Đồng nghĩa của ineffable

Alternative for ineffable

Tính từ

Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words
indescribable inexpressible unutterable indefinable unspeakable incommunicable undefinable breathtaking inenarrable marvelous marvellous nameless staggering uncommunicable unimaginable untold wonderful amazing astonishing astounding beggaring description beyond description beyond words fabulous fantastic celestial deep divine empyreal empyrean ethereal heavenly holy ideal impossible incredible sacred spiritual transcendent transcendental unheard of untellable unthought of too sacred for words inconceivable unthinkable undescribable unbelievable indefinite impalpable defying description intangible unanalysable unanalyzable nondescript elusive unspecified unspecifiable preternatural sublime overwhelming abstract subtle implausible mind-boggling extraordinary improbable unlikely exceptional mind-blowing undreamed of beyond one's wildest dreams beyond the realm of reason obscure indistinct incalculable incorporeal unpronounceable inarticulate difficult hard to define hard to describe stupendous prodigious remarkable phenomenal tremendous spectacular inexpressable unexpressible awful stunning striking miraculous portentous extravagant awesome eye-opening immense surprising eye-popping wondrous legendary outrageous unsayable amazeballs rad top drawer out-of-this-world unimagined unconvincing fantastical unheard-of incredulous unconceivable uncompelling inapprehensible incomprehensible unique singular incogitable undreamed-of rare unordinary uncommon unknowable doubtful not understandable beyond belief full of it preposterous unusual strange far-fetched dubious fanciful absurd questionable out of the ordinary unexpected flimsy outlandish ridiculous unrealistic suspect hard to swallow unprecedented peculiar bizarre weak unsubstantial fishy thin sensational odd anomalous cock-and-bull outstanding unforeseen unwonted unanticipated weird atypical abnormal special queer aberrant uncustomary unparalleled tall curious puzzling ludicrous notable won't wash especial not likely far out scarcely credible exceeding aberrated freak unreal extraordinaire cock and bull freakish out of this world unreasonable reachy difficult to believe magnificent farfetched remote strained laboured debatable nonsensical uncanny labored too much out of the question unfamiliar noteworthy incongruous hard to believe full of holes won't hold water magical for the birds whimsical unaccustomed hard to take cockamamie oddball baffling freaky beyond the bounds of possibility jaw-dropping awe-inspiring off the wall confounding unlooked-for unhoped-for problematic superlative insupposable wild eccentric brilliant surpassing illogical terrific stellar phony unusually good irrational phoney misleading highly unlikely insane thrilling funny crazy not in the least likely superior offbeat mad grandiose out-of-the-way iffy extreme foolish comical too good to be true befuddling wacky zany mystifying shocking original impressive unaccountable conspicuous incomparable stupefying outside chance unexampled outré flustering bewildering dumfounding seldom scarce heavy hare-brained like a dream come true unannounced off-the-wall jarring jolting out of the blue startling dramatic make-believe shaky unthought-of unsuspected undreamt-of distinctive untenable not on insupportable uncredible faint slight marked particular beyond possibility contrary untoward signal significant rings phony uncertain momentous supernatural unforgettable eye-catching arresting flabbergasting blindsiding inimitable not able to hold water exaggerated devastating dumbfounding inconsistent serious unco less likely providential irregular deviant harebrained reaching infeasible unsound unsettling unnerving unapt flash gnarly forby flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy superhuman inexplicable specious unpersuasive off beaten path never to be forgotten overblown better than expected from left field infrequent lame trifling feeble unconventional off-centre monstrous supermundane the utmost wonderworking numinous supranatural supercalifragilisticexpialidocious slim bleak impracticable hundred-to-one embellished fabricated dishonest suspicious dubitable false untruthful untrue divergent distinct novel new unknown untypical perplexing unnatural mysterious unsatisfactory transparent shallow ineffectual inadequate pathetic forced ponderous substantial huge great out of the common out of the way way out something else daggy wacko shady laughable hyperbolic farcical incoherent poor unimpressive past belief open to doubt avant-garde out there breaking new ground loner cool slim and none not expected extra special distorted disputable undependable equivocal untrustworthy embroidered histrionic arguable unreliable unacceptable fresh offensive undiscovered half-baked not convincing imcomprehensible eerie quaint blown up unsung unremarked disgraceful ground-breaking unregarded far-out resplendent sensorial enthralling exciting invigorating bewitching captivating charming majestic envigorating mind-bending heart-stopping enlivening stimulating blissful fabled beguiling splendorous enchanting glorious fascinating enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled unplausible insubstantial complicated disconcerting spooky little-known little known unrenowned never before encountered extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe not to be thought of muddling discomfiting nonplussing shattering nonplusing confusing dismaying upsetting imaginary moving cherished touching perfect illusory erratic romantic capricious ambitious visionary artificial scanty subtile sparse preeminent scattered standout rarefied towering occasional tenuous few and far between attenuate short light attenuated isolated deficient recherche unfrequent few sporadic semioccasional limited illusive barmy suppositious different potty daft hallucinatory out of sight cock-eyed

