Đồng nghĩa của extremely upsetting


Causing severe shock, distress, or grief
devastating distressing shocking traumatic distressful harrowing shattering agonising agonizing crushing grievous overwhelming upsetting afflicting disturbing painful savage scarring severe terrible tormenting demoralising demoralizing deplorable tragical gut-wrenching nerve-racking awful injurious alarming damaging hurtful disquieting stunning staggering terrifying wounding harmful chilling excruciating paralysing catastrophic dreadful earth-shattering cataclysmic mind-blowing horrifying paralyzing very great heartbreaking heart-rending sad tragic heartrending woeful unpleasant lamentable miserable wretched grim bitter saddening regrettable pitiful unfortunate poignant difficult depressing sorrowful unhappy torturous dismal stressful cruel doleful affecting dire appalling harsh pathetic nasty galling piteous tear-jerking pitiable horrible sorry horrendous horrid moving troublesome rotten calamitous foul bad discomforting frightening hard gloomy mournful horrific frightful cheerless worrying disappointing afflictive dispiriting disconcerting disheartening troubling ghastly vile unsettling abominable atrocious irksome poor bleak tough fraught discouraging disagreeable distasteful unpalatable lousy sombre uncomfortable grave somber plaintive unlucky heavy joyless funereal discomposing hellacious trying mean vexatious mortifying heart-wrenching disastrous heart-breaking haunting objectionable worrisome forbidding revolting loathsome daunting perturbing dreary unbearable drab desolate execrable agitating gruesome hopeless sober unendurable rueful morose solemn melancholic troublous macabre hairy nightmarish grisly comfortless unnerving drear dejecting dark taxing monstrous disconsolate grotty humourless humorless concerning murderous lachrymose lugubrious ruthless hostile oppressive unsavory brutal merciless vexing beastly displeasing unwelcome anguished touching offensive annoying icky yukky yucky sour uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavoury insufferable desolating depressive racking torturing glum melancholy dazing disorienting oppressed pitiless vicious impoverished stark raging wrenching dispirited mirthless dolorous dolesome poverty-stricken cold depressed sullen dingy plangent derisible pensive frustrating testing pressured demanding abject arduous gruelling tiring forlorn tearing soaring dangerous fierce despairing black onerous unrelenting stiff rough hardhanded burdensome inhuman rugged relentless searing ferocious wicked remorseless great sore afflicted grieving inclement intemperate provoking intense rigorous hellish from hell grueling agonized hard-hearted tortured racked agonised feeble paltry numbing a stinker of a a bummer of a unkind dismaying exacting unforgiving crummy odious repellent detestable irritating repulsive repugnant unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid disgusting nauseating unacceptable sedate abysmal sickening obnoxious gross undesirable diabolical unappealing repellant uncool awkward godawful abhorrent uninviting grody ugly nauseous off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking fearful nagging confronting

Trái nghĩa của extremely upsetting

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