Đồng nghĩa của expressive

Alternative for expressive

expressive /iks'presiv/
  • tính từ
    • có ý nghĩa
    • diễn cảm
    • (để) diễn đạt, (để) nói lên

Tính từ

Of or full of expression
moving vivid poignant striking meaningful passionate suggestive artistic eloquent emotional graphic intense revealing significant stirring strong ardent charged descriptive energetic evocative indicative lively meaning powerful pregnant revelatory sympathetic telling allusive deeply felt demonstrative emphatic forcible imaginative indicating emotion indicating feeling inspired visionary alive animated articulate brilliant colourful colorful communicative dramatic easy-to-read full of emotion full of feeling indicating ingenious masterly mobile open pathetic pictorial picturesque pointed representative representing responsive sensitive showy signifying silver-tongued spirited stimulating tender thoughtful touching understanding warm affecting redolent speaking clear deep symbolic inspiring fervent creative fiery impassioned uninhibited forceful realistic cogent lifelike rich telltale touchy-feely impactful effusive feeling profound loving detailed heartfelt mournful reminiscent unreserved aesthetic sad intriguing evocatory gushing haunting unrestrained resonant fervid remindful weighty graceful visual delineated compelling affectionate convincing vehement esthetic sentimental lucid emotive enthusiastic impressive exciting sincere thrilling original approachable explicit beautiful forthcoming cuddly friendly elegant symptomatic fine inventive doleful tasteful stirred illustrative expansive uplifting soulful significative consequential unconstrained candid warmhearted vibrant poetic figurative influential definitive persuasive hot-blooded cultivated full cultured refined perceptive inspirational lovey-dovey zealous giving an inkling feverish vigorous flaming fanatical melodramatic sententious important graphical heated burning torrid impelling authoritative true to life passional inspiriting punchy distinct active glowing blazing upsetting heart-warming perfervid effective highly coloured definite incandescent superheated religious heartbreaking irresistible red-hot warm-blooded heart-rending rousing grand heartrending soul-stirring tragic tear-jerking high-powered hard-hitting evoking noticeable narrative sophisticated discerning connotative fluent loaded arty resonating impressionistic warming tactual tactile cheering cheerful gladdening resonant with remindful of seminal arousing anthemic encouraging calling up momentous fecund insinuative insinuatory tragicomic emotion-charged eager arresting excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant insinuating heartening instigative elevating enriching inspirative improving stunning gripping breathless provoking affective fierce wild faithful memorable unforgettable authentic frenzied decorative lovely stylish scintillating sharp provoking doubt ornamental exquisite messianic violent interesting fascinating raging tumultuous uncontrollable consuming elevated flowery sly enigmatic cunning hip theatrical fresh pleasing impulsive impetuous ungovernable true-to-life sharply-etched crystal clear steamed up high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong hotblooded quickened attractive impish arch wise teasing mischievous playful efficient capable subtle aesthetically pleasing insightful able coherent knowing motivational authoritarian pivotal motivating swayful alluring masterful efficacious musical harmonious ideal rhythmical sublime sonorous mellow mellifluous rational reasoned pertinent sufficient successful dynamic temperamental plausible on the ball aggressive logical material charming mighty histrionical trenchant well-founded relevant well reasoned imposing satisfying credible puissant reasonable unanswerable direct theatric sound acute well founded performant powerhouse ringing illustrated purposeful bitter painful distressing excitable susceptible full-bodied melodious scenic representational storming flamboyant exuberant quick piteous pitiful dulcet fruity booming mellifluent pitiable disturbing saddening sorrowful sketched engraved portrayed pictoric painted illustrational blocked-out diagrammatic depicted etched seen pictured pictographic marked-out outlined traced iconographic heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused effervescent vivacious zestful far-reaching harrowing wretched tearful miserable sentient verklempt ecstatic phat canorous bright rotund silvery zesty animate peppy vital blithe agonizing plaintive gut-wrenching shocking lurid startling perturbing agonising agitating nostalgic buoyant zippy bouncy high-spirited sparky photographic well-drawn well drawn perspicuous comprehensible well defined well delineated well expressed unequivocal precise incisive concrete intelligible leaving nothing to the imagination

