Đồng nghĩa của agonising

Alternative for agonising

  • tính từ
    • gây đau đớn, gây khổ sở

Tính từ

Causing great physical or mental pain
excruciating harrowing painful grievous tormenting torturous racking bitter acute extreme hellish intense severe afflicting cruel distressing galling harsh heartbreaking heartrending hurtful insufferable killing piercing raging searing torturing unbearable wrenching exquisite gut-wrenching heart-rending unendurable disturbing fierce struggling suffering tearing tortuous vehement violent worrying dreadful upsetting terrible awful traumatic difficult sad distressful tragic hard troublesome unpleasant trying heavy poignant grim sharp pitiful wretched intolerable miserable oppressive disquieting woeful stressful troubling irksome hellacious saddening punishing frightful bothersome dire piteous uncomfortable unfortunate moving brutal vexatious regrettable discomforting sorrowful tough pitiable grave tedious daunting pathetic perturbing lamentable affecting wearisome ghastly vicious stabbing shooting unsettling shocking crushing burdensome grueling gruelling bad onerous exacting irritating ferocious unhappy forbidding nasty taxing doleful rigorous vexing dismal discomposing tear-jerking annoying penetrating tiresome blistering plaintive serious deplorable almighty strenuous disagreeable tragical depressing appalling fearful rough savage testing powerful displeasing stinging deep profound touching unwelcome alarming calamitous impossible challenging nerve-racking awkward arduous hairy unpleasing mournful frightening demanding wearing uncongenial disconcerting keen laborious ponderous horrendous formidable agitating furious explosive bruising intensive backbreaking consuming wearying unpalatable unlucky distasteful burning exhausting uphill thorny unsparing fatiguing gloomy toilsome herculean back-breaking nagging biting heavy-duty anguished rugged unnerving effortful disappointing poor vigorous strong worrisome great horrible sorry rotten excessive horrifying stirring mighty dispiriting harassing ambitious cutting horrific insupportable devastating harrying troublous overwhelming afflictive merciless fearsome concentrated unforgiving mortifying murderous stiff unacceptable tiring cheerless debilitating tall killer draining bleak sombre somber moiling sweaty toilful jarring grinding solemn injurious anguishing sapping horrid chilling Herculean pounding objectionable revolting energy-consuming enough to try the patience of a saint harmful vile not to be borne foul gruesome abominable lousy provoking aggravating execrable painstaking loathsome desolate immoderate boring sore weighty disheartening infuriating colossal overpowering pesky mortal unsavory macabre embarrassing offensive stringent icky yukky yucky mean unrelenting niggling unlovely titanic repellent repugnant sour melancholy agonising disastrous damaging unsavoury inconvenient frustrating unamusing unsupportable discouraging melancholic abhorrent operose cumbersome heart-wrenching shattering upstream intimidating unyielding dismaying unremitting too much gargantuan knackering wounding terrifying off-putting tormentous a bit much splitting thumping maddening exasperating atrocious peracute smarting enormous scarring teasing grisly fraught nightmarish haunting repulsive disgusting plaguy pestiferous bedevilling discommoding peeving pestilent emotional impressive knifelike concerning rueful monstrous gross imperious joyless impactful crippling ruthless detestable infernal chafing carking nettling rebarbative abrasive antagonizing rankling nettlesome cussed riling pesty pestilential plaguey confounded antagonising forlorn inordinate odious catastrophic nauseating heightened hostile ruinous prohibitive obnoxious sickening unappealing demoralizing demoralising dejecting disconsolate torturesome grody depressive enraging grating punchable undesirable tender forceful wicked shrill very bad funereal heart-breaking relentless sober destructive hopeless glum comfortless major intemperate passionate unkind tricky exigent bedeviling lachrymose lugubrious unmanageable desperate dreary morose immense staggering gigantic unsurpassable inadmissible heavy-handed enough repellant potent backbreaker labored really hard problematic very hard depleting forcible enough to drive you up the wall sticky slavish laboured difficile beyond endurance past bearing too much to bear last straw tough going scabrous Augean austere ominous enough to try the patience of Job critical pain-filled blinding repressive Spartan caustic throbbing cringey mind-blowing dangerous soaring raw shrewd pitiless oppressed impoverished stark hateful very painful plaguing thoroughgoing hefty crashing invidious transcending unsufferable poverty-stricken significant desolating rancid dour tearful drab drilling paralyzing paralysing dogged gnawing emotive scary prickly anxious-making mirthless dispirited dolorous dolesome slow afflicted grieving melting telling soul-stirring uplifting heart-warming sentimental expressive nostalgic apprehensive enervating drear cold depressed hardhanded inhuman agonized extremely upsetting fatal dicey hazardous easier said than done high-impact drudgy high-pressure worksome uphill battle hard-won no picnic marathon problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone remorseless exerting to be pitied tortured racked agonised feeble paltry unreasonable very great derisible dingy plangent pensive dark inclement deadly extremely painful straitened inhospitable spartan stern inexorable mephitical irritable unpropitious bewildering sullen troubled perplexing sinister revulsive inauspicious foreboding parlous distressed unfavorable unfavourable persnickety abject cataclysmic useless petty meagre puny commiserable meager heartwarming affective pressing extraordinary exceptional supreme toe-curling rending cringe-making stultifying chastening drastic high exorbitant dejected despondent wild hard-hearted despairing emotionally moving protracted close full intensified unqualified marked lethal adverse unfair undue diligent all-consuming exaggerated deathly hapless fateful pick-and-shovel time-consuming arousing affect mother of all strained vivid pungent steep resounding ungovernable uncontrollable ill-fated fiery rampaging rabid uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained ill-starred unsustainable storming unchecked unfettered uncurbed inflamed unbridled emphatic hot urgent energetic peppery convulsive flaming enraged blustery paroxysmal turbulent volcanic frenzied coercive stormy dynamic outrageous tumultuous aroused tempestuous gale force out of control full of force no-win beyond bearing sudden confronting finely tuned humourless crummy humorless unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid