Đồng nghĩa của pained

Alternative for pained

pains, pained, paining

Đồng nghĩa: ache, discomfort, distress, hurt, irritation, pang, soreness, suffering,

Trái nghĩa: pleasure, relieve,

Tính từ

In pain, especially in an emotional sense
insulted affronted angered angry annoyed cross disgruntled displeased aggrieved distressed exasperated galled hurt injured irked irritated needled nettled offended piqued stung upset vexed wounded huffy miffed peeved put out rattled resentful riled ruffled aggravated anguished eggy indignant narked unhappy worried disappointed fed up miffy reproachful snuffy sore troubled brassed off browned off cheesed off hacked off in a huff in high dudgeon peed off teed off not best pleased ticked off bothered tooshie disturbed grieved discontented outraged dissatisfied chagrined steamed furious provoked agitated mad incensed fuming enraged irate livid wrathful acrimonious afflicted ireful rankled ticked rabid hot roiled infuriate ballistic hopping shirty inflamed enflamed infuriated foaming wroth choleric apoplectic steaming horn-mad riley grieving steamed up vex slighted snubbed bitter rancorous salty perturbed embittered in a temper undermined hoha hassled acrid annoying weighty distressing hard cut to the quick wronged discontent harmed malcontent ill-used woeful saddened oppressed depressed persecuted victimised victimized heated hard done by choked seeing red scornful boiling p.o.'d bugged going crook up in arms hot under the collar hopping mad burned up in a pet in a fume off the air bent out of shape fit to be tied blue in the face foaming at the mouth raging seething beside oneself snaky on the warpath incandescent testy crook maddened wild irritable ratty frenzied in a frenzy ropeable beside yourself aerated raving in a lather sullen as cross as two sticks frustrated ranting soreheaded in a bad mood worked up sulky spiteful ill-humoured ill-humored crabby splenetic waxy red grumpy petulant irascible peevish sour surly scunnered ill-tempered bad-tempered impatient grouchy snappy touchy very angry wrath hot-tempered wound up short-tempered swollen fiery hateful churlish bloodshot flustered chafed harassed cranky antagonized frantic tetchy hostile prickly stroppy antagonised in a paddy in a bate quick-tempered out of humour out of sorts with all guns blazing grudging disgusted fractious querulous hacked nasty snappish crabbed fretful crotchety cynical waspish chippy perverse venomous spare snarky pettish snippy snippety liverish stuffy painful filthy passionate raspy bummed out out of humor boiling mad at daggers drawn raging mad sensitive disaffected violent berserk disagreeable cantankerous malignant vehement vitriolic unforgiving desperate demented crazed maniac bent unreasonable smoking insane corybantic irrational huffish harried malicious critical morose roused captious dyspeptic uptight acid mean narky vindictive scandalized antagonistic crusty grousing out of temper griping dirty unglued shocked scandalised storming dark short ill-disposed gnashing one's teeth mardy caviling cavilling in a towering rage in a rage thin-skinned all steamed up overcome with anger ill-natured pushed too far at boiling point blown a gasket in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage sombre somber pink scalding steamy piping unimpressed airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air goaded excited burning with excitement anxious het up blazing raw infected confused fretted chafing septic reddened tormented rousted snitty bloody dishonored humiliated perplexed dogged buffaloed festered itching smarting tender stinging burning itchy angry-looking black flaming umbrageous dishonoured blazing mad flaming mad wry as black as thunder puffed up fevered festering at end of one's rope hot and bothered rubbed the wrong way very upset out of control out of countenance blistered burnt scalded in a wax malcontented crabbing bellyaching uncontent kvetching kicking ungratified contemptuous disdainful raving mad revengeful begrudging malevolent full-on all-out uncompromising energetic manic breakneck concerted bad tempered out of joint red-rimmed vengeful pernicious jaundiced up the wall severe extremely angry sardonic irreconcilable caustic baleful virulent gory disillusioned exacerbated malign alienated soured catty maleficent malefic estranged with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing jumpy faultfinding with a chip on one's shoulder antipathetic poisonous fierce bloodstained ensanguined vicious frenetic rage tense implacable begruding evil-intentioned temperamental feisty bristly glum curt moody unsociable argumentative gruff volatile whingy full of hate with a chip on your shoulder nursing a grudge shrewish brusque misanthropic hotheaded pouty oversensitive ornery obstinate quarrelsome difficult bilious contentious truculent harsh pertinacious uncooperative snarling contrary peckish whiny peppery hypercritical whining miserable grumbling curmudgeonly crybaby ungracious gloomy iracund tough brooding iracundulous edgy bearish pouting fussy disputatious scratchy waspy trying having got out of bed on the wrong side dour nasty-tempered mumpish growling tart sharp in a mood sorehead saturnine blunt cussed fault-finding on edge cross-grained carping awkward like a bear with a sore head on a short fuse complaining fretting vinegary whingeing childish foul-tempered out-of-sorts hasty hot-blooded ugly having got out of bed the wrong side obstreperous short-fused chuffy easily offended

