Đồng nghĩa của forlorn

Alternative for forlorn

Tính từ

Pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely
miserable unhappy disconsolate wretched dejected despondent sad depressed pathetic pitiful sorrowful woebegone blue crestfallen down downcast downhearted heartbroken abject doleful gloomy glum melancholy morose mournful woeful broken-hearted cheerless despairing dispirited heavy-hearted helpless joyless lost pitiable regretful abandoned forgotten forsaken homeless lonely lonesome tearful bad bereft brokenhearted destitute droopy friendless hangdog heart-rending heartsick heartsore heavyhearted inconsolable long-faced low low-spirited melancholic piteous saddened sorry uncared-for comfortless lachrymose alone cast down cynical defenceless defenseless destroyed dragging fruitless oppressed pessimistic solitary tragic down in the mouth fed up out of sorts weighed down down and out in the dumps down in the dumps desolate dismal disheartened discouraged dolorous grief-stricken distressed hopeless sombre somber disappointed lugubrious anguished rueful demoralized upset sullen grieving demoralised dreary grim lamentable moody bleak in low spirits troubled distressing grievous in pain chap-fallen depressing harrowing heartrending funereal plaintive choked cheesed off in the doldrums hurting heartbreaking chapfallen poor solemn deplorable spiritless brassed off wistful unfortunate dragged afflicted in the pits bummed out crushed teary desperate morbid defeatist mirthless sick as a parrot dire depressive devastated dark weepy painful hurt hapless calamitous weeping down-hearted dull in despair saturnine pained pensive black grieved shot down awful tristful dismayed emotional agonized distressful terrible elegiac affecting moving unlucky ill-fated gut-wrenching drab agonised ill-starred cast-down distraught bereaved luckless subdued sorrowing godforsaken as sick as a parrot doomed dreadful plangent appalling gutted weary aggrieved drear grumpy bitter dolent bleeding cut up sepulchral crummy discouraging in tears disheartening sick at heart all torn up displeased sulky touching poignant suicidal taken down singing the blues jinxed in a blue funk cursed discontented nostalgic disastrous disillusioned worthless resigned disturbing dour upsetting shattered suffering bewailing bemoaning wailing funeral aching deploring dolesome downbeat in grief in doldrums uninviting ruinous daunted ripped saddening dysphoric stirring ruthful snakebitten devastating uncomfortable heavy star-crossed snakebit to be pitied horrendous sunk with a long face elegiacal negative on a downer unpleasant mopey scurvy hard luck broken bowed down sunk in gloom let down torn up out of luck listless destructive tenebrous tormented reflective perturbed bothered disgruntled sapped defeated catastrophic enervated unsuccessful disturbed flat abashed atrocious outcast cataclysmic shamefaced mourning derelict sour disenchanted lamenting ruined sheepish disquieting down-in-the-mouth unconsolable ticked off teed off browned off peed off agonizing crabbed squalid horrible commiserable unsatisfied surly bummed-out stricken adust horrific tear-jerking down-and-out sordid mopish broody regrettable Eeyorish fatal vile shameful gruesome sober humourless humorless deadly meagre meager disgraceful shocking execrable inferior lousy disagreeable crabby low-down damp foul agonising ugly long-suffering in the toilet in sorrow in mourning indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable unpropitious down in dumps rotten full of sorrow adverse colorless low in spirits lacklustre dim deep dispiriting languorous triste shadowy unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring gray colourless boring monotonous dingy lackluster macabre grey sad sack languid lifeless humdrum worried sorry for oneself shaken concerned apathetic prostrated undermined discombobulated uptight bugged sore shook antsy burned contused dirgeful without energy heart-sick lovesick tragical churlish angry annoyed cross shook up ill-humoured huffy afflicting traumatic ill-humored frantic anxious threnodic dirge-like stark isolated deserted cringing browbeaten guilty cowed troubling intolerable brooding griefstricken taken aback deflated grousing cranky bellyaching cantankerous disadvantaged beefing atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging emo disconcerting prostrate with grief tortured ghastly depressant torn-up discontent sorry for yourself down in mouth bearish guilty-looking furtive sick wounded strained lowered bowed uneasy unnerving discomforting dolorific afflictive no-win strabilious degrading racked ailing off sluggish unable to be comforted unable to be consoled let-down not happy fraught tender melting mortifying dissatisfied ashamed intimidated embarrassed sneaking unmitigable crying horrid base hideous have the blahs disconcerted overcome beside oneself with grief beseeching entreating supplicating imploring can't win frightful in a funk remote sequestered languished frustrated discomfited longing cowering humiliated conscience-stricken moping abominable not a prayer in the soup abhorrent sobbing chagrined miffed dreamy yearning useless petty puny heart-breaking grisly whimpering snivelling compassionate derisible commiserative at end of one's rope arousing shabby at the end of your tether small aghast irked beaten monstrous disowned nightmarish close to tears contemplative musing dreaming meditative galling worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked infelicitous heinous without hope blubbering maudlin hexed voodooed loser bummed powerless downtrodden at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end inauspicious vexatious jonah up the creek thoughtful larmoyant feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny direful lethal mortal crushing cataclysmal sniveling on the verge of tears daydreaming despicable contemptible deathly fateful behind the eightball down on one's luck poor fish unpromising grave trashy shoddy filthy in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes desirous wishful dreich derisory sunless plutonian tenebrific Cimmerian poverty-stricken unprosperous serious awkward burdened weighty severe earnest forbidding sobering sedate urgent worrying strenuous dangerous unamusing acute critical far-reaching in a reverie ill-omened in a bad way vagrant displaced dispossessed itinerant exiled dossing living rough unsettled deported adrift houseless unwelcome disinherited wandering refugee on the streets unhoused of no fixed abode estranged without a roof vagabond banished sleeping rough

