Đồng nghĩa của forsaken

Alternative for forsaken

forsakes, forsook, forsaking, forsaken

Đồng nghĩa: abandon, give up, leave, quit,

Trái nghĩa: conserve, guard, maintain, preserve, protect,

Tính từ

Sad because one has no friends or company
desolate deserted isolated solitary godforsaken abandoned bleak derelict dreary forlorn lonely remote sequestered cheerless depressing destitute disowned sad uninviting uninhabited unoccupied rejected empty friendless vacant lonesome companionless bare alone untenanted by oneself unloved uncherished barren evacuated vacated outcast unpeopled unfrequented all alone withdrawn neglected lone unpopular depopulated unwanted forgotten void disliked estranged tenantless unaccompanied shunned uncared-for spurned lorn free single secluded unbefriended unsociable disused reclusive unsocial introverted separate detached hermitic unvalued by itself unvisited unpopulated unappreciated loveless unfilled solo clear wild waste apart desert vacuous blank stark clean devoid unused unsettled discarded toom without friends left sole antisocial cut off to let unattended unique one uncared for only with no one to turn to without companions retired stag without a friend in the world by yourself particular lovelorn refused mistreated on one's own useless immune superfluous unattached alienated insular insulated segregated available unfriended bereft individual distinct unescorted me myself and I me and my shadow uncouth ostracized unnecessary unconnected cast off adrift marooned not occupied unengaged discrete single-handed onliest ostracised without ties with no ties unneeded left stranded left in the lurch on my own disengaged despondent nonessential annoying unemployed idle loathed unbeloved detested unwelcome jilted hated unhappy to one side depleted all by one's self untaken for sale surplus to requirements de trop scorned despised abhorred dead exhausted deflated despoiled unfurnished up for grabs not in use on the market without contents unlived in feeling friendless lacking wanting ruined not loved cloistered destroyed singular one-off special retiring hermitical reserved independent misanthropic sui generis self-sufficient on its own distant eremetic offish out-of-the-way standoffish uncompanionable aloof self-contained down disconsolate renounced comfortless troglodytic homeless