sedate abysmal diabolical uncool grotty godawful uninviting ugly nauseous beastly nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking ardent tremendous resolute determined zealous aggressive earnest incredible fervent impassioned dramatic thorough compelling wholehearted persistent heartfelt remarkable indescribable eager prodigious fanatical all-out fervid deep-seated assertive unutterable enthusiastic active committed concerted dedicated total spirited tenacious assiduous fast gutsy heated steadfast complete punchy unwavering perfervid intent excellent muscular puissant powerhouse bold brisk radical deep-rooted marvelous marvellous out-and-out detailed staunch torrid conscientious hard-hitting irresistible vital robust steady maximum insistent utmost big driving minute sincere scrupulous true avid absorbing compulsive devout massive passional red-hot uncompromising superb constant driven full-blooded firm loyal faithful consummate cut-throat persuasive rousing deeply felt exciting enterprising focused arresting comprehensive obstinate exhaustive thrilling careful in-your-face single-minded gripping meticulous persevering militant purposeful influential unbending uttermost extensive searching unfaltering pronounced focussed stubborn methodical incommunicable phenomenal pulling no punches in-depth besetting complex enthralling tireless feverish fixed engrossing all-embracing sweeping sedulous top stupendous abstruse awesome warm devouring all-absorbing fascinating mettlesome durable considerable sound complicated amazing dominating obsessive irrepressible stifling pervasive indefatigable uncommunicable riveting intriguing engaging brilliant outstanding ultimate suffocating towering blunt devoted warm-blooded attentive involving right proper overriding fabulous settled strict plucky cloying effective high-powered distinct hearty unswerving super lusty good consequential knockout unflagging dependable heady inspiring untiring all out reliable insane cool resolved pushy very strong wonderful thunderous smart hardy daring strong-willed unmerciful hot-blooded pious decisive self-assertive momentous sure absolute true-blue down-the-line stalwart stanch out of this world unalloyed unadulterated deliberate bound enduring abiding immovable allegiant first-rate certain unquestioning rigid first-class never-failing industrial-strength real competitive unstoppable frantic dog-eat-dog heavyweight long-lasting indefensible inexcusable reprehensible inexpressible unforgivable scorching boiling baking gusty high-energy cordial genuine entrenched disgraceful shameful boisterous squally roasting sizzling hard-core unfeigned honest rooted intrenched undescribable amorous contentious blazing sweltering inveterate bona fide alert tropical parching withering annihilatory gluttonous corrosive voracious insatiable edacious far-reaching deepest stout supportive twingeing tingling scalding industrious pertinacious all-inclusive all-encompassing ablaze confirmed bred-in-the-bone valid cogent baking hot blazing hot blistery broiling charged clamorous virile unmixed crucial enthused melodramatic red-blooded achy hurting recondite confused te knotty convincing pleading life-threatening restless very hot boiling hot overemotional crying telescoped crash out and out elaborate widespread preoccupying punitive beseeching entreating begging obscure mightful like a furnace annihilating magnificent accelerated speeded-up unconscionable swingeing overweening draconian strengthy strengthful immersing interesting maximal plausible armed efficient efficacious threatening captivating bludgeoning very grave climacteric torrential spectacular egregious downright hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue devilish importunate whole true blue sobering menacing precarious perilous hypnotic mesmeric spellbinding eloquent conclusive credible unanswerable compulsory entire clamant self-asserting pushing pressurizing go-getting crazy fantastic unbelievable unreal utter round-the-clock total-immersion paramount highest greatest overbearing sickly astringent acrid all-powerful copious enchanting entrancing transfixing mesmerizing rich spicy hopped up gung ho pushful pressured thrusting incomprehensible enigmatic esoteric abstract thundering uber sheer preposterous arrant rank flagrant veritable pure ridiculous terrific far out dominant commanding sublime superlative breathtaking fetid aromatic unmistakable invincible mephitic hard-working pressurising loud exclusive addictive lustful teeming bucketing pouring drenching rounded fattening fatty buttery succulent oily creamy sensational splendid not taking no for an answer overshadowing foetid sovereign fleet whirlwind swift nippy snappy lightning fleet-footed quick speedy breathless rapid-fire galloping zippy rapid flying dizzy breakneck rattling hasty unbroken undistracted collective elemental involved unfathomable arcane trusty mesmerising overmastering irrefutable unmitigated unshared consistent engrossed unreserved swell imposing awe-inspiring groovy dandy delicious lavish glorious primo grand divine striking like wow majestic hunky-dory monumental stately luxurious decided surpassing resilient greatest possible vibrant calorific united absorbed sonorous resonant set do-or-die positive motivated out unputdownable unanimous continued unshakeable humungous humongous giant circumspect all vigilant lock stock and barrel dense undivided iron-willed feisty plush obdurate stable liege immobile adamant tried-and-true trustworthy unmovable changeless established telelogical hell-bent on bent on bent upon playing hard ball dead set on undeviating mean business bent calculated be out for blood hell-bent upon nose to the grindstone accomplished hammering lashing hard-nosed unflinching hot and heavy skilled skillful skilful admirable masterly astronomic rare leviathan max vast mountainous ginormous astronomical sheeting down sagacious self-confident audible clear clarion ace stellar crack world-class expert fine full-bodied strong-minded brave gritty courageous gee-whizz important cracking crash-hot nifty independent perceptive heroic indomitable unhesitating take charge wizard callous firm in spirit keen as mustard animated confident two-fisted stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful ringing as clear as a bell bell-like amazeballs crackerjack well-done authoritarian unfeeling implacable cold-blooded affectless desensitised heartless no-nonsense tyrannical stoney browbeating gruff unsympathetic bullying stony-hearted compassionless desensitized hardhearted ironfisted ironhearted uncharitable cold-hearted insensitive stonyhearted take-no-prisoners more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear

