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Alternative for inoperable

inoperable /in'ɔpərəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không mổ được (ung thư...)

Tính từ

Not able, or impractical, to be implemented
impracticable impractical unworkable unfeasible unserviceable nonpractical non-viable unrealistic unusable useless inappropriate inconvenient unsuitable impossible unachievable absurd unbusinesslike unattainable chimerical inefficacious inapplicable infeasible visionary romantic idealistic wild illogical starry-eyed nonviable quixotic theoretical improbable otherworldly nonfunctional unreal abstract speculative unwise ivory-tower won't fly out of the question irrealizable foolish unrealizable unnegotiable ineffectual no-go unpractical unviable not a prayer ill-considered unreasonable far-fetched cock-eyed ill-thought-out silly awkward crackpot crazy half-baked undoable inept incompetent clueless hopeless utopian imprudent insuperable not worth considering unworldly extravagant imaginary no go impossible to carry out like herding cats impulsive fantastical perfectionist idealist Utopian chivalrous quixotical dreamy starry fanciful dreaming impetuous ineffective unobtainable futile insurmountable inconceivable unthinkable unimaginable preposterous ridiculous impassable not on no-win irrational insolvable inaccessible vain unsolvable forlorn insoluble irresoluble impervious inexecutable hardly possible contrary to reason implausible pointless irresolvable optimistic outrageous naive ludicrous beyond one bootless beyond the bounds of possibility no-way hundred-to-one beyond hope too much way out not having a prayer with no chance of success outlandish incredible risible castle-building head-in-the-clouds not feasible paradoxical farcical airy-fairy laughable unbelievable idealised abstracted idealized radical senseless out there delusory beyond you not to be thought of not possible hare-brained out of touch with reality potty incomprehensible highly unlikely unacceptable desperate despairing despondent purposeless nonsensical unlikely reachy gone floating nonrealistic unavailable nugatory unsuccessful failed unavailing inapproachable untouchable not applicable not sensible blue sky beyond the realm of reason on cloud nine ungettable unapproachable not remotely possible elusive parlous unreachable bad threatening beyond reach unpromising not at hand sinister menacing beyond uncorrectable irreparable unrecoverable cureless

Tính từ

Inoperable and not in working condition
inoperative malfunctioning kaput down nonfunctional nonfunctioning nonoperating kaputt out of commission broken on the blink not working on the fritz out of order broken-down faulty defective busted not functioning in disrepair bust out of whack out of kilter conked out not in working order knackered shot acting up gone phut out of action inactive wonky unusable non-functioning haywire unserviceable gone haywire useless out disabled bonkers kerflooey done for non-functional playing up gone kaput out of service broken down out of use damaged not functional unsound jammed finished not in operation unavailable for use ineffective unworkable ruined dead incapacitated jiggered duff gone spent not in service not in use worn-out run-down had it fallen apart gone to pieces in the shop on the shelf in need of repair on its last legs S U in repair decommissioned invalid done ineffectual nonactive inefficacious sunk dud doomed imperfect on the bum off wracked null and void exhausted unsatisfactory weak feeble hors de combat inoperational wrecked unoperational conked-out coming unglued screwed up coming unstuck in a state of disrepair gone to pot non-operational given up the ghost gone bust stopped working packed up up the spout unavailable unfunctional unproductive unavailing dysfunctional scrap bootless abortive doesn't work impaired flawed smashed injured hurt spoiled marred dilapidated destroyed spoilt worn out toast no good blemished totaled wiped out beat-up dashed lost defeated devastated tumbledown ramshackle done in crumbling harmed in ruins in flames gone to rack and ruin at an end washed up falling to pieces down the tubes down for the count down the drain past its best old failed bad rumpty buggy worthless clapped out scratched dented valueless darned debilitated dinged snafued bent flubbed crashed loused up messed up glitched in smithereens in poor condition fouled up mucked up wounded no go shattered through crushed over bankrupt beaten undone drained thwarted empty liquidated over with in pieces dead and buried over the hill played out gone to the wall past it washed-up wound up derelict in shreds in tatters in ashes dead in the water ruinous disintegrating decaying neglected shambly uncared-for decrepit deteriorated munted shacky blasted decayed run down battered botched mutilated robbed uninhabited plundered pillaged harried abandoned falling apart defaced ill-maintained badly maintained poorly maintained worse for wear defunct cooked ended extinct floored on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up out of business down and out all washed up