Tính từ

Too bad or horrific to express in words
unspeakable appalling dreadful awful horrible shocking repellent abominable frightful monstrous odious heinous horrifying indescribable loathsome terrible atrocious evil execrable horrendous horrific repugnant repulsive revolting abhorrent dire fearful inconceivable insufferable overwhelming sickening unbelievable abysmal ghastly grim hateful hideous outrageous unimaginable contemptible deplorable despicable from hell gruesome unutterable vile egregious hellacious inexpressible alarming beastly beyond words calamitous detestable disgusting foul frightening horrid inhuman obnoxious offensive preternatural terrifying undefinable beyond description indescribably bad indescribably evil indescribably wicked too horrible for words grisly macabre harrowing distressing nauseating lurid gross distasteful obscene spine-chilling nasty disagreeable unpleasant terrific forbidding nightmarish hair-raising ugly nauseous direful scandalous formidable nightmare noxious scary fearsome grewsome intimidating objectionable noisome fulsome repellant disgustful reprehensible grievous godawful redoubtable creepy rancid bad loathly dread unnerving displeasing lousy sick-making intolerable sick disturbing God-awful upsetting unpalatable shameful unsavoury rotten morbid yucky eerie off-putting unsavory grody wretched daunting inexcusable dislikeable lamentable petrifying putrid wicked bogging skanky scurvy yucko mean beyond the pale disquieting disgraceful gut-churning dismaying very bad desperate serious dismal cruel icky bloodcurdling unpardonable unforgivable rebarbative miserable worrying exceptionable severe disheartening perturbing unsettling unearthly sinister disastrous traumatic unacceptable gory grotesque woeful startling tragic grave dreaded terribly bad ominous base astounding ghoulish uninviting undesirable tremendous extreme parlous vomitous sleazy chronic insupportable unwelcome crying bloody spooky fierce punk shuddersome unfortunate cringe-making stomach-churning stomach-turning vomit-inducing harsh concerning ghostly Kafkaesque sorry dislikable troubling disconcerting discouraging brackish catty scaring terrorizing foreboding irksome demoralizing bothersome depressing discomforting hellish unreal chilling nightmarey phantasmagorical strange sublime baleful poisonous sanguine unkind callous lou terrorising discommoding unsightly troublesome animal beast bestial abject very disgusting weird hateable diabolical vexing discomposing heavy ornery hated reviled frozen gnarly pits tenth-rate pants sucky spine-tingling blood-stained onerous accursed damnable incompatible adverse contradictory inconsistent hostile opposed confounded cursed defective like death warmed up savage catastrophic ruinous gut-wrenching demoralising vicious murderous antipathetic inimical averse antagonistic pressing cataclysmic critical crucial brutal bloodthirsty inconvenient excessive dangerous opposite unfriendly invidious revulsive extrinsic unfitted counter against extraneous alien unconformable foreign different urgent sanguinary criminal sinful a load of pants violent gloomy drastic iniquitous infamous unseemly in opposition crippling hopeless irretrievable devastating shameless opprobrious disreputable bodeful portentous exigent stinking grotty vulgar immoral untrue gossiping backbiting detracting ignominious maligning indecent vilifying traducing detractive sordid oppressing scowling heartbreaking regrettable afflictive red hot highly improper stupefying heartstopping unlikable tasteless unpleasing galling filthy stunning astonishing amazing bewildering agitating staggering bloodletting sleazeball unappetizing squicky festy scuzzy cloying surfeiting surprising blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder excruciating glaring yecchy dirty unsatisfactory bitter unwanted yukky sour annoying uncongenial unlovely unbearable malodorous fetid grubby stinky scummy scabby foetid censurable grungy poison rude squalid smelly rank acrid polluted mephitic poor pongy whiffy cruddy smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched befouled smutty unfair blackened miasmal sullied cheap bemired dusty unclean uncleanly lame niffy unsportsmanlike black dingy draggled sneaking grimy pitiful funky ratty muddy begrimed illegal soiled paltry pitiable olid irritating bum ungodly unholy inadmissible inappropriate on the nose out of line out of order unpopular evil-smelling foul-smelling unsuitable rubbish inexpedient distressful agonizing uncool rejected godforsaken hurtful uninvited unwished-for unsought tormenting ill-favoured afflicting unwished for painful tragical agonising ill-favored nerve-racking slimy pestiferous pesky great disliked indecorous unlucky undesired disappointing raunchy unattractive unfit lewd wrong disrespectful very unpleasant shunned useless outcast detrimental loathed incommodious disadvantageous scorned blameworthy excluded shattering not wanted ill-advised too bad for the birds derogatory discourteous crushing uncanny dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural anemic sepulchral funereal weak anaemic to be avoided strictly for the birds out of place worrisome scarring stressful torturous provocative impudent impertinent affronting insolent humourless crummy sombre humorless difficult sober uncomfortable doleful mortifying solemn somber not okay extremely upsetting degrading wounding provoking slighting insulting sedate hairy troublous unendurable fraught vexatious unhappy saddening pathetic unappealing awkward affecting sad uncivil impolite unmannerly anguished sorrowful heartrending nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking

Tính từ

Relating to a spiritual realm
transcendental preternatural supernatural transcendent superhuman mystical spiritual sublime divine exalted heavenly magical miraculous mystic other-worldly phenomenal supernormal uncanny unearthly ethereal numinous transmundane awe-inspiring boundless inspirational inspiring moving uplifting paranormal metaphysical otherworldly occult mysterious esoteric religious arcane inscrutable nonrational cabalistic abstruse non-rational magic orphic anagogic hermetical weird ghostly abnormal prodigious extramundane eerie unnatural fantastic strange unaccountable extraordinary inexplicable unworldly spectral celestial bizarre secret extraterrestrial psychic unusual exceptional odd rare phantom dark singular thaumaturgic incorporeal remarkable visionary mythical spooky unreal superior supermundane unlimited unconfined perfect nonmaterialistic abstract astral supersensory daydreaming daydreamy dreamy sorcerous spiritualistic inhuman alien hidden cabbalistic shamanistic cryptic out of this world hypernormal unbelievable creepy queer heroic thaumaturgical haunted ensorcelled witching parapsychological necromantic wizardly supranatural eldritch clairvoyant runic demoniac voodoo tranced fairylike witchlike diabolic great stupendous unfathomable fairy impenetrable obscure legendary unknowable mythological invisible superordinary ghostlike unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible concealed unrevealed spookish freakish eery curious haunting immense enormous godlike rum freaky bizarro inspired scary ghoulish inexplainable unheard-of devilish mystifying supranormal Herculean herculean omnipotent formidable supreme bionic staggering very strange beyond human peculiar anomalous uncommon signal outstanding unprecedented exceeding wonderful unique aberrated extraordinaire aberrant especial freak uncustomary atypical irregular marvellous unwonted wondrous untypical deviative marvelous deviant out of the ordinary unrepresentative more than human