Danh từ

Thought, deliberation or meditation
cogitation thought consideration contemplation deliberation meditation reflection rumination thinking abstraction cerebration concept conception idea image impression intellection musing notion picture pondering speculation study brainwork brooding puzzling worrying mind's eye mulling over view advisement debate observation opinion account perusal pensiveness absorption imagination agonising introspection scrutiny concentration excogitation examination attention heed reasoning forethought analysis regard mulling reverie discussion understanding judgment review application calculation brown study judgement logic serious thought thoughts thoughtfulness self-examination belief deep thought planning deduction rationalization ideation cognition inference thought process theory inferring concluding apprehending supposition hypothesis circumspection assumption conjecture premeditation ratiocination rationalisation thesis introversion reason weighing up assessment self-observation self-questioning self-searching self-analysis heart-searching soul-searching self-contemplation self-scrutiny navel-gazing self-reflection lucubration grind prayer ruminating caution carefulness care investigation inlook solipsism egoism mentation vision premise perception consultation self-discovery self-absorption quiet time philosophy conceptualization ponderings conferring dreaming a brown study conclusion inspection daydreaming fantasy preconception vagary caprice dream rap prudence wariness ventilation negotiation purpose notice prospect conceptualisation intuition judging anticipation hope knowing seeing deriving inducing theorization conclusions daydream woolgathering preoccupation think period of deliberation period of contemplation spell of contemplation period of reflection spell of deliberation spell of reflection recollection ideas position beliefs views outlook viewpoint opinions viewpoints presumption discerning perceiving deducing rationalizing considering realizing evaluation determination finding suspicion eduction verdict induction consequence sequitur navel gazing day-dreaming wool-gathering accepted wisdom point of view points of view line of thought guess results conviction findings corollary guesswork surmise realising rationalising theorizing interpretation result answer illation derivation talk hypothesizing guesstimate postulation forecast prediction shot in the dark hearsay stab gossip stab in the dark studying shot hunch sneaking suspicion hypothesising weighing rumor theorising rumour