Tính từ

In emotional pain
hurt distressed anguished displeased sad saddened dejected despondent disheartened distraught forlorn grieving sullen upset worried aggrieved bothered depressed disappointed disconsolate discouraged downcast glum grieved heavyhearted heavy-hearted inconsolable melancholic miserable mournful perturbed sorrowful troubled unhappy bereaved blue brokenhearted broken-hearted cheerless concerned demoralised demoralized dispirited disturbed doleful down downhearted down-hearted emotional heartbroken joyless rueful tearful tormented tristful afflicted antsy bugged burned cast down contused crestfallen desolate despairing discombobulated droopy gloomy hangdog heartsick heartsore low shook somber sombre sore sorry teary uptight weepy wistful woebegone woeful all torn up cut up down in the dumps down in the mouth grief-stricken in doldrums in grief in tears in the dumps low-spirited shook up melancholy dolorous wretched dismal in pain anxious devastated suffering sorrowing agonized morose tortured hurting agonised desperate crushed broken disconcerted agitated overwhelmed discomposed traumatized mourning aflutter weeping hopeless shaken vexed ruffled disquieted wounded harassed gutted flustered irked plagued angst-ridden jumpy pessimistic harrowed traumatised overcome with sorrow heavy with grief mortified defeatist oppressed resigned weary bleak in despair in a tizzy long-suffering sunk suicidal depressive bad solemn luckless strained discontented dull bitter unnerved destroyed ruthful ailing racked frantic wrecked discountenanced fed up haunted spooked dolesome out of sorts bowed down on a downer no-win strabilious can't win cynical at the end of your tether weighed down in the pits in the soup not a prayer at end of one's rope shot down aching unglued bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing strung out bummed out racked with pain in a stew racked with suffering lamenting remorseful regretful helpless bearish downbeat tragic abject discouraging negative doomed overcome pining up the creek unmitigable without hope unfortunate uneasy unsettled dismayed apprehensive jittery hinky unquiet goosey insecure dithery nervous atwitter queasy queazy nervy tense edgy asea riled pestered hung up annoyed perplexed put out afraid overwrought harried exacerbated ill at ease beset puzzled frightened chagrined worried stiff miffed inconvenienced aggravated scared provoked terrified het up confused alarmed fearful irritated lugubrious moody in low spirits cheesed off chap-fallen brassed off lamentable dragged lachrymose chapfallen grim choked in the doldrums long-faced plaintive distressing funereal depressing mirthless down and out pitiful painful sick as a parrot piteous dreary spiritless plangent morbid funeral grumpy deploring bleeding grievous saturnine sulky heart-rending pitiable crying harrowing sobbing cast-down dour disgruntled as sick as a parrot sniveling black dolent heartrending crummy snivelling blubbering listless comfortless sick at heart singing the blues in a blue funk surly pensive subdued taken down howling heavy disillusioned deplorable mopey daunted dispiriting dissatisfied calamitous low in spirits ripped elegiac sunk in gloom dysphoric heartbreaking ticked off teed off browned off blubbing peed off whimpering traumatic upsetting troubling dark torn up lonely pathetic sorry for yourself let down humourless distressful bawling larmoyant sour agonizing close to tears on the verge of tears shamefaced agonising saddening enervated humorless churlish sepulchral flat tear-jerking regrettable shattered crabbed sapped defeated mopish broody bereft disenchanted adust down-in-the-mouth peeved piqued abashed Eeyorish discontent sick exasperated with a long face unconsolable sheepish bummed-out frustrated in sorrow in mourning damp unsatisfied full of sorrow hacked off low-down in the toilet down in dumps crabby sick and tired greeting maudlin triste lacklustre dim deep languorous drab shadowy colorless tenebrous unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring gray colourless boring monotonous dingy lackluster macabre grey languid lifeless humdrum awful disturbing disquieting unamused sorry for oneself feel-bad apathetic very sad prostrated glowering scowling heart-sick lovesick undermined without energy depressant dirgeful grouchy brooding atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging dire dolorific afflictive in distress afflicting torn-up angry cross lowered bowed threnodic dirge-like emo godforsaken griefstricken off sluggish moping ugly in anguish taken aback deflated prostrate with grief have the blahs cringing browbeaten guilty cowed fraught affected down in mouth hapless affecting bored tired unable to be comforted unable to be consoled let-down not happy guilty-looking furtive discomfited tragical unlucky elegiacal self-indulgent self-absorbed wallowing beside oneself with grief in a state ashamed intimidated embarrassed uncomfortable sneaking feeling down full of gloom in a funk aghast beaten ill-humoured huffy lost worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked catastrophic cruel unpleasant disastrous feeble disappointing paltry mean ill-humored cowering humiliated conscience-stricken forgotten homeless lonesome forsaken abandoned languished at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end blue funk friendless destitute uncared-for in a bad way looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny sensitive teary-eyed mawkish with tears in one's eyes blubbery moist watery wet jaded narked wearied dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone nostalgic surfeited sated satiated blasé not best pleased in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes up to here self-pitying complaining disaffected fretful malcontent envious impatient querulous restless resentful malcontented picky griping kvetching grumbling ungratified out of joint sick to death fed up to the teeth with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth

Tính từ

Grim in manner or appearance
uncomfortable grim cheerless austere depressing dismal dreary gloomy grave miserable solemn anguished bitter comfortless forbidding foreboding joyless morose severe somber sombre stark stony sullen bleak disheartening dreadful glum wretched awful drab funereal gray grey mirthless desolate dark sad pathetic sorry depressive dire drear heartbreaking heartrending piteous woeful uninviting unhappy forlorn godforsaken abject rueful sepulchral lugubrious sorrowful dispiriting doleful melancholic melancholy disconsolate dolorous depressed cold morbid oppressive saddening mournful dingy saturnine dejecting plutonian black tenebrous tenebrific dreich lonesome elegiacal sunless elegiac Cimmerian poor dull lamentable pitiable distressing tragic pitiful hopeless drearisome terrible dejected unwelcoming woebegone spiritless unpleasant dour dim bare despondent inhospitable grievous darkening distressed chill murky bland crestfallen clinical lonely draggy blue mopey impersonal cloudy wintery mourning afflicted wintry jarring institutional teary tearful down-and-out in the dumps cast down unfortunate squalid distressful upsetting sordid shameful discouraging harrowing appalling bad deplorable execrable lousy disagreeable inferior displeasing detestable indigent scungy scurvy impoverished rotten tragical intolerable gut-wrenching regrettable poignant demoralising demoralizing difficult disappointing troublesome crushing dispirited excruciating shocking traumatic dolesome moving agonising vexatious agonizing discomposing painful derisible mortifying pensive heart-wrenching plangent horrific lachrymose frightful heart-rending horrifying tear-jerking foul despicable contemptible disgraceful vile unpromising trashy filthy shoddy derisory low destitute poverty-stricken downcast down downhearted down in the dumps inconsolable down in the mouth heartbroken low-spirited saddened heartsick heavyhearted brokenhearted despairing heartsore pessimistic broken-hearted troubled droopy grief-stricken moody hangdog humourless heavy-hearted humorless grieving discouraged upset disheartened long-faced hurting disappointed demoralized demoralised in low spirits sulky sorrowing serious unfavorable unfavourable harsh sober stern fed up hurt devastated in pain chap-fallen dragged surly sour ominous bereaved suffering bummed out grumpy brooding unsmiling sedate cut up crushed downbeat inauspicious stony-faced plaintive choked gutted mean off-putting moping aggrieved agonized oppressed chapfallen earnest in the pits agonised tormented no-nonsense destroyed out of sorts staid touching worthless glowering horrid defeatist horrible negative grieved angry sobersided hostile regretful heavy frowning mopish emotional broken subdued tristful tortured spartan weepy calamitous disturbing down-hearted poker-faced shadowy in the doldrums lamenting dirgelike displeased crabby distraught macabre abandoned solitary in a blue funk down and out shot down unamused disgruntled hard sickening cynical affecting scowling dirge-like perturbed bothered paltry colorless unpropitious colourless discontented ghastly Eeyorish base bereft monotonous wistful repugnant sinister worrying weeping threatening broody unlucky frightening ruthful in grief in doldrums all torn up in tears po-faced deserted cheesed off weighed down listless adverse sterile deadpan undesirable disillusioned gruesome repellent threnodic gloom-ridden cross disconcerting concerned repulsive intense compassionate stirring arousing shabby beggarly commiserative fatalistic offensive daunting overwhelmed revolting disenchanted clouded horrendous weighty uptight discombobulated disconcerted vexed objectionable distasteful unpalatable bugged shook unhumorous traumatized churlish grouchy helpless disturbed antsy atrocious unnerving taciturn bad-tempered angst-ridden sourpuss muted lurid forsaken irked overcast suspicious crabbed weary ugly