Tính từ

Sad because one has no friends or company
desolate lonely lonesome lorn abandoned deserted forgotten forsaken neglected isolated rejected companionless solitary outcast friendless shunned alone godforsaken estranged cast off by oneself lone destitute stranded jilted ditched left dropped dumped discarded renounced withdrawn unbefriended left in the lurch marooned secluded relinquished all alone cast aside ostracized ostracised without a friend in the world single empty apart unsocial uncherished betrayed unpopular unwanted unloved bereft uninhabited vacant vacated remote derelict without friends void disused cut off sequestered sidelined unfrequented thrown over eighty-sixed with no one to turn to left alone cast away out of the window given up on passed up left in the cold cast out side-tracked on one's own sad despondent unaccompanied solo unhappy lost homesick me myself and I me and my shadow unvisited feeling friendless without companions off the beaten track quiet by yourself ignored disowned separate insulated segregated on my own unconnected detached introverted unsociable hermitic left at the altar left behind unattached alienated to one side by itself spurned uncared-for adrift without ties with no ties unoccupied unpeopled evacuated untenanted tenantless unfriended all by one's self uncouth barren bare left stranded unattended reclusive comfortless troglodytic down homeless disconsolate out of the way private hidden out-of-the-way retired unpopulated secret cloistered removed outlying far-flung tucked away obscure in the middle of nowhere concealed depopulated faraway distant in the back of beyond covert inaccessible backwoods unapproachable cut-off sheltered hard to find wild undisturbed in the hinterlands incommunicado in the sticks desert unsettled waste blockaded personal insular seclusive unreachable shut off screened jerkwater off the beaten path off the map Barcoo unget-at-able in the backwoods in the booay in the backblocks in the backveld in the platteland in the tall timbers beyond the black stump far-off off-lying unused reserved isolate close closet beleaguered shy quarantined outer outermost secluse hermetic confidential singular aloof peripheral hidden away far undiscovered off the grid disconnected deep far-out god-knows-where in a backwater in the depths of … off beaten track virgin uncultivated unmanaged unfarmed rugged rough inhospitable trackless inconspicuous afar untouched uncivilized external not occupied provincial shrouded set apart uncivilised free in the boondocks unusual bleak ruined dreary offbeat destroyed not well-known out of the ordinary