Động từ

Present participle for to cause anguish or distress to
worrying distressing excruciating anguishing disturbing besetting straining fretting paining plaguing crucifying fussing harrowing persecuting suffering tormenting afflicting bedeviling bedevilling besieging laboring labouring musing racking torturing cursing squirming trying martyring troubling bothering vexing harassing oppressing annoying upsetting irking wounding irritating pestering hurting bugging harrying grieving perturbing causing suffering to hassling beleaguering agitating burdening stressing aggrieving ailing disquieting hounding perplexing exasperating mortifying saddening nagging fazing discomposing depressing giving someone grief wringing getting to badgering injuring galling haunting causing agony to concerning aggravating disconcerting mistreating devastating gnawing at smiting burning up stinging driving up the wall giving a hard time needling displeasing dogging discommoding discomfiting causing pain to weighing down unsettling nagging at picking on maltreating offending abusing molesting flustering blighting rattling riling miffing angering pursuing crushing ill-treating peeving dismaying alarming nettling provoking inflicting anguish on chafing ticking off eating at lying heavy on weighing heavily on weighing on cutting to the quick making anxious making uneasy outraging victimizing taxing affecting rending traumatizing disgruntling affronting tearing teasing shocking disgusting assailing punishing shaking riding wronging discombobulating frustrating niggling deviling devilling unnerving hectoring ruffling possessing victimising disheartening cutting up making unhappy spooking traumatising hurting someone's feelings breaking giving a bad time inconveniencing distempering unhinging flurrying frazzling derailing preying on causing anguish to hagriding breaking the heart of infesting inflicting pain on inflicting suffering on making miserable making wretched stirring up causing discomfort to causing concern to weirding out making uncomfortable appalling freaking out cutting damaging obsessing scourging shattering suffering from hunting importuning searing despairing stabbing piercing mithering gutting buttonholing convulsing causing disquiet to keeping after lampooning browbeating hurting deeply ridiculing scarring rocking stewing fearing sweating testing gnawing tyrannizing puzzling psyching out putting off throwing off recurring bending someone's ear grinding dejecting baiting taunting driving round the bend getting on your nerves getting in your hair interrupting scorning ribbing chaffing bullying tyrannising discriminating against preoccupying staying with coming back to maddening making waves chivvying stretching hacking you off wearying flipping out sapping draining exhausting dispiriting bringing down tiring discountenancing distracting alaruming discomforting ragging casting down bringing one down dampening spirits breaking one's heart throwing confounding heckling boning discouraging putting a damper on dragging down putting into a funk bumming out narking making blue pushing strapping tantalising exercising undoing tantalizing desolating indisposing nit-picking pricking chastening hacking off doing a number on throwing off balance arousing anxiety in getting at pushing buttons making it tough for leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse putting through wringer driving bananas rubbing salt in wound making demands on putting a strain on wearing out tiring out making severe demands on horrifying disobliging repulsing repelling piquing nauseating sickening jarring slighting attacking embarrassing overwhelming mourning causing suffering causing anguish bleeding causing sorrow causing offense turning off lambasting hampering entangling aggressing pushing the buttons of giving offence to making your heart bleed gripping putting the squeeze on pressing hitting hard striking causing anxiety to niggling at visiting taking jumping on one's case giving one the business buffeting buffetting falling on falling upon thumbing nose at starting in on causing trouble to giving the needle bloodying agonising incommoding disserving misusing harming crossing up laying a finger on causing injury to lashing out at ill-using doing violence to putting down trampling on treating roughly intimidating goading terrorizing cowing scaring threatening terrorising frightening getting bulldozing leaning on eating winding up menacing pressurizing chivying grating keeping on at going on at hanging over domineering coercing rankling putting out pressurising pushing around spiting infuriating incensing dragooning dominating strong-arming inflaming rankling with rubbing up the wrong way insulting dunning getting across rasping terrifying enraging frosting griping itching bullyragging railroading blackjacking abrading graveling gravelling riding roughshod over criticizing taking over mau-mauing lacerating burning blustering pressuring giving someone the hump shaking up nudging moving antagonizing daunting criticising bogarting kicking around hazing chagrining pothering breathing down someone's neck exciting pushing about brutalising brutalizing dashing steamrollering dissing working on grating on harping on at having it in for forcing driving round the twist antagonising biting having a down on dumping on roiling constraining getting down taking control of suppressing making someone see red enforcing using strong-arm tactics on prodding doing in mocking facing excoriating fascinating scolding confronting henpecking smothering ruining ruling berating exploiting manhandling panicking carping at subjugating mishandling martyrizing pecking at mutilating touching confusing mangling maiming imposing on picking at subduing intruding upon gibing abasing causing pain pressing down on festering chiding grilling beating wrecking killing compelling disrupting causing anxiety overpowering obliging affrighting dissatisfying eating up exacerbating enslaving stirring awing aweing egging on compromising making angry driving crazy chilling chillin making gloomy making despondent putting the screws on eating away at rattling one's cage putting