Tính từ

Pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely
forlorn miserable unhappy disconsolate wretched dejected despondent sad depressed pathetic pitiful sorrowful woebegone blue crestfallen down downcast downhearted heartbroken abject doleful gloomy glum melancholy morose mournful woeful broken-hearted cheerless despairing dispirited heavy-hearted helpless joyless lost pitiable regretful abandoned forgotten homeless lonely lonesome tearful bad bereft brokenhearted destitute droopy friendless hangdog heart-rending heartsick heartsore heavyhearted inconsolable long-faced low low-spirited melancholic piteous saddened sorry uncared-for comfortless lachrymose alone cast down cynical defenceless defenseless destroyed dragging fruitless oppressed pessimistic solitary tragic down in the mouth fed up out of sorts weighed down down and out in the dumps down in the dumps desolate dismal disheartened discouraged dolorous grief-stricken distressed hopeless sombre somber disappointed lugubrious anguished rueful demoralized upset sullen grieving demoralised dreary grim lamentable moody bleak in low spirits troubled distressing grievous in pain chap-fallen depressing harrowing heartrending funereal plaintive choked cheesed off in the doldrums hurting heartbreaking chapfallen poor solemn deplorable spiritless brassed off wistful unfortunate dragged afflicted in the pits bummed out crushed teary desperate morbid defeatist mirthless sick as a parrot dire depressive devastated dark weepy painful hurt hapless calamitous weeping down-hearted dull in despair saturnine pained pensive black grieved shot down awful tristful dismayed emotional agonized distressful terrible elegiac affecting moving unlucky ill-fated gut-wrenching drab agonised ill-starred cast-down distraught bereaved luckless subdued sorrowing godforsaken as sick as a parrot doomed dreadful plangent appalling gutted weary aggrieved drear grumpy bitter dolent bleeding cut up sepulchral crummy discouraging in tears disheartening sick at heart all torn up displeased sulky touching poignant suicidal taken down singing the blues jinxed in a blue funk cursed discontented nostalgic disastrous disillusioned worthless resigned disturbing dour upsetting shattered suffering bewailing bemoaning wailing funeral aching deploring dolesome downbeat in grief in doldrums uninviting ruinous daunted ripped saddening dysphoric stirring ruthful snakebitten devastating uncomfortable heavy star-crossed snakebit to be pitied horrendous sunk with a long face elegiacal negative on a downer unpleasant mopey scurvy hard luck broken bowed down sunk in gloom let down torn up out of luck listless destructive tenebrous tormented reflective perturbed bothered disgruntled sapped defeated catastrophic enervated unsuccessful disturbed flat abashed atrocious outcast cataclysmic shamefaced mourning derelict sour disenchanted lamenting ruined sheepish disquieting down-in-the-mouth unconsolable ticked off teed off browned off peed off agonizing crabbed squalid horrible commiserable unsatisfied surly bummed-out stricken adust horrific tear-jerking down-and-out sordid mopish broody regrettable Eeyorish fatal vile shameful gruesome sober humourless humorless deadly meagre meager disgraceful shocking execrable inferior lousy disagreeable crabby low-down damp foul agonising ugly long-suffering in the toilet in sorrow in mourning indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable unpropitious down in dumps rotten full of sorrow adverse colorless low in spirits lacklustre dim deep dispiriting languorous triste shadowy unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring gray colourless boring monotonous dingy lackluster macabre grey sad sack languid lifeless humdrum worried sorry for oneself shaken concerned apathetic prostrated undermined discombobulated uptight bugged sore shook antsy burned contused dirgeful without energy heart-sick lovesick tragical churlish angry annoyed cross shook up ill-humoured huffy afflicting traumatic ill-humored frantic anxious threnodic dirge-like stark isolated deserted cringing browbeaten guilty cowed troubling intolerable brooding griefstricken taken aback deflated grousing cranky bellyaching cantankerous disadvantaged beefing atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging emo disconcerting prostrate with grief tortured ghastly depressant torn-up discontent sorry for yourself down in mouth bearish guilty-looking furtive sick wounded strained lowered bowed uneasy unnerving discomforting dolorific afflictive no-win strabilious degrading racked ailing off sluggish unable to be comforted unable to be consoled let-down not happy fraught tender melting mortifying dissatisfied ashamed intimidated embarrassed sneaking unmitigable crying horrid base hideous have the blahs disconcerted overcome beside oneself with grief beseeching entreating supplicating imploring can't win frightful in a funk remote sequestered languished frustrated discomfited longing cowering humiliated conscience-stricken moping abominable not a prayer in the soup abhorrent sobbing chagrined miffed dreamy yearning useless petty puny heart-breaking grisly whimpering snivelling compassionate derisible commiserative at end of one's rope arousing shabby at the end of your tether small aghast irked beaten monstrous disowned nightmarish close to tears contemplative musing dreaming meditative galling worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked infelicitous heinous without hope blubbering maudlin hexed voodooed loser bummed powerless downtrodden at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end inauspicious vexatious jonah up the creek thoughtful larmoyant feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny direful lethal mortal crushing cataclysmal sniveling on the verge of tears daydreaming despicable contemptible deathly fateful behind the eightball down on one's luck poor fish unpromising grave trashy shoddy filthy in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes desirous wishful dreich derisory sunless plutonian tenebrific Cimmerian poverty-stricken unprosperous serious awkward burdened weighty severe earnest forbidding sobering sedate urgent worrying strenuous dangerous unamusing acute critical far-reaching in a reverie ill-omened in a bad way vagrant displaced dispossessed itinerant exiled dossing living rough unsettled deported adrift houseless unwelcome disinherited wandering refugee on the streets unhoused of no fixed abode estranged without a roof vagabond banished sleeping rough