Tính từ

Concise and meaningful
pithy brief compact concise epigrammatic laconic succinct terse compendious summary aphoristic crisp forceful meaningful pointed short thumbnail trenchant condensed sententious apothegmatic capsule cogent curt elliptic elliptical finely honed incisive monosyllabic significant telegraphic telling acute cutting effective honed meaty sharp short-and-sweet to the point witty short and sweet down to brass tacks epigrammatical marrowy synoptic gnomic breviloquent compendiary clipped compressed abridged abbreviated snappy brusque sparing boiled down in a nutshell blunt abrupt gruff lapidary tart tight economical shortened potted in a few well-chosen words economic summarized contracted truncated rude neat taut snappish perfunctory summarised cut to the bone rapid quick apophthegmatic curtailed clever little no-nonsense small cursory axiomatic precise offhand uncivil snippety close lean brisk discourteous recapped precipitate compacted snippy ungracious in few words impatient rehashed run-down controlled outline straightforward amusing piquant quick-witted concentrated decisive pungent ingenious uncommunicative summarizing hurried hasty memorable catchy businesslike limited decreased summarising epitomized epitomised shortened form abstracted comprehensive diminished well tuned censorious judgmental pretentious critical disapproving abounding run-through ephemeral unprolonged lessened fast swift making a long story short well structured in well-chosen words decurtate short and to the point abbreviate exact cryptic clear-cut curtate transient bare not protracted cut short basic useful practical brass-tacks rough unceremonious direct bluff cavalier downright harsh surly impolite brusk churlish short-spoken crusty off impetuous crude matter-of-fact