dismayed wounded hapless alarmist distrustful doubting shook up sick ill-tempered lackluster lacklustre deep heavy with grief mortified overcome with sorrow nightmarish traumatised menacing straight-faced afflictive acheronian daunted racked dolent God-awful sunk in gloom loathsome down-in-the-mouth irritable sick at heart boring lifeless fiery unwelcome bleeding chilling blue funk strained down in dumps parlous brassed off intimidating crummy unfriendly with a long face uninspiring let down taken down given to looking on the black side bowed down cast-down languorous triste as sick as a parrot unexciting blah uninteresting languid singing the blues sick as a parrot on a downer humdrum uncaring unimpassioned unmoved desperate ruined disadvantageous merciful formal portentous waste worried maudlin nostalgic disenchanting funebrial exequial deathlike threnodial routine uniform empty barren desolating cheap inadequate insignificant regimented discomforting disquieting remorseful deathly Stygian hollow obscure isolated lorn uncommunicative sorry for oneself burned sore contused companionless overcome pining uninhabitable suicidal unresponsive phlegmatic acherontic lame expressionless impassive afflicting annoyed gaunt dirgeful luckless depressant bearish in despair inimical shamefaced adust down in mouth uneasy sunk atrabilious dampened drooping dashed sagging remote derelict sequestered ailing have the blahs blank dissatisfied looking on the black side full of gloom looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny feeling down heart-breaking unhopeful small meagre to be pitied meager let-down not happy languished dysphoric contemplative in sorrow in mourning frustrated discomfited emo ripped disowned full of sorrow torn up low in spirits in the toilet low-down fierce steely chagrined miffed having blue devils having the blahs tough lost unappealing unappetizing unattractive untempting troubling dismaying grisly hideous forgotten homeless aghast unsatisfied beaten friendless uncared-for aggressive indignant temperamental cantankerous aggravated vanquished baulked worsted objecting balked testing alarming unearthly resolved ruminative resolute thoughtful reflective introspective composed catastrophic cruel disastrous feeble injurious perilous enraged ferocious implacable unappeasable critical flinty cast-iron boot-faced ungentle disapproving furious dragging defenseless alone defenceless fruitless mephitical unkind repellant galling perplexing aggravating unpleasing hellish bewildering vexing annoying abhorrent perturbing revulsive frustrating unamusing uncongenial irritating irksome chilly unenthusiastic eerie exacting exigent nauseating ghostly terrifying gory grotesque ill-fated hard-pressed harmful doubtful treacherous pressing precarious jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad straitened discommodious dangerous full of hardship ill-omened direful ill-boding messy monstrous fearsome quiet unplayful bookish deep in thought bound and determined bummed powerless downtrodden nasty unenticing disgusting terrific pitiless grewsome nightmare weird shady spooky spookish scary unhealthy anxious louring hazy leaden overclouded shaken agitated ruffled disquieted unnerved discomposed darkened death-obsessed harassed wrecked flustered discountenanced aflutter plagued huffy spooked harrowed haunted beclouded lowering misty dirty hazed foggy clouded over resentful pouting piqued petulant persecuted wailing aching jumpy bewailing bemoaning unglued promising rain nebulous put out ill-humoured fractious strung out not fair not clear peeved perverse chippy aloof mumpish pouty racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain in a stew withdrawn uncooperative obstinate sourpussed querulous stroppy mardy out of humour fretful ornery sulking unsociable gruff ill-humored in a bad mood in a huff in a funk in a mood in the sulks in a strop having a fit of the sulks

