Đồng nghĩa của loveless

Alternative for loveless

loveless /'lʌvlis/
  • tính từ
    • không tình yêu; không yêu; không được yêu

Tính từ

Having no feelings of love
unloving cold heartless icy unfeeling unresponsive cold-hearted frigid hard insensitive passionless undemonstrative unfriendly emotionless cold-blooded unemotional impassive apathetic detached dispassionate unapproachable cool aloof affectless withdrawn phlegmatic neutral numb uncaring indifferent restrained impassible stoic stolid stoical calm remote uninvolved distant impartial ardorless repellent chilly unbending unromantic forbidding thick-skinned formal impervious frosty cold-shoulder impotent austere inhibited rigid stiff passive unconcerned reserved unmoved wooden impersonal glacial callous unsympathetic listless uninterested disinterested unexcitable chill matter-of-fact self-controlled dry lukewarm unwelcoming insensible deadpan offish stand-offish imperturbable lifeless flat uncommunicative unenthusiastic stony expressionless standoffish poker-faced unflappable gelid sober reticent cold-eyed spiritless controlled cool, calm and collected composed clinical unsociable dull torpid collected supercilious haughty bland unruffled placid blank vacant lethargic unaffectionate sluggish blah hard-eyed antiseptic brittle uncordial clammy hostile self-contained laid-back unaffected unimpassioned languid businesslike taciturn serene unsentimental incurious inexpressive inhospitable half-hearted coldhearted disdainful objective heavy unkind tranquil level-headed cool-headed hardhearted nonchalant unexpressive uncompassionate unagitated blasé unaroused starchy asocial unclubbable antisocial standoff equable lazy candid equal unfazed dead hollow toneless supine inert wintery frozen arctic wintry coldish nowhere nonemotional immovable pococurante buttoned-up sedate along for the ride stony-eyed cold as ice sangfroid contained negligent close unforthcoming secretive guarded sexually unresponsive selfish enduring resigned philosophic indomitable insolent annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious solitary offhand flinty steely bovine uncurious unsmiling inscrutable groggy lymphatic desensitized catatonic empty desensitised unimpressible insusceptible not caring indurated unrevealing hardened inexcitable lackadaisical non-committal bored pokerfaced unambitious unmotivated inactive stilted Laodicean unanimated limp feeble draggy droopy dispirited untouched wimpy moony inhuman bureaucratic straight-faced laid back featureless depersonalized uncolored gray colourless straight depersonalised faceless grey measured nondiscriminatory uncongenial unpassioned colorless abstract anonymous careful soulless monolithic what the hell could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less hard-headed wishy-washy vapid rational unimpressionable slow indolent bloodless anaesthetic anesthetic strictly business cold turkey quiet obdurate marble hard-hearted hard-boiled unconcerned about unbiased equitable stony-hearted going with the flow rolling with the punches offhand about uninvolved with unimpressed apathetic towards casual about nonchalant about uncaring about unprejudiced insouciant heedless of nonpartisan apathetic about regardless uninvolved in careless uninterested in regardless of frivolous about bored by evenhanded just fair reckless about careless of cavalier about dismissive of square mindless of oblivious to unimpressed by poised inattentive weary of lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about unresponsive to nonaligned unenthusiastic about heedless coolheaded levelheaded equanimous stress-free undisturbed centred civil unbothered centered unshakable at ease chilled cool as a cucumber unflustered steady unshaken unworried in control mild-mannered casual unexcited self-possessed unperturbed together untroubled self-composed self-assured level even-tempered relaxed patient at peace assured scornful unsocial silent diffident superior highbrow not giving a monkey's

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