pressure on wearing bludgeoning debilitating messing over making desolate preying on your mind incapacitating cramping bruising getting under one's skin making things hot for someone flooring insisting on getting someone down getting in one's hair hitting where one lives treating harshly getting on one's nerves beating down issuing threats to twisting someone's arm tearing to pieces getting in someone's hair scaring the bejesus out of trying someone's patience getting on someone's wick tyrannizing over hurting one's feelings making someone's blood boil getting on someone's nerves knocking for six getting someone's back up walking all over bedogging showing antagonism to disapproving of treading on bossing about bossing around destroying ravaging feeling ill will towards showing ill will towards bearing a grudge towards grizzling guying kicking about punishing unfairly stressing out making cross reminding insisting curdling weighing grumbling at macerating foraying noodging despoiling rousting carping finding fault with tearing at lying heavily on accosting obtruding encroaching intruding swaggering causing to panic singling out jerking around driving to distraction razzing addling messing with violating manipulating humiliating disparaging scratching around ragging on yapping at frenzying deranging searching high heaven punishing repeatedly and unfairly humping driving mad aching jeering rousing thrilling giving the business reviling reproaching throbbing deeply upsetting inflicting trauma belittling overcharging taking the mickey out of making nervous teeing off giving someone the pip petrifying making fun of making someone's hackles rise getting someone's hackles up getting someone's dander up getting up someone's nose ruffling someone's feathers getting under someone's skin barracking booing smarting caviling cavilling madding iring embittering enflaming getting on nerves getting on the nerves of taking the piss out of breaking in upbraiding overriding pushing someone around causing annoyance to causing resentment to shouting down preying on one's mind deriding disappointing putting into a flap putting someone off their stroke causing someone to lose their composure fuddling throwing into a tizz furbelowing frilling stumping flummoxing throwing into tizzy buffaloing overawing driving you up the wall getting in the hair of sticking it to giving it to dishing it out dishing out bringing pressure to bear on lying enticing titillating getting one's goat getting your goat steaming up hissing giving pain to slapping disrespecting crazing turning bewildering flipping dishonoring firing up finding fault startling scarifying frighting causing discomfort pinching keying up laying up turning on getting someone inciting brainwashing sweating out rocking the boat hurting somebody's feelings making a scene taking advantage of doing an injustice to dishonouring making driving wheedling cajoling impelling scaring off shouting at jibing at starting suffocating leading on beguiling intriguing luring tempting alluring tearing to shreds prickling twingeing twinging striking terror in striking terror into obligating arguing playing up butting in shouting catcalls at making game of repressing taking the heart out of hurting the feelings of stepping on the toes of overbearing rubbing the wrong way setting on getting across someone putting someone out making blood boil sending into a rage taking a rise out of putting someone's back up trying one's patience getting a rise out of setting one off working into lather charming thwarting baffling nicking overcoming hegemonizing mastering talking sandbagging muscling swaying impressing causing someone distress filling with terror making it hot for someone putting the fear of God into scaring to death frightening out of your wits putting the frighteners on inspiring panic in subjecting demoralizing prevailing on having someone do something coming at putting the heat on inflicting keeping down flirting with going for jugular giving no quarter laying a bad trip on monopolizing engrossing consuming putting screws to handicapping encumbering weighing heavy upon grinding down ruling with an iron hand bringing someone to their knees ruling over trampling overloading putting upon ruling with a rod of iron bringing under the yoke saddling holding sway over trampling underfoot despotizing holding down bringing to heel overthrowing impaling whipping befalling imposing wreaking absorbing getting your back up bouncing dampening keeping hanging putting your back up hustling dragging damping enervating darkening demoralising dulling working over mixing up running down reducing to tears crowding fast-talking playing the heavy with imperilling endangering imperiling jeoparding periling adventuring jeopardizing venturing risking hazarding casting a gloom upon making sad turning one off knocking sideways pouring cold water on throwing cold water on bringing tears to your eyes knocking the stuffing out of breaking someone's heart making someone fed up harshing someone's mellow giving someone the blues bearing down keeping under keeping hanging on making mouth water infatuating fixating controlling holding warning avenging monopolising smashing disabling impairing keeping someone hanging on making someone's mouth water putting on the rack giving someone the works whipping around scaring hell out of impending putting heat on lowering jeopardising gambling with uttering threats to looming portending marring descending on descending upon bringing down on forcing upon boring crossing hindering impeding deforming spoiling admonishing blackmailing making threats to snarling forewarning fulminating flexing muscles growling threatening to harm cautioning making threats against walking heavy scowling threatening to kill shaking fist at comminating looking daggers making threat crabbing endamaging defacing blemishing vitiating crippling flawing disfiguring having a grip on becoming an obsession with having a hold on getting on your wick scathing knackering weakening contorting hacking up fouling battering totaling distorting fouling up totalling waxing doing mischief to prejudicing drawing blood