Tính từ

Predisposed to having, or characterized by, bad luck
unfortunate unlucky hapless luckless unhappy poor wretched cursed forlorn miserable doomed hopeless jinxed pitiful broken desolate desperate destitute unprosperous pathetic pitiable ruined stricken abject afflicted pained shattered snakebitten troubled unsuccessful woeful awkward burdened snakebit worthless ill-fated hard luck ill-starred star-crossed out of luck ill-omened sad sack in a bad way regrettable unfavourable unfavorable lamentable inopportune calamitous unpropitious deplorable ruinous disastrous adverse infelicitous inauspicious unsuitable inappropriate unbecoming inept untoward damaging untimely disadvantageous direful gloomy bleak discouraging dire bodeful ominous baleful sinistrous baneful disheartening ill-boding ill-chosen blighted fateful misfortunate accident-prone disaster-prone condemned bedevilled catastrophic fated bedeviled disadvantaged foredoomed destroyed lost undone bewitched hexed under a curse down on one's luck done for cursed with ill-luck unpromising heartbreaking rueful piteous heartrending sorry infernal anathematized accursed clumsy woebegone voodooed loser jonah black cataclysmic losing klutzy bungling all thumbs two left feet unprofitable tough luck bad break poor fish down on luck behind eight ball frustrated foiled beaten loss-making defeated failed behind the eightball balked baulked dead fey sunk finished done kaputt kaput foreordained reprobate sentenced convicted threatened menaced predestined unredeemed destined wrecked overthrown overwhelmed suppressed thrown down dead duck cut down kiss of death que sera sera in the cards

Tính từ

Abandoned and helpless
high and dry helpless bereft destitute hamstrung handcuffed hog-tied impotent impuissant in difficulties marooned paralysed paralyzed powerless stranded weak without assistance without help without resources abandoned aground deserted foundered in the lurch shipwrecked stuck left in the lurch trapped cut off vulnerable exposed unprotected dependent incapable feeble defenceless defenseless unguarded susceptible incompetent weakly unresistant undefended unfit infirm debilitated forlorn easily destroyed unable unaided wide open over a barrel open to attack easily hurt invalid inefficient pinned up creek without paddle shiftless disabled friendless tapped out with hands tied prostrate tapped basket-case inexpert unarmed open endangered assailable naked pregnable unshielded unfortified insecure accessible unsafe indefensible without arms at risk like a sitting duck frail resistless caught easily damaged unpatrolled without weapons hands tied in peril in jeopardy easily wounded in danger on the line out on a limb unfitted incapacitated weaponless unarmoured needy undefendable needful reliant without defences vincible unsheltered unattended wide-open isolated unwatched woundable clingy grounded desperate clinging in the line of fire ashore open to defenceless against vulnerable to an easy target for susceptive to receptive to wrecked ill-protected attackable beached liable subject stuck fast run aground sensitive prone poor pigeon sitting duck threatened threatened with laid open in peril of without protection in danger of left open laid bare up the creek on the spot out on limb in line of fire like a clay pigeon