Tính từ

Having lost hope
hopeless futile pointless useless vain despairing desperate despondent no-win purposeless unattainable bootless failed impossible impracticable nugatory unachievable unavailing unsuccessful beyond hope not having a prayer with no chance of success doomed lost fruitless unprofitable ineffectual worthless hollow ineffective profitless wasted helpless sincere unworkable ill-fated bleak unlikely unrealistic parlous unpromising bad threatening sinister menacing beyond remedy despaired of pious unduly optimistic empty unproductive barren abortive sterile inefficacious valueless otiose in vain thwarted idle to no effect impotent unimportant trivial trifling of no use exhausted to no avail unsatisfactory insufficient resultless unneeded unsubstantial unreal delusive impractical no dice without rhyme or reason to no purpose on a treadmill no good to gundy meaningless insignificant senseless inadequate inutile aimless inconsequential paltry unrewarding non-successful inefficient inept weak unfruitful counterproductive good-for-nothing inoperative feckless null unfructuous unpurposed unusable foiled needless frivolous powerless inferior feeble irrelevant void lame petty no-good of no avail insubstantial without success vapid incompetent frustrated Sisyphean footling purportless negligible disastrous junky botched unable poor waste unhelpful miserable nothing bungled baulked unremunerative defeated unnecessary balked unavailable unprolific lazy expendable inane thankless no use motiveless for nought slight chaffy indecisive spineless piddling pathetic no-account miscarried wasteful limited not worth the candle null and void no good uninspiring cheap trashy lacklustre wretched misfired invalid bogus ignoble mediocre abandoned unessential dry lackluster lifeless nonfunctional apathetic spiritless unfunctional flat scrap dysfunctional hamstrung inexpedient vacuous unreasonable vacant tame gainless nonsensical inconsiderable measly stupid disadvantageous banal mindless forceless withered neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous anticlimactic blocked nonvalid nonbinding goalless pants minute piffling rambling picayune nickel-and-dime wanky unsuitable defective deficient a dead loss flimsy lousy casual redundant superfluous broken of no value drifting Mickey Mouse abject drossy despicable contemptible base uneconomic failing ne'er-do-well impuissant scant bungling unimpressive throwaway frustaneous unlucrative pyrrhic invertebrate unconvincing unserviceable absurd ruined spoiled unsalable specious groundless stillborn nonpractical losing doubtful dull save one's breath niggling chicken nominal piddly pimping peanut nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly stymied spoilt unuseful inoperable unanimated lustreless listless muted boring insane fatuous thin for naught hindered stonewalled obstructed time-wasting objectless baseless stale misleading unnotable puny shuck delusory messed up of no earthly use unreturned cramped not useful implausible dead unfounded nongermane uninteresting spinning one's wheels wild goose chase insipid not needed going nowhere shiftless irresponsible unmeaning unsound wandering arid tedious commonplace shallow not worth it Pyrrhic not a prayer in vicious circle de minimis lacking foundation adrift dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous humdrum cancelled nullified rescinded revoked dallying not pertinent unfilled clear slothful indolent emasculate slack-spined without grounds without foundation flaccid fouled up poxy silly rubbishy non-viable terminated discontinued witless indiscriminate designless thoughtless illogical irrational wanton not serious inactive of no benefit fustian unenterprising reckless unambitious incautious uncareful carefree careless unreliable wild rubbish desultory brainless random no go no way not effective two a penny not much cop ridiculous floundering undirected haphazard off canceled not binding a dime a dozen loafing small junk unfit not proper unadvantageous inconsistent not good enough ill-suited incompatible inapt improper inappropriate unsuited uncalled-for non-functioning not in force wishy-washy uncalled for hit-or-miss not worth a hill of beans minor incidental not in use out of use silent turned off not working out of service small-fry little foolish penny-ante twopenny-halfpenny pettifogging fiddling of little account of no account