Tính từ

Not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome
useless ineffectual impractical futile hopeless ineffective pointless inefficacious unproductive worthless inutile unavailing unusable unworkable vain bootless fruitless purposeless unprofitable impotent profitless unsuitable inefficient nonfunctional nugatory unserviceable unsuccessful valueless barren impracticable inoperative nonpractical otiose stillborn unfunctional unpurposed abortive broken counterproductive dysfunctional empty expendable feckless junky meaningless pants pathetic scrap unuseful in vain not useful to no purpose good-for-nothing of no use Sisyphean to no avail idle inadequate insignificant failed hollow trivial trifling aimless senseless paltry inept inconsequential to no effect weak unimportant unrewarding feeble unfruitful sterile powerless non-successful thwarted incompetent petty no-good insubstantial unnecessary lame wasted miserable poor irrelevant null negligible no-account frivolous inferior unfructuous wretched needless foiled spineless lousy nothing insufficient unsatisfactory slight doomed purportless of no avail unhelpful piddling footling hamstrung inexpedient without success without rhyme or reason measly vapid frustrated void forlorn indecisive despicable contemptible no dice shiftless inconsiderable unable abandoned sorry picayune minute ignoble lazy trashy spiritless baulked casual unremunerative bungled balked Mickey Mouse unprolific unessential no use wet unfit vacuous defeated for nought impossible thankless inane invertebrate abject base motiveless chaffy poxy wishy-washy wanky piffling nickel-and-dime no-win chicken limited on a treadmill niggling not worth the candle minor irresponsible unsubstantial small slothful apathetic indolent little no good unambitious bogus waste mediocre dry misfired cheap ne'er-do-well unenterprising pitiful meagre mean flat effete unreasonable vacant disastrous soft exhausted nonsensical scant mindless botched goalless bad nerveless weakling delusive unreliable incapable tame gainless pitiable unavailable weak-kneed characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby peripheral puny nominal piddly pimping peanut rubbishy unreal forceless withered neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous anticlimactic banal deficient blocked lost defective wanton a dead loss redundant superfluous limp-wristed beyond hope meager flimsy null and void dinky drifting inappreciable small-fry immaterial de minimis unachievable light fiddling superficial foolish small-time incidental low-ranking of no value of no consequence nonessential second-rate of no account uncalled-for uncalled for not having a prayer with no chance of success drossy of no great concern uneconomic failing invalid impuissant miscarried bungling unconvincing unimpressive frustaneous unlucrative throwaway stupid disadvantageous unsalable thin nonvalid nonbinding pyrrhic insincere save one's breath rotten absurd groundless dull implausible objectless not fruitful dead specious boring nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly wasteful for naught insipid time-wasting ruined spoiled of no earthly use shallow stale uninspiring not needed insane fatuous baseless misleading unnotable shuck delusory not helpful woeful stymied wandering parlous uninteresting unasked spinning one's wheels wild goose chase spoilt rambling unfounded lamentable deplorable hindered stonewalled obstructed nongermane helpless going nowhere adrift arid tedious commonplace unpromising threatening sinister menacing unneeded resultless cramped messed up not a prayer in vicious circle vague uncommunicative vile unconstructive adverse negative lacking foundation lacklustre dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous lifeless humdrum unreturned Pyrrhic emasculate slack-spined witless indiscriminate designless thoughtless illogical irrational crummy sad unfilled clear ill-fated bleak minuscule bush-league minor-league uncelebrated lightweight lesser secondary obscure infinitesimal smalltime no good to gundy not worth it not pertinent without grounds without foundation fustian reckless incautious uncareful carefree careless wild debased depraved degraded low desultory brainless random desperate despairing lackluster despondent unattainable beyond remedy despaired of fouled up not serious no go no way not effective shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable ill-suited inappropriate unsuited ridiculous floundering undirected haphazard subsidiary villainous ignominious corrupt degenerate wimpish frail wimpy weakened not proper not good enough improper scanty irresolute silly unmeaning unsound of no benefit junk unadvantageous inconsistent incompatible inapt beggarly mingy ungenerous mere derisory hit-or-miss rubbish non-essential two a penny not much cop unassertive skimpy of little account pettifogging exiguous extraneous uninformative meek cowardly gutless timid weak-willed fickle passive a dime a dozen dithering faltering craven frothy of little consequence of little importance tinpot of no moment not worth mentioning zero zilch of no importance zip twopenny-halfpenny shoestring indifferent not worth a hill of beans timorous wavering indeterminate vacillating pusillanimous undetermined fallible neither here nor there no great shakes not worth speaking of beside the point chicken-hearted corruptible supine yellow lily-livered hemming and hawing waffling yellow-bellied undependable faint-hearted yielding unsure easily led

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