Tính từ

Pleasing to the mind or senses
delightful enjoyable gratifying amusing entertaining heavenly congenial thrilling satisfying diverting lovely wonderful exciting great magical magnificent marvelous marvellous pleasant pleasing splendid sublime divine fab fabulous fantastic glorious grand magic pleasurable super terrific agreeable beaut brill brilliant charming cool ducky engaging fascinating neat peachy smashing blessed blest bonzer capital captivating champion corking cracking darling delectable delicious delightsome dreamy dulcet enchanting felicitous fun good grateful jolly luscious nice palatable pretty ripping savory savoury spiffing sweet tasty topping welcome wizard beezer frabjous rapturous ravishing swell alluring ambrosial cheery lush refreshing scrumptious yummy very pleasant very agreeable very pleasurable top-hole out of this world supercalifragilisticexpialidocious greatly to one's liking very attractive beautiful gorgeous fine excellent attractive appealing fair superb exquisite adorable bewitching comely cute taking stunning bonny sensational winning entrancing goodly fetching beauteous seductive likable awesome amazing desirable handsome likeable prepossessing sightly enticing knockout winsome good-looking beguiling dandy irresistible striking bonnie blissful genial choice lovesome groovy amiable acceptable stellar bodacious fantabulous aesthetic glamorous hot supernal esthetic dazzling ace inviting first-class favorable first-rate well-favored jim-dandy tremendous pulchritudinous lovable fit elegant keen boss favourable charismatic arresting exceptional seemly wicked mean fanciable bully easy on the eye tantalizing radical tempting dope phat likely perfect foxy boffo radiant affable angelic eye-catching amazeballs tantalising cordial mind-blowing drop-dead on fleek paradisal sexy bosting cheerful outstanding delicate friendly adorbs noble rad fabby dainty celestial sound phenomenal spanking sterling remarkable superior enthralling magnetic paradisiac admirable happy immortal nice-looking luring ideal soft incredible paradisiacal graceful superlative holy hospitable tip-top crucial superhuman paradisaic mega idyllic drop-dead gorgeous glamourous A-OK def marvy sultry nubile dynamite tasteful slick seraphic sensual personable warm spunky famous empyrean lank kif good-humoured good-humored godlike far out top-notch resplendent kind copacetic supernatural paradisaical extraordinary prime kindly mesmeric amicable par excellence beatific decent crackerjack quality nifty peachy keen topflight classic cherubic well favoured prizewinning arousing sociable bootylicious intriguing banner good-natured frontline gilt-edged beddable brave satisfactory extraterrestrial as pretty as a picture top-shelf high-class good-tempered joyous gilt-edge bang-up stupendous four-star blue-chip first-string blue-ribbon five-star top-of-the-line top rewarding spectacular unsurpassed precious immense splendorous cheering righteous bumper gangbusters sexual gangbuster hype primo sensuous prize helpful brag down babelicious interesting gone comforting rare comfortable obliging out-of-sight shapely mellow endearing dishy convivial well-disposed too good to be true gracious tender warmhearted number one jovial numero uno to one's liking warm-hearted mesmerizing appreciated heartening passable adequate sexually attractive easy on the eyes affectionate gentle approachable splendiferous considerate titillating intoxicating propitious easy come-hither neighborly neighbourly statuesque sympathetic golden benevolent mesmerising mild bad refined easygoing majestic erotic hunky-dory eminent crack tolerant peaceful notable very good spellbinding welcoming stylish rich exhilarating big disarming dear pleasureful snug hunky average appetizing hypnotic soothing not bad heartwarming come-to-bed common unique encouraging memorable breathtaking consummate relaxing schmick fine and dandy provocative polite cozy supreme sovereign succulent companionable elevated cosy beckoning select belting pearler restful all right calm barrie sik chillin' picturesque flamboyant exalted mouthwatering delish exo loving singular flavorsome Elysian okay flavorful caring preeminent illustrious mild-mannered becoming sapid buxom blooming best bright joyful renowned toothsome to one's taste toothy scrummy august proud classy symmetrical compassionate civil kind-hearted flavoursome well-formed wholesome fairy-tale understanding big-hearted softhearted good-hearted soft-hearted goodhearted accommodating tenderhearted tender-hearted large-hearted kindhearted fine-looking sweet-tempered moderate appetising harmless OK impressive very beautiful well-favoured intimate social wondrous in order sunny opportune fulfilling enchanted standard tolerable unexceptional A1 matchless formidable to die for worthy peerless glad gladdening fairish timely complaisant conversable chummy valuable comfy unobjectionable prodigious unspoilt homely dreamlike cutesy to your liking loveable goodish commendable cooperative attentive buddy-buddy flashy photogenic euphoric presentable respectable scenic halcyon mooi lekker benign festive dollish glossy