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Producing new ideas or products
innovatory clever creative imaginative ingenious innovational innovative inventive original originative Promethean adroit artistic avant-garde causative constructive demiurgic fertile forgetive formative fruitful gifted inspired poetical productive resourceful revolutionary teeming breaking new ground trailblazing talented pioneering radical artful enterprising masterly experimental skilful capable ground-breaking perceptive able genius skillful virtuoso accomplished visionary expressive blue-sky novel new spirited fresh enthusiastic unusual unfamiliar ambitious practical adventurous energetic venturesome vigorous nifty advanced off-centre state-of-the-art groundbreaking unconventional unorthodox modern unprecedented different active aggressive modernistic newfangled futuristic ultra-modern singular transformational disruptive variational contemporary uncommon neoteric cutting-edge left-field leading-edge new-fashioned out-of-the-box bright brilliant shrewd insightful intuitive intelligent just out smart elaborate sharp-witted sophisticated razor-sharp sharp subtle quick astute quick-witted crafty dexterous cunning canny sly dextrous ready thinking outside the box on the ball progressive forward-looking unique offbeat cutting edge leading latest up-to-date trendsetting brand-new recent ultramodern high-tech breakthrough space-age unknown strange developed seminal alternative fashionable go-ahead up-to-the-minute hot complex untried avant newest evolved forward-thinking unaccustomed current unheard-of trendy up to the minute out of the ordinary front-line modish forward ahead of the times influential designer improved mod avant garde present-day red-hot individual new age refreshing inspiring distinctive up to date in hip exotic up-and-coming landmark highly developed flash cool stylish ahead of its time snazzy in vogue never-before-seen higher happening popular recently developed newly discovered quirky liberal brand new way out enlightened stimulating refined fringe future late dynamic individualistic major special fanciful fundamental intricate vanguard fantastic eccentric inspirational rare underground way-out atypical untested surprising germinal whimsical chic in fashion dreamy romantic far-out all the rage extreme extravagant momentous vivid poetic game-changing historic now significant far along well ahead far ahead well along quixotic unhackneyed hi-tech with it updated faddish milestone modern-day latter-day a la mode science fiction au courant with-it nouvelle welcome mould-breaking prolific established perfected innovating spearheading subversive high technologically advanced unwonted gimmicky in style funky peculiar odd neat voguish out of the common mature lateral important strategic this season's new-fangled bohemian not just another far cry well-thought-out well-designed well-planned well-built quite recent swinging lead beat head drastic highly-developed multifaceted involved natty leading edge topical kicking entrepreneurial kicky tony groovy unexplored far out modernist unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional mistakenly trendy new wave fly spiffy 21st-century sassy modernised modernized stylin' vital driven contemporaneous plugged-in in-thing marginal world-shattering epoch-making primary pivotal critical crucial generative daring go-getting bold courageous audacious intrepid rising high-powered peripheral unofficial nonmainstream nonconformist extremist fabulous pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian fictive unreal fantastical off Broadway self-regulating robotic automatic mythical fancy dreamlike flighty gumptious automated artificially intelligent powerful absurd freakish illusory imaginary freaky curious keen wild brain wave breaking ground chimerical ridiculous chimeric phantasmal bizarre crackpot phantasmic head in the clouds out of touch with reality far-fetched capable of learning eventful headline notable monumental material foremost prime ahead supreme substantial meaningful consequential earthshaking timely complicated pre-eminent excellent precocious paramount exceptional principal high-end

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