Tính từ

Of, or pertaining to, poetry, or the writing of poetry

Tính từ

Expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly
vocal blunt frank outspoken forthright vociferous strident clamorous noisy plain-spoken candid direct forceful free-spoken insistent open uninhibited articulate emphatic enthusiastic keen loud vehement vigorous zealous eloquent facile fluent free glib plainspoken raucous round smooth-spoken stentorian venting voluble demanding obstreperous full-throated honest plain vociferant upfront explicit boisterous earnest eager uproarious fervent shrill shouting impassioned unreserved rowdy fervid urgent fiery fierce heated importunate blatant straightforward straight unevasive unguarded openhearted forthcoming undissembling angry inflamed abrupt unequivocal downright rabid opinionated up-front up front straight from the shoulder straight-talking straight-shooting truthful clamant unvarnished bald loudmouthed not beating about the bush unmodified not pulling any punches rackety tumultuous loud-mouthed yowling yawping yauping squawking ranting vociferating caterwauling distracting shrieking resounding deafening clattery screaming clangorous clattering blaring riotous clamorsome strong ardent intense passionate powerful violent flaming forcible harsh grating jarring spirited rasping animated screeching discordant blazing superheated torrid passional charged religious red-hot emotional demonstrative glowing hot-blooded warm warm-blooded incandescent fanatical feverish perfervid burning stridulous unmusical desperate potent impetuous lively frantic hot concentrated hyper pronounced hearty delirious wild clashing stridulant rough piercing point-blank on the make hopped up jangling dissonant ear-piercing unmelodious unharmonious brusque unambiguous unceremonious bluff stridulatory stentorious artless freehearted square foursquare unreticent undisguised unconcealed hoarse baying stertorous persuasive squeaky squawky out-front talking turkey laying it on the line calling spade a spade excited committed avid wholehearted energetic raging frenzied dedicated deep devoted furious profound heartfelt sincere desirous impatient enthused hungry gung ho excitable athirst intent voracious resolute extreme unrestrained acute solicitous crazy antsy tempestuous mad keen consuming determined devout raring volatile willing agog ambitious pumped thirsty uncontrolled yearning assiduous longing deep-seated anxious vivacious active vivid interested stoked appetent explosive ready keen as mustard ready and willing steadfast mighty incensed ebullient temperamental stormy irascible full-hearted uncontrollable exhilarated aggressive motivated serious hot-tempered exuberant aroused craving nuts rash deeply felt dynamic zestful impulsive high-spirited juiced greedy geeked genuine restless on fire hopped-up champing at the bit strenuous hepped up mettlesome hysterical stirring conscientious raring to go pious heightened emotive driven warmblooded faithful raw staunch inordinate immoderate desiring intemperate loyal itching thrilling intensive firm fuming unbridled mad sentimental ungovernable stimulated true diligent excessive titillated melodramatic dithyrambic punchy hankering pining rampant mercurial dying to white-hot frenetic hard-hitting obsessed touchy hasty neurotic moving self-starting hot to trot great afire restive heavy true blue keyed up as keen as mustard bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ablaze chomping at the bit volcanic hot-headed feeling turbulent quick-tempered rousing hectic wrathful industrious deep-rooted messianic tough enraged sprightly overwrought agitated thrilled amorous unwavering terrible pleased wishing animate card-carrying hopeful compelling ecstatic sworn stanch seething hotheaded tender responsive sensitive hyperactive inspired nutty adherent unqualified hard effective assertive dramatic revering wishful stirred roused in-your-face venerating dying all-consuming severe breathless rarin' to go covetous cogent overemotional susceptible ferocious nervous high-powered weighty convincing dutiful blistering gung-ho militant aflame peppery hellacious overzealous raving intent on telling exciting steamed up pulling no punches agitable fired up true-blue efficient influential plausible possessed ripe adoring coercive credible out of control unanswerable spasmodic convulsive worked up high-strung very excited big from the heart in a frenzy easily provoked puissant on a short fuse full of beans highly strung short-fused bursting tremendous overpowering plucky scintillating contentious effusive acquisitive fevered sexy titillating arousing spunky bitter red-blooded aflutter gingery all out sultry bubbling over towering very angry thirsting marked allegiant penetrating aching inspirited galvanized energized intensified overactive loving heartwarming overcharged moved influenced activated encouraged uplifted hoping diehard fond doting supportive sentient verklempt potty daft untrammeled untrammelled unfeigned warmhearted primal visceral galvanised energised off the air on the warpath foaming at the mouth fit to be tied touchy-feely indignant irate acrimonious ireful jumping up and down mushy romantic touching stirred up fast good down-the-line constant steady pledged habitual set on on the edge of one's seat gagging bent on on pins and needles desirous of on tenterhooks waiting with bated breath hankering after self-driven gotta have hot for short-fuse deep-dyed dinkum single-minded purposeful pushy poignant high-pressure precipitate headlong inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened fundamentalist orthodox heart-and-soul goody-goody worshipping worshiping pietistic zealotic fired go-ahead fanatic wild-eyed obsessive itchy fireball traditional conservative reverent rampaging excruciating devastating pure prayerful amenable inclined engaged hung up disposed happy unreluctant game glad starry-eyed storming vicious exquisite unchecked fearsome unmanageable ghastly overwhelming sharp unfettered frightful uncurbed biting dreadful almighty fearful goody two-shoes agonizing painful blustery ruinous coming on strong paroxysmal heavy-duty gale force agonising outrageous full of force resolved adamant deliberate definite full-blooded arduous muscular taxing crazed berserk all-out rigorous exhausting brisk distraught unrestrainable distracted lustful manic unhinged deranged beside oneself maniac maniacal distrait unruly headstrong sonorous ringing thunderous thundering booming earsplitting in earnest set meaning what one says meaning business decided hell-bent serious-minded swivel-eyed berko edgy skittish valid impressive irrepressible in a state carried away maddened driven to distraction very upset unnerved out of one's wits panic-stricken in a panic beside yourself overexcited in a fit hysteric jumpy tense plangent slam-bang blasting strict unstable brittle uptight chippy moody twitchy unsettled jittery hyperexcitable skittery fluttery snappy spooky hot and heavy hyperkinetic adrenalized flighty testy stressy wired uneasy reverberating armed efficacious easily frightened easily upset inflammable fiddle-footed intolerant short fused reckless blowing hot and cold galvanic easily agitated peevish quick alarmable fidgety on the ball rational logical meaningful impactful lucid reasoned capable grand material striking pertinent charming histrionical trenchant able sufficient well-founded definitive relevant well reasoned imposing irresistible satisfying coherent reasonable authoritative significant successful theatric sound graceful important well founded performant clear powerhouse fulminating cacophonous crashing blustering roaring resonant rich forte drastic pealing ear-splitting conclusive lusty full wakes the dead high-sounding rotund rambunctious turned up full-mouthed compulsory loud-voiced fascinated rhapsodic wacky concerned tantalized tantalised bugged zesty gaga turnt gone on

