Đồng nghĩa của trailblazing

Alternative for trailblazing

  • tính từ
    • tiên phong, đầu tiên
      • a trail-blazing scientific discovery: sự khám phá khoa học đầu tiên

Động từ

Present participle for to break new ground or lead the way in doing so
blazing innovating pioneering forging revolutionising revolutionizing spearheading instituting beginning constituting developing initiating launching originating establishing instigating starting creating breaking new ground leading the way lighting the way blazing a trail setting an example setting a trend setting in motion giving birth to putting in motion introducing founding evolving preparing discovering inaugurating inventing planting colonizing leading the way for laying the groundwork for taking the lead opening up showing the way on making the first move laying the groundwork on taking the lead on taking the initiative in setting up preparing the way for going out in front setting the ball rolling taking the lead in colonising showing the way laying the foundations of exploring pushing the envelope mapping out putting in place installing commencing opening ushering in organizing forming bringing into being kicking off bringing about organising devising conceiving starting up enacting contriving producing making starting off concocting dreaming up inducting coming up with hatching designing getting going putting together imagining formulating making up getting under way activating assembling thinking up constructing generating laying the first stone of kick-starting bringing into existence throwing together composing cooking up masterminding coming out with turning out building fabricating bringing in actualizing incorporating starting the ball rolling fathering authoring fashioning conceiving of coining floating drawing up knocking off putting up throwing up bringing on causing fronting setting off sparking sowing the seeds of embarking on laying the cornerstone of planning projecting envisioning unveiling blazing the trail getting underway leading entering into entering breaking the ice getting off the ground bringing forward engineering setting forth crafting catalyzing issuing giving rise to effectuating bringing to pass machinating knocking together starting out knocking up catalysing ringing in cultivating actuating triggering ordaining instating improvising investing spawning introing shaping bowing setting about manufacturing brewing hammering out hitting on brainstorming running up drafting visualizing visualising pondering picturing trumping up speculating ruminating envisaging taking up framing bringing getting going on setting going getting ball rolling sparking off breaking in starting ball rolling getting things rolling forging ahead modernizing modernising announcing working out excogitating cogitating ushering broaching heralding basing proposing presenting getting something going offering effecting getting something moving making a start on getting something off the ground getting something functioning getting something working laying foundation starting ball rolling on engendering materializing admitting bringing up the curtain on crystallizing commissioning phasing in begetting patenting procreating parenting transpiring fixing up putting forward facilitating knocking down authorizing paving the way finding minting debuting legislating empowering passing putting in materialising crystallising commencing on chartering placing decreeing designating delegating triggering off executing jamming improving fangling faking winging ad-libbing bearing taking action on ordering deputing getting cracking on falling to striking into breaking into breaking the seal getting going with starting on leading off bursting into embarking upon bringing out entering upon jumping into getting off rolling out getting the show on the road getting show on road setting the ball rolling on breaking the ice on getting feet wet authorising coming upon tossing off carrying out drumming up outlining tailoring working on thrashing out modelling obtaining strategizing carving out getting churning out plotting choreographing modeling conjuring up arranging cobbling together deciding thinking of grinding out laying out cranking out determining laying down realising imaging performing realizing heading scheming setting out kicking something off moulding inculcating firing up endowing causing to be structuring molding doing settling up commanding captaining bossing fixing settling revving persuading moving motivating guiding trail-blazing influencing prompting quarterbacking shepherding helming spurring directing getting the jump on laying the first stone running things leading the way in getting in operation putting into operation getting the ball rolling getting functioning getting working

Tính từ

Fresh and unusual
original creative imaginative innovative fresh innovatory novel ingenious inventive unique unusual innovational new seminal unconventional unprecedented different unorthodox refreshing revolutionary unfamiliar visionary artistic avant-garde clever disruptive distinctive fertile groundbreaking individual inspired originative pioneering special unknown individualistic inspiring newfangled singular strange untried demiurgic productive Promethean resourceful unaccustomed avant garde ground-breaking unheard-of breaking new ground radical experimental advanced state-of-the-art modern futuristic ultra-modern new-fashioned off-centre cutting-edge leading-edge neoteric progressive modernistic forward-looking left-field contemporary brand-new uncommon deviceful out-of-the-box just out trendsetting front-line rare offbeat untested surprising exotic elaborate sophisticated hip formative out of the ordinary cutting edge unhackneyed mould-breaking innovating spearheading artful transformational variational brand new fundamental drastic expressive latest blue-sky game-changing world-shattering up-and-coming neat never-before-seen cool atypical way-out recent odd funky peculiar avant go-ahead bohemian eccentric trendy in fashionable happening hot far-out germinal strategic well-planned well-thought-out intricate high-tech well-built complex multifaceted forward-thinking well-designed highly developed involved nifty ahead of the times underground lead liberal beat head vanguard far cry groovy unexplored with-it far out modish modernist unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional way out stylish new wave mistakenly trendy bright masterly brilliant shrewd skilful insightful perceptive gifted intuitive intelligent enterprising smart capable talented sharp-witted razor-sharp sharp subtle quick astute quick-witted crafty dexterous genius adroit cunning canny skillful sly dextrous able ready on the ball thinking outside the box fanciful esthetic aesthetic fantastic arty-crafty pretentious picturesque poetic beautiful overdecorative tasteful constructive romantic extravagant stimulating dreamy curious poetical bizarre arty quixotic fantastical whimsical sensitive discerning cultivated cultured refined utopian unreal inspirational elegant fine fancy graceful absurd wild causative teeming forgetive fruitful vivid moving keen artsy freakish quirky illusory freaky flighty chimerical artsy-craftsy out of touch with reality pretentiously artistic prolific welcome deft influential accomplished virtuoso eloquent lateral unwonted alternative important ornate handy up to date not just another visual appealing savory out of the common nonsensical insane slang foolish crazy preposterous masterful up-to-date this season's new-fangled arty-farty symbolic elevated figurative flowery crackerjack smooth grotesque baroque Gothic gothic major fabulous mythical dreamlike epoch-making gorgeous primary pivotal critical crucial generative aesthetical profound deep imaginary ridiculous chimeric phantasmal crackpot phantasmic full of feeling savoury far-fetched homespun handmade homemade head in the clouds decorative lovely nonconformist mischievous queer playful quaint rustic idealistic ornamental exquisite weird droll waggish pie-in-the-sky high-flown fictive funny pleasing unrealistic starry-eyed prescient impractical flaky emotional attractive brain wave breaking ground far-sighted unworkable penetrating idealized idiosyncratic capricious outlandish wise aesthetically pleasing speculative dreaming quixotical starry unfeasible idealist fairy-tale dotty crotchety ivory-towered hypothetical head-in-the-clouds theoretical sublime dramatic grand musical harmonious pictorial ideal rhythmical exalted otherworldly astral introspective musing abstracted unworldly lofty impracticable grandiose daydreaming ambitious idealised noble delusory prophetic dicey flakey uncertain kinky amusing old-fashioned humorous quizzical random off-the-wall witty comical chancy arbitrary in the clouds with your head in the clouds

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