showstopping splashy showy zingy prettyish homelike enamoring trim fairylike Arcadian heaven-sent moving spiritual elfin deluxe awe-inspiring courteous absorbing telegenic recherche recreative relishable romantic teasing very nice transcendent premium standout much needed homestyle irie thoughtful ingratiating moreish noteworthy flawless piquant unpresumptuous unassuming utopian as nice as pie couthy kosher bighearted sweet-natured even-tempered clubbable gladly received nectarous admissible mouth-watering lenient sufficient world-class yum-yum finger-licking generous unselfish patient too much hep hip large snug as a bug in a rug well meaning on the beam in the swim well favored on the ball well intentioned respectful a ten cooking with gas noted well-known heroic shining distinguished triumphant splendrous effulgent celebrated time-honored esteemed famed venerable honored unforgettable splendacious skillful masterful virtuoso skilful masterly balmy replayable extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant silvery astonishing unreal suitable suited paradisic saintly miraculous colossal astounding compelling devastating promising chocolate-box gentlemanly ladylike wanted adapted appropriate deliciously light deliciously tender spiffy hypnotizing eye-popping jaw-dropping positive insinuating superlunary eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable siren sirenic immaculate enviable clear well suited out of sight goodlooking something else infatuating engrossing paradisical seducing honoured zero cool merry dreamboat eyeful bijou decorative relaxed way-out snazzy honorable relief honourable cunning reputable consoling desired contenting long-awaited longed-for magnetizing hypnotising magnetising electrifying yummo lofty picture-perfect heady fly easy to take bubbly well-prepared drawing attention clean-cut entranced charmed bewitched quaint ka pai elating copasetic super-eminent shipshape super-excellent calming gnarly ecstatic imposing physically attractive gladsome gay celebratory distracting rustic constructive productive worthwhile confident rural above average slap-up of a high standard superfine classical aesthetically appealing aesthetically pleasing humble modest self-effacing fiendish conjuring pastoral restorative solacing renewing rejuvenating a sight for sore eyes beneficial bucolic flavourful high confiding close faithful outgoing hilarious jocose kindred funny amical comical peaceable conciliatory fond like-minded loyal receptive attached comradely vibrant open happy-go-lucky compatible jocular on good terms responsive fashionable dapper voluptuous curvaceous sheen willowy camera-friendly debonair sustaining nourishing satiating happiness-inducing substantial studly up to snuff right on up to code trendy inoffensive innocuous restoring special extremely attractive lordly flavorous sylvan noticeable familiar petite slight melt-in-your-mouth nummy tranquil light-hearted heart-warming informal hitting the spot transcendental sacred uplifting inspiring outrageous inspirational stately abstract gregarious buzzworthy one and only uncommon unordinary idealized folksy nectareous nectarean ambrosian tangy slim matey clubby breezy middling so-so successful serene homey regular down-home laid-back peng lip-smacking the most airy subtle dinky nuanced flourishing Utopian unspoiled arcadian up to scratch mushy sensitive simpatico reasonable prosperous thriving out-of-this-world idealised cushy easy to get along with palsy-walsy easy to get on with downright neighborly barley-sugar juicy lacy diaphanous light well-made deft frail thin ethereal fragile feeble plush spicy eleemosynary soft touch indulgent merciful liberal fatherly regardful supportive unstinting chivalrous giving pitying brotherly greathearted great-hearted lavish princely benignant fatherlike clement gallant heart in right place philanthropic openhanded unoffensive humane dutiful bleeding-heart public-spirited motherly openhearted magnanimous feeling selfless deferential forbearing beneficent altruistic benefic maternal tactful open-handed humanitarian bounteous charitable bountiful philanthropical all heart munificent freehanded well-mannered snuggly booming auspicious providential ergonomic convenient roaring palmy useful fit for a king made well sensible urbane amenable lucky prospering healthy boomy unequalled unreserved unparalleled premier topnotch chirpy unexcelled tiptop peak fortunate privileged bonhomous optimum surpassing unrivaled unmatched class unrivalled leading faultless unbeatable incomparable tops untouchable accomplished cream star uppermost quintessential effusive excessive elite applaudable highest extreme lead awesomesauce greatest exaggerated worthiest flagship inflated unequaled bosker perky temperate civilized pre-eminent top-class top-grade top-level top-tier well disposed easy-going without equal A-1 award-winning prize-winning highest quality very best beyond compare top-drawer civilised of the highest order of the first order of highest order of the first water in a class all by itself of the highest standard of the highest quality above and beyond of high quality