Động từ

Present participle for to feel deep sadness, distress or anguish
grieving mourning suffering anguishing sorrowing hurting bleeding aching lamenting regretting bemoaning weeping wailing bewailing sobbing crying pining carrying on weeping and wailing rueing ruing keening moaning repining feeling wretched feeling sad shedding tears going through the mill singing the blues eating your heart out taking it hard crying a river despairing deploring groaning blubbering languishing yearning sighing complaining missing fretting eating heart out wearing black longing for grieving over wringing hands paining feeling pain enduring agony going through a lot experiencing hardship having a bad time bearing eating one's heart out agonising weeping over howling grieving for repenting wailing for complaining about wailing about grumbling crying over whining soughing roaring brooding sulking keening over sorrowing for expressing sorrow expressing sorrow for plaining over wailing over expressing regret about sorrowing over moaning about sighing over expressing woe for ululating weeping for pouting singing shedding tears for bawling raining pining for idling mooning feeling sorry about feeling remorseful about reproaching oneself for apologizing repenting of kicking oneself for kicking oneself feeling sorry feeling remorse for feeling apologetic about feeling remorse apologising grumping kicking self crying for beating one's breast desponding moping chafing sinking hanging around having a long face stewing over losing heart sweating over going about like a half-shut knife pining away wearing a long face wasting time