Tính từ

Having a somber or dismal atmosphere or nature
bleak desolate dreary godforsaken black cheerless chill Cimmerian cloudy cold comfortless dark darkening depressing depressive dire disconsolate dismal drear dreich elegiac elegiacal funereal gloomy glum gray grey lonely lonesome lugubrious miserable morbid morose murky plutonian saturnine sepulchral solemn somber sombre sullen sunless tenebrific tenebrous wretched abandoned deserted ruined waste sad joyless melancholy grim mournful unhappy doleful depressed sorrowful dejected drab blue dour despondent dolorous woeful dull melancholic woebegone disheartening dispiriting downcast crestfallen uninviting down in the dumps down unwelcoming oppressive downhearted down in the mouth dingy grave hopeless abject distressed discouraging dim austere humourless humorless despairing pessimistic mourning dispirited in the dumps serious in low spirits bare inhospitable stark pathetic sorry sober clinical impersonal moody teary heartrending saddening heartbreaking tearful institutional low-spirited cast down stern unpromising broken-hearted sedate inconsolable grief-stricken grieving drearisome devastated anguished spiritless mirthless severe dirgelike rueful bland long-faced hurting unsmiling dejecting draggy mopey uncomfortable wintery afflicted piteous wintry jarring moping low down-and-out forbidding earnest heartbroken sorrowing lamenting weighty heavy-hearted staid chap-fallen dirge-like foreboding ominous sourpuss muted subdued brooding stony-faced no-nonsense poker-faced taciturn sulky in the doldrums in a blue funk disheartened uncaring harsh solitary unimpassioned Eeyorish overcast poignant plaintive unmoved spartan nostalgic sinister in the pits unpropitious unfavorable unfavourable obscure deathly hollow Stygian threnodic threnodial defeatist adverse disadvantageous inauspicious horrible distressing maudlin moving touching portentous gaunt exequial funebrial deathlike sunk in gloom atrocious bad-tempered grumpy uncommunicative oppressed weary dragged crabbed mopish surly chapfallen broody ugly sick at heart phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive frowning glowering troubled hard given to looking on the black side blue funk having blue devils having the blahs singing the blues bereft crushed lorn upset companionless acheronian tragic cut up dreadful shocking horrific frightful horrid horrifying gruesome ghastly hideous grisly macabre frightening unearthly lurid eerie terrifying nightmarish unfortunate monstrous fearsome revolting bitter terrible grotesque gory loathsome shadowy appalling grewsome spookish offensive weird scary shady chilling sickening spooky downbeat cynical negative gloom-ridden fatalistic worrying demoralized poor lamentable regrettable pitiable pitiful demoralising upsetting demoralizing difficult distressful disappointing distrustful doubting unenthusiastic suspicious chilly demoralised alarmist excruciating traumatic troublesome crushing dolesome agonising harrowing vexatious agonizing painful unpleasant discomposing plangent lachrymose derisible mortifying pensive heart-wrenching grievous heart-rending tear-jerking horrendous ghostly pitiless terrific repulsive repugnant nightmare awful sick unhealthy God-awful death-obsessed

Tính từ

Not able to occur or to be achieved
impossible unachievable implausible unattainable unfeasible unobtainable unreasonable unworkable hopeless inconceivable preposterous unviable far-fetched illogical impracticable impractical incredible insurmountable outlandish undoable unimaginable unthinkable vain insolvable insuperable irresoluble outrageous risible unrealizable unsolvable crazy farcical irrational irresolvable paradoxical wild absurd futile impassable impervious inaccessible inexecutable infeasible insoluble irrealizable laughable ludicrous ridiculous unbelievable useless hardly possible no-go non-viable no-way too much beyond one hare-brained not possible way out beyond you hundred-to-one not worth considering out of the question beyond the bounds of possibility contrary to reason not a prayer not on like herding cats not to be thought of no-win unrealistic invincible unconquerable unpractical overwhelming pointless indomitable impregnable bulletproof unstoppable unbeatable invulnerable unsuitable unassailable unreachable challenging undefeatable bootless unwinnable inconvenient beyond hope not having a prayer with no chance of success beyond not feasible uncorrectable visionary irreparable unrecoverable cureless improbable incomprehensible highly unlikely unacceptable unfathomable impenetrable inscrutable inextricable difficult inexplicable unknowable unexcogitable uncompleteable unaccomplishable unmanageable unexecuteable unfulfillable beyond the realm of reason inoperable unserviceable not doable awkward unusable nonpractical inapplicable desperate despairing despondent purposeless not remotely possible imprudent unwise nugatory unsuccessful failed unavailing ungettable impossible to carry out unavailable unapproachable inapproachable untouchable elusive parlous bad threatening unpromising sinister menacing beyond reach not at hand unmasterable ineluctable forget it no way