Tính từ

Having a covert or obscure meaning
inscrutable mysterious incomprehensible inexplicable unexplainable unintelligible arcane opaque unfathomable impenetrable obscure abstruse ambiguous baffling bewildering confusing cryptic dark deep Delphic double-edged elliptic elliptical enigmatic enigmatical equivocal fathomless fuliginous hidden murky mystic nebulous occult perplexing puzzling beyond comprehension beyond understanding sibylline undiscoverable wildering cabalistic difficult impossible to understand mysterial secret sphinxlike unaccountable unknowable recondite mystifying esoteric unclear mystical indecipherable uncanny vague insoluble secretive concealed strange complex profound veiled oracular complicated uncertain clear as mud intricate cabbalistic unsolvable oblique indistinct hazy covert hermetic incognizable hermetical indefinite doubtful dubious inexplicit insolvable peculiar ungraspable hard to understand odd hard as clear as mud abstract involved unexplained paradoxical indeterminate heavy little known tenebrous evasive clandestine weird curious illegible inconceivable clear as dishwater debatable bizarre Greek inexplainable involuted subtle magical coded over one's head misleading recherché inconclusive riddling questionable rarefied unimaginable beyond one's grasp indiscernible unrevealed inexact inextricable beats me apocryphal Delphian imprecise involute queer shadowy convoluted undefinable indescribable ambivalent arguable uncomprehensible cloak-and-dagger orphic unsolved foggy muddled gnomic clouded undecipherable confused knotty anagogic open to debate open to argument above your head unexplicit amphibological Greek to me unreadable private indirect polysemous polysemic polysemantic incalculable inner multivocal dense bemusing hypermetric shrouded funny reticent discreet blurred unnatural insuperable unattainable impossible hopeless unrealizable undoable furtive cloaked acroamatic obfuscated stealthy unknown surreptitious meaningless nubilous purblind imperceptive teasing stickling stumping unresolvable unanswerable too deep cagey subjective inarticulate incoherent shrouded in mystery disconcerting elaborate uninterpretable jumbled black technical incredible illogical indecisive weighty serious garbled unexcogitable gray grey far-out unsettled vacillating not easily understood slurred mumbled supernatural spiritual non-committal unusual irresolvable unresolved unconcluded thorny tough worrying tangled undetermined undefined indistinguishable scrambled senseless astonishing unparalleled freakish freak extraordinary transcendental sphinx-like freaky fluky inaudible untold rum spooky without a solution unable to be solved paranormal borderline open to question unheard-of unwonted uncommon all Greek to me metaphysical preternatural transcendent ill-defined periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory suspicious circuitous mind-bending beyond one contradictory elusive equivocating duplicitous blurry roundabout off the wall otherworldly religious other-worldly all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand shifty open muzzy fuzzy disreputable all Greek to you nonrational non-rational two-edged magic numinous undecided unsure in doubt up in the air pending unconfirmed sketchy deceptive dubitable unspecific deceitful loose woolly yet to be decided wooly iffy unanswered irresolute dim in limbo chancy muddy tricky incomplete noncommittal intangible problematic confounding ongoing speculative moot in question non-specific devious double disingenuous fraudulent rough to be decided in a state of uncertainty faint approximate fallacious general illusory ironic elusory false cloudy obfuscatory backhanded imperfect bleary broad stonewalling sophistical casuistic unestablished weak unpredictable unascertained casuistical unfixed blear unfinished undependable dodgy unspecified open-ended hesitant wavering in the balance up for grabs in a state of limbo hinky dual formless amorphous shapeless unsound at issue dishonest insincere remote impressionistic concerned troubled worried anxious apprehensive disquieted generalized unformed unstructured unshaped structureless undisclosed twofold problematical superficial nebulose cursory two-sided cheating hanging inadequate perfunctory cryptical incongruous some kind of generalised obscured ulterior approximative estimated slippery controversial improbable absurd inconsistent sweeping unfocused ballpark open for discussion yet to be settled up for discussion not yet settled cunning shuffling disputed intentionally misleading unforeseeable dissembling disputable suspect vexed doubtable muffled squishy careless sloppy contingent conflicting self-contradictory anomalous oxymoronic dicey pendent waffling not definite touch-and-go betwixt and between not decided in no man's land good and bad fugacious transient phantom shy fleeting greasy imponderable transitory insubstantial tenuous volatile evanescent spurious hesitating sitting on the fence abeyant unfamiliar unidentified faltering unheard of unproven undiscovered blurred round the edges specious coarse-grained delusive delusory sarcastic unlimited wrong inaccurate misty gauzy pale sardonic deceiving mock beguiling tongue-in-cheek deluding inexhaustible indeterminable innumerable wide pseudo distorted snide sneaky underhanded misrepresentative unstraightforward distracting mistakable demagogic catchy with tongue in cheek

