Đồng nghĩa của to be pitied

Tính từ

Arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness
pathetic heartbreaking moving pitiable touching affecting piteous pitiful distressing miserable poignant sad plaintive poor wretched harrowing disquieting disturbing doleful heart-rending stirring tragic upsetting agonising agonizing forlorn heartrending melting mortifying rueful sorry tender woeful distressful gut-wrenching mournful commiserable meagre meager petty puny useless lamentable grievous abject deplorable dismal sorrowful dolorous melancholy supplicating imploring beseeching entreating ruined saddening tear-jerking worthless base scurvy vile small derisible suffering arousing disgraceful shabby compassionate commiserative afflicted distressed low unfortunate tearful comfortless joyless cheerless unhappy painful gloomy unlucky desolate dire depressing disconsolate hopeless regrettable dreadful calamitous appalling awful traumatic dreary glum woebegone melancholic terrible morose tragical sombre drear lugubrious somber heartbroken bad emotional depressed dejected disastrous hapless despondent shameful grim heartsick hangdog unpleasant lachrymose bitter downcast mean shocking bleak anguished crestfallen down downhearted destitute grieving grief-stricken blue depressive broken-hearted dispirited inconsolable brokenhearted execrable saddened heartsore rotten disappointing droopy heavyhearted teary catastrophic ill-fated lousy low-spirited ill-starred funereal impressive cast down regretful down in the mouth luckless impactful down in the dumps excruciating disheartening impoverished despairing squalid egregious sullen drab afflictive sordid solemn weeping shoddy lonesome atrocious indigent plangent weepy heavy-hearted mirthless uncomfortable dark intolerable inferior dispiriting cataclysmic elegiac contemptible lamenting emotive heart-warming difficult wistful haunting dolesome grave agonized lonely wailing despicable poverty-stricken helpless sorrowing paltry desperate hurting forsaken foul discouraging nostalgic godforsaken down-and-out sentimental unfavourable agonised long-faced uninviting afflicting crushing unfavorable jinxed elegiacal vexatious heart-wrenching unsuccessful sobbing star-crossed beggarly troublesome disagreeable snakebitten frightful whimpering snakebit bereft scungy sepulchral displeasing detestable out of sorts blubbering god-awful snivelling derisory horrendous fateful in tears out of luck black dolent hard luck blubbery bawling sniveling moist watery wet desolating misfortunate outcast stark demoralizing demoralising warming lame intense dejecting oppressive powerful degrading evocative fatal ruthful discomposing cold telling soul-stirring uplifting needy deadly ruinous perturbing passionate agitating expressive dirgeful horrific dingy horrifying pensive stunning mind-blowing sympathetic responsive galling devastating heavy remorseful tear-filled cruel tortured racked feeble threnodic dirge-like penniless beggared gruesome heartwarming affective repentant contrite lethal adverse mortal in pain in sorrow full of sorrow in mourning penitent apologetic penurious impecunious lost deathly destructive emotionally moving forgotten homeless abandoned blighted friendless uncared-for skint needful pauperized dirt-poor broke necessitous threadbare famished outrageous heinous bewailing bemoaning funeral aching deploring accident-prone arousing affect mediocre worrying glaring destroyed dragging cynical solitary defenseless oppressed defenceless fruitless pessimistic alone self-reproachful compunctious sheepish shamefaced conscience-stricken hard up untimely untoward baleful tormenting grousing cranky grumpy bellyaching cantankerous crabby beefing fed up hurtful weighed down tough luck behind eight ball bad break down on luck inept crummy godawful diabolical alarming unsettling down and out in the dumps monstrous iniquitous nefarious unbearable flagrant gross frightening unsatisfactory rubbish sucky stressful unpromising ashamed flagitious concerning trashy morbid filthy direful fearful dreich saturnine nagging confronting weighty villainous harmful offensive taxing sunless plutonian tenebrous tenebrific ridiculous absurd ludicrous abysmal inadequate laughable crying nerve-racking heart-breaking horrible abominable Cimmerian cursed hideous ghastly third-rate foolish-looking silly odious beastly second-rate doomed broken unprosperous dirty stricken upset ignominious pained shattered troubled greeting blubbing awkward burdened inexcusable larmoyant close to tears howling on the verge of tears ill-omened in a bad way sad sack mourning devastated spiritless choked gutted bummed sour powerless downtrodden cut up in the pits chap-fallen

Trái nghĩa của to be pitied

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