Tính từ

Subject to deprivation
deprived disadvantaged needy poor destitute depressed in need necessitous underprivileged bereft denuded in want lacking poverty-stricken distressed impoverished broke dispossessed impecunious penurious rundown wanting badly off down at heel in reduced circumstances on the bread line unable to make ends meet unable to keep the wolf from the door indigent hard up on the breadline in straitened circumstances pauperized penniless beggared beggarly needful strapped skint insolvent flat broke stony broke stone broke strapped for cash down and out without two pennies to rub together as poor as a church mouse threadbare famished dirt-poor down-and-out without two farthings to rub together without a sou ruined boracic moneyless dirt poor boracic lint cleaned out without a bean low-income on skid row without two brass farthings to rub together bankrupt without a red cent hard-pressed homeless unprosperous up against it without a brass farthing flat on your uppers in Queer Street neglected bust in distress handicapped struggling on the rocks busted have-not short low-paid without a penny in penury dead broke stony wiped out out at elbows out of pocket down on one's luck without two pennies farthings to rub together economically deprived financially disadvantaged requiring help ill-fated hapless unfortunate unlucky ill-starred discriminated against down to last cent economically disadvantaged vagrant stripped divested deficient totaled pinched crippled broken impaired hindered workless unemployed laid off on the streets jobless living rough between jobs redundant sleeping rough idle in dire straits deprived of devoid of played out in distressed circumstances straitened of no fixed address of no fixed abode in need of inadequately serviced out of a job signing on resting reduced sterile in reduced empty hurting clean on the dole on one's beam ends poor as a church mouse underserviced on the wallaby track shabby derelict slummy seedy ghost shanty ghetto run down run-down skid row underserved fortuneless on one's beam-ends truly needy empty-handed in the red on your beam-ends behind eight ball in debt stony-broke short of money craptastic bad off without a penny to one's name on one's uppers stone-broke in Chapter 11 in a bad way tapped out bankrupted out of money low meager meagre suffering indebted failed cashless lost in the gutter gone under in administration in receivership gone bust in Carey Street gone to the wall without a shot in one's locker in the hands of the receivers unfavored unaffluent extremely poor base scanty severe difficult unmoneyed impencunious stranded vile unprivileged down-at-heel overdrawn over a barrel on last leg without a dime wretched despicable mean beaten vagabond defeated outcast finished miserably poor very poor financially poor spent down to last penny in dire circumstances in great need squalid miserable pathetic shoddy foul sordid smashed without a penny to your name in arrears owing money pitiful unpleasant abject belly up exhausted depleted on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse contemptible in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash without money cleared out liquidated out of business defaulting foreclosed collapsed undone unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners

Tính từ

Unable to defend oneself or to act without help
helpless exposed unprotected vulnerable dependent incapable powerless weak defenceless feeble impotent abandoned defenseless incompetent paralysed paralyzed susceptible undefended unfit unguarded unresistant weakly debilitated destitute infirm stranded basket-case disabled forsaken friendless inefficient inexpert invalid pinned prostrate shiftless tapped unable unaided easily destroyed easily hurt wide open open to attack tapped out over a barrel with hands tied up creek without paddle unarmed open endangered assailable naked pregnable unshielded deserted unfortified insecure in the lurch accessible impuissant unsafe indefensible without arms high and dry at risk marooned aground like a sitting duck without resources in difficulties without assistance without help frail stuck shipwrecked resistless caught easily damaged unpatrolled without weapons hands tied in peril in jeopardy easily wounded in danger on the line out on a limb unfitted incapacitated weaponless unarmoured needy undefendable needful reliant without defences vincible unsheltered trapped unattended wide-open isolated unwatched woundable clingy cut off grounded desperate clinging in the line of fire handcuffed hamstrung hog-tied bereft ashore left in the lurch open to foundered defenceless against vulnerable to an easy target for susceptive to receptive to wrecked ill-protected attackable beached liable subject stuck fast run aground sensitive prone poor pigeon sitting duck threatened threatened with laid open in peril of without protection in danger of left open laid bare up the creek on the spot out on limb in line of fire like a clay pigeon tender sucker ready thin-skinned subject to conquerable defeatable at the mercy of exposed to risk in danger unsecure dangerous hazardous unlocked perilous disappearing dying out at-risk unfastened unsecured unbolted easily affected by wide open to susceptive of in the firing line prey to warned imperiled jeopardized disposed permitting jeopardised imperilled at risk of allowing of

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