Tính từ

Having too many to count
untold countless innumerable numberless myriad uncountable uncounted unnumbered innumerous endless limitless manifold many multiple multitudinous unlimited incalculable indescribable legion numerous unimaginable unnumberable unthinkable inexpressible measureless unspeakable unsummed unutterable gigantic hidden huge indefinable mammoth mighty monstrous private prodigious staggering titanic unexpressed unknown without number an incalculable number of an infinite number of beyond measure too many to be counted undreamed of infinite immeasurable umpteen no end of multifarious zillion very many divers jillion beyond number inestimable loads of oodles of masses of heaps of stacks of bags of boundless enormous several vast immense a multitude of a great number of a multiplicity of no end to bazillions of zillions of gazillions of incomputable scads of unreckonable unforeseen capricious uncertain whimsical fluctuant iffy chancy erratic unpredictable unfixed lank abundant beaucoup lots of sundry various voluminous populous a slew of indeterminable infinite numbers of considerable copious profuse multiplex multifold endless numbers of incalculable numbers of heaps piles of plentiful tons of great quite a few millions of hundreds of thousands of a bunch of all kinds of a thousand and one thick on the ground unmeasured millions umteen frequent bottomless fathomless a raft of cosmic teeming ever so many interminable alive with without end prolific haphazard unforeseeable hit-or-miss abounding multitudinal a whole bunch of not to be reckoned diverse countless numbers of thousand-and-one ample large extensive plenteous rife thick inexhaustible a lot of plenty of quantities of a great deal of an abundance of a profusion of a quantity of a swag of scores of a great many billions of dozens of a shedload of lousy with mucho stack pile raft gobs peck mint loads oodles mess wad heap scads slew immeasurable numbers of tidy sum whole slew passel of generous superabundant bountiful lavish bumper substantial full galore overflowing handsome bounteous tidy liberal outsize rich hefty comprehensive big sizeable high excessive luxuriant Himalayan sizable whacking aplenty massive plenty hulking large-scale exuberant bulky oversized oversize replete goodly husky largish biggish whopping outsized crawling with many different respective large number of multiplicity of prodigal varied assorted prevalent princely comfortable cornucopian proliferous multiplied some a dime a dozen stink with miscellaneous disparate well-provided rampant unremitting well-supplied motley mixed unbounded significant grand opulent sweeping global good deep wholesale sufficient substantive a few a couple of commodious booming immoderate exorbitant exhaustive unwieldy extravagant marked mega cumbersome epic major Brobdingnagian boxcar certain wide-reaching wide-ranging far-reaching generously proportioned upwards of strong extreme appreciable tremendous terrible colossal thumping giant protracted extended towering pronounced humungous ginormous stupendous humongous spacious decided Bunyanesque massy jumbo long king size leviathan expansive mondo mountainous heavyweight astronomic wide vasty walloping mastodonic broad fat king-size elephantine galactic bull supersized gargantuan astronomical herculean brobdingnagian cavernous prolonged king-sized cosmical monolithic lengthy heavy lush riotous fulsome gushing wordy prolix verbose a gogo in abundance no end thick with a mess of coming out of ears more than one can count more … than one can shake a stick at

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