Đồng nghĩa của reiterating

Alternative for reiterating

reiterates, reiterated, reiterating

Đồng nghĩa: recount, repeat, retell, review,

Động từ

Present participle for to strengthen or reaffirm in rank or position
confirming reaffirming strengthening assuring enhancing establishing securing fortifying reasserting reinforcing bolstering boosting intensifying restating consolidating fueling fuelling heightening magnifying increasing renewing restoring supporting accentuating amplifying cementing substantiating buttressing corroborating justifying sustaining empowering enlarging fixing upholding augmenting authenticating burgeoning emboldening cultivating fostering inspiriting nurturing advancing developing flourishing promoting endorsing raising settling underpinning backing up firming up making firm amping up beefing up giving weight to lending more weight to scaling up repeating insisting reemphasizing encouraging steeling invigorating building up envigorating bracing rallying revitalizing buoying up bucking up revitalising heartening rejuvenating inspiring refreshing helping animating stimulating uplifting making stronger energizing giving a boost to shoring up energising psyching up hardening regenerating enlivening motivating galvanizing extending spurring rousing nerving multiplying cheering deepening vitalizing reviving buoying girding pepping up stepping up adding to galvanising toughening emphasizing reinvigorating stirring revivifying maintaining resuscitating reanimating swelling improving rekindling highlighting preparing cheering up reawakening readying aiding pushing assisting propping up giving new strength to backing redoubling inuring bearing up driving chirking up stiffening seasoning indurating enheartening kick-starting arousing defending resurrecting getting going again exhilarating putting some spark into geeing up boosting up breathing new life into adding fuel to pumping up emphasising spurring on bolstering up lifting giving a shot in the arm to propping thickening raising your spirits livening up potentiating supplementing giving courage underwriting subsidizing financing funding inflaming reassuring firing building prospering ministering to feeding making ready getting ready gearing up making brave inciting piquing kindling filliping bearing out instigating making braver making more forceful giving pep talk swaying lifting the morale of giving confidence goading stiffening the resolve of stirring up firing up activating cheering on whipping up stroking stressing underlining championing subsidising giving support to protecting recharging incentifying rewarding incentivizing reconditioning garrisoning forearming poising bolding freshening reactivating enkindling embattling broadening enriching rewaking refreshening vivifying rewakening updating charging up bulwarking entrenching holding up souping up safeguarding walling expanding awakening recovering recreating regaining replenishing making whole bouncing back touching up waking up quickening modernising relieving prodding brightening modernizing renovating putting new life into prompting bringing back to life repairing giving a new lease on life escalating inflating elevating hiking advertising aggrandizing accelerating upping advertizing supersizing stoking compounding harshening nourishing mounting hyping saving sinewing cranking up making better bumping up jacking up putting up hiking up pushing up jumping waxing bracing up toning giving new energy to giving strength to toning up making healthy setting up adding fuel to fire

Động từ

Present participle for to put into italics
italicising italicizing stressing emphasising emphasizing accentuating underscoring underlining highlighting accenting punctuating spotlighting featuring headlining pressing marking repeating weighting asserting affirming impressing indicating enunciating articulating charging dramatising dramatizing pinpointing pronouncing enlarging limelighting maintaining hitting pointing up bringing out playing up dwelling on insisting on pointing out rubbing in making emphatic bearing down making clear laboring the point making a point making much of putting accent on foregrounding illuminating pressing home hitting home harping on the fact insisting heightening prioritizing calling attention to strengthening intensifying deepening belabouring focusing attention on drawing attention to harping on bringing attention to flagging up belaboring prioritising betoning giving an emphasis to bringing to the fore hitting on making a point of laying stress on rubbing it in putting stress on giving prominence to giving priority to putting the accent on captioning giving emphasis pointing to bracketing ruling picking out checking off promoting ruling a line under setting off blazing advertising making a feature of giving the full works making conspicuous advertizing putting emphasis on showing off placing emphasis on making a big thing of making a song and dance about making a show of letting people know about speckling interjecting breaking littering dividing lacing intersecting interposing disrupting separating

Động từ

Present participle for to summarize or repeat in concise form
recapitulating epitomising epitomizing recapping summarising summarizing outlining recounting repeating restating reviewing summing up abstracting briefing digesting encapsulating reprising running over synopsizing enumerating listing paraphrasing rehashing rephrasing replaying rewording boiling down going over running through stating again wrapping up running through again going over again going over same ground going the same round going through covering explaining revising zapping bad-mouthing raving reediting panning knocking ripping correcting examining assessing slamming discussing studying inspecting weighing trashing judging evaluating putting down writing a critique running down reading through condensing abridging putting in a nutshell abbreviating shortening compressing summating cutting cutting down summing trimming reducing capsulizing contracting giving a summary of giving the main points of giving the gist of inventorying skimming paring telescoping compacting compiling getting to meat giving main points making a summary of giving a rundown of giving an outline of giving a precis of giving a synopsis of giving an abstract of capturing consolidating curtailing expressing recording sketching giving opinion truncating writing a summary of describing cutting short delineating making a outline of clipping chopping limiting narrowing concentrating characterizing indicating drafting adumbrating pruning retrograding ciphering snipping characterising touching on concluding telling about laying out cutting back closing totaling estimating totalling skeletonizing making an outline of skeletoning giving a rough idea of giving a quick rundown on giving a rough idea giving a thumbnail sketch of sizing up giving a summing-up reviewing the evidence summarizing the evidence summarizing the argument decreasing getting the measure of nutshelling rehearsing practising cutting to bone getting to the meat practicing training drilling taking from the top doing again walking through

Động từ

Present participle for to go back over something, usually in an attempt of rediscovery

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