Tính từ

Relating to the art or practice of public speaking
oratorical grandiloquent rhetorical bombastic high-flown high-sounding orotund magniloquent declamatory fustian lofty pompous Ciceronian eloquent grandiose linguistic overblown overripe pretentious sonorous turgid verbal aureate epideictic euphuistic extravagant flatulent florid flowery gaseous gassy highfalutin rhetoric stylistic verbose windy Demosthenean Demosthenic silver-tongued dramatic elaborate elocutionary fervid forceful gesticulative gesturing histrionic impassioned important imposing inflated intoning long-winded loud noble noisy ostentatious persuasive senatorial stagy stentorian theatrical tumid vivid ornate purple overwrought overdone magnific affected Ossianic wordy flamboyant pleonastic convoluted strained laboured articulate hyperbolic showy hifalutin hyperventilated stilted labored over-elaborate big complicated arty-farty mouthy effusive formal swollen fancy pedantic baroque fulsome erudite scholarly prolix ornamented bombast periphrastic exaggerated rotund exalted fluent haughty fussy boastful ranting la-di-da ponderous puffed braggart bragging self-important Falstaffian embellished sesquipedalian tumescent figurative grand-sounding portentous rococo redundant glib ornamental big-talking windbag puffed-up self-righteous majestic impressive mannered actorly tedious bold over-the-top curlicued tiresome boasting wedding-cake busy gingerbread overinflated discursive high oratorial high-falutin elevated heroic solemn very elaborate elegant sententious Miltonian epic Homeric stodgy high-minded snobbish booming melodramatic arresting decorative garnished rich luscious pontifical blathering blustering flashy shallow superficial breezy diffuse euphemistic stuffy tall lexiphanic overwritten euphistic tall-talking arty overelaborate high-wrought linguistical lexical vocabular rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash effervescent fizzy contrived carbonated vocal grand sparkling bubbly voluble loquacious stuffed shirt highly decorated palaverous repetitious full of hot air serious arrogant grave tautological complex involved detailed decorated excessive flattering well-spoken smooth-talking rhapsodical overestimated reiterating padded garrulous rambling circumlocutory circuitous lengthy gabby logorrheic talkative tortuous chatty protracted long talky ambagious vaunting egotistic long-drawn-out meandering expansive monumental vast prolonged overlong babbling prating gushing prattling indirect large wandering jabbering digressive big-mouthed wittering multiloquent multiloquous gobby logorrhoeic yacking with the gift of the gab learned superfluous roundabout swaggering iterative fine prim ambitious boring wearisome maundering sublime interminable circumlocutionary waffly overambitious full of verbiage OTT over the top empty yakking crass flaunted jaunty vain brazen garish gossiping chattering tautologous repeating repetitive gossipy conversational chattery full of air having kissed the Blarney stone communicative forthcoming motormouthed blabby magnificent tonguey able to talk the hind legs off a donkey flap jaw loose-tongued blabbermouth having kissed the Blarney Stone loose-lipped motormouth yakkity running on at the mouth prosy wind-bag yakky splendid stately glorious resplendent awe-inspiring superb lavish striking palatial august opulent plush imperial heroical classy massive royal gallant proud baronial regal luxurious flash swanky unfathomable cosmic impenetrable splashy overwhelming high-falutin' high-flying lordly

