Đồng nghĩa của castle building

Danh từ

A loose or irregular train of thought
reverie daydreaming trance absent-mindedness abstraction daydream inattention musing preoccupation woolgathering fancy vision absorption engrossment fantasy hallucination inattentiveness obliviousness self-absorption study wool-gathering contemplation detachment dream dreaminess dreaming dwam meditation muse pensiveness phantasy thought trip brown study fool's paradise head trip mind trip pipe dream castles in the air lack of application lack of concentration distraction reflection thinking pondering brooding imagination revery rumination concentration consideration illusion delusion cogitation introspection cerebration deliberation deep thought daze stupor absence of mind chimera figment phantasm rapture spell haze speculation hypnotic state half-conscious state castle in the air chimaera pie in the sky inadvertence heedlessness ruminating staring into space figment of the imagination negligence doziness absentmindedness incubus vagary impression spectre bubble wraith fiction image nightmare rainbow idea specter bemusement drift building castles in the air oblivion brain fart prayer imagining mental picture absence immersion forgetfulness self-examination vagueness prepossession mulling over thoughtfulness remoteness captivation preoccupancy amusement quiet time conceit nonentity fantasm unreality phantasma bemusedness raptness distractedness wish thinking of other things a brown study fancying conceiving stargazing entrancement reflecting aloofness blonde moment recollection fog muddle fond hope in a zone figment of imagination daydreams fantasizing profound thought deep thoughtfulness dreamy abstraction close study quiet ecstasy unconsciousness ecstasy romance mirage illusions lala-land transfixion transfixture coma petrifaction sleep catatonia insensibility catalepsy glaze day-dreaming navel gazing relaxation avoidance entertainment escape diversion state of confusion state of shock state of unconsciousness escapism flight of fancy pipe dreams fantasising state of unreality state of stupefaction state of bewilderment state of befuddlement wishful thinking flights of fancy suspended animation state of disorientation state of puzzlement state of mystification state of perplexity state of bafflement castles in Spain brainwork scrutiny debate examination excogitation reasoning advisement self-analysis attention heed navel-gazing judgment judgement analysis account mulling forethought opinion regard discussion logic self-observation understanding calculation self-searching soul-searching self-scrutiny self-questioning self-contemplation self-reflection application review serious thought thoughts belief rationalization deduction ideation cognition planning agonizing view inferring concluding solipsism thought process theory agonising notion perusal rationalisation supposition circumspection hypothesis conjecture premeditation assumption ratiocination assessment thesis weighing up reason heart-searching wistfulness self-exam self-knowledge self-understanding reflexivity Zen inspection intellection conception concept picture notice omphaloskepsis worrying puzzling investigation caution carefulness care mentation mind's eye lucubration grind observation ponderings philosophy intuition judging anticipation hope knowing seeing deriving inducing theorization navel-watching self-introspection conclusions ideas position consultation conclusion beliefs views outlook viewpoint opinions viewpoints apprehending discerning perceiving deducing rationalizing considering realizing conferring inference evaluation rap prudence wariness ventilation negotiation purpose accepted wisdom point of view points of view line of thought guess realising rationalising presumption guesswork surmise theorizing determination finding suspicion eduction verdict induction consequence sequitur talk hypothesizing guesstimate postulation introversion results conviction findings corollary forecast prediction inlook egoism interpretation result answer illation derivation shot in the dark hearsay stab gossip stab in the dark studying shot hunch sneaking suspicion hypothesising weighing rumor theorising rumour self-discovery

Tính từ

Characterized by idealism
idealistic quixotic romantic visionary starry-eyed utopian optimistic perfectionist unrealistic dreamy idealist impracticable impractical quixotical starry Utopian abstracted chimerical dreaming idealised idealized naive radical fanciful unworkable impossible unfeasible improbable otherworldly speculative imaginary absurd wild unreal unbusinesslike head-in-the-clouds illogical theoretical unserviceable useless ivory-tower unusable inefficacious unattainable abstract daydreaming unreasonable unworldly inoperable out of touch with reality fairy-tale non-viable fantastic whimsical inapplicable infeasible vague astral introspective musing nonviable nonfunctional irrealizable extravagant unnegotiable no-go imaginative won't fly not a prayer out of the question hopeful foolish silly irrational illusory far-sighted pretentious lofty grandiose ambitious airy-fairy half-baked unpractical unlikely ineffectual nonrealistic ivory-towered delusory prophetic nonpractical unwise not sensible on cloud nine unviable unrealizable out there perfect ideal exaggerated high-flown idyllic impulsive chivalrous fantastical unachievable airy fantasy dream unpragmatic millenarian millenary revolutionary futuristic fabulous intangible gentle excellent phantasmagoric unsubstantial mythical marvelous woolgathering lulling soothing misty shadowy nightmarish preoccupied pensive immaterial introvertive calming phantasmagorical relaxing out of this world fantasizing implausible preposterous senseless impetuous ineffective fictitious legendary sentimental over-optimistic dreamlike inconceivable far-fetched transcendental pie-in-the-sky ultimate arcadian model supreme best ideological Panglossian Micawberish fantasising crazy potty unthinkable unimaginable made-up nonsensical gone reachy floating not applicable blue sky happy hoping contrary to reason hardly possible millennial marvellous moony inventive creative inspired prescient perceptive discerning ingenious enterprising insightful innovative penetrating intuitive clever shrewd gifted wise resourceful sharp talented hypothetical exalted noble original in the clouds with your head in the clouds innovational avant-garde pioneering innovatory originative artistic fertile unconventional trailblazing Promethean groundbreaking fresh unorthodox advanced novel experimental newfangled percipient unusual prudent cutting-edge state-of-the-art ultra-modern judicious productive new unique unprecedented different unfamiliar blue-sky sage sagacious astute unknown strange offbeat unaccustomed unheard-of high-tech cutting edge forward-looking knowing perspicacious expressive individual acute intelligent seminal formative refreshing tuned in singular artful incisive thoughtful off-centre vivid special poetic untried distinctive disruptive inspiring exotic modern ultramodern new-fashioned out of the ordinary way out keen ground-breaking contemporary space-age leading-edge out-of-the-box science fiction breaking new ground ahead of the times ahead of its time prolific constructive rational reasonable sensible rare eccentric fancy quirky flighty uncommon untested surprising neoteric freakish brilliant genius freaky curious atypical on the ball thorough vigilant tactical farsighted far-out head in the clouds ridiculous chimeric phantasmal bizarre crackpot phantasmic elaborate canny cautious provident nonconformist stimulating recent funky peculiar odd modernistic poetical strategic sophisticated progressive intricate left-field politic inspirational fictive far cry just out trendy neat fashionable groovy unexplored happening hot modish unhackneyed stylish in with-it far out cool modernist hip unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional worldly-wise germinal well-thought-out complex multifaceted forward-thinking well-designed highly developed involved well-planned well-built nifty foresighted brain wave breaking ground watchful forearmed careful individualistic levelheaded clairvoyant cool-headed commonsensical far-seeing well-balanced demiurgic avant garde deviceful knowledgeable sapient savvy profound penetrative deep observant sensitive awake appreciative understanding cute argute alert smart conscious quick aware brainy responsive whip-smart sharp-witted razor-sharp ear to the ground knows what's what

Trái nghĩa của castle building

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