Tính từ

Deprived of, or not having, parents

Động từ

Past participle for to leave behind
abandoned deserted left quit quitted stranded disowned jilted rejected cast aside ditched given up betrayed casted off chucked departed from dropped jettisoned left behind left flat marooned repudiated broken with left high and dry left stranded thrown over abdicated broken up with ratted on resigned run out on sacrificed spurned surrendered walked out on yielded yolden binned off drifted away given someone the push given the elbow gone away from kissed goodbye changed one's tune given someone the air shown the door taken the oath taken your leave of given someone the big E left in the lurch turned your back on washed one's hands of renounced relinquished forgone abjured discarded forsworn eschewed cut out cut off disavowed ceded shunned abnegated ceased disclaimed withdrawn from packed in reneged discontinued refrained from stopped avoided kicked waived retracted left off withdrawn pulled out of run away from done without dispensed with refused refrained forborne desisted from denied sworn off steered clear of stepped down from desisted jacked in apostatized recanted retired from turned one's back on neglected halted shed broken off handed over finished with departed repealed revoked ignored resigned from abstained gotten out of pulled out let go of declined resisted tergiversated escaped from passed up disregarded laid off conceded vacated cast ashore stepped aside from walked away from backed out had nothing more to do with escaped bailed out washed your hands of given a wide berth to cast away rescinded disinherited exited defected ended suspended turned finished decamped put behind you bailed on canceled cancelled gone without gotten rid of turned down axed turned over put a stop to reneged on put an end to packed up fled parted with forgotten forgot broken dropped out had done with run out washed hands of divorced oneself from had nothing to do with split up with skipped let down forborne from foregone allowed forfeited unsaid foresworn shirked called a halt to gone granted shaken disaffirmed called it a day snubbed blown off remitted passed kissed off gotten off got off held off withheld from broken off with broken up failed not touched disappointed knocked off left alone given over thrown up delivered up bowed out of bowed out gone back on left someone holding the baby thrown in the sponge sold out opted out thrown in the towel discounted aborted backtracked retreated disappeared from evacuated absconded from done away with taken oneself off from beached withholden withheld cleared laid aside absconded emptied disallowed transferred left someone in the lurch passed on restrained from rebuffed revolted orphaned split up rebelled let someone down negatived ousted banished put aside rebutted stayed away from delivered rendered voided disprofessed kept restrained ratted shied from reined in dodged walked out cast terminated divorced thrown off held back hightailed retired taken back set aside disdained shelved cut eighty-sixed moved out of left out disacknowledged contradicted inhibited checked skipped out on stopped oneself kept from interrupted disengaged coughed up turned in laid down forlet walked away fought shy of signed away changed sides had no more truck with run for the hills taken a walk let well enough alone split from put down turned coat cut short ended relations with gone over cast out refused to acknowledge written off fallen away from shut out called it quits copped out run off from passed by given something a miss cried off stopped participating in left hanging come across with put off cut loose bailed out on gone over the fence run away backed off cut off without a penny let someone stew in their own juice stood down from hung out to dry laid off of cut dead gotten out given the heave-ho shut off abstracted oneself let go sat out put the kibosh on shifted ground left in trouble left helpless disillusioned denied yourself trapped disenchanted failed to support isolated given committed wrecked shipwrecked concluded kept off offered provided left isolated brushed off diverted fallen short of expectation yielded up eliminated disposed given notice antedated walked out of gone cold turkey given notice to submitted extended volunteered changed your mind bereaved bereft disgorged negated refuted disconfirmed resisted the temptation to arrested curbed preceded stopped going out with separated oneself from signed off deceived left in a lurch proffered released taken the cure taken the pledge gone on the wagon not done quitclaimed anteceded preexisted predated thrown away packed it in brought to a halt stopped trying wound up brought to a close brought to an end scrapped deferred postponed stabbed in the back coquetted violated oath jumped ship defected from scratched scrubbed refused to recognize sent packing bailed pulled reserved delayed tabled removed prorogued stayed gifted demitted left all alone moved from bagged missed out on kissed good-bye wiped out parted from called off forgotten about dusted off bailed out from headed out from cleared from slipped out cleared out from pulled out from seceded receded from disengaged from pulled back detached stopped participating scratched from detached yourself dismissed wriggled out made one's exit chucked in taken the count exited from held up recalled left parentless made an orphan freed doubled back turned back revisited dropped out of ejected from moved out from made vacant made empty taken off from done the dirty on displaced skidaddled retreated from decamped from given the old heave-ho left at the altar fled from cheated on flown from legged it stormed out chickened out opted out of given up the ship taken a powder flaked out disposed of flown the coop bequeathed bequethen nullified abrogated countermanded annulled welshed withcalled ostracized blackballed retraced your steps setted out from backed out on blacklisted reversed scorned called back weaselled weaseled out backed down eaten one's words wormed out of dialed back gone back on one's word eluded repelled vetoed repulsed excluded excommunicated turned traitor precluded tossed aside shrugged off steered clear deselected nixed disapproved reprobated folded abalienated made over communicated capitulated vouchsafed accorded remised burnt unfollowed disfellowshipped ostracised burned unfriended despised disfellowshiped belayed belaid bypassed gone over to the enemy gone AWOL changed loyalties revolted against changed allegiances seceded from broken faith scoffed at kicked someone in the teeth sent to Coventry given the cold shoulder given someone the brush-off given someone the go-by cold-shouldered left out in the cold handed someone the frozen mitt frozen out not bought given way given in signed over forked over broken the habit of checked out from shrunk from backed off from sidestepped averted flushed dishonoured defaulted thrown out dishonored demurred ducked evaded surceased from kiboshed skirted called it quits on returned reverted changed nipped something in the bud finessed scaped shied not accepted flown in the face of tossed over shied away from gotten around weaseled out of shuffled out of stayed clear of had no truck with kept clear of weaselled out of gone back said goodbye to

