Đồng nghĩa của uncommunicable

Alternative for uncommunicable

  • tính từ
    • không chuyển giao được; không thể thông báo


(of a person) Who does not communicate freely
incommunicable taciturn uncommunicative quiet reserved unexpressive incommunicative tightlipped sententious unforthcoming mum mom mute reticent silent speechless close dumb sparing tight-lipped close-mouthed clammed up dour aloof brooding withdrawn laconic cold curt distant antisocial dried-up secretive untalkative closemouthed shy private restrained retiring unresponsive muted self-contained guarded introverted tongue-tied diffident unsociable cool media-shy bashful hushed buttoned up cautious standoffish wordless unapproachable demure undemonstrative modest soft-spoken offish inhibited close-lipped reclusive solitary discreet unspeaking gentle serene mild peaceful at a loss for words backward stand-offish collected inarticulate introvert self-restrained secret dark tight-mouthed zipped retired voiceless mumchance formal prim frigid clamlike misanthropic icy ceremonious noncommittal sedate composed placid uncompanionable eremitic conventional unfriendly detached non-communicative still soundless on the QT not talkative lost for words remote controlled self-controlled timid self-effacing enigmatic deep cagey constrained hushful shrinking dumbstruck dumbfounded snobbish evasive hush-hush nonvocal dried up playing one's cards close to one's chest struck dumb unable to get a word out not saying boo bereft of speech dummied up saying nothing sullen calm tranquil closed up silentious unheard mousy noiseless unassuming unwilling wouldn't say boo to a goose uptight introspective not forthcoming inward-looking sound-free of few words meek timorous indrawn secluded hidden unsocial unrevealing independent hermit-like hermitic hermitical ungregarious self-sufficient all alone isolated insular eremetic unconversational soft low-keyed low-pitched low muffled buttoning up mum's the word zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip clamming up tight chops contemplative thoughtful sheepish pensive self-absorbed self-interested coy recessive short deathly quiet cryptic meditative reflective ruminative inner-directed self-centred undercover furtive backstairs covert feline sly mysterious self-centered in chambers in privacy in private in the background playing your cards close to your chest in the dark shocked astounded thunderstruck aghast dazed amazed gobsmacked flabbergasted shell-shocked obmutescent dumbstricken cool as cucumber astonished aphonic hit for six knocked for six unflappable unemotional chilly Olympian


That cannot be adequately defined or described
incommunicable indescribable unutterable indefinable inexpressible undefinable indefinite inconceivable unspeakable ineffable unthinkable inenarrable undescribable unimaginable elusive impalpable intangible nameless nondescript unanalyzable unanalysable unbelievable untellable beyond description beyond words beggaring description unheard of defying description unspecified unspecifiable preternatural abstract sublime subtle wonderful marvellous marvelous overwhelming obscure indistinct inexpressable unexpressible incalculable incorporeal hard to define hard to describe untold breathtaking staggering amazing astonishing astounding fantastic fabulous unthought of celestial empyrean divine empyreal transcendental ideal deep impossible sacred holy incredible ethereal heavenly transcendent spiritual too sacred for words unknowable baffling vague mysterious fugitive puzzling ambiguous deceptive fleeting transient transitory incomprehensible indeterminable dim unclear hazy evasive implausible mind-boggling misleading unimagined equivocal unconvincing fantastical improbable unlikely unheard-of incredulous unconceivable uncompelling inapprehensible exceptional unique singular mind-blowing incogitable undreamed-of rare unordinary uncommon doubtful extraordinary elusory undreamed of fraudulent illusory not understandable beyond belief full of it unspecific oracular fallacious beyond the realm of reason beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams fugacious occult greasy deceitful imponderable insubstantial tenuous phantom shy evanescent stonewalling volatile tricky

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