Tính từ

Deeply hurt, saddened, or worried
distraught hysterical distressed frantic raving agitated desperate distracted overwrought anxious mad wild crazed devastated fraught frenzied beside oneself delirious distrait hysteric overcome shattered upset worked-up worried addled bothered concerned confused crazy deranged discomposed disturbed flustered harassed muddled nonplussed nuts panic-stricken perturbed rattled swivel-eyed thrown tormented troubled unglued unscrewed unzipped verklempt wrought-up beside yourself shook up very upset worked up in a panic in a state out of your mind out of one's mind at the end of your tether like a chicken with its head cut off excited uptight tense wired nervous in a tizzy antsy jumpy hyper uneasy nervy berserk frenetic hectic furious jittery dismayed apprehensive rabid disconcerted violent feverish unnerved insane emotional overexcited fidgety keyed up saddened het up twitchy unsettled hung up corybantic edgy disquieted frightened aflutter shaken alarmed ruffled wound up uncontrolled ill at ease manic maniacal in a stew stressed hot and bothered shocked unhappy sad hurt wigged out grieved overwhelmed panicky annoyed intense unquiet gutted fearful dithery vexed hot under the collar irked stressy cut up angry atwitter out of control raging in a frenzy flipped out unbalanced restless weirded out adrenalized on edge strung out disappointed irrational scared traumatized discountenanced panic-struck hyperactive discombobulated neurotic fevered hassled traumatised fierce ferocious unhinged irritated choked bummed out insecure inconvenienced queasy queazy demented worried sick affected turbulent weird zonkers in a flap goosey freaked out spazzed out hinky having kittens at wits' end in a cold sweat carried away high-strung flurried overactive heated afflicted spooked angsty bugged terrified miffed crushed all torn up angered bundle of nerves basket case stunned provoked berko blue overstrung highly strung strung up afraid high energetic tumultuous obsessive heartbroken in a twitter in a tizz confusing broken up convulsive on tenterhooks anguished chaotic beset riled tortured plagued in a flat spin clutched put out worried stiff in pieces fast and furious not knowing what to do with oneself panicked madding undone mentally unsettled overemotional histrionic shaky dispirited miserable emotive peeved dragged wretched wrecked ripped exercised shook consumed strung-up hag-ridden falling apart confined having cabin fever unconsolable up the wall disconsolate inconsolable shot down emotionally charged horrified flushed startled skittish struck overawed incredulous fanatical aquiver daunted unreluctant flighty exciting furibund phrenetic at one's wits' end out of one's wit overpowered hyped-up febrile afire atingle hyperexcited stir-crazy asea in a bad way uncontrollable offended fretted exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated mortified pestered perplexed harried harrowed tearing one's hair out broken-hearted dazed confounded in a lather lost it low unrestrained wounded zipped up hot juiced up unrestrainable destroyed shell-shocked emotionally defeated in disorder amazed come apart psyched out maniac compulsive fretting fretful at sixes and sevens knocked for six knocked sideways overanxious trembling quaking irrepressible fiery impetuous impassioned maddened vehement driven to distraction incensed fuming possessed passionate rampant blazing tempestuous spasmodic seething under stress last-minute fixated unstable oversensitive phobic toey unhealthy abnormal paranoid angstful uncomfortable spooky squirrelly solicitous windy at your wits' end in a fit maladjusted in a sweat a wreck ecstatic out of one's wits a bundle of nerves in a twit in a dither inhibited erratic nervous wreck disoriented aberrant deviant disordered obsessed all of a dither in a state of agitation bricking oneself on pins and needles all of a lather thrilled elated with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof shaking in one's shoes with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth transported euphoric overjoyed rapturous jubilant exultant in seventh heaven Corybantic sent on cloud nine drunk delighted enthused on cloud seven in raptures over the moon walking on air jumping for joy intoxicated wild with excitement blissed out in transports of delight in a frenzy of delight on a high tooshie excitable freaked-out wound-up under a strain touchy keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent