inhibited coldish off uncurious untalkative anchoritic eremitical covert tucked away laid-back unassuming by itself thoughtful frozen collected laid back personal confidential uninhabited incommunicado unassertive stuck up arctic affectless putting on airs self-sufficient curt off the beaten track shut off wordless screened tongue-tied mumchance buttoned up conservative avoidant individual strait-laced unamicable ungenial half-hearted negative tepid superior unmoved unloving unaffectionate contained uptight discreet hesitant solo sober alienated severe stern monastic close-lipped inarticulate clinical mousy unenthused stoic numb stoical impassible ungregarious uncharitable unhappy hateful depressing indrawn disagreeable hermitlike dour socially inhibited immune staid rigid starchy unexcitable humble contemplative self-absorbed self-interested pensive unrevealing outside aseptic retreated sullen unexpressive sparing dried-up sententious unpassioned abstract temperate spacey spiritless nervous ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed self-centred unkind callous hardhearted cold-hearted lofty non-communicative withdrawing stony-hearted shut away desolate poker-faced hard-hearted self-centered thick-skinned hard-boiled spaced-out unwilling to mix with other people on ice out of it rabbity unexpansive insulated forlorn estranged apart cold fish lone wolf sheltered sceptical insociable arrogant unconnected destitute not forward malevolent jaundiced aw-shucks mean-looking put on airs keeping people at arm's length prim unconversational inhumane pessimistic hushed zipped not forthcoming not talkative voiceless still soundless nonvocal unspeaking to one side short tight-mouthed dark clamlike selfish hating egoistic sarcastic sardonic grouchy egotistical narrow-minded misanthropical mild peaceful sedate composed placid gentle serene noncommittal undisturbed concealed evasive hush-hush skeptical at a loss for words dried up on the QT off the grid one-off sole special unique one only unattended stag sui generis lorn particular on its own insecure unconfident self-conscious embarrassed unobtrusive apprehensive blushing reluctant unpretentious fearful self-controlled unassured wary repressed unpresuming abashed shamefaced lowly proper controlled seemly skittish nice plain frustrated impartial unsure subdued simple chary unostentatious coquettish unpretending kittenish chaste moderate overmodest mim neutral prudish inconspicuous down-to-earth enigmatic deep cagey incommunicable stilted hung up calm straight colorless colourless tightlipped uncaring pococurante nonchalant bottled up incommunicative insensible complacent insouciant perfunctory uncommunicable passive affected serious playing your cards close to your chest doubtful costive uncomfortable uneasy arch flirtatious suppressed self-doubting uncertain ashamed ineffectual dubious flinching blenching unpoised simpering docile genuine unaffected natural apologetic low-key unaggressive ill at ease low-profile unnoticeable ordinary artless unambitious ingenuous scary fearsome tremulous fainthearted of few words exact precise bored correct decorous ardorless impervious repellent cold-shoulder loveless insensitive impotent unromantic indeterminate pale unboastful prissy inflexible keeping a low profile ladylike decent respectable starched just watching the clock not giving a damn lackadaisical official innocent virginal maidenly virtuous pure priggish cryptic polite businesslike puritanical goody-goody old-maidish straight arrow by the numbers stiff-necked backstairs sly undercover furtive feline mysterious uninquiring steady niminy-piminy square resigned prudent unsentimental earnest solemn matter-of-fact objective uncommitted unbiased unprejudiced in private in chambers in privacy reasonable prim and proper unwilling bureaucratic inhuman in the background in the dark soft blank featureless uncolored depersonalised faceless candid careful soulless depersonalized gray grey equal measured nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic dummied up expressionless unexcessive in charge under wraps chilled in check inobtrusive on a leash under control nonaggressive not given to excesses in control of yourself corked up self-possessed cool, calm and collected unextreme wouldn't say boo to a goose deadpan empty doubting verecund recoiling blushful vacant faint-hearted strictly business cold turkey easily embarrassed inexpressive inert catatonic