Động từ

Present participle for to think or contemplate deeply about something
thinking contemplating brooding cogitating pondering ruminating speculating mulling over weighing up chewing over dwelling on puzzling over stewing over poring on meditating musing deliberating considering reflecting thinking about meditating on agonizing over musing on worrying ruminating on worrying about ruminating over poring over obsessing moping fretting repining sulking about grieving over moping over languishing over fretting about mooning over bleeding languishing dreaming glooming feeling despondent about sighing desponding sulking grieving daydreaming lamenting eating your heart out thinking upon dwelling upon sweating over chafing inwardly sweating out eating one's heart out revolving studying reflecting on deliberating on deliberating about eyeing puzzling turning cerebrating entertaining questioning pondering on pondering over giving consideration to reviewing weighing perpending giving thought to debating brooding over conceiving reasoning brainstorming ruminating about figuring envisaging envisioning brooding on imagining chewing on kicking around wrestling with speculating about looking at noodling around flashing on chewing the cud thinking over beating one's brains out about agonising cogitating on turning over cogitating about examining evaluating excogitating sizing up thinking out turning over in one's mind racking brains thinking on musing over thinking through brooding about appraising assessing judging analyzing rolling meditating over analysing deliberating over wondering about reflecting upon wondering minding contemplating on considering the pros and cons of summing up looking into taking stock of thinking hard asking oneself hammering away at putting on thinking cap giving much thought to giving some thought to asking oneself about discussing mulling consulting arguing percolating digesting deciding on making sense of mooning picturing poring clarifying talking over turning over in your mind sorting out batting it around having a think about cerebrating on hashing over running up a flagpole pouring it on knocking around thinking of chawing bethinking comparing dwelling woolgathering mooting taking turning over in mind batting around kicking about batting about mulling over things taking something under advisement chewing over things stewing about considering as an example looking at as an example dealing with taking as an example using one's head chewing stewing going over formulating making figuring out hypothesizing forming taking under consideration hypothesising stopping to consider investigating recollecting feeling surveying researching scrutinizing exploring probing building castles in air debating with oneself enquiring into inspecting reflecting about estimating scrutinising tracking entertaining the idea of rehashing rating eyeing up sweating seeing revolving in one's mind ruminating upon anticipating expecting deliberating upon making enquiries into meditating upon registering thinking hard about cudgelling marveling cudgeling marvelling accepting assimilating cooling out aspiring to taking in processing metabolising speculating on metabolizing

Động từ

Present participle for wriggle or twist the body from side to side, especially as a result of nervousness or discomfort
squirming wriggling writhing twisting fidgeting fidgetting wiggling jiggling shifting twitching floundering threshing turning fiddling jerking jigging sliding slithering squiggling thrashing tossing flailing worrying skewing struggling winding worming feeling uncomfortable tossing and turning distorting contorting rolling jolting convulsing suffering wincing recoiling bending twisting and turning thrashing about agonising stirring agitating moving around budging quivering shaking shuddering wobbling joggling moving restlessly stumbling playing moving moving about jumping changing position staggering wagging waggling fumbling fluttering jouncing quaking cringing zigzagging blenching shuffling starting trembling shivering quailing lurching flinching squinching swerving ducking cowering splashing blundering shimmying waving bobbling heaving wabbling rattling vibrating juddering plunging locomoting laboring labouring flailing about groping tumbling pitching flapping trifling twiddling toying fussing chafing bustling fretting casting about jittering shrinking fooling around hitching fooling about grimacing spasming messing around messing about quavering blinking playing around wavering blanching scowling gasping shying jibbing dodging clasping ticcing seizing grasping beating gripping paining twinging nipping vellicating palpitating grabbing lugging snapping moving spasmodically clutching kicking moving convulsively twingeing contracting pulling a face making a face drawing back shrinking away backing off baulking balking

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