throwing a wobbly steamed up hot under collar all shook up stormy explosive rough forceful boisterous animated fervid riotous aroused volcanic lively exhilarated cyclonic paroxysmal savage stoked joyous hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out enraptured blood-and-guts uninhibited gleeful intemperate happy unbridled unchecked vicious blustery bang-bang fervent joyful destructive aggressive abandoned bitter unruly rapt enthusiastic strong perfervid extreme cock-a-hoop ardent flying ungovernable volatile unconstrained squally fearsome gusty keen harsh howling roaring flaming beside oneself with happiness delirious with happiness rugged potent blustering spirited storming petrified rampaging aghast terror-stricken full-on ebullient impatient babbling overwhelming gay frozen funky blissful rumbustious elevated passional entranced brutal rhapsodic avid gone powerful scared stiff proud unreasonable wrapped incoherent scared to death bloodthirsty rhapsodical enrapt giddy heady foul immoderate uncurbed flipped enchanted unmanageable floating dirty inclement acute threatening nasty hotheaded fired up thundery headstrong inflamed blistering uproarious forcible devastating hellacious choppy heavy dreadful almighty excessive turned on torrid menacing flying high intensive concentrated like one possessed exquisite ghastly terrible frightful hard knock-down drag-out stormful full-blooded on top of the world heavy-duty fanciful overcharged independent undisciplined ungoverned unsuppressed unbounded overpowering running amok inspired irresistible cheered roused demonic rejoicing triumphant unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable full-hearted rioting postal exulting fazed unrepressed puffed up unpredictable bursting indignant wrathful irate acrimonious ireful blind timorous intimidated suspicious cowardly timid discouraged abashed cowed faint-hearted blanched disheartened in high spirits exalted turned-on stirred up flapping crowing revelling moved disorderly swaggering boastful crank glorying prideful gloating gusting at the boiling point hopped up set up looking good in heaven rowdy great rainy blowy in a spin all of a flutter filthy on the rampage victorious content triumphalist flipping reveling merry wowed hallucinating light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded bewildered hallucinatory deviate resounding inordinate profound excruciating consuming rampageous intensified raw bleak in awe run scared eager severe deep sharp unfettered biting emphatic vigorous agonizing urgent strenuous peppery painful enraged ruinous noisy blown away storm-wracked murky raining cats and dogs frigid riproaring cold damp coming down coercive gale force agonising dynamic outrageous full of force vociferous lawless have cold feet agog flurrying off one's head clamorous obstreperous pumped raring desirous vivacious out of one's head out of one's skull thunderous bumpy flustering intolerant uncompromising extremist bigoted irregular in turmoil rowdydowdy rambunctious raucous termagant thirsty athirst typhonic swirling over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard buzzing brisk bustling geeked hungry juiced voracious biased prejudiced one-sided zealous partisan illiberal gung-ho rip-roaring nutsy madhouse burning vibrant wooly zoolike jungle hassle crowded bullying potty daft untrammeled untrammelled murderous infuriated narrow-minded very busy woolly very active terror-struck beatific cruel ruthless very excited hepped up jumping up and down hopped-up gung ho on fire sudden nutty dedicated overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell militant virulent ill callous terrorizing pugnacious ravished horror-struck pitiless barbarous thuggish sadistic merciless barbaric in transports horror-stricken like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose heartless homicidal inhuman cataclysmal cataclysmic orgasmic assertive abrupt charged fast athrill upbeat dreamy in exaltation out sunny demoniac terrorising radge frightened to death frit beside oneself with joy hot-tempered hot-headed tickled pink very happy floating on air cut-throat tickled to death pleased as punch active immediate meteoric dashing electric in a funk in a fluster in a blue funk scared out of your wits frightened out of your wits

Trái nghĩa của pained

pained Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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