Động từ

Past participle for to throw away (something unwanted or useless)
scrapped discarded junked ditched jettisoned chucked shed rejected unloaded lost cashiered tossed tost exorcised exorcized pitched binned dropped trashed ejected eliminated removed expelled dismissed cast destroyed demolished sloughed decommissioned recycled annihilated obliterated wrecked retired thrown out thrown away casted off deep-sixed disposed of eighty-sixed shucked off sloughed off gotten rid of laid by dispensed with tossed out done away with flung away chucked away chucked out flung off cleared out got shut of gotten shot of rooted out weeded out thrown on the scrapheap written off broken up seen the back of consigned to scrap heap put out to pasture cast aside abandoned relinquished axed deserted flung shrugged off had done with cast away left given up shucked thrown aside heaved hove abdicated hurled marooned thrown overboard excluded nixed negatived forgone repudiated disburdened doffed thrown yielded yolden thrown off washed your hands of sluffed off dumped threw away threw out got rid of forsook lay by threw overboard got shot of threw on the scrapheap set aside let fall molted moulted let drop cast out exuviated slipped did away with molt exfoliated threw off parted with flaked mewed peeled off saw the back of shelved scrubbed culled disposed dispatched bunged out bunged away auctioned offloaded refused extruded unburdened evicted cleared chased dispossessed threw peeled sluffed turned down pulled the plug on knocked on the head shook off shaken off relieved yourself of skinned filed in circular file threw aside flaked off made over freed oneself of fobbed off kissed goodbye kissed off flung out scaled thrusted aside swept away divested yourself of forwent canned wrote off broke up given the boot gave the boot ridden oneself of rode oneself of

Động từ

Past participle for to leave or cause to remain behind
quit quitted left deserted abandoned exited begone evacuated parted vacated withdrawn bailed decamped departed got gotten marooned blown booked gone moved scarpered stranded vamoosed taken off buzzed off cleared off cleared out walked out bugged off moved out bugged out cut out dug out gone away run along run out checked out dropped out packed off pushed on shoved off stepped along bailed out packed up peeled off pulled out pushed off sallied forth got off gotten off gone off taken a walk gone out piked off piked out packed your bags split cut run off set out withdrawn from run away from cut and run beat it departed from come away pulled out of gone away from removed oneself moved out of exited from parted with gotten out of fled flitted embarked escaped eloped defected scooted disappeared retired emigrated issued scramed scrammed migrated sallied flown relinquished vanished absconded stirred started said goodbye disappeared from headed out decamped from absconded from retired from gone from made tracks gone forth ridden off setted out from taken a hike absented oneself from taken your leave of bogged off made off slipped out taken leave made oneself scarce fled from flown from escaped from broken away bolted from upped sticks taken yourself off from disengaged from stepped down hooked it given the slip gone AWOL taken oneself off from done a disappearing act done a bunk from done a bunk slung your hook taken French leave walked away went forsook flew went away ran off withdrew from went from ran along took off broke away flew from went away from went forth rode off ran away from took a hike took leave took your leave of came away gave the slip took yourself off from did a disappearing act went AWOL took oneself off from did a bunk did a bunk from took French leave set off set forth hit the trail hit the road hit the bricks retreated withdrew bolted skedaddled gat abdicated book repaired removed gitted advanced trooped proceeded absented headed off hightailed it run away beat a retreat slipped away went off made an exit moved off moved on blasted off made a break abstracted oneself broke camp marched out racked off sloped off blew got away gotten away ran away took your leave taken your leave beaten a retreat gotten going got going took a walk ran out went out absented yourself absented oneself betaken oneself betook oneself

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