Tính từ

Predisposed to seeking or enjoying the company of others
gregarious social companionable convivial outgoing sociable cordial friendly affable clubbable clubby company-loving amiable congenial genial hospitable neighborly neighbourly boon chummy clubable comradely couthy decent extraverted extroverted hail-fellow-well-met matey pally pleasant warm welcoming buddy-buddy conversable expansive extrovert fun unreserved good-natured amicable gracious good-humored good-humoured approachable agreeable easy obliging easy-going open kind cheerful sympathetic warmhearted uninhibited easy to get along with personable communicative bonhomous nice hearty accessible polite well disposed likeable happy good-tempered jovial likable mellow easygoing palsy-walsy complaisant collegial mild talkative palsy familiar well-disposed kindly lively warm-hearted civil gentle hail-fellow cheery demonstrative relaxed amenable pleasing charming engaging natural unconstrained helpful affectionate cosy intimate regular cozy benign lenient casual benevolent easy to get on with courteous humble carefree lovable receptive informal communal urbane down-to-earth chirpy tolerant perky sweet nonchalant winning backslapping cooperative considerate harmonious blithe smiling buoyant unrestrained tight free and easy happy-go-lucky buddy buddy good company socializing exuberant people-oriented available unstuffy unflappable brotherly humoring fraternal great-hearted colonial close socialising winsome delightful glad-handering diplomatic unaffected undemanding humouring swell copacetic breezy bluff jolly bombastic downright neighborly sweet-tempered merry shared public boisterous vivacious upper up cheering favorable chipper upbeat jocund high sunny enlivening favourable joyous glad attention-seeking good-looking at ease witty extroversive extravertive communicable extraversive extrovertive sunny side up attractive presentable spirited waggish sprightly loquacious effusive garrulous handsome fabulous gassy free forthcoming canny nice-looking bonny appealing pretty community amusing popular informative common pleasurable mannerly collective organized group entertaining polished general diverting chatty voluble conversational sweetheart aces comely taking okay white-hat discursive talky organised societal effervescent liberal lavish gushy magnanimous generous good egg all heart all right tender loving compassionate peaceful accommodating caring charitable peaceable thoughtful kindhearted understanding kind-hearted indulgent good-hearted good fond unselfish humane responsive merciful civilized soft big-hearted pacific conciliatory civilised lovely altruistic goodhearted solicitous nonviolent tender-hearted conflict-free non-violent bland beneficent supportive tenderhearted soft-hearted doting like-minded bighearted softhearted devoted chivalrous well-mannered openhearted dear lovey-dovey calm cuddly pacifistic selfless philanthropic nonbelligerent compliant respectful even-tempered mild-mannered simpatico forgiving compatible large-hearted harmless loyal hilarious bubbly giving approving concerned inoffensive gentlemanly suave strife-free peace-loving bright gay disciplined touchy-feely festive jocose decorous orderly mirthful nonaggressive jocular on good terms attentive ladylike fatherly sweet-natured non-aggressive non-combative unctuous well-bred earnest quiet placid gallant genteel adoring dovelike sensitive unassuming sentimental kindred benignant well mannered moderate paternal open-minded bountiful forbearing humanitarian pacifist without hostility attached smooth emotional confiding amical personal faithful funny vibrant unwarlike dovish enthusiastic heartfelt non-belligerent wholehearted sincere fun-loving ingratiating courtly thick debonair tactful passive airy temperate anti-war eager noble captivating enchanting gushing joyful acquiescent patient familial meek non-hostile irenic deferential well-behaved comforting maternal light-hearted jaunty clement unpresumptuous soothing empathetic mushy honorable honourable ebullient sympathique empathic motherly serene prepossessing consistent congruous consonant gleeful laughing retiring pacificatory blithesome laid-back cultivated well behaved disarming neutral stately broad-minded optimistic gladsome candid sparky moral