Tính từ

Extremely serious or urgent
dire terrible alarming appalling awful dreadful horrible disastrous frightful grim catastrophic desperate ruinous shocking calamitous cataclysmic critical crucial crying fearful pressing woeful atrocious cruel distressing extreme grievous unspeakable urgent direful dismal drastic gloomy grave harrowing outrageous serious crippling devastating dread fearsome forbidding formidable frightening ghastly godawful hair-raising hopeless horrendous horrid horrifying intimidating irretrievable miserable ominous redoubtable scary spine-chilling terrifying wretched abysmal bodeful chronic exigent lousy parlous portentous afflictive deplorable fierce heartbreaking lamentable oppressing regrettable terrific ugly unfortunate monstrous hideous bad tragic gruesome horrific upsetting disturbing grisly abominable destructive macabre dangerous unpleasant fatal loathsome revolting harmful worrying disgusting repulsive unnerving severe daunting unfavourable repugnant unlucky sinister odious unfavorable sad menacing offensive adverse baleful nightmarish sickening repellent lurid abhorrent evil injurious painful fateful bleak deadly detrimental unpropitious cataclysmal chilling disagreeable nasty disquieting heinous execrable vile creepy threatening perilous lethal depressing baneful detestable petrifying heartrending distressful hellacious damaging beastly hurtful gross deleterious dismaying dark unhappy noxious spooky pitiful poor troublesome bitter sombre disheartening somber disadvantageous undesirable eerie pernicious distasteful obnoxious shameful damning agonizing foul hard harsh hairy hostile traumatic inauspicious bloodcurdling hazardous agonising unwelcome grewsome difficult tough untoward brutal egregious rotten perturbing solemn nauseating ill-fated excruciating sorry startling crushing nightmare black pathetic disconcerting wicked heart-rending from hell discouraging desolate scaring tragical inhuman irksome vexatious precarious displeasing objectionable foreboding annihilative cheerless sorrowful insufferable grody devastative unsettling intolerable annihilatory gut-wrenching savage mortal morbid trying inopportune tremendous hateful inimical unutterable discomforting unhealthy unpalatable doleful heavy nauseous toxic taxing unfriendly wounding maleficent morose acute ill-starred noisome galling yucky prejudicial negative shattering troubling onerous dreary melancholy sober stinking disappointing mournful unwholesome malignant mean very bad hapless suicidal cancerous nocuous forlorn indescribable sick joyless malicious eradicative disgustful loathly comfortless exacting malefic glum violent icky grotesque repellant ill dicey sick-making spine-tingling inexcusable intense reprehensible pitiable spartan awesome subversive murderous austere awkward prejudicious discomposing unearthly concerning disgraceful oppressive rough drab worrisome abject apocalyptic poignant ghostly awe-inspiring corrupting overwhelming counterproductive untimely poisonous uncomfortable diabolical drear piteous corroding uninviting venomous extirpative depressive incendiary undermining obscene mortifying sullen inhospitable grotty gut-churning off-putting life-threatening blood-curdling tormenting unpleasing bothersome God-awful risky gory virulent dodgy unforgivable shuddersome catastrophal ghoulish mischievous ravaging nocent corrosive ferocious costly saddening straitened unbearable rigorous humourless humorless luckless moving unsightly arduous sedate melancholic wrackful funereal scandalous unpromising vulgar vexing punishing sore unsavory godforsaken mean-looking despicable torturous unsafe infelicitous weird nerve-racking unsavoury ill-boding rancid fulsome annoying afflicting uncongenial sobering problematic tricky unkind weighty environmentally unfriendly demoralizing bloody sticky tight profound dreaded vicious great thorny prickly delicate ignominious rugged astounding ill-advised inexpedient demoralising dispiriting challenging knotty rueful unacceptable intensive unsuccessful impressive blameworthy perplexing inexpressible problematical ticklish chancy iffy dispirited burdensome hardhanded glaring unpardonable anguished powerful brooding sordid imposing mirthless doomed contemptible malign consequential cold unrelenting searing stiff unendurable dubious questionable suspect peracute rubbish too bad inconvenient desolating harassing agitating troublous yukky sour terrorizing lugubrious dingy stressful pestilential lethiferous pestiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous messy gnarly eldritch sepulchral unlovely affecting malevolent excessive terrorising heart-wrenching scurvy irritating hellish tear-jerking jinxed festy yucko gray grey bewildering afflicted shadowy out of luck causing fear strenuous troubled heart-breaking ill-omened unamusing death-dealing bloodthirsty feared bone-chilling unadvantageous eery unstable enormous untold unpopular undesired Kafkaesque undescribable blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder terribly bad irredeemable squalid loss-making apocalyptical fire-and-brimstone climactic climacteric blighting earth-shattering explosive exquisite indefensible blistering keen almighty heavy-duty vehement deep furious wrong strange sublime unwelcoming sanguine crummy sacrificial thrilling nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal regretful inferior discommoding plaintive evil-looking unsatisfactory fraught overpowering nefarious iniquitous flagrant punk tenebrous inordinate tortuous scabrous stern inexorable stringent annihilating stupefying mighty strong impoverished indigent scungy unappealing uncool frozen exciting breathtaking erosive cutthroat consumptive heartstopping unsuited pitiless murky hellfire dour unforgiving sinful insalubrious aggressive unapproachable pressuring browbeating bullying flagitious testing staggering stunning astonishing amazing significant considerable fell callous lou corruptive shady spookish stirring despondent dejected striking afraid massive earnest glowering surprising all-powerful touching exceptionable shameless like death warmed up death-obsessed insidious imperilling imperiling villainous mephitical irritable aggravating revulsive frustrating distressed major predictive prophetic revealing oracular a pity gnawing blood-stained nagging biting resolute doughty indomitable invincible commanding nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking suggestive of evil insupportable unbelievable inconceivable inapt unsuitable inappropriate unseasonable far-reaching star-crossed discommodious deathly unsought hair-curling cliff-hanging extraordinary suspenseful unwanted pulse-pounding unimaginable grinding big toilsome very great abortive valiant controversial sensitive ill-suited sinistrous forsaken cursed destitute unprosperous hard-pressed tortured doubtful treacherous jeopardous rocky full of hardship strained ineffable shivery shuddery vomitous tasteless putrid unlikable sleazy filthy causing excitement raunchy grungy surfeiting bogging sleazeball unappetizing squicky rebarbative cloying skanky scuzzy brave imminent courageous disconsolate beyond words preternatural undefinable snakebitten snakebit blighted yecchy in a bad way blue cringe-making beyond the pale vomit-inducing stomach-churning stomach-turning very unpleasant indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil dejecting dolorous dolesome accident-prone ruthless relentless merciless depressed tough luck down on luck behind eight ball bad break hard luck too horrible for words remorseless intemperate inclement provoking dirty pensive lachrymose derisible plangent withering hard-hearted meagre hurting meager god-awful immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting wasteful draining exhausting

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