good-mannered positive non-confrontational righteous reverent willing to please cool modest angelic untroubled lighthearted on friendly terms of good cheer free from strife sensible confident unemotional charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable assent comical avuncular feeling open-handed law-abiding oily guestfriendly festal conversible comprehending heroic courageous equable wonderful facile unstinting ruly philanthropical munificent glowing valiant affectious brother's sibling genealogical brave nonmalignant immaculate self-sacrificing chilled near unanimous adapted united suitable fit frictionless romantic fatherlike paternalistic laid back nonthreatening well meaning well intentioned self-effacing confidential bosom well-suited well suited commiserative fearless bold dauntless intrepid stout-hearted concordant agreeing accordant couth cultured refined red-carpet bloodless controlled ardent pitying human bleeding-heart eleemosynary moralistic goody-goody angelical greathearted spotless openhanded social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable respected do-good bounteous unsparing unerring freehanded as nice as pie reasonable permissive door's always open in favour lamblike sisterly soft-spoken unoffensive shy demure dove-like officious snug inseparable fresh genuine very friendly kissy-huggy noble-minded valorous nurturing tractable assenting uplifting inviting square shooting right nice unforced marshmallow softie free-and-easy protective amatory passionate unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste graceful pietistic non-malignant regular fellow right neighborly amorous deep discreet submissive pliant biddable conformable propitious thick as thieves fervent reverential endearing comfortable unconfrontational spontaneous well spoken poised well brought up well brought-up condescending knightly obsequious well bred unceremonious politic punctilious well-spoken barley-sugar willing docile mollycoddling pampering accommodative cosseting gratifying in accord in favor in agreement peacemaking appeasing partial huggy adorable hopeful obedient comfy homelike virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful animated honest placatory fetching loose nonformal unstudied footloose favourably disposed soft-shelled nonjudgmental big overpermissive favorably inclined favourably inclined ethical respectable upright bound up close-knit rosy eupeptic beaming lightsome canty all over innocuous sparkling unargumentative noncombative noncontentious compromising at peace parental virtuous trustworthy cute expressing adoration propitiatory cock-a-hoop dependable worthy incorrupt innocent unworried radiant grinning still in good spirits in high spirits zippy jubilant playful able to live with going easy on going along with sunbeamy placating mollifying footloose and fancy-free on friendly just principled upstanding full of life peppy smiley zingy restful tranquil undisturbed balmy regardful ludic frolicsome peart perk sportive home-like unobjectionable unoffending crazy over Pickwickian nutty about soft on straight right true darling ordered complacent pro bright and breezy joshing jokey bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lots of laughs full of the joys of spring bouncy full of beans larking without a care in the world full of vim and vigour as merry as a grig as lively as a grig daffy free as the wind free as a bird lovesome cherished bewitching precious pacifying conciliating calming unobtrusive stand-up enthralling cherishable ravishing adorbs entrancing sympatisch cunning desirable alluring fascinating seductive clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded known to acquainted innoxious nonprovocative mediatory mediating nurturable appreciatable prizable encouraging white anodyne unexceptionable safe hurtless relaxing unremarkable dull clean tame appreciative well-intentioned on a sociable footing supporting of vicarious in favor of approving of down encouraging of in favour of supportive of responsive to friendly to favourably disposed to receptive to well disposed to well-disposed towards having a heart on same wavelength favorably disposed favourably disposed towards